No need for Arsenal fans to worry!

No need to worry! by SOH

Yes Arsenal are out of the Capital One cup but, in all honesty, who all really cared too much about that game? Yes going on to win it would’ve been nice to add to the trophy cabinet, but its not the League or even the FA Cup, and we all know that these are our aims this season if we are to be successful..

We are on a roll in the League, joint top, so no need to panic as we have a kind run of games coming up in Swansea and Spuds home and away respectively. Both of those are winnable to keep up the pace with Man City but in between those games is a huge make or break game in the Champions League vs Munich away! Now we have won there before and just beat them last week, so confidence will be high but the one thing holding us back and that is most definitely going to derail our season, is our bloody annual hair pulling injury curse…

We have a few big names starting to creep on that injury list but has anyone else noticed it is our own home UK players that keep dropping like flies? What is it with these players always getting injured? Now Walcott being injured is Wengers fault. He wanted to get a warm up coming on in the 4th minute for a pulled up Ox – but had to be rushed on… Even his reaction said it all, like “what the hell are you doing i need a stretch or 10?” There is something not right in the warm ups as Ox fell down in the 4th min! Now that adds up all these injuries:


Plus players are exhausted atm with all the games etc.. More are bound to happen as Koss or even, god forbid, Coq/Santi/Alexis or Ozil.

Tonight has been a disapointment, but we are still in a good way and now we can concentrate on the two competitions that actually matter, the League and Champions league. These injuries are not a good sign for our big push this season and with the next 3 games, Swansea, Munich then Spuds, Wenger needs a plan C, D or E for these games! Fingers crossed the Ox and Walcott are not too serious…

We have Akpom, Gnabry, Hayden and Sanogoals out on loan – maybe a recall or two will be needed?

Sean O’Hara

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  1. I see beilik (spelling) doing a Bellerin that’s one positive thing I saw yesterday.
    I see us making a good run in the champions league because arsenal love been pushed to wall. If we can win well deserved against bayern then who else we cannot win against?? Sky is our limit #COYG

  2. The only worry I have from yesterday is Theo. It is not ideal to have just Giroud as our striker given that Ramsey, Ox and Wellbeck are also out meaning there is no one to replace Sanchez should we need another striker instead of Giroud.

    1. Arsene will totally put all his money in serious gamble if he’s not activate the January window. But only if this striker problem remain continue. My opinion, not just the striker sector, or Coquelin who’ll need back up. Santi Cazorla is also alone out there. No man from the squad can take his deep lying playmaker role as good as he is. Two candidates, Jack and Rambo (if they don’t injure) aren’t discipline enough to stay deep while having one eye to initiate for quick counter attack. If Coq or Santi are injure, man we are in deep trouble.

  3. Who’s gonna play on the right if the Ox is injured? I only watched half the game yesterday and couldn’t tell if Campbell looks good or bad

    If theo and the ox are out for even a week I’m worried the wheels might fall off 🙁

    Wtf happened!?

    1. Erh…. The wheels fell off! … That’s what happened ?
      But don’t worry… Our suspension’s are very springy,
      We are the bounce back rally cry Kings! ?

  4. The only good things to come out of that match was that Bielik looked good coming on and Campbell works really hard on and off the ball with plenty of tackles as well so he should be able to provide decent backup with all these new injuries. Hopefully Ox and Walcott aren’t gone long; so unlucky that Ox gets his chance with Ramsey gone and he goes and gets injured as well.

    1. The thing with Joel is as much as he works hard winning the ball, his contribution going forward is not so good plus it seems he doesn’t have enough pace or trickery to go past players. I swear at some point last night I thought he would do better at DM with his hard tackles, reading and hard to take off the ball than been a forward. In possession he mostly preferred the simple pass or look to pass the ball to someone else to create something which is mostly common for DM’s rather than wingers or supporting strikers.

      I am not saying by any means he should be deployed at DM, what I’m saying is maybe things are not just working for him at Arsenal and in the summer he should be sold. For the mean time I wouldn’t mind having Sanchez on the right with Iwobi on the left.

  5. I am really worried about this injury problem. It started to come up again. This is really getting hard to digest. After such a long time , we looked like winning something. Its definitely Wenger’s fault. He should have prioritize PL this season. he should not have started any top players in a coup game.

    I must say that we should recall Ganarby now who is only warming West bron Bench, he can play in wings, He can compete with Campbell for the wing spot.
    But without fit players its is impossible to win the PL

    1. And there are 11 players starting football match.

      That reminds me though, I would prefer for Cech to take the no1 shirt’s like subconsciously he is saying that chelsea will always be his no1 team.

  6. What did we learned? Well, for a start Debuchy should leave in January together with Flamini. We lost absolutely every game Debuchy was playing. I don’t have to explain what went wrong but suffice to say that he wasn’t to be seen defending the whole game, he thought he’s a winger of some sort. Flamini failed tactically to support the youngsters around him and he made so many mistakes I can’t even be bothered to name them here.
    Chambers, well where the fsck do I start. He’s good, make no mistake but the lack of games for him took the toll. Campbell, well I was pretty impressed by the work he put in. Just release that ball earlier coz you are not Alexis or Santi. Release it and make yourself available because you have potential. Bielik, the most pleasant surprise of the night. He should have started. Glen Kammara, easily intimidated, no sense of positioning, to many touches. Bennacer, I like him. Seriously. Reminds me of a hungry young gun called Nasri. Took a while to adjust his game but I can put that on the fact that he was called unexpectedly in the field. Iwobi has the moves but he lacked the service. Good guy. Wenger? Well he didn’t do differently than the last 20 C1C campaigns. He gave youth the chances as he always does. Now they felt how it is to play with the big boys. :

    We have not won a trophy since 2005 (this was said before the FA Cup victories — T.T.). I don’t consider if you win the Carling Cup that you parade around and say you have won a trophy. It is to develop our young players.

    OK, now the old heads. Gibbs, Mertz, Cech. Most dissapointing one was Gibbs. Mert couldn’t be bothered and same went for Cech. So, there you have it. We went just to attend. Which is really not what profs are doing. I understand the young players but the old ones should have been there to help. And now we wait the scan results for Theo and Ox. I hope Theo is OK because he actually had a knock, not a muscle injury. Time will tell.

    1. Oh, two more things : credit to Sheffield, they wanted to win. Deserved the victory. And bring back Jenko. Debuchy should be released just for showing that he’s upset because Bellerin took his place.

      1. Well well well, finally out of closet Budd, I have never seen you put any of our players on the chopping board.

        I’m surprised you have added Flamini too as I remember you recently defending him when someone said his not good enough and you went something like “not good enough like against Spurs and Everton).

        Good you have seen the light, our bench sucks and any more injuries to our first 11 will be a disaster. If both Theo and Ox are out for a long time Wenger wont just call Jenko, expect Sanogo, Chuba and Serge to get the call too.

        1. Chopping board? You probably forgot what I have said about Debuchy at the beginning of the season after the interview where he called Bellerin “him”. Debuchy wants out coz he wants to play at Euro, I say release him. As for Flamini, you must confuse me because he is one of the players I actually forgot is part of the squad until last night. I hope his deal expires in January though. No lights which weren’t here before but thank you for agreeing with me.

        2. Problem last night seemed to be that the midfield did not create space or make any kind of penetrating runs through the middle or out wide or even know where each other were or should be, resulting in sideways or backward possession with no threat going forwards. Highlighted the difference in class between our first choice and second choice players. Hopefully it shouldn’t have any negative impact on our other ambitions, Chalk and cheese.

  7. unfortunately this loss last night translates as our academy is not producing enough top class ready made talent at the moment, by this i mean ready to step into the first team at a moments notice. kamara i think will be released next summer, along with some of the others that wont make the grade(sanogo for sure as well.) but we do though have a hand full of cracking players on the fringes, and a few to come back off loan. so it not all doom and gloom. wenger and jonker need to work really hard, and make sure that the ones who are really ready are spotted and brought straight threw as soon as possible, and given there chances. debuchy will be sold next summer to make way for jenkinson, the loan at weat ham have done him the world of good, and he looks more suited to fight bellerin in the long term. so right back should be sorted out and as a show of faith in bellerin, i say give him the number 2 shirt straight away, next season as a reward for his hard work.

    The youth lads i think will make it are
    bielik- looked very composed last night back up for le coq next season for sure.
    hayden – looks the business at d/m also is having a good season at hull good loan choice
    crowely – is doing alright at barnsley gets game time that’s the most important thing for him.
    akpom- not quite at afobe level, lighting up the lowers leagues but has the tools to be European class level striker.
    macey/huddart- both big solid lads in goal and both have a bright future with us and learning from cech will aid there development well
    bennercar- looked a bit timid last night but am sure once he gets a run of games and opens up his skills will shine threw, very nasri like in stature and style man city look out.
    fortune- looks along side adelaide very promising player both of them probably be promoted to the first permanently squad next season
    reine-adeliade bar injuries will be a first team assist before end of season.
    willock- big talk surrounding this guy him and hinds are maybe the best natural English talent we have on show at the youth level at the moment mybe.
    o’connor- very good player just needs the playing time on loan to make the next step up to first team
    peleguezo- very highly though of by wenger and will be stepping up to the first team squad as a back up to chambers or mert, has the best chance for a youth defender break through into first team could follow bellerin route.

    1. Considering the number of players we have out on loan make your top line conclusion a bit unfair — Akpom and Hayden both started in Hull’s victory last night, Jenkinson starting for WHam, Zelalam, Crowley and Maitland-Niles all getting rave reviews, JRA etc. I’d rather crash out of the League Cup with youngsters a tier below and have our elite ones getting regular game time elsewhere.

      1. i apologies if my comments seem to be rounding up on all our youth this is not the case . the academy is undergoing a large amount of investment in the buildings and coaching/scouting structures atm, so it will take time to see the end result to this. that is not the point i am trying to make all, what i am saying is that we need to make sure that we identify the best of the best, and that they are ready to step up to the first team. if massive injuries do occur that we wont be effected in anyway.
        as you have stated we have some very talented players out on loan, and that for now is the best option for them, as they will get the game time needed and when they come back in the summer, they should be ready for the first team fight for places. as there will be a number of first team places up for grabs as some of the more older players either retire of leave for home to see out there days at home club. but i have noticed in recent weeks that wenger has given a lot of the younger player training time with the first team, and this aids there development faster as it gets them use to first team training which is a bonus for them. i think that the problem lays somewhere in the coaching set in the reserves and the first team we need a better head coach and reserve team manager that will inspire the players to make the step up and get then use to winning the reserve/youth trophies at that young age not just to develop them for first team, but inject the winning mentality into them also. jonker seems to be doing an alright job with the scouting of top young players he just needs to get them coached properly. i think having henry at this level is great, as he is a winner and can inject into the players the winning ways. we should be looking at a new reserve manager (steve gatting just isn’t doing it for me at all) someone like remi garde or has experience at youth level management like veiera,bergkamp,henery the holy trinity of future arsenal coaching.

      2. Also to add that we had the following out on international duty: Jeff Reine-Adelaide, Kaylen Hinds, Stephy Mavididi, Chris Willock, Yassin Fortune. These could easily have started the game last night if they were available.

    2. I am so surprised that Wenger did not bring Jeff Adelaide? Truly a better prospect than all in the roaster and Academy. Interestingly even none of you even mentioned his name, big mistake, mark words he is a Bellerin like talent on the wings.

  8. i could care less about this match..
    but i am more dissappointed in our senior players.
    flamin was the worst. what important is it scoring 2 beauty against totenham and playing like he did yesterday…only positive was bielik..the guy is composed,matured and he can for gibbs i have been saying we need a lb as nacho under study…debuchy is the reason why jenkinson is not sold rather giving a new contract…am not worried about him as i know this is his last season here..people am worried about are chambers and campbell..they look out of it…
    i felt sorry for cech and giroud yesterday…
    iwobi should be loaned out he has a big future…
    bennacer is still a kid …he was thrown in against men…all in all fingers crossed for theo and OX…

  9. just hope the injuries are not bad at all, we need all the first team players we can get atm. and try not run the major players into the ground. only thing that worries me is next summer, is if wenger cant find his top top top class player in the market again, because of one thing or another then we will be two summers without major outfield investment, and i think if that happens then the fans will go crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy. and we all know that is very possible with wenger, and we just swallow it like before. but the players might not swallow it quite so easily.
    i am thinking the board need to start brown nosing guardiola now, so we as least in with a shot of getting him next summer, he certainly wouldn’t have put walcott on without him warming up first anyway. and he would wont to win all the trophies he can and not treat any of them as a micky mouse cup, lets hope this doesn’t come back and hurt our title challenge in to long term.

  10. we should care about all the competitions we are involved in. as it is still a day out to wembley and gets an early trophy under your belt in the season, a timely boost to your title chances.
    but for some strange reason wenger never seems to build a big enough squad, to compete in all competitions it almost as if he is only interested in certain cups more than others. i think that is disrespectful to us the fans and to other clubs who try there hardest in all cups and it means the world to them to win it. and as we still look so far away from winning the major cups like the c/l, we might be a bit closer to winning the title this season, but that is down to how wenger manages the squad and belief of the players that we can really do it.

  11. Yes let us celebrate the loss. Thats the difference between champions teams of past and us . They tried to give their best in every competitions and win it rather than finding positives in getting knocked out. Let us not kid our self and portray as if we have been the best club in england for last decade.

    Our trophy haul has been pathetic , we have hardly looked like winning the league , yet we have that delusional belief each season that yes this is our year to win the league and champions league and who cares about other trophies. This who cares about other trophy is the reason clubs like Manchester United have won countless trophies and we have not. Even our london rivals chelsea have won countless trophies and even city are overtaking us.

    Never celebrate mediocrity, losing 3-0 to a championship side is never good.

    1. thank you for your view! from what i read from some articles and most comments; really thank you for having sense. just
      for a token of appreciation, i will be couting you on similar articles with pointless deduction and spread sense into fans who seem to have lost it trying to find a ‘win’ in a loss.

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