No news around? OK let’s say ‘Man City want Bukayo Saka’ as a headline

I know that the there is not a lot of news around at the moment, but looking at some of the headlines being produced today are just ridiculous. Arsenal have not played for a while and there seems to be some sort of news blackout going on while the country is in mourning, but really, there is no need to just make tings up is there?

Let me show you a couple of headlines around right now like this one: ‘AMAZING’ ARSENAL PLAYER KNOWS MANCHESTER CITY WANT HIM, HIS DESIRE’

Now I’m not even too sure what that means as a sentence, but the story (on a very large website) is about Bukayo Saka and the rumours about Man City wanting to buy him, which originally surfaced early during the transfer window because Saka hadn’t signed a new contract yet, which Arteta, Edu and Saka have agreed is only a matter of time.

Here is another headline: Report: Arsenal aware Manchester City and Real Madrid want Saka from another not-so-large website.

Now both these websites reference an article on the website 90min, which is reporting that Arsenal are trying to get Martinelli, Saka and Saliba to sign new contracts, and in fact say that the talks with Saka are going well.

Here is the paragraph that I presume the other websites are using as their source….

Real Madrid and Manchester City are among the sides monitoring Saka, which Arsenal and the player are aware of, but there’s a growing confidence that fresh terms will be signed off before the new year.

We all know things are slow at the moment, but that really is stretching things a lttle too far, don’t you think?

Darren N


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  1. Even if Man City or Real Madrid truly want to sign any of our Saka or Martinelli, but in what window? Next Jan one or in the summer? But any of the duo giant club sides of MNC or RM won’t be in a strong position to poach any of Saka or Martinelli from us next summer. Unless if Arsenal failed to extend long fresh term deals for their duo prolific goals scoring strike force of Saka and Martinelli. Then will MNC or RM then be in a strong position and be positioned to poach any of our priced assets of Saka or Martinelli from us.
    In all honesty, and as an Arsenal fan for life. I won’t be against Arsenal if in next summer window they decided to yield to Man City or Real Madrid pressurizing them to sell to them any of our Saka or Martinelli for say, over £100m each in transfer cost fee.
    More especially after Arsenal have won this season’s EPL title. I will therefore discourage Arsenal not to repeat the past mistake the club made to not sell their former Alexis Sanchez. Who Man City bidded £60m for the Chilean striker signature. But which Arsene Wenger the former Arsenal manager cleverly stopped from going through. But only for him to later turn round to swap Sanchez who is forcing a move away from us with Man Utd’s Mkhitayan.
    Arsenal can and should reinvest wisely any big money proceeds which they’ve realised from the sales of their star players next summer. By signing new top quality players who they can develop to become world class later.
    Arsenal shouldn’t shy away from big money sales making moves whenever the chance does present itself to make such money. But provided they will reinvest the big money sales they got to become stronger after their sales of their star players . I think Man City did this kind thing last summer window.

  2. I don’t think that’s it’s unreasonable to think that some of the top clubs in the world would be interested in Saka.

    Managements failure to secure Saka on a new contract with less than 2 years left will be the fuel for many of these rumours.

    We may be looking better on the pitch now, but is this ongoing abysmal contract management going to get us anywhere long term on the pitch or financially?

    Don’t forget Saliba too 🙂

  3. I don’t think Man City have a serious interest in Saka, because they have got Kayky to replace Mahrez. Unless Arsenal are willing to sell Saka under 60 M

    As for Real Madrid, they always have plenty of hot prospects in their academy, thanks to their excellent system and huge funding

  4. Yes, PJ-SA, daring to even think the unthinkable risks labelling you as a “traitor”, in the eyes of too many on this site. The extent or depth of Arsenal’s ambition will be based on how the management team deals with these upcoming contracts.

  5. Saka nor Saliba have signed new contracts. Arsenal are trying to tie them down but so far have not done so. So while we are in this position, the vultures will circle. Whatever is being said, i believe Arsenal know that both could be a problem if they dont sign. I was told that in the summer Arsenal expected one or both to leave and that is the reason we were actively chasing a winger and a center back but didn’t buy.

  6. I agree Darren, the rumour mill is usually a nuisance, wasting a lot of people’s time, but when football is suspended AND the transfer window is closed, the people who write about football have nothing to do but make things up.

    It seems that the people responding above missed your point and lurched into discussing the content of the articles rather than addressing your point that, in a sensible world, the articles would never have existed. 🙁

    1. IDKWIC and DARREN, As ever , sensible and intelligent comments . I am constantly depressed at how many Gooners have not the mental capacity to realise HOW or WHY all these plainly false and generally nonsensical rumours appear. It is for precisely the reasons you state, as SOME of us at least are fully aware.

      Naivety can be charming in small children but in adults it is depressing and irritating, at least to those of us who are never naive.

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