No panic yet but Arsenal MUST win at Watford

First of all I would like to say that I think Arsenal will come away from Vicarage Road next weekend with all three points, especially as the team should look a lot more like the Arsenal we are used to, with Olivier Giroud leading the attack and Mesut Ozil doing what he does best in the number 10 position, but there will be a lot more pressure on the players to beat Watford than is ideal.

One point from the opening two games is not what the Gunners needed and the fact that our big Premier League rivals Manchester United, Chelsea and Man City have all gained maximum points from their opening two games really ups the ante.

I don’t think we need to panic just yet, because none of those three clubs have been outstanding and all have rode their luck to get their victories and they will all face much tougher tests during the season. We did know that Arsenal’s first two games were going to be difficult and with circumstances leaving us weakened in key positions the results are not that great a surprise.

Having said that we are now in a position where there is no room for leeway, and Watford will surely know this and try to play on the fact that Arsenal are under huge pressure to win the final game before the first international break. We need to get our season going and to avoid being cut adrift of the title chasers before the season really gets going.

Do you think the team will get back on track next Saturday?


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  1. If Arsenal beat Watford Wenger will say
    “The Liverpool game was an unlucky
    loss with several top players out.
    Leicester was a good away draw with
    a clean sheet so we don’t need any more defenders.
    We out scored Watford so we don’t need any more strikers” 🙁

  2. No we should panic because each day Wenger is becoming more clueless.
    Its embarassing what this club has become.
    Higuain miki refused to come because we are not bigger than the clubs they were.
    Tottenham United Liverpool Chelsea city Everton have better fowards than us.
    So how do you expect us to win the league with that?

  3. We get what deserve because of our delusions.
    It is better to accept other clubs are better than us and fix it.
    Rather than overrating players and feel like we are the best club in the universe

  4. It’s gonna be a roller coaster season.. .some weekends we will be devastated with the team and Wenger, other weekends we will be happy with a win or even a draw.. .

    Lower your expectations guys and you will be fine..

    I saw the Leicester v Arsenal with a real Arsenal fan of 65yrs old.. He was so tensed. I had to remind him to relax and calm down as he is not getting younger. He replied, I have followed this team since I was 8, I am used to all this but I have to be calm and support this team. Someday my friend Wenger will step down but that won’t be easy for Wenger he said.. …

  5. Even in midfield where we claim that it is our most potent position.
    pogba gundogan kante payet silva alli are all better than our central midfielders
    We need to act.Someone needs to speak out because we will end up like Liverpool if we keep on being deluded

  6. Am panicking. Are we not competing with Man U & C, Chelsea? 5 points difference in two matches is much.
    The moment we start comparing ourselves with the likes of Watford, Everton we are thinking of mid table.
    Wenger, this is Arsenal. We should compete to win.
    To do that, we need to improve our squad.

    1. Totally agree with you, we should not be hoping to beat teams like Watford but the conversation should be how many goals we will beat them by. If you are happy that we will scrap a win against Watford then your mentality is that we are an average team. l cant even put my money that we will collect all three points against Watford and that is worrying.

  7. 3rd game in is usually when we get our 1st win and this season should be no different. @ Arsenal_Girl…got them both in my sky team as well.

  8. Yes, sooner or later we will win I guess; furthermore, I think we will have our usual run of 6 or 7 victories and we will all say what we always say. But we lack quality. Our only top players are Ozil, Cech and Sanchez and it’s not enough, both manchester teams look so strong it’s scary.

    Ibra cost united 0, so it’s a lie that there’s no quality out there. It’s Wenger’s poor planning that finds us with no good strikers. Sanchez is not a CF, neither is Walcott and Giroud, as much as we all like him, is not the top striker a club like this should have. I think we should at least start playing Akpom up front at least he’s a CF and put Sanchez back to the wing where he really belongs

  9. Whoever thinks we will put up a strong challenge for the EPL this season is either a new fan, deluded or naive. Let’s face the truth, with Wenger’s stupid and stubborn ego, his stinginess plus his current lack of honesty concerning finding quality worth spending on, adding to the fact that we lack enough quality in our team, it should be obvious to any clear minded Gunner who has been a fan for the last 7 years or so to know we are not going to win EPL this season and as long as Wenger remains as manager.

  10. still don’t get why Campbell doesn’t even make the bench anymore, subs are supposed to be made based on what is happening on the pitch, but with arsenal its always at the 75th minute no matter what is going on, I just don’t get it

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