No Ramsey or Wilshere in best Arsenal starting XI?

Even without the latest bad luck injury suffered by the Arsenal and England international star Jack Wilshere last season, it was looking as if he would have a real fight on his hands to get a regular place in the Arsenal starting line up, mainly dues to the excellent form of his main rival for the role, Aaron Ramsey.

In the preparation for the crucial season to come, however, it looks like even the Welshman could struggle to force his way into the Gunners best XI. Rambo did not have the same amazing influence for us last season, dropping from 16 goals in just 30 starts and four sub appearances down to 10 goals from 33 starts and eight games coming off the bench.

That still seems pretty good to me, especially considering that a lot of Ramsey´s game is about work rate, linking the play and helping out with the defensive duties. It seems clear, however, that Arsene Wenger now prefers Santi Cazorla in that central role and with Mesut Ozil being handed the number 10 role for next season, Jack and Aaron could be spending a lot of time on the bench.

The boss used them in wide roles quite a bit last season but with Alexis Sanchez on the left and if Theo Walcott shows good form on the right, how will he fit them into the Arsenal side in the coming season? And if they are not playing regular football, how does Wenger keep these talented young players happy?

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  1. Best starting XI:
    Bellerin Gab Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Ox Cazorla Sanchez

    Hopefully at least on more addition:
    Bellerin Gab Kos Monreal
    Coq Ramsey
    Ox Cazorla Sanchez
    New striker

    1. Look at how desperate we fans have become!!!!we are happy with just one more top signing while our competitors are signing 3 or 4 top players each season. I think Ramsey in Wenger’s favourite player and he will always find a way to fit him in the team when he’s fit. I can see Ramsey playing more on the right, something I don’t want to see but sadly it seems that way.jack needs to keep fit and fight it out with cazorla. We will definitely need some rotating so I can see jack getting playing time, he just needs to keep fit and stay focused.

    1. Sorry but Ramsey will never turn into the top player we all excpect him to be, he is too inconsistent. A top player plays well week in week out,Ramsey does not do that. He’s good one game and dreadful the next. I think lecoq,cazorla and ozil would be the more reasonable midfield for us.wish we get a top class DM,someone like carvalho or Morgan.,.we desperately need one to cover lecoq.if we don’t sign any we would have to keep praying all the time that lecoq doesn’t pick up an injury….

  2. Ramsey is ahead of Wilshere,Ramsey does more for the team he scores more,assists more and generally contributes more than Wilshere

    1. Wilshere actually has the potential tobturn into a world class player while Ramsey is way too inconsistent

      1. haha what!?!? yes, consistency is a common issue with younger players. but even if your criticism of Ramsey’s consistency was valid, what makes you think that’s an area of his game that’s incapable of improvement?? your crystal ball?

    2. probably one of those who fell for the ramsey to barca rumours … inconsistency aint half his limitation mate

  3. hey sam where is ozil? No wonder u got lot of thumbs down.. Only Wenger knows his best 11 end of story

  4. I’ve got strong belief no one is more hungrier to win titles right now than Arsene Wenger..
    Bringing Czech in when Ospina is doing fine tells something….i believe he will sign Leo Messi if the Club can afford him…
    can i shock you??….Arsene is set to shock you?

    1. Wenger won’t shock anyone.the only shock we might get is ending the transfer window without anymore additions

      1. Olivier Giroud aint a magical player..
        but can i shock you?….we at Arsenal are aiming for something magical….and Oliver will contribute his magical hold up play..AIN’T YOU SHOCKED?

  5. As for now, Santi Cazorla is better then Ramsey and Wilsher and i dont see these two bench Santi anytime soon.

    Jack is talent pure, but talent alone doesnt guarante him his place at the club as he has to become a men and also teach himself not to bring himself in danger with risky dribblings. But people disslike him bec of his guts and him not acting as the niceboy as every other player out there loves to play.

    Ramseys loves to play, but i am not sure if he can turn into a special player ever, knowing that he can become good in everything, but no true master in anything.

    Wilsher will take Santis place in the future. But what will happen to Ramsey i dont know.

    1. Agree with you.I got lots of thumb downs for saying almost the same thing. Ramsey will never turn into a top class player

      1. Ramsey will ( already is) a top player, but i doubt that he will develope his game any further. In my eyes he is a 3x a like Dirk Kuyt. Pure athlete, runs more then any other, and by doing so, he finds himfels into poz where he can make a mark for himself. But his link up play and football brain is poor. There is no magic to him.

        His situaten is similar to Walcottt. Plays on the wings, thinks he is good enough, wants to be a striker, but doesnt have the talent to become a regular one.

        Fans disslike this but what can you do.

        1. Why cuz he scored a couple of wonder goals???if a hardworking player is a top class player then welbz is a top player and so is giroud. If Ramsey was a top class player teams like Bayern,barca,real would be after him by now.Ramsey had one great season in his entire career. He’s nowhere near being a top class player I would change him with Vidal or gundugan any day anytime anywhere

          1. What area do you think he’s weak in? Defensively, creatively, scoring, positioning? Pick a weak point in his game… Seriously. And I’m sure people will line up to tell you you are wrong and back it up with his stats or performances on his ‘top-class’ production.
            Literally all you’ve said on this thread is he’s inconsistent and acting like your some footballing whizz for seeing stuff others don’t… There’s a reason you’re in the minority, it’s because even a kid could see Ramsey’s a brilliant player. I’m sure you were saying this a few seasons ago… Despite the fact that he’s so, so, so painfully f@#king obviously improved.

            1. Im no expert, but I have been supporting this club for 25 years. I have seen a number of players come and go. I just don’t rate Ramsey that high. He’s an OK player, good to have but he needs to improve his finishing and passing. I won’t talk about his inconsistency anymore.sorry

            2. @josh37,so hes brilliant is he.hmm.The real reason hes in the minority is because the majority of fans on here are sycophants not objective

    1. I would have fancied us signing van would have been a magical return. Today I’m in the mood of getting all the thumb downs in the world….knock me out with the thumbs….I really think we should have signed rvp

    1. If we sell jack and Ramsey and as you said sign pogba and Vidal we would be the champions immediately. Wish that could happen.its like a dream that will never come true….

  6. Who still hates Wenger for selling V Persie and Nasri etc? Only Henry has actually enjoyed his life after Arsenal.

    1. Henry deserved it.I was heartbroken that Henry left us. I thought he would never leave us.him and viera, they were best arsenal memory,Henry’s goal against Leeds in fa cup. What a dream return. I cried after the goal.I broke down in I wished Henry never left.

      1. straight up balled like a baby, felt like that moment you wake up from an incredible dream and you want it to be true.. but this time it was true.

  7. @seancali
    Only if he accept 5k weekly and agree to lick sanchez boots clean everyday…..

  8. you will all agree with me that wilshere doesnt posess Cazorla’s skill or Ramsey’s raw industry or confidence in front of goal.That means those two guys are ahead of him in the starting lineup.

    1. You’re correct, sir. But peeps are quite protective of Wilsh since his decent performances against substandard opposition in an England shirt recently.

      For me he’s still just a very good dribbler who puts in a moderate shift and needs to improve the timing of when he releases the ball. That is, if he wants to go from “very good player” to “outstanding player”.

    2. yeah but Wiltshere is more skillful than Ramsey.Wiltshere an Ramsey are different players Ramsey is a goalscoring midfeilder in the david platt frank lampard mould,Wiltshere is more of a ball playing midfielder in the style of Gascoigne or iniesta.i know which type i prefer,but it should depend on the needs of the team at the time

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