No Ramsey – You DO NOT want to leave Arsenal!

The Arsenal midfielder and Wales star Aaron Ramsey has revealed for the first time that he is keen to play in Spain during his career. He went on to describe the interest from La Liga giants Barcelona as “flattering”.

The Welshman joined the club from Cardiff in 2008. Our manager Arsene Wenger had to beat strong competition from the likes of Manchester United to land the talented playmaker and he always had high hopes that Ramsey will develop into a top all-round player. Ramsey did not disappoint Wenger and has grown into an important member of his first team. At the same time, there were injuries that prevented him from playing more frequently for the club.

Ramsey was talking to the Guardian and expressed his desire to stay injury-free for the entire season that is coming up. It is obviously frustrating for any player to get injured often because it affects the rhythm and the pace that comes with regular game time. In his absence, Ramsey has seen his central midfield role occupied by Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla with some commanding performances. Ramsey feels that he is better suited for the central midfield role and wants to grab it back as soon as possible.

Ramsey feels that he would like to one day follow the footsteps of his national compatriot Gareth Bale and play some day in the Spanish Liga. Bale made a world record move from Tottenham to Real Madrid and Ramsey also said he would like to go over to Spain and experience the same atmosphere one day.

Talking of Bareclona and the famous Treble they achieved last year – Ramsey brushed off the suggestions saying that he’s happy to be with Arsenal at the moment. Though his admiration from Barcelona is nothing to worry about, it could be taken as a hint that he may not say no if the Catalan club showed any more interest in the future.

The coming season could be huge for Ramsey. If he can stay fit all year and perform day-in-day-out, he may end up convincing the manager to play him in the central role. He may even be able to convince Barcelona to sustain their interest and come back next year.

But, for the moment, he is hopeful that the signing of Petr Cech and preferably some new arrivals will propel the Gunners to a Premier League title and perhaps even challenge Barcelona in the Champions League. Nothing will give more satisfaction to Wenger than seeing his protégé showing consistency and fitness but the best thing of all is if Wenger can take Arsenal to be a bigger attraction than the Spanish giants!


    1. The Sterling thing just got out of control. The talk about his “potential” got built up so big by the media and analysts that the hype far outpaced reality. Managers were convinced that they had “better not miss out on him.”

      If you compare the actual performances of Coutinho to Sterling last season …….. if Coutinho was be worth 30 mil and Sterling would be worth maybe 15 mil. Without Sterling, LPool were not much different. Without Coutinho and Mignolet, LPool would not have won a single game in the 2nd half of last season.

      1. Coutinho and Mignolet were better based on what?

        Sterling was statistically their best player, every Liverpool fan I know says he was their best, and he won their player of the season……sorry that goes against your idea he’s garbage, but throw as much mud as you like Raheem Sterling was their best player last year and has just made the ManCity starting X1 stronger.

        Just another weak attack based entirely on his media image and the fact you dislike him as a player. Quality analysis as ever, brought to you by the guy who thinks Benzema is a waste of money.


  1. If Sterling is worth 49million then i dont think anybody could have enough cash to bid for ramsey.

  2. Uh Oh. It finally happened. The flattery perhaps put a nice little bubble in his ego. Ramsey is human after all. I am not worried however. His level head will and the confidence in him from Wenger will prevail. I am confident.

  3. Ramsey Walcott
    Wilshere Ox have been
    “could be” players for
    between 4-9 seasons.
    Walcott has had one top season
    Ramsey has had one top half season.
    Neither Wilshere nor Ox have had
    more than a couple of months of good form in a row.
    Wellbeck and Gibbs are at best squad players.
    It is still the non English players who carry Arsenal
    Cech Ospina Mertz Kos Bellerin Monreal Coq
    Cazorla Sanchez Ozil Giroud even oldies like Arteta.
    Maybe this season will be different?
    Perhaps the top top striker being sought is English?

  4. It’s not like we have a Messi on our books!If one day he decides to go to Barca just like the lads before him,he will be coming back in a season or two to join Swansea!

  5. I read the original interview and he said he would like to play there… worries through, if an overrated player like sterling can b worth 49m then we would b using a bullion van to carry the cash from barca if they r stupid enuf to want him……..thank God we gave a coach who knows how to invest in good players…(spuds & kop???) Not so much

  6. if he wants to leave he can f*ck off we have wilshere + dan Crowley will be better in future wenger should give more chance to wilshere this season than ramsey we are not an academy to develop players

  7. wenger : “Reine-Adelaide is something special.. when he came on you could see that. 17 years old, let’s not forget that!”

    [Iwobi] was one of the reasons AW abstained from the Sterling chase. acc to media

    1. he may be talented….but hes still not ready..

      maybe a few seasons of loan and shall see

  8. its certain that one day Ramsey will leave arsenal for barca to replace Iniesta..
    am also worried of us getting Samper from barca just to model him into world class and have barca knocking back for him(remember these deals have reasonable buy back clauses)
    Thats why i believe that one day Bellerin will be back in campnou.

  9. Its no secret that every player would like to play for barca and a chance to shine alongside Messi. The only way we can hold on to our best players for the coming seasons is by overtaking or atleast by being on the same level as barca Madrid Bayern.
    Ps- it does worries me to hear Ramsey say that.

  10. There is no need for any bad blood feelings as Aaron Ramsey has made his desires a public knowledge. It is even likely the Boss is aware of Ramsey’s dreams to one day play in the Spanish League. Had Barcelona submitted a good bid for him, it is likely Arsenal would have accepted the bidding. Arsenal FC is a Gunners barrack where soldiers go-out and soldiers come-in and the Arsenal remain. Arsenal need Ramsey but he is not indispensable at Arsenal. Arsenal can do without him as they have many options they are deploying and can deploy effective in the central midfield and the wide area roles he plays in. So, in my believe, Arsenal will not be pained if Ramsey leaves today.

  11. Is arsenal still suppose to be a feeders team? This is what happens when you don’t want to win trophies. They cannot claim to have that amount and still chose not to compete, because competition is what football is all about.

  12. One season wonde does not make you fit for Barcelona. Neverles, if the thinks that he is to good for Arsenal, the Door is wide open for him.

    You can see ritally Ramseys nature that he is a selfish egoistic guy. I never forget the moment we played against City. 1 win till that time. We created in the end a perfect chance. Van Persie was waiting at the other side for the pass, but the fella blow the chance to finish off City by shooting the ball himself pretty wide away from the goal. At this moment i saw Persies face and i knew he would be off.

    Same situation with the Ox. Ox was at that time screaming and jumping like a mad man bec of anger. You even can sometimes see Ramsey shrink when he watches others score goals.

    I am pretty sure that he has some kind of Ronaldo complex. And i am pretty sure that the first big team who will be knocking at our door for him, he will then be the one who will ask to leave. Mind my words.

  13. Man, some of you get you knickers in a twist easily. Here’s the Idiot’s Guide to the interview:
    Interviewer: Aaron, what do you think of reports linking you to Barcelona?
    Ramsey: It’s flattering and I’m happy at Arsenal. Maybe some day.
    Those two thoughts aren’t mutually exclusive. He’s not posturing for a move.
    Now if he spends a year on the bench behind Carloza, there might be issues next summer. Good luck to Wenger for keeping all these guys who deserve to start happy.

  14. The only way to make sure he stays is by winning trophys why would he want to go anywhere else if the team he is playing for is successful and competing on all fronts. A world class forward and dm and we will be able to do that come on wenger make it happen with 2 signings before close of transfer window and we will be serious tittle contenders!

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