NO rest for Alexis Sanchez with Chile

Arsenal’s Mr Duracell Alexis Sanchez has finally ran out of batteries and has looked more and more exhausted with every game he plays. I wrote an article recently about how much I was worried about the Chilean hitman suffering from burnout if he plays any more games, but the problem with Alexis is that he refuses to acknowledge his tiredness and wants to play every minute of every game!

Now he has to play another two World Cup Qualifiers for Chile against Colombia and Uruguay. He was tired enough at the last international break but still managed to score two goals as Chile won both to get an early lead in the South American Group. Both games were played around midnight our time and then he had to deal with the jetlag on coming back to London.

The Chile boss Jorge Sampaoli understands that our star is suffering, but with so much at stake he can’t afford to rest the Chilean hero. But he will be gentle with him in training. He said: “Alexis will be treated with caution,”

“He is eager to play and demanded the maximum in training. “We don’t want to get him exhausted or demand too much so he will do some different exercises.”

I am seriously worried that Alexis is going to suffer a breakdown, so we can only hope that we have enough returning players after the break to force him to have some relaxation time to recharge those batteries. Even Duracell ones run out of power in the end!

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    i pray to God ..the Boy don’t suffer a wear and Tear!…… The Tension is High

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      If he won’t have a break that’s his fault as he now is looking ordinary on the field, me I would be more worried over Ozil and Coquelin than Sanches. Vardy is a better choice of player and he is English. As I said before we have very good players in the Championship LG that are just as good as our weak back up squad. We are not looking at Sanches right,to much emotion in some posts and not addressing the real problem ,sure he is a top player and a great team man,but eh needs to take a look at his last 5 games not very good and ratings by others in the 5-6 level that’s like a Gervino game.. CB

  2. najeeb says:

    Alexis is a grown up. If he wants to play then he should go ahead and play we cant just bite our nails off being scared of an injury to him.. if he gets injured then fine will dig inn.. he should also know his priorities .. we are arsenal fans and we cant just worry too much about alexis .. he should worry about himself aswell.. we need a good signing to accomodate such conditions where if he is over played we have a backup for him a player who is equally as or good…sanchez has improved alot with us. We need to put together a plan b n see how it works in the following two matches without him

  3. Jim A says:

    My hope is someday that the Premiership becomes a league that says if you want to play in the summer fine but not during the season. I’m all for supporting your country but when it come to affecting your livelihood then it should stop.

    1. stubill says:

      What rubbish!
      How many international players would want to play in a league that stopped them playing for their country, hardly any.
      How is it affecting their livelihood? If they get injured on international duty, they still get paid by their club, and you seem to have forgotten that our summer is the southern hemispheres winter and therefore their season.
      If you’re worried about fatigue, that’s down to the clubs manager, physio’s and doctors, to manage the playing time of each individual taking into account both club and country games to be plaid.

      Sadly, Wengers idea of resting a player seems to mean playing him for 60 minutes and then taking him off!

      1. Jim A says:

        Sorry I would rather see the best players at their best playing for their club than exhausted when they get back. Not a big fan of World Cup.

  4. Budd says:

    This is why I don’t watch inter lands football, maybe WC final or some hot game. It is pointless. The guys never see each other except the few days before the game. But maybe the players like it, who knows. If Alexis loves to play for his country then he should not be impeded.

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    There’s talk of wenger resting Sanchez when he comes back from international duties.
    What with the easier fixtures coming up and the supposingly injured player’s coming back.

    Other reports suggest that Ramsey has had a set back!
    He is taking longer than expected to recover.

  6. Okayblack says:

    Arsenal injury problems, blame them on Arsene Wenger… When U don’t have a squad depth, how then won’t U overuse ur regulars?
    Wenger’s Stinginess is costing us dearly.
    I desire a change in Management….
    Wenger Out!!!!!!

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