No Samper, no Benzema – So are Arsenal going for Llorente?

Today has brought bad news on the Arsenal rumour front as it has been reported that the Barcelona starlet Sergi Samper is definitely NOT on his way to the Emirates, which only goes to show that Arsene Wenger is probably not looking for any extra cover in the defensive midfield position, so we will have to get used to the idea and deal with it. I reckon Wilshere could fill the gap if anything happens to Coquelin, and we will have Arteta when he’s fit…

Also we have all been getting our hopes up about Benzema, but now that has been blown out of the sky by his representative too. The agent Karim Djaziri told Sky Sports: “Karim is very happy at Real Madrid and he will be a Real Madrid player by the end of this transfer window, 1,000 per cent.

“Karim is not looking to move anywhere this summer.”

So where will the rumours be taking us next? According to TalkSport, Arsenal are favourites to land the 30 year-old Fernando Llorente from Juventus.

I could actually see that happening as it will give Chuba Akpom a bit more time to develop into a consistent top striker. I think the youngster has great promise but he is still too raw to play every week. With Giroud and Llorente Arsenal should have enough firepower to worry Chelsea and our other rivals…..

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  1. wenger have to blame him self if other clubs don’t wana do business with him. Bc when he sell he wants top dollar. when he buy he wana pay penut. Benzema will naver happen Bc of benitez. we should probably Bush for the Dortmund guy by any mins. he is young and he had speed.

    1. What a stupid comment. You are saying Wenger should of sold cheaper and bought more expensive?

    1. am not gonna accept mediocre players again…either buy real quality or don’t buy at all(i know you love these)…don’t make things hard for klopp when he takes over the season after next season….
      i expect he will find very few of your beloved deadwood players…for now i will ride along and will support your silly mistakes after all am just a fan

  2. Wengers says Szczesny to Roma almost done, and Flamini will miss Emirates cup due to a “knock”…. Is this knock Turkish?

      1. the guy barely got playing time on Juve and barely gets a wink at international ball now. He’s not gonna make the impact that we are all hoping for.

  3. @tatek, just like he paid peanut for ozil, sanchez, petr, chambers etc. No line in the article says anything about clubs been reluctant to do business with him but you conjured it to suit your propaganda.

    1. Ozil is probably the only time he paid above peanuts. Everyone knows the Alexis deal we got a huge bargain. Many Barca fans are still mad he was sold for so low. Cech is another bargain, and Chambers is youth which Wenger has always invested heavily in (Walcott, Ox were NOT cheap). I also think AW is willing to spend, but I just think he’s being picky. He’s set on this one striker apparently and if that doesn’t work out it seems we are stuck with Giroud again. And Giroud upfront is not enough for winning the league. I don’t like us taking these risks. A striker needs to be a certainty, not a maybe.

      1. It seems as if it will probably happen. From what I’ve read I’d say there’s a 70% chance of us getting whoever this striker is. Muzzi Ozcan said ‘Be patient, it will happen, hopefully’. I’m guessing that means he’s confident we’ll get our man, but it’s not certain. Lord Harris said ‘I think he (the striker) wants to come’ and that its a matter of convincing the club to sell. From that I get the feeling that there’s a reasonable chance of the deal happening, but it’s not certain.

      2. You call Chambers cheap(?) yet Walcott and Oxlade expensive. May I remind you that Chambers was 16 mill pound, Oxlade 12(?) and Walcott 6.

        1. i didn’t say Chambers was cheap. I said the exact opposite. And at the time of the market Walcott and Ox were expense too. Both came from when Soton were in Championship too.

  4. Sergi Samper is only a reserve at 20yo hes inexperience, not proven and worst not even a regular sub….dont think its a big issue…

    Not signing Benzema is a massive problem…cause we need a striker

    1. Wow, a Hafiz Rahman-post that gets upvoted! Must be a summer transfer-window-thing, seeing how i remember the same thing happend last year!

      But yes, I agree. Either we need a new striker and keep playing Walcott at the right wing, or we buy a new right wing. It all comes down on what wenger does with Walcott.

    1. Lliorente would be better than signing nobody. At least we will have an extra option up front. He’s a good striker, he was benched due to super performances by tevez and morata…

  5. Well Wenger has said numerous times ‘we’re only looking for top quality’. Lord Harris said they get a list from Wenger of players he wants, and on that list is a striker.

    Add them together. Wenger actively wants to buy a top quality striker. He realises we need one. With that knowledge I’m a lot less worried.

  6. Llorente is an Italian Giroud so not going to impress many of the guys on here. Same ability but lazier imo. If Wenger is hell-bent on a system using CF with OG’s style of play and characteristics (strength, heading, back to goal, good touch and creating space for others, decent but not prolific goal-scorer) then he is a like for like ready-made alternative. Rubbish rumour though, not happening so don’t fret guys.

    On a related matter, would be interesting to see an article on our “system” and how the 3 behind our CF operate. Whilst many are keen on just about any centre forward to replace Giroud not many talk about how this player would interact and get the best out of Alexis/Walcott. Maximising the effectiveness of our wide forwards is to me more critical than increasing our CF league goal tally from say 17 to say 21. Would be interested to hear from the guys on here with coaching experience and/or good knowledge of tactics/systems.

  7. Reporter: “Will you be worried about Arsenal potentially spending a lot of their money on Benzema”

    Benitez: “I HOPE he stays will us”.

    hope …………

    1. Samething i benitez your the manager what do you mean HOPE?..its either he not for sale like the media have spun or he is available but wenger has requested it be kept quiet. Either way its not just a rumour anymore atleast for this transfer window.

  8. samper visited arsenal academy back in 2011 with bellerin & jon toral but he refused to join us after being advised by his agent pere guardiola now his family believes they were poorly advised & he has developed much they turned us down in the past now wants to join us

    1. Well, he must be kicking himself on the balls when he watches Bellering living his dream.

  9. According to reports Christophe Lollichon could follow Petr Cech to Arsenal after disagreement with Mourinho

  10. Muzzi ozcan? …….hahaha….oh pls don’t skip the line that says “its only a matter of days” ……… L()L …’s been 24 days(3wks , 2days) anyway

  11. @Mick the Gooner…..Muzzi ozcan? …….hahaha….oh pls don’t skip the line that says “its only a matter of days” ……… L()L …’s been 24 days(3wks , 2days) anyway

  12. As I said everything from the start 3 weeks ago . Lord Harris confirms with yesterday’s statement ! Be patient ! It will happen !Hopefully

    Muzzi Ozcan

  13. If anyone in this current arsenal squad needed a good pre-season it was danny welbeck, shame he won’t be available for the start of the season.

    1. Danny boy will get his chance to prove his worth. I believe in him. Welbeck can turn into a lethal striker. Just needs some Work done on him.

    2. The only thing DW needs is a ballet coach to teach him how to STAY.ON.HIS.B****Y.FEET when shooting and he will score a lot more goals. Every single video you can watch on you tube, check how he shoots. Falls over 95% of time. Funny thing is, every time he stays on his feet seems to score with nice finishes.
      Teach the boy to stand and he’ll bag loads more goals imho.

  14. The House of Rahman and its representatives insist that Wenger has to spend to strengthen the squad….

  15. Aubmeyang

    Even if we can’t get Benzema or Sampler, there are other options. But it’s dangerous to wait too long
    because players tend to run out.
    Jackson Martinez
    Falcao (I still consider him a good player)

    My thoughts are get one of the forwards listed at the top ie. Lacazette, Reus, Greizmann, Isco etc AND a top DM ie Carvalho, bender, Krychowiak etc

    And lets have a season to remember

  16. The only player who could make us a better side is Reus. He would cover the flanks and he could also rotate in the striker role playing as a false striker, but such things are only childish imaginary wishfull thinking. There is no interest towards him.

    There are plenty good players out there to buy from. What happened to Draxler who we where once so close to buy? Now he is about to go to Juventus. What happened to the Isco interest? The dude is a genius who would do wonders at Arsenal.

    I still stand to what many experts have said included Henry. That we need still 4 players to compete with the big guys. As for now, we will be competing only for the Wenger trophy alone. Wenger knows it too, but he doesnt care.

  17. I would rather have either

    1. A top CF to sign


    2. A Top wc Winger who scores lots goals and have Walcott and Giroud as our CF

    Then get an average or gamble on a player being top quality. ie Liverpool gambling on Balotelli

  18. What’s up with Lacazzete? Any chance we might be in for him? He seems quite a good bet….

    1. He reminds me of Henry in appearance

      I like him. He is young 24, scored 29 goals last season for Lyon.

      We will see him play in the Emirates Cup and I hope Wenger speaks to him personally

      1. Indeed I think the same. He looks fast and quite powerful with it. Am going on Sunday so will be very interested to see how he gets on. I wonder if AW will be doing the same?

  19. Apparently we’re chasing Lewandowski. That is about as likely to come true as Henry coming out of retirement and becoming top goalscorer…

  20. @Ks-Gunner. I am with you on this.
    In fact, I prefer Marco Reid to the much-talk-about Benzema.
    He can play across the 3 forward lines !
    He scores more than most of these overrated strikers !!

  21. Imagine Wenger hearing Sir Harris saying we have 200 million pounds to spend, imagine seeing Wenger’s face when that was said. I am betting he has had words with Harris after that was said.

    Imaging our perspective clients hearing that information, especially if it already started and Wenger telling them he only has 50 million to spend and he must ensure he get at least 2 more players.

    I can imagine Wengers Grief

  22. Throw £50 at bayern for lewandowski and see what happens…if bayern dont blink close the checkbook and wait for the new season.

  23. Danny boy scoring the winner for arsenal at Old Trafford was worth the transfer fee alone.I believe he has alot to offer arsenal.

  24. I think Danny has it all to become a legendary arsenal striker, finishing has been his downfall, he probably needs couple session a week with Bergkamp or Henry. i feel confident he will do better than last season.

    Its going to be quite difficult to get a starting place, by the time he his healed and fit, with the competition for places at the moment, some players will start wishing that our injury curse continues, look at it, Coquelin would have been gone by now if Arsenal had not suffered from injury problems in November

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