No Sanogo No Party for Arsenal at Leicester?

If he is fit, and his inclusion in the Arsenal squad for the Champions League second leg against Besiktas suggests that he is, I think our young French striker Yaya Sanogo should start as the Arsenal centre forward for the away game against Leicester City tomorrow. The way Sanchez plays up front is more suited to home games than away and we need to start well and get all three points.

Look, as Arsene Wenger would say, I know that Alexis was much better against the Turks than he was at Everton and I know that his first goal for the Gunners will have really helped his confidence. I just think that tactically, it could be the right thing to move him back out wide and bring the 21-year old hero of the Emirates Cup back into the fray. Just ask Andrea Pirlo.

As Wenger outlined in his pre-match press conference reported by, Leicester are no mugs and have put in two strong performances against Everton and Chelsea so far in the Premier League. They are strong and tight defensively and they use their full backs to counter attack with great effect. Having Sanogo in the middle gives us a physical presence and some useful hold up play, while having Alexis on the flanks adds pace to that attack.

It also gives us more speed and determination to help defending against those counter attacks. The Ox does the same and I would not mind seeing them both play, perhaps with the Chilean on the left where he can cut in and shoot with his right foot as he did quite a lot with Barcelona.

Plus, we do not want Sanogo to lose the confidence from those four goals against Benfica and they were nearly a month ago now. Do you think Arsenal should start with Sanogo on Sunday.

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    1. Needs a rest. He’s played every game do far and was dead on his feet at the end of Wednesday’s game, he put a huge shift in.

      1. I know sanchez put a lot of work in but it is the start of the season and he’s renowned for running a lot, i still think he should lead the line
        Back to the 4231:
        Debuchy kos mert monreal
        Flamini ramsey
        Ox. Ozil. Cazorla

        1. Ramsey is also renowned for his running. Playing him continually without rest is what got him injured last season. I’d rather lose Alexis for a game against Leicester than lose him for 6 weeks through injury.

          1. Yeah fair enough, would hate that to happen to him but he is about to have 2 weeks off! I also have him as captain in fantasy football so im relying on him to play aha

      2. Alexis has 2 weeks off after this week.end, does he not.
        I would play Joel Campbell up front. Has better control, passing and more experience in big games than Sanogo, but, I think Wenger will stick with Alexis.

    2. 2 days, 2 hours, 2 minutes to deadline day shut off.
      Can we get at least 2 more???

      Countdown begins ……

      1. We struggled against that Everton side. Everton were abysmal defensively today, against us we had the majority of the possession and attacking, Chelsea just sat back and countered today, Everton were pressing. Costa looks a real bad sportsman though, getting in Coleman’s face after he scored the own goal…

          1. me too… this kind of players win you a titles… roy keane, vieira, eric cantona, ibrahimovic, sergio ramos and pepe(not loving them at all, but they are concrete wall and scoring goals too) terry, chiellini etc…. what they do is put fear in opposition… and arsenal is like children of flowers, “dont tuch us, we just want to play football”… miss those days with vieira!!!

    1. chelsea showed how strong their attack is and at the same time how awful they defend.
      for tomorrows game I hope we give podolski a chance upfront

      1. Chelsea are normally excellent defensively, not really sure what happened today. Mourinho likes to play defensively, Abramovich pressured him because he wants a more attacking style of play, I guess this was the result.

        I’d also like to see Podolski up front – for a full 90 minutes for once too.. He’s a fantastic finisher, only needs the one chance, even if that chance comes in the 90th minute..

        1. He’s played as cf before several times, several times he was poor. He comes to far back and isn’t good as good as holding the ball up and feeding it out as Girroud. Having Sanchez on his wing and Rambo and ozil in midfield behind him may give him the chance to shine though.

  1. I get it, Leicester are not that bad but should there be a case for them beating us? Not if we turn up, no chance whatsoever.

          1. @ks-gunner
            One or two good matches done mean he’s got “class”. You forgot to add him to the “favorites list”…

    1. The whole point of the Falcao deal, is because Madrid need more strikers. So why would they Benzema? They have only one senior striker at the moment.

      1. And another point is them not needing Falcao is Ronaldo who is just one of the world’s best striker playing in LW position.

      1. Matic also the differnce today. Goal, assist, great passing… Holding midfielder and striker gave Chelsea the 3 points….

          1. haha…its cool we will win the league anyway!!

            by just saying it will happen. f common sense pass the bong

    1. syggurdson – 4 assists
      dyer – 3 goals
      naismith – 3 goals

      all are gonna rip the leagues, isnt it? stats matter after 10-15 games

      1. And the last Chelsea player to score 4 goals in his first 3 PL matches – ladies and gentlemen, I give you Adrien Mutu. Costa may get 50 this season for all I know, but he also might not break in to double figures – loss of form, injury (big concern) and suspension (big, big concern) may play a part.

    2. You could well be right muffdiver, and you are taking every opportunity to ram it home on here – but the gloating will look a lot more convincing in say 12-15 matches.

  2. Sanchez will prove to be a great striker, so will walcott

    Chelsea were great today, no doubt, but I still believe we can beat them to the epl crown

  3. 3 games in and everyone are calling chelsea champions. They need to simmer down. Yes they are good, but this will be a long season with twists and turns.

    Carvhalo and Sokratis! Make it happen wenger!!

    1. I hate it when people don’t see facts. Chelsea have been strong over the past decade winning Pl, FA cup and Champions league and there goes someone saying only 3 games. Trophies are won with every freaking point. Chelsea and Man City have the best squads in the league but Chelsea looks a bit more organised and that’s why they are being tipped as title favourites. I love my team but we lack a lot of quality

      1. Chelsea and later Cty have had the money to spend over many many years. Of course they have the strongest squads.
        But, as today proved, having the best squad does not guarantee winning, as Cty showed.
        We all know shock results WILL happen.
        Seems some are giving up after 2-3 games.
        Utd. Pool, Everton, Cty, all lost games. See how Spuds and we go on tomorrow.
        Swansea unbeaten.
        Long way to go.

  4. a meeting between Florentino Perez, Jorge Mendes & & The president of PSG al khelaifi was held 2day acc 2 French media
    falcao > Madrid
    benz > PSG
    cavani > Arsenal

    1. PSG President Nasser Al Khelaifi spoke to BeIN Sports On Edinson Cavani:
      “He is staying, that is for sure.”

    2. Interesting! Falcao tweeted earlier saying he was going to Madrid & deleted it quickly.
      It might be true or his agent might be trying to get reaction from Madrid through the media.

    3. Please why was Gazidiz not at the meeting? I don’t believe the report. All i know is that Wenger must have something up his sleeves. If not we will be great pick for the top four but no hope in the world of winning the EPL. Arsenal needs that title to claim our place as one of the biggest football clubs in the world. If Arsene gets this next few hours wrong, he will never ever be considered a great coach. I have a feeling he wouldn’t, because i believe he signed a three year contract to show he is one of the best coaches in the world. Wenger has passed up on Fabregas, Mandzukic, Ballotelli, it better be because he is focused on Falcao, Cavani or Reus. He MUST sign a defensive midfielder also if he still has a brain in his head and he MUST replace Vermaleen. The answer is simple SIGN CAVALHO OR SOKRATIS. If its Cavalho, then Chambers becomes Vermaleen’s replacement and Hector is coming of age as our second Right Back for the season (Jenkinson is still on our books though not available to us this season) and if its Sokratis, Chambers will become our holding/defensive midfielder. Manchester City have Fernando and Paulino. Chelsea have Matic and Mikel. we have our own Mikel but we NEED our own MATIC as well. And the only two options we are linked with at the moment is Cavalho and Sokratis.
      Wenger will confirm that Arsenal have taken a conscious decision to remain a top four team if he doesn’t sign Falcao/Reus or Cavani on one hand and Cavalho or Sokratis on the other.

  5. Chelsea won,but it was more from errors of the everton defense, i am hoping sanago starts and Campbell

    1. THANK YOU, people keep saying that Chelsea were great in attack but bad in defence, nonsense, it was the reverse, Everton were great in attack but made so many defensive mistakes and were punished.

      1. and punished from players like costa and fabregas assist, but who will punish for us, sanogo campbell… thank you for making me laught…

    2. Well why did they not make so much defensive mistakes againt Arsenal ? Or we were incapable of taking advantage of their mistakes ? Or we could not force enough mistakes from them ? We are so good at finding excuses to reject Chelsea’s performance. LOL. Learn to swallow the bitter truth.

      1. You just took the words out of my mouth. I am a football lover who happens to be a big supporter of AFC but I don’t look at other teams trying to look down on their achievements. It just makes us stupid when we keep finishing beneath Chelsea yet we act like we have a better team.

        1. Will you please give reason as to why chelsea struggled to score two goals against leicester city at the bridge.things like this happen in, are you saying man city is crap cos they lost at home to stoke.dont forget the manner with which they won the league last season.the league is a marathon and it will be ridiculous to say chelsea is already the champ considering everton played us last week and chelsea this week-two energy sarping matches

        2. @gunnerman8709. You are spot on. Chelsea’s game today was a masterclass. Costa is giving a good account of himself. How many times in the last two seasons had Giroud have twice as decent chances in games than Costa had today and failed to convert them. He came off the bench again Everton and did exceptionally well because THAT is his strength – COMING OFF THE BENCH TO MAKE AN IMPACT. He can’t be the starter for any serious minded team. Our desperation for a top class striker have nothing at all to do with Giroud’s injury. We didn’t plan to sell Giroud when we bidder for Suarez last season did we? So we need to replace the Suarez we didn’t buy last season and please don’t tell me that was Sanchez. Sanchez is ONLY our answer to Podolski’s inconsistencies, we were going to buy Draxler as well remember, thats what Sanchez represented. We NEED for once to show we want the EPL and we are serious about that ambition.

    1. that’s exactly what I thought when I read this, surely the striker with pace that can get in behind is better away from home where we have less possession and more counter-attacks? Although Leicester is not exactly going to be dominating possession anyway so we won’t get many counter-attacks I suspect.

    1. Walcott will be back in the squad, but i doubt he will be match fit for such a big game. I have no idea about Gibbs.

    2. Sorry to the bearer of bad news.
      I’ve been involved in orthopedic surgery for a decade.

      Gibbs suffered a hamstring injury. Not sure how extensive it was, but in any case requires immobilisation of the thigh and knee. Reconditioning of subsequent lost muscle tissue can take 3 to 6 months in non-surgical cases. Podolski also suffered a hamstring tear and was out for 6 months, although I suspect he may have had a surgical repair. This may be why he’s not been played as often as we would like him to be. Re-injury can lead to permanent hamstring damage. This is from a surgeon colleague of mine. I’ve not personally been involved in hamstring repairs.

      Walcott tore his ACL which requires a surgical reconstruction using a donour tissue to rebuild the ligament. Typical rehab period for a non-sporting person is 6 months. Again muscle tissue lost during the immobilisation period requires extensive rehab and reconditioning time. Personally, I don’t see Walcott coming back on the field for another 2 months.

      As for Giroud, it’s been reported that he needed surgery for his injury. If it was an Achilles Tendon rupture, then we probably won’t see him until March 2015. But who knows at this moment.

      We can only hope for their quick recovery and contribution to the team.

  6. Its a long time since we played 2strikers. Podolski & Sanchez upfront would run havoc. I am jealous of Man Shitty for having so many world class strikers at their disposal.

  7. Scz
    Debuchy—- chambers—-kos—-gibbs

    This should be our team our team to face chelsea. Ozil on the right where he can cut in. And chambers to replace Per because of costa ect.. Tactical change.

        1. Sokratis can play DM and CB. watch greece vs argentina. He kept messi in place at DM.

          And the handsome gooner obviously can’t read.

    1. Ramsey not a CAM. Just cause he scores goal doesnt mean he should play there. He’s the perfect balance of defense and attack, thus the box to box role suits him perfectly. Sokratis out, Mertesacker in (why is he out in the first place). Move Rambo back, Ozil middle, Walcott (who should be back) right, Ox, left.

      Debuchy- Mert-Kos-Gibbs

    2. We need Mertesacker over Chambers for this game or we’ll be killed on set pieces, Chelsea have a team of giants.. Kosc at 6’2 and Chambers at 6’0 won’t be able to cope with the likes of Matic, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic and Costa. We won’t even have Giroud to help out.

      Personally I’d take Chambers over Debuchy for this one, Debuchy is too attacking-minded for this type of game, can’t afford to get caught out with Hazard playing that side.


    1. So the corollary to that is that both City and Chelsea will win the PL because they have quality strikers and CDMs? How can one of them lose?

  9. Meanwhile AFC are sweating on the fitness of a certain Yaya Sanogo when their neighbours are plundering 6 goals against a quality Everton side. What a gulf !

    1. So What? Everton never defended, 6th goal, 1st goal, 3rd goal, 5th goal, all were rookie mistakes

      1. LOOL. Alas they do not make rookie mistakes against Arsenal as they are at their best defensively against us as you know Arsenal have the best strike force in the PL. Learn to swallow the bitter truth mayte and you know that that is 😉

      2. Chelsea’s 3rd was ludicrously lucky, that totally changed the game to make it 3-1 as Everton were bossing for an equalizer at the time.

  10. Hahahaaaaa Sanogo….. This is what it’s come to!? Pmsl god I just shit my spleen out I laughed so hard then!

  11. I think Chelsea and Jose gave Wenger a lesson in what we are missing. Chelsea played an open game throughout , never parked the bus once and still came out victorious with a 3 goal difference against an exciting , quality Everton side (to whom we almost lost). And is it a coincidence that a WC striker and CDM in this Chelsea side had a terrific game ? I will leave it to Wenger to think about it!

    1. I agree with your general sentiment but I highly doubt Mourinho wanted this, he looked angry on the sidelines despite being ahead the whole match and precisely because he didn’t want an open match where Everton kept getting back into it after Chelsea was up 2-0 in 3 minutes. That 3 goal lead at the end was extremely flattering.

      1. Its not about Mou wanted it or not. Its about highlighting the importance of having a WC striker and a big strong CDM. If you want to play open game like we do, you got to have those two positions covered sufficiently with quality.

    2. What is the lesson? Spend a billion just on transfer fees and you may be able to build a good team? This is news?

      Chelsea have spent MORE on transfers over the past few seasons than even ManCity did in their buildup. Yes… when you buy some of the highest price players and you buy them as often as most people change their underwear and you pay them lots of money…… you can get a good team eventually.

      That is the difference between a club that is operated as a business and a club owned by an oil billionaire. Yes, Arsenal would be a better team if Wenger put out another couple of billion or so on players and salary.

  12. Falcao has tweeted about the deleted tweet of him confirming his Madrid transfer. He says that it is untrue and is photoshopped. Radamel to The Emirates is back on!

  13. Sanogo in my opinion, ain’t good enough and won’t make it… We need better, do you really think City and Chelsea would have Sanogo as their second choice striker? No way on this Earth.

    1. Such a turn around. I suggested Sanogo just MAYBE was not good enough after he scored his pre-season 4 goals and I was viscously attacked for daring to spoil the party. Now it seems to be commonly shared opinion – after only a few weeks.

        1. 3 points for a win no matter the score. And Chelsea lost to some bottom table teams. 1 game does not a season make.

          1. True enough. I might be alone on here but feeling slightly nauseous and embarrassed with all the Gooners on here looking longingly and lovingly across at the Bridge, like tearful kids with their noses pressed up against the toy shop window, announcing the end of football as we know it and anointing the mafia scum after match 3 of the season.

    1. Enough of this. 2 great strikers available early this window – Costa and Sanchez. We decide to get Sanchez as he is more technical while Costa is a poacher. If we get Costa then people will complain that he is slow and cannot get past players. Chelsea got Hazard so they want Costa. We got Podolski who is also a good poacher so we sign Sanchez.
      In the dream world, we should have get both but unfortunately Arsenal FC is not sponsor by oily billionaires.
      Think if we really got Costa, people will complain he is as slow as Giroud and cannot dribble. He showed his scoring instinct today with 2 good finishes but his all around game does not impress me, beside 2 weakness above his hold up ball is only OK while his touch a bit heavy as well. Great off the ball running and a fantastic finisher. Time will tell but I bet my money that Sanchez will be a better all around player than Costa once he got used to the league.

      1. you see i cannot agree with this BS.sounds like excuses..i will get straight to the point.We could have just gotten both.Sanchez is not a center forward and is even better out wide.Costa would have been that CF we so missed last season.Costa cost 32.Sanchez 35.AFC has money.67M for 2 world class attackers.You dont need oil money to spend 67M on 2..yes TWO players

        1. errrr…….OK, no oil money required for a piddling £67M but that would still leave us short at GK/RB/CB/CDM/LW needing another £70M+. Good job you didn’t get to make any decision on this if £70M or thereabouts was indeed Wenger’s budget. And can we all please climb off Costa’s cock until at least half way through the season.

  14. We buy Carvalho and a WC striker and play Ozil as a CAM and we have as much chance as Chelsea and City to win the league.

    If we just buy Carvalho, then we will need Sanchez to have a 25+ goal season and Theo and Poldi to step up as well.

      1. i think it was more biterness that we didnt get him, but they dont wanna admit wenger was silly not to get him .
        instead make out giroud is better than he is , an sanchez is actually a striker…ridicolous

      2. NEWSFLASH: At the moment he is still a one-season wonder. He has had a good start but a massively dim to extrapolate for the full 38 games on the back of 3 games. If you want to crystal ball the 2014-15 PL season on the back of 3 games then Chelsea will have a 38-0-0 record, 114 points, 139 goals and Costa picking up 51 PL goals. Heck even Aaron will have 38 goals at a goal a game so far.

        1. Thank You Jonetown1. What BS are people talking about after 3 games. Benteke, Michu, Papis Cisse started the same way. Where the f..k are they today?

    1. I said he was an disgusting human being and wasn’t worth his price tag after one good season. I already admitted the mistake on the second part but the first part continues to be supported 😉

        1. at least tidan2 admits he was wrong loads of people on here were takin the piss out of me for championing costa- gone quite now…stick by giroud like the lames that u are

        2. well we might not compete with the big boys but at least we have a team full of nice gentleman. FLOWER POWER, YYaaaaay

  15. Bottom line, Wenger puts too much faith in average players whereas Pellegrini, Mourinho would replace them with upgrades, even Van Gaal is set to completely get rid of the Tom Cleverly’s in the Man U squad. Wenger is too nice and is not as competitive as the likes of Mourinho and Pellegrini, he thinks his squad is good enough when it’s just not, one or two more injuries and we are screwed and will have to get battered by the likes of Liverpool, City and Chelsea again all because Wenger didn’t do enough in the transfer window and put too much faith in the Mikel Arteta’s of this world. He just needs to be more ruthless.

  16. Dunno why people are so against Sanogo. Even Wenger said that the amount of goals he scored before a terrible run of injuries was frightening. I can see him settling once he starts firing in EPL games. Still very young too.

  17. How can you dream of winning the PL with Sanogo as the striker? It just does not make any sense.

    1. When was sanogo the striker?

      Even now it’s obvious he is no more than 3rd choice and when Theo, podolski and campbell step up to the plate, who is to say he will even be 5th choice?

      Fact is we don’t have an outstanding world class striker and until that changes wenger will keep plugging away with the 6 he has. It could all change by Monday, but my guess is he will rotate those 6 as well as gnabry, ryo, akpom, chamberlain and cazorla across the “front 3” until he hits the right note.

    2. How can you dream
      of winning the PL with
      Jesús Navas
      Y Touré
      Dzeko –
      It just does not make any sense 🙂
      City 0 Stoke 1

      1. Di*khead , this was not the PL final between Stoke and City which City lost. Last season too they had some very shi*ty results against lower teams, but still went on to win the league. You know why? Because of the fu*king list that you wrote in your comment. BTW what are you still doing here on this site?

        1. you claim to be proclaiming the ‘bitter truth’ but the fact is that last season they only lost one single match at home and it was against Chelsea (you know, the team that has already won the PL in your eyes);

          we are now 3 matches in and they have already lost to a much worse Stoke City at home.

          1. You want the facts ? Last seasosn they dropped 17 points against Norwich, Southampton ,Stoke, AstonV, Cardiff and Sunderland. Two of these were relegated and two finished in the bottom half. Still they went on to win the league. Why ? Please elaborate.

        2. Never defended davidnz before on here, and frankly he don’t need anyone looking out for him but he makes a fair point in an appropriate manner. Mate the only dick@*$ds on this site atm are those pussy-whipped bitches w**king at the altar of Mou and Costa after 3 games. FFS – grow at least a pair between the lot of yer and enjoy the football.

  18. City’s loss at home to Stoke
    is a huge wake up call.
    Dropping points against lower
    ranked teams is what costs you
    the Premiership.

      1. Every Arsenal game is like a final. Big team or not it doesn’t matter. ( saying this without trying to be funny)

      2. Last season we lost to Stoke,
        at home to Villa
        + drew at home
        with Swansea. 8 points.
        Elementary Wortson 🙂

        1. And check who city, chelsea, everton and Liverpool lost to.

          The difference was they all beat us once, whereas we only beat Liverpool once.

          Sort that and maintain last season’s results against the lower teams and we are on the money.

          1. actually, the difference is that they did better at home, we had the most point away from home but lost 1 and drew 5 at home

  19. Everton strength comes from their super talented full backs. Even though they are fantastic in the attack they pushed to much and got exposed on the counters.

  20. We still need a quality CDM and quality ST to win big games. With the current squad we cannot
    beat top teams like Chelsea and Man City.

  21. Roma are stealing our targets first Manolas now Rabiot. Rabiot wouldn’t be a big loss if we can
    get Carvalho.

      1. Also who said they were our targets and come on really?

        Why is it people believe some khazi of a website or shytecnut of a paper, but do not believe the manager of our club, who has lead us to 17 years of the very highest level of football.

        I am sorry some need a good look at themselves. Stop believing the crap and wait to see what he does, before casting dispersions. If by Monday he fills the 4 remaining spaces in the champions league squad with sanogo ryo zelalem and coquelin then give it your all, and give him hell.

        We are into the champions league, sitting well in top 5/6 of the table and in both cups. I can think of at least.3 top 7 teams that cannot say that.

        1. The most frustrating thing is that most folks would rather believe the worst crap. The traffic on this site when Zigic’s agent tried to drum up interest was mind-numbing.

  22. 2 days left in the window, after that i will be 100% behind Wenger and who ever we have in the squad…


  23. Hate to admit but Chelsea look scary. True they shipped in 3 goals but to score 6 in an away game is incredible. And why the hell did we take not take Fabregas back. 5 assists in 3 games sound good to you?

    1. I agree thats great numbers. But trust me OZIL CAN DO BETTER. But you can only have an assist recorded if your striker scored the goals. When Fabregas had Messi and Ozil had Ronaldo, Ozil came out tops. Now Fabregas have Costa, if we have Cavani or Falcao, we can do better. If we don’t get those, Wenger should not even think twice about trusting Sanchez with the task, but definitely NOT Giroud injury or no injury. He is at his best coming in to play against slightly tired defenders.

  24. If i get a dollar for every time someone mentions the word “striker” or “CDM” on this site, i would have already bought an apartment in London and enjoying the PL games from Emirates. 🙂

    1. Mate, the way you go on I can’t imagine you enjoying ANY game at the Emirates until Wenger goes, this team is dismantled and the new manager consults you on every decision thus enabling us to win the PL every season by 20 points for the next 30 years.

  25. i have been watching everything i could find about Carvalho on You Tube including full games, and to be honest he is exactly what we have been missing for years. He is a midfield destroyer with a beautiful long range pass. He will bring height and strength to a small and technical team.
    He is our missing link, I do hope Wenger closes the deal soon.

  26. Arsenal have decided toactivate Remy’s release clause, Remy to chose which club to join, us or Chelsea.

    Too little too late?

  27. Wow. People need to stop panicking after 3 games in the season. Chelsea beat two promoted teams and Everton, who really gifted Chelsea the win after that performance. They weren’t amazing in any of those games. Man City were a lot more impressive against Liverpool on Monday..

    Chelsea finished 3 points above us last season. The only additions they have that will actually improve their squad are Fabregas and Costa. We on the other hand will have Walcott and Ramsey back as well as Alexis and the DM that I’m certain we’ll buy, possibly even a striker too. They’ve hardly improved their squad much more than we’ve improved ours.

    1. Mick – you’ve got the wrong bunch on here tonight – they are too busy pre-planning the coronation ceremony at the Bridge, and getting all girly-gooey with their Mou and Costa eulogies.

  28. Seriously! Am pissed, saying everton made rookie mistakes dt led 2 Chelsea’s goals is humongously naive @ best…. y cldnt We force dem into making such “rookie mistakes “our attack is pathetic…. I dislike Chelsea wit evry ounce of blood in me bt dey r way better dan we r… dere’s still a Tad of time 2 reduce d bridge…. bt is Arsenal going 2 do dt?…

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