No smoke without fire – Has Unai Emery lost the Arsenal dressing room?

Evidence is mounting that Uani Emery may be close to losing the dressing room at Arsenal.

When you get just one or two headlines involving the poor relationship between Unai Emery and his players they can generally be dismissed. However, there comes a point when you have to ask yourself, has Emery lost the dressing room?

The media are notorious for stirring it up, we all know that. A classic example of that was the false Raul Sanllehi Jose Mourinho dinner reports. We were one of the very few sites that said it was fake right from the start.

But there are stories that cannot be dismissed so easily, here is a list off the top of my head.

Lacazette liking a post calling for Emery to go – Daily Mail.
Emiliano Martinez doing the same – JustArsenal with image of post.
Mesut Ozil reportedly telling the manager he is no coach – TalkSport.
Mkhitaryan, still officially an Arsenal player, saying Emery plays him out of position – TeamTalk.
Aubameyang liking post calling Emery a puppet – The Mirror.
Lucas Torreira agent saying his client is unhappy being played out of position – The Metro.
Reported unrest at Auba being named the captain – The Athletic.
Players confused by the manager’s instructions – Evening Standard.

And so on.

I am sure there is more if I took the time to do an in-depth look but I think you get the picture.

Now, I have no idea if most of all those are true and that is why links have been provided. However, for me, there are just too many stories for them all to be dismissed as media stirring.

Emery may not have lost the dressing room just yet but it doesn’t look too good.


    1. You beat me to bit!I was thinking of commenting on carzola form,back in the Spain team,we gave up on the him too much,if only he had gone to Spain first for surgery he’ll still be with us but I am happy for after everything he went through,well deserved SANTI 😢

  1. Edde howe, Nuno Santo. They have done wonder for their club. Deserve showing at biggest stage. Klopp was also manager with potential until he joined Liverpool. Eddie Howe esp has been so consistent over yrs. Always taking club forward. Emery is better fitted in Sevilla, so pls send him back there.

    1. Klopp was more than potential. He twice won the Bundesliga, reached Champions League final and won the German double. ALL before he took the Liverpool job.

      1. Yes, he was more than potential but he still wasn’t among the elite. Everybody in the world knew Klopp has playing philosophy alike Wenger and that he could be long term successor of Wenger at Arsenal, and Arsenal somehow managed to become quite ignorant about this and let slip Klopp out of their hands despite Wenger days were already counting. We cannot get Klopp now. We need manager who can get best out of the players at his disposal, not a manager who goes on changing players. We cannot get best pick if we don’t keep on picking. So keep on picking managers until we find the best pick, who can bring stability and return our club to glory.

        1. Vzay, You are plain WRONG about Klopp. Of course he was already among the elite. I don’t know what you think it takes to be an elite manager but Klopp was clearly one BEFORE he went to Liverpool and is now IMO either the best or second best in the world.

  2. I was never for Emery as boss, especially when the fans were singing we have are Arsenal back. I just knew it wasn’t going to last, Emery just doesn’t seem to have that one on one brilliance with the players. There no real love for his players, none of the well done son you played brilliantly. We need a manager like Liverpool have. I’m fact we were to slow no going for him. Pep mentioned once how he’d like to manager Arsenal. The board we’re to slow to react when the best managers were available and they still are.Max ellgri would be a top manager for this club. Yes he’s defensive but juventus were also good on attack. Emery just has to go rsally. I can see us losing against Southampton

    1. Well Martin , this is ON TOPIC! It is clear to me that Emery has lost the dressing room. I am uncertain he ever had it in the first place. All he has done right from the start was confuse and puzzle players. He has also lost almost ALL the fan base and every day he remains harms our club further.

  3. my personal opinion is that UE lost the dressing room, when he singled out one player to show how “tough and ruthless” he was.

    Professional footballers know exactly what each of their team-mates bring to the team and also to themselves.

    They also know if another indivdual is or isn’t giving 100%, both in training and on the pitch and, more importantly, if an individual is being made a scapegoat for the coach’s failings.

    This has happened at our club under UE and he has shown just how weak he is regarding, amongst other things, man-management.

    mustafi, xhaka, ozil, torreria spring to mind when one thinks about players who needed his support, but, instead, were given no backing whatsoever.

    Add up all the things cited above and you will see exactly why the players have turned against UE and his tactics, his style of play and his non-existant leadership of them.

  4. Emery never had the dressing room!
    He achieved on the back of being a new broom.Lifted desire and performance.
    Unfortunately not able to carry it on.

  5. Nobody outside the dressing room cam tell if Emery has lost it. We are just Internet warriors who know nothing about what’s going on in the Club

    Players have a duty to perform at their best level. It’s not all Emery’s fault. But IF he has lost the dressing room, he should go

    1. Utter Nonsense (your first comment). Learn to use your eyes properly, see how obviously demotivated and confused the players are, how very few of then play fast enough or move the ball fast enough and put that with the many other player comments on line and across the media.IF you do THAT you can easily see he has lost the dressing room. We are not idiots as fans; we can see when players are giving their all and clearly hardly ANY of our players are. OBVIOUS CONCLUSION IS THAT HE HAS LOST THE PLAYERS!

      1. He`s lost the players aswell !!!, first the dressing room, now the players !!!…………..the mans a liability, lets hope the club are insured !
        Cnat help myself, I`m in a nonsensical mood !………..probabaly because our club is being crazilly run !

  6. How the hell do you lose the dressing room ?……………`s a big room, you dont just put it down somewhere and lose it !…………….he didn`t leave it in Tesco`s car park go do some shopping and come out and think wtf !…..where did I miss park the dressing room !
    Totall imbecile for losing the dressing room, it`s must be a sackable offence !

  7. Yes ! I think that he might have lost the dressing room . I’m no Ozil fan as he a luxury player and still looks indifferent when playing . Obviously there was / is a problem between them . Lacazette was always being subbed much to his disgust . He allowed Xhaka , a popular player with his team mates, to be captain and then publicly humiliates him ( a disgrace ! ) and then he plays Torreira out of position causing constant confusion amongst the players . Respect works both ways and he is not showing it towards the players .

  8. And if there was smoke and it was a fire then I suspect Arsene !………………..scrapping the barrell there hahaha

  9. Probably, but the even bigger issue is that he has been at the club almost one and a half seasons and the team has gone backwards. Waiting to sack him will cause bigger problems. The quicker he goes the quicker the team can recover. See how Freddie does for the rest of the season.

  10. I dont think he has lost the dressing room at all, against Leicester we looked well up for it until we let a goal in and our confidence slipped away. There is a lot of over sensationalised headlines at the moment but when you read the nuts and bolts of them, its all being done for getting the rabble rousing. Its not great at the moment but some people have to stop believing all the “hype scoops” that are being written. Obviously some of the squad are not happy but i for one would be very upset if they were.

    1. Absolutely agree.
      Many fans are coming out with a lot of negativity simply because they want Emery out. As you can also see above anyone who holds a contrary view is insulted or belittled.
      Evidently, the team has a lot of problems: poor quality, lack of confidence etc. A lot of work will be required for the team to improve it’s position. I also feel the squad needs strengthening in key areas.

  11. Emery did better with Arsène Wenger players than he is doing right now with his players,if Wenger had this group of players we’d be in a better position and playing better football!!

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