No way! Arsenal really have bought Takuma Asano – CONFIRMED!

Ever since Jamie Vardy turned down Arsenal’s offer to come to th Emirates, the Gunners fans have been hearing thousands of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with every available striker in the world, and now it feels like we have been kicked in the teeth by Wenger as he confirms that the one rumour that was definitely true was the chase for Takuma Asano from Hiroshima.

The Japanese international himself could hardly believe that an offer had come in from Wenger and he admitted he “was stunned”. Well not as much as us Arsenal fans!

This is what Wenger was reported as saying today. He said: “Takuma is a talented young striker and very much one for the future.

“He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan and we look forward to him developing over the next couple of years.”

I guess our big hope that Wenger means it when he says he is one for the future, (like Miyaichi, Inamoto and Park Chu Young I’m guessing), and he is STILL looking for that elusive top striker to start for the first team next season.

My big problem is that Wenger said he would only buy two or three players in one transfer window. And we already have two…..



    1. Have been laughing since confirmation on…..not suprising….welbeck replacement wenger said and their stat is pretty similar

  1. No matter how hard you try to avoid been negative about Arsene and his Arsenal affairs, you just can’t. It felt like Wenger is bullying us and we can’t do anything about it. Oh to be a gooner.

    1. Muda 4 people thumbed you down lol, ;gets see how they feel next season i predicted no title challenge. The fans are being taken for mugs

    2. I am surprised that a few people did not like your comment; it seems perfectly polite and restrained, and to my mind very reasonable. I guess the problem most of us (who are totally flummoxed by Wenger) is to think that he has the same rationale as us. He doesn’t. He will not buy a striker of substance this transfer window, or the next, or the next. Except perhaps a youth player or a loaner here or there, otherwise nothing. That is because, I think, he is an eccentric person is obstinate and who’ll do exactly the opposite to what is glaringly obvious to almost everybody which is he needs a striker of substance. He seems also to have invented the “speak” which I can only call “Wenger-Speak” of saying the opposite of what you mean. It beats “Double-Dutch” standing still. I suggest you read everything he says and interpret it as meaning the opposite. Come the last day of the window he will try a few trolley-dash items, nothing otherwise. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEAD WITH THE FA TO TAKE HIM AWAY; SOMEBODY HAS TO. PLEASE DO US THIS FAVOUR; WE HAVE SUFFERED LONG ENOUGH FROM THIS “WENGER-SPEAK”!

      1. Sorry about the few typos that have arisen due to predictive text substitutions. Hopefully the meaning of my text is still clear. Apologies.

        1. Yes our only hope now is that Wenger does not renew. If he does it will need the fans to renew their allegiance ! Completely dumbstruck – how can a person keep repeating the same mistake year after year and take home 9 Mn per year !

          Ambition? Let’s not fool ourselves – there is no ambition; Wenger has done his calculation. from day one of next season the target is 4th.

          1. Is there no way the fans can turn on the pressure on the club? will we keep mum until the the summer is “again” lost?

  2. LMFAO!!!!!! Oh lord! I have supported Wenger all this time but he has definitely lost it with this one. I would have taken any promising young forward except Morata, our rivals are signing superstars and ofcourse we have to be the butt of every joke every single season and transfer windows! Yes Takuma Asano will bring fear in every defense in the EPL and Champions League.

    1. This is the kind of signing that will make Ozil and Sanchez leave for bigger clubs with higher aspirations. I pray to god there’s a better signing about to happen otherwise we can forget about winning the league this year.

  3. A brilliant signing and couple with Wenger’s 3 years contract extension brilliant signing and we are done with the signings.

  4. It’s official. Already on to sell some shirts in Asia. What a waste of a signing..!!
    Instead of strengthening the squad we are more concerned about merchandise and increasing marketability..

  5. Wenger really is delusional, I quote “He has had an impressive start to his career in Japan”. Asano’s goal ratio is nearly 1 in 6, and that’s in a really weak league, how is that impressive!

    Hopefully this is nothing more than a PR stunt to widen our fan base, but possibly worrying times ahead, given the fact that Wenger has only signed one out-and-out striker over the last three years, and that was Sanogo!

      1. My bad, your right. I read somewhere else that he scored 19 goals, but now it seems he’s scored 11.

  6. Welcome to Arsenal
    Please dont put him down now that he Is Arsenal Player
    He has a right to prove himsel f
    By all means Criricise Wenger
    But keep in mind that Asano may be signed for The future and/or Asian fans/market

    I doubt Asano Is our only new forward This summer
    At least I hope so

  7. i dont get the hate.. you all criticise wenger for not getting PEA when he wasnt a topstar (granted, he already had a bit success in the french league) or pogba or coman or martial or kante or vardy or mahrez but one cant find such gems all the time and even if we find one its not guaranteed that he will come to us and even if he comes not every gem will succeed.. so u blame him for not gettig the gems when they were unknown but when he tries to get an unknown gem you still blame him? and dont say ‘well lets talk in 1 or 2 years when he has failed..’ then what? i dont say that he will succeed.. not every gem will succeed.. i am also fed up with this sanogo jokes, yeah he failed but what if he had gone on to be an anelka? one cant be sure of which gem will hit and which one will miss, i demand of wenger that he regularly tries to find the next superstar if it doesnt happen no problem.. thats rational and sensible.. i still wish for another striker but i am happy to try and find the next gem along with another striker

      1. @john0711
        Really dude. When Pogba was at ManU, everyone, even Ferguson thought he was a flop. Thats why he let him go. 2 seasons ago, you didn’t even know who Coman was.
        You guys keep dumping on Sanogo. Yet forget that dude is still young. There is still time for him to develop. When names like Ox and Wilshere come up, thats always the excuse used for not getting rid of them. Had Sanogo the same number of chances as those 2, who knows where he would be now…

    1. I have nothing against that, however this is not him trying to find a gem but clearly to keep and expand our hold on the Asian market, that’s why at least i am mad. He could have gone anywhere in the world with a history of producing top strikers but again we go to Asia for this young player to make one appearance and go to waste in the reserve.

    2. Hi Arsene, didn’t knew you also comment on this site… I really admire you for sticking to your promise of always going for top top top talents

    3. Krish there should be a method to madness. In this day and age hidden gems are not hidden anymore and also you do some calculations on the “probability of success” of a risky venture.

      Who is the last striker from Asia who has made it big? I could have understood if we had unearthed someone from Argentina/Chile/Brazil (historically have had some great strikers) but someone from Asia – its a PR gem – nothing other than that.

      I had written a long post on the frailties of our transfer policy but got thumped down. Our entire transfer policy is a joke. Instead of hiding behind it its time we fans do something about it. Let’s not get taken away by the 2nd position last year. We all know we were nothing close to being good enough

  8. A PR stunt and a sop to the Asian market BUT clearly bought in to be a junior squad player and nothing more for the foreseeable. Transfer market is for both long term and short term fixes – I am not sure why people get so upset when acquisitions are so obviously longer term investments. The guy is clearly not getting near the first team yet. Let’s wait until we are absolutely sure that a new front-line striker is not arriving before we start the annual in-fighting. I have been on the fence for a couple of years now regarding Wenger but have generally given him the benefit of doubt but he is likely to lose my support (as if that matters!!) if a top class striker doesn’t arrive this summer. I will staggered if we don’t buy someone. He clearly wants one – I assume the Vardy saga wasn’t a stunt. By the way, and I haven’t got time to make the list now, to balance out Wenger’s past “failures” in the transfer market someone should compile a list of players this board and others shouted about and derided AW for not buying where he was subsequently proved more right than wrong. Ballotelli, Di Maria, Sterling, Schneiderlin, Benteke, Falcao and Depay are suggested starters for ten……

  9. Our best chance of getting a top striker is finding a gem on moulding him into a top star, now if we bought draxler or gotze and maybe schär i would be happy with this tranfer window

    1. Everyone would be happy but we aren’t even close. Draxler isn’t coming cheap – not sure wolfsburg will even sell.

  10. Welcome Asano i hope you have a wonderful career hear, now lets get the forward we need and defense because i strongly believe there is more to come

    1. He said he was going to sign two or three players.

      Thats two players…

      Who are you expecting ?

  11. He’s a strong looking boy, that’s about all I can say on him. Oh, and he’s quick, not lightning quick but he is fast. I’m sure Wenger would love to get one right from that side of the world, he doesn’t buy too many but they all failed so far. I believe there is a commercial aspect to this signing, but I don’t think Wenger would do it alone for just that. He sees something in the kid, so lets hope we got a bad ass samurai warrior on our hands. Arigato & sayonara.

  12. We have no chance again this season coz he won’t spend. All tbe clubs in tbe EPL have spent big but he won’t buy. We won’t finish 8th

    1. In case you didn’t notice they all “spent big” last season and the season before, and the season before that. Everyone took the piss out of us for only buying Cech. Leicester and Tottenham didn’t go mental on big-buck showboat signings. Oh look, that was the top 3.

      1. We need players mate end of and he won’t buy. We don’t need OG we need world class CF but players don’t want to come to Arsenal anymore end of. AW should step down should have done it 2 years ago

      2. Yeah. Because Tottenham and City burned out late on. And you really think that will happen again? Wow.

      3. @Jonestown: Let’s here from you half way into the season 🙂 What about the season before where chelsea bought 2 winners and ran away with the title?

        I see last year as an aberration and as far the tots go TBH they have a very balanced team with an even better coach (and they have a 30 goal season striker).

        Ibra and Mkh to Manu is bad enough and now there are reports of Man city trying to match that. It can be a long long season ahead of us.

    1. Hahaha ? Yep.. He sure is and I really hope that he doesn’t sign that extension.

  13. Thats it…

    Another summer and season that we can write off.

    Proves how much attention is paid to the opinion of the paying Arsenal fan.

    Perhaps Wenger and the Arsenal think that revenue doesn’t come from gate receipts, merchandise and TV money..

  14. We have actually signed 3 players, we also have the 18 year old nigerian.

    Perhaps that is the end of it? I bloody hope not.

  15. Just read in the Dutch press than PSG reached agreement with AZ for Janssen but the player prefers Spurs. Glad we singed our striker Takuma before there are no prospects left. 11 goals in 52 games in the J league is a promising start. How old was Cesc when he started to contribute to Arsenal’s first team?

  16. Why am I not worried? We never know who will succeed and I’m definitely sure Wenger is only thinking of entering Asia Market once more. Anyways ,let’s wait till Draxler jumps ship before getting worried.I’m kinda sure he’ll end up being a Gooner soon.

    1. Hahaha ? You are bang on with that one mate! ?
      And is Asano the Japanese version of Arsene? ?

  17. WTF. We don’t need a child when the likes of Man U, City, looserpool are spending big and buying good, I have to admit. I putting this out there…..why can’t we buy RvP buy.£4. Is an excellent buy fir someone who score 20 goals in 45 games mostly substituted. C’mon Wenger!!!!!

  18. So therefore the pressure of performance is again going to be squarely rested on Ozil,Sanchez,Giroud. I am starting to think about the comment made by Patrice Evra about Arsenal being a academy club coaching youngsters rather than a title winning team. If Wenger understands the seriousness of the players and fans I hope he leaves if there is no end-product in the player he just signed as previous players from Japan have not lit up the squad.

  19. United got Zlatan and Mkhitaryan for as Lil as 26m pounds…. if Arsenal had done this we would have had a perfect summer transfer window already….
    sometimes it’s not about the money or the UCL.. it’s about if u really want them and how muchh you do.

  20. Wenger did say we’ll be signing 3 players max. So I guess that it is.

    1. Nwakilli
    2. Xhaka
    3. Asano

  21. He said he is one for the future now let’s all hope as teams get knocked out of the euros we can here a more “ready now” striker than one for the future. Otherwise this would be truly underwhelming specially after the Xhaka signing. You want to have somebody up top that will finish the huge amount of chances are midfield creates and somebody that can play off Sanchez & allow him to come into the his game and score. Still some name out there but Wenger needs to act fast as he probably isn’t the player that players like Sanchez & Ozil where expecting!

  22. I’ve saved £10,000 in season tickets since giving it back and I won’t be applying any time soon for another (£78/ game O_o). Theo and Ramsey were p#ss poor the last season I attended and unbelievably seem to have gotten even worse. How much longer will people accept Wenger neglecting the squad?


    1. EUROPE= Granit Xhaka (MF)23

    2. AFRICA= Kelechi Nwakali (MF)19

    3. ASIA= Takumo Asano (ST)21

    4. OCEANIA=????????????

    5. N. AMERICA=?????????

    6. S. AMERICA=?????????


  24. Well done Arsenal ??
    Let’s hope this kid takes off just like Inamoto and Miyachi did.
    Whilst other teams around us are signing proven goal scorers.

  25. Wenger is taken the Micheal.This just goes to show he has no ambition other than making money for the share holders and no doubt he is one. He said he would sign a striker and this is it
    a unknown J League player . Wenger has to be laughing at the Fans while holding up Two fingers. This has to take the Biscuit he has to go.

  26. I know we are all annoyed and angry by wengers behaviour, but i think its still too early for us to behave as fools. We one more week for the euros to end and almost two months to sign a striker and defender before deadline, i know one of the things that as got us grumpy is the fact that other big teams have started putting their squad for the season together and we only on one official purchase so far.

    Although i may thing Wenger is arrogant, senile and stubborn is his ways, while the board is only interested in the dollars sign, i still do not see them BOTH as being STUPID, for FOUR reasons.

    The squabble with fans over the last season, when we did not buy an outfield player until January, which left us short at the start of the season, i think it had a telling effect on Wenger when the fans began protesting he seemed quite flustered, although i never agreed with some of the behaviours, i do not think he would not want another episode.

    Our stars who have not signed their contracts as yet the OZIL, THE SANCHEZ and THE KOS all want a legitimate shot at the title and they now Giroud is good at what he does but is not enough to win the title, so i think they will be pushing wenger to sign a reputable striker

    The competitive nature of the league this upcoming season, must motivate any manager, to get ammunition for the League and i am sure it must DAWN on our SENILE professor that this upcoming season will be the most challenging, from 1 – 20 in the table.

    HIS words arsenal needs a strker to fill the Welbeck role, from what he spoke of he needs a striker who can play wide and through the middle when needed, base on his STATE that ASANO is fr the future i have all the confidents we will be getting a forward in a weeks time.


    1. the answers to your points are:

      The seats are always sold out so the board and wenger doesn’t care

      the seats are always sold out so the board and wenger doesn’t care

      the seats are always sold out so the board and wenger doesn’t care

      the seats are always sold out so the board and wenger doesn’t care

  27. Asano looks a bit light and he might not adjust to the physical side of the EPL but if we are loaning him out straight away then we can see if he adapts without taking the risk in our team.

    If he can adjust then we could have a good player on our hands, if not than he could become another Ryo.

    A gamble but he isn’t costing us much and loaning him out means he will not take a squad place so… For me, Wenger is allowed to have some gambles on the go and this can be one of them without upsetting me, he might end up being nothing more than a PR stunt to sell shirts but he could surprise a lot of people and force his way into the 1st team in 12 months time…

    I hope Asano can develop, he will be an Arsenal player so I will keep my fingers crossed. If not then I will wish him the best in his future. It isn’t his fault we looked at him while also needing a CF who can do the job ‘now’ as well.

  28. I just cannot see arsenal signing the likes of lewandowski, aubameyang, neymar, suarez etc. The only way we will get a top top striker is to develope one ourselves. That means taking a gamble on young promising players and hope it comes off.

    What we must not do is take our frustration out on the young player. Imagine being a young player, playing in front of 60 000 fans knowing they do not want you. We have to support our players and hope they develop.

    Having said that, lets hope we have another established striker on the way. Takuma is one for the future, we have to support him.

  29. By the time Wenger gets his Finger out to sign a Striker all the Top Strikers will have been signed by Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and so on. Wenger is holding Arsenal back with his Transfer policy.

  30. I still can’t believe it, Lets all hope he comes good.

    I was dreaming of a Lewandowski type of signing looks like I’m going to disapointed.

    Look on the bright side at least we havent managed to sign a player with a broken back this time 😀

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