No way Jose! Arsenal to swat away Man United Transfer bid for Ramsey

Yes it is true that Arsenal have been guilty in the past of letting some of our best players leave. It was bad enough when the likes of Cesc Fabregas signed for clubs like Barcelona who were not in direct competition with the Gunners, but losing Ashley Cole to Chelsea, Nasri to Man City or perhaps worst of all Robin van Persie was not only painful for the fans because it strengthened a rival while weakening us, thereby making any chance of us winning the Premier League or other domestic trophy smaller.

But those dark days are over, or at least we hope they are, with Arsene Wenger no longer having to scratch around to find the money to pay off the Emirates stadium loan and to find decent players available for a pittance. Arsenal have not exactly been splashing the cash over the last few years though, so there is still a feeling that money takes precedence over glory at our club.

Does this mean that Gooners should be worried about the report in The Sun that says Jose Mourinho is ready to make a £35 million transfer bid for the Wales international star Aaron Ramsey? Well in a word, no.

Ramsey is tied up to a long term contract and is one of Wenger’s main men so you would have to be talking about something like £50 million to make this a possibility. And then you have the Mourinho and Wenger factor. Not only are United our EPL rivals but now that the former Chelsea boss is in charge I think our manager would rather give one of his players to another club for nothing than sell them to Mourinho.

Are the papers starting to get a bit desperate for Arsenal transfer rumours or something?


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  1. Of the 5 long term British
    players at Arsenal I would
    definetly keep Ramsey.
    True Ramsey is nothing more
    than a midfield Giroud but like Giroud he plays a lot of games.
    Gibbs is a decent back up LB, is English and on a relatively low salary, keep.
    Walcott on 140 k p/w should go if we get an offer over 25 mill.
    Wilshere is badly injury prone so sell him to Jose for 25 mill.
    Ox has long been admired by Mourinho, sell for 25 mill.
    Wellwreck 16 mill load of cr#p.
    Shamebers 16 mill English quota bench warmer.
    The 75 mill will help us get a CB. RB and striker.

    1. I agree, Id definitely part with any of the other Brits before selling Ramsey. Ramsey has some performances you can look back on and claim him to be the best player on the pitch, I haven’t recently seen that from any of the others besides Walcott v manu. His detractors I’m sure can recognise that the boy has talent, allot of it. But too eager sometimes or just switches off for a moment. It never stops him trying though. Id fear Mourinho whittling that out of Ramsey’s game, with him surrounded by tall strong muscular players you may end up with a totally different Ramsey.

    2. Of our British core I’d keep Ramsey but the rest are awful,non contributing,injury prone,over hyped and overpaid we seriously need to move them on and get better players

    3. And what homegrown players you going to replace them with?

      Really think things out first before you spout

    4. exactly, i would never sell rambo specially to whorino… but if push comes to shove then 50 mil and rashford and we are in business…

  2. Well, in general it is a good thing if selling our best players is a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean we should never sell any player again. £35 mill. for Ramsey may be good business, if the money is reinvested in other players, which will improve the team. For that amount it could be, that we would be able to better players than Ramsey, and actually be better off. But the main concern may be, that it would not be reinvested in the team.

    1. £35 mill for Ramsey would be terrible business,the fact that he’s British adding to the quota that alone should add 25mill more on his price tag,if Raheem Sterling was £50 mill then Ramsey must be £65 mill with all his experience and being a better player than Sterling

  3. It would be a very poor idea to consider selling Ramsey to that lot. If Ramsey were to be used more wisely he would go some way to making a team very difficult to play against. Ramsey at the tip of a three man centre. Che set up this way and they were a horrible team to play against. I think Ramsey would add more goals in this type of set-up. It would be a decent idea for us to set up this way when we know we are in for a difficult match, Wenger will rarely entertain this idea because he has too much faith in his attacking principles. Ozil would have to be sacrificed at times so I do not believe it is an option for us. Mourinho would make this call I have no doubt. If you want to win titles in my opinion you have to make yourself hard to beat on occasion.

  4. Of the British core Walcott and Gibbs should leave ASAP,with those two gone we’d free up our wage bill and also get some transfer money from their sales to buy better,contributing players who aren’t injury prone

    1. Look let’s say this for the last time. We need homegrown players!!! Just like everyone else does, why do you think ramsey is worth so much, it’s not because he is as good as iniesta, its because he is a half decent homegrown player.

      Yes we have 11 homegrown players but 3 of those are our 3rd, 4th and 5th choice goalkeepers!!! Szczesney, martinez and macey

      After that we have 8 homegrown players jenkinson, gibbs, coquelin, wilshire, ramsey, chamberlain, walcott welbeck

      So when people are considering selling off our homegrown players, please consider this, we will probably need to replace them with homegrown players. Quite simply not many decent homegrown players will want to join arsenal and be a sub, just as Vardy has proved. Also ask yourself which homegrown players would you want? Most decent homegrown players are English, take a look at the England squad, who would you really want? And who realistically will come?

      This doesn’t mean we can’t sign anyone though, we still have 1 non-homegrown place available and if we sell off the likes of Sanogo and debuchy we could Have 2 more places available. However Wenger has already stated he will only sign 2 more, we only have 27 players born 1994 or earlier so I don’t expect too many departures, even if he signed 2 more he could simply use macey martinez Sanogo and wellington as over aged players in the u21s and play them in the domestic cups.

      1. Do we have to sell?
        As far as I was aware we just didn’t have to name them in the list, this comes with the consequence of not being able to use them but if we are talking about players like Debuchy and SoNoGoals then….

  5. I can pardon welbeck and chambers.
    We might sell ramsey then he becomes a hit.
    But sell chamberlain and walcott to mourinho
    Wilshere to pep
    And gibbs to liverpool.
    Then debuchy aswell

    1. I have a hard time with Welbroke, I heard how Wenger didn’t want to buy him but only loan him yet our board went ahead and bought him… And then since how fans have blamed Wenger for not signing a top CF…

      We only bought Cech last summer and we all knew we needed more reinforcements, Wenger even spoke to Xhaka (Xhaka said he spoke to Wenger 12 months ago) yet we didn’t get him… Why? We had to wait till Jan to get Elneny and even though he is a great signing, it feels like a cheaper version of Xhaka… Was money tighter than the board let on and us fans believed?

      What if we hadn’t spent that money on Welbroke?

      Could we have added to it so 12 months later we could have bought a CF that could have done a better job?

      He is an Arsenal player now so I will hope he proves me wrong and when fit he bangs them in and becomes what we need but I am far from convinced about his ability to reach his potential and feel he was a waste of money.

      At least we can blame Wenger for Theo… When I see fans blame Wenger ofr Welbroke…

  6. sell sell sell …with walcot and gibbs as well … we can buy a top quality left back plus two attacking options … and ready to compete in a way more demanding epl than last year

    vardy has done the right thing and staying with leicester so onus on wenger to show he is a serious manager

  7. I would be happy to sell Ramsey if we continue to play him on the right wing half the time or more.

    The issue of selling him is not as important to me as what do we do with the proceeds? If we put the proceeds in the bank, don’t sell him, if we use the proceeds to up-level from a Janssen project striker to a Lukaku or better option, then I say good trade.

  8. Trying to think of the ‘big picture’…

    Wenger has said he is looking to sign 2 more players, this is assuming we do not sell any?
    Wenger has lavished praise on Kante, if Ramsey was to be sold then I think Wenger would go for Kante. With his release clause and how Arsenal like profit…

    Assuming we do make 2 more good signings for the 2 more than Wenger wants then we could have another summer transfer window which sees us spending a lot again, if we can make a profit on Ramsey/Kante musical chair game then it would give funds to add towards a signing in Jan… Or a last min deal on a CB…


    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ramsey stay, he could keep his form but I wouldn’t cry if he leaves IF we reinvest that money into Kante and towards a CB.
    As we do not have to sell and he also has the HG tax added… Also considering how much Sterling went for and what he has done… £50 mil should be the cheap end. He will strengthen UTD so make sure we get enough out of it to be worth it otherwise hold off or let him got to spain for a bit less so he doesn’t strengthen a direct rival.

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