No wonder Arsenal are getting rid of Welbeck

Where is Welbeck? by Dan Smith

The accusation under Arsene Wenger was that players were too comfortable and not challenged enough, something Unai Emery will want to change. An example of that comes from the fact that Danny Welbeck is still yet to kick a ball for his new boss despite pre-season completed. To put that into perspective, Sergio Aguero who scored twice at the World Cup, started this weekend against Chelsea. Welbeck, who played 11 minutes in Russia remains on holiday. England of course got to the semi-final so the striker still would have been using physical and mental energy for about a month.

Clubs spend thousands recruiting the best professionals in the world to study all kinds of statistics. They would be looking at various analytical data to determine what dates individuals should come back to work. If Arsenal ignored that advice, there be no point in having them on the pay roll. It be have been nice to hear that Welbeck at least offered to play in friendlies, like Lukaku did. That he hasn’t, when there is less then 12 months of his contract remaining, tells me he doesn’t care enough.

Maximising your career is based on attitude as much as talent. This is a crucial period in the life of Welbeck, he’s not going to perform on a bigger stage then the Emirates. You would think he be desperate to prove to a new boss how much he wants to play for the gunners. Maybe he doesn’t? Maybe he’s happy to earn a huge wage while sitting on the bench. For my country’s sake, it be nice if we had characters who didn’t think like that.

Welbecks’s first interaction with a new regime will be this week, catching up with fitness while we prepare for the Champions.

No wonder Emery is open to offers for a man he hasn’t even seen play in person.

Dan Smith


  1. Muffdiver says:

    Danny is a decent home grown squad player.
    He did well in Europa league last season.
    He will never pull up any trees …but he will smoke them …

    1. Ignasi says:

      Danny Welbeck?


      Danny Welshit.

      He’s a squad player and nothing else. Should have been converted to a defender years ago.

  2. Atid says:

    I am certain there is a FIFA ruling, about a 4 week break after tournaments.

    But let’s face it Welbeck, like ospina, Perez, Campbell and Jenkinson have no future at the club.

    I am more surprised that chambers is being allowed to go on loan over holding or mavropanos, that said perhaps the other two will be prepared to play in the checkatrade trophy and under 23 league, whereas I cannot see chambers doing that. I also think if we get shot of the 5 mentioned there could well be a late signing or 3.

    1. Bill mayo says:

      It’s obvious Chambers is a fringe player, except either you are in denial, or you’ve the English player entitlement mentality. He is NOT fit or proper to wear the Arsenal Jersey.

    2. JJPawn says:

      Chambo is being loaned to create space for another player… N’zonzi, maybe? The loan to Fulham would be good for him as he will get more playing time. I liked what he did in the last game, as showed more confidence on the ball, he needs more strength in challenges…

  3. ackshay says:

    Walker, stones have played full matches in the world cup and still returned early and played the community shield while welbeck is still out in vacation after warming the bench for arsenal and england all season. How’s that for impressing the new coach, just sell him already was a good squad player while he was still young enough to improve. now he’s just a roadblock for promising youngsters like nelson and smith-rowe.

    1. Angus says:

      To be fair to Welbeck I think he is still on holiday because we told him we won’t be keeping him not much point him cutting his holiday short to sit around the club waiting to be sold.

  4. Kumagaya says:

    Holding leaving might have 2 reasons. 1 creating dpace for a defender.2 prepare him for big stage next season. Perez leaving could mean we might bring a winger. Maybe welbeck might be that wunger

  5. OK Danny times up. How much do you earn a week? If yo are sold to Southamton, they will probbably tell you that you can og whistle. Again I blame Wenger for this. His policy was
    “if you don’t play well we’ll just throw more money at you”. They should of fired his arse

  6. Durand says:

    Are we even sure Danny wants to remain a Gunner?
    Club is not getting value for wages they pay him. 12 months left, and no one likes taking a pay cut, so if we move him probably won’t get much.
    How much will it affect homegrown rule? Will we have to shrink roster from 25 to 23 or so to be in compliance? Too lazy to research,if I’m being honest, and hoping someone else can answer.

    1. ackshay says:

      we have 26 players over 21 who will actually get some game time right now. remove chambers and perez its 24 with 7 HG and 17 Non-HG and we have space for 1 HG player. If we get rid of welbeck its down to 6 HG so yeah we shrink to 23 squad. Plus utility players like martinez and jenkinson are included in the 6 so its more like we have a 21 player squad with 4 HG and
      17 non -hg. But we do have 5 players who are under 21 in mavropanos, Niles, guendouzi, nelson, nketiah who will play this season.

      If we are selling perez and loaning chambers we must atleast have 1 signing unless emery is planning to use mavropanos and nelson as replacement.

      1. Durand says:

        Ackshay thank you very much for explaining. I really appreciate the depth of your response as well, excellent post.

        1. Angus says:

          Our HG assuming the likely transfers will be Macey, Bellerin, Holding, Maitland, Ramsey, Iwobi, Nelson and Nhektiah that fills our quota. Cech, Leno, Monreal, Kola, Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Sokratis, Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil, Auba, Laca, Mhki will all need declaring too which is a total of 23 leaving 2 spaces to sign a non-HG player. This assumes Koscielny will be left out and reassessed in Jan which seems pretty obvious. Mavropanos is under 21 so won’t need to be declared unlike Guendouzi who is 20 but turns 21 before the Jan cut off. Outside that any of the other under 21’s who stay will be available for selection too.

          1. Angus says:

            Sorry Martinez not Macey will be the HG back up goalie.

  7. Johnno says:

    Ive heard plenty of valid criticism of Welbeck but his attitude cannot be questioned, if every player was willing to work as hard as him we wouldn’t have had half the problems we`ve had over the past 10 years. I`ll be sorry to see him go, he`ll never be a 20 goal a season man but he`s a good squad player who can play anywhere across the frontline. I`d rather keep him and get rid of Lacazette to be honest. I think we are going to have attitude problems with him come the second half of the campaign.

    1. Spartan says:

      Are you really serious

    2. Ehis says:

      You are really a true gonna ????
      I wonder if you Just arrived this planet. I don’t understand how you could even think like this in the first place .

    3. Tas says:

      Johnno I agree with you Welbeck is a great squad player and as I always say if Welbeck gives up on being a striker his a natural winger, if one of our two strikers get injured who do we have no one

    4. Faiswal faiss says:

      I wonder what has gotten into your head to prefer danie over lacazette to even have the confidence to air it out in our conversation…… comparing a man who scored over 30 goals coming to the premiere with a man who couldn’t even score 3 in united that season if you’re not having a problem with your head then you might be an anti gooner sorry to say that but if there is an arsenal fan who cud think as such then I don’t know where we are going man or gal you really disappointed me

    5. Cosrules says:

      Omg I’m dying of laughter, stick to fifa mate ???

  8. waal2waal says:

    it would come as little surprise if the next we hear is Welbeck agreed terms and follow up medical at everton, fulham maybe or even besiktas; put in simple terms we’ve likely seen the last of him.

  9. Xxnofx says:

    To many bench warmers in this squad for my liking
    Iwobi ,Ramsey,xhaka,welbeck,elneny and a few others
    Can’t see how we can get near 4th place with these types of players in this squad
    Haven’t we all seen enough of the players metioned that they aren’t going to get any better ,I know it’s a new manger but he’s not the second coming ,players like iwobi and welbeck who can only score when they miss kick the ball ,would have loved to have seen a few of these moves on but instead there all getting new contracts which I don’t get
    ,but I suppose I’m not getting paid how ever many millions per year to pick these players
    Just hope I’m wrong cause I see along old season in front of us

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Actually Xxnofx I was surprised at how well Elneny played in the friendly against Lazio. He got forward quite a bit, in front of Guendouzi sometimes, and played some good passes, especially when he forced his way into the box to pass to Laca. In fact I got him and Guendouzi mixed up a couple of times!
      Even Iwobi played better than usual and if his shot had gone in instead of hitting the post it would have been a different response on here. He’s got a powerful shot in him but has got to concentrate on hitting the freakin’ target!
      To sum up I’m still hoping Unai can get some of these players to step up their game – especially as I’ve criticised all 5 of those you mentioned on numerous occasions – don’t mind being proved wrong though:)

  10. ozziegunner says:

    Dan, I could not have put it better – “Maximising your career is based on attitude as much as talent.”
    It is incomprehensible that Welbeck didn’t come back as soon as practicable to try and impress the new Arsenal manager and not give opportunities to others to take his place. Many top sportsmen and women play injured rather than give others the opportunity to play in their place. “You don’t give a mug an even break.”

  11. Matt says:

    I’ve counted 8 homegrown players:
    Although the rules are complicated, so I could be wrong.
    I think Maitland-Niles is still counted as under 21, so I think we have 8 HG, 17 non-HG, plus half a dozen quality young’uns.
    So if we sell Welbeck we would need to replace with a home-grown 3rd choice striker. Can’t think of many who spring to mind that would be an improvement that would fit the bill….

    1. Midkemma says:

      HG rule isn’t about roles 🙂 It is about the players and their nationality.

      If the player has been ‘picked’ then they either count or do not, teams do not have to pick youth players for the EPL 25 man list while still being able to use them, if they are picked then they count towards the 25 man quota.

      An 18 year old could be picked and counted as one of the HG or they could be left with the unregistered u21 players who can still play. Clubs do not want to instantly clog up the 25 man list with ‘kids’ so generally clubs will leave as many off the list as they can, it leaves that club with options and options allows for choices… Choices made now might not be best choice in 2-3 weeks down the line.

      Sorry to ramble, hope I helped a little bit 🙂

  12. ruelando says:

    Really sorry to hear about Chambers and Welbeck departing, one on loan and the other permanently, but it is understandable.

    Let me look at Welbeck a hard-working attacker, great energy and will give you a couple important goals, however gets injured regularly and goal tally is not good enough as a striker, is space being made for a new wide player, because Eddie and Nelson are still under 21.

    Chambers i saw him as our best defender in the latter part of our last season and would have rather him than Sokratis to start the season. I do think Chambers will be a far better player coming back to us, that is if he gets the game time needed. I think we may have room for another defender with about four to five of our players going on loan or permanent move. We probably will not see Kos until the new year, so i am looking for 2 new signings.

    The coach basically said he had to sell before anything else and since most of the deals might be concluded today or tomorrow, i expect to hear of new signings by tomorrow onward

    1. Durand says:

      Well said Ruelando, I agree with you on Chambers. Honestly I was surprised to see Chambers going on loan when Holding would benefit more in my opinion.

      Chambers maybe beats out Sokratis, or at least 3rd choice if we need someone to step in and take over.

      Maybe people right about another CB coming, with Kos still out for months. Waiting a bit late tho, fingers crossed.

  13. kev2 says:

    Welbeck has agreed terms with Juventus and will go on a free. Was a done deal weeks ago. Where just waiting for Ronaldo to settle in before announcing.

  14. Midkemma says:

    Why all the love for a UTD reject who has done NOTHING for us?
    He was never good enough for UTD, he couldn’t break into their starting lineup like he can not get into Arsenals starting lineup.

    Great athlete and runs around a lot but if people are happy with headless chickens then we could have kept Theo.

    At least Theo scored more… That is saying something as well XD

    Welbroke should never have been signed, he was not wanted by the previous manager other than a loan move, we need our slaphead Gazidis to back the manager and not fight against the manager.

    Now we got a new manager and how much has he been backed so far?

    Need to rebuild defence? Have the price of a single top CB to rebuild the whole squad!
    Nice one Gazidis.

    Wish he would just FOff, I’d pack his bags myself and give him a piggyback to the airport, if dreams come true then Gazidis will not last one more season with us.

  15. jon fox says:

    Dan, You have a good general point, about keenness and attitude, but in Welbeck’s case, i strongly suspect it was Emery who told him to have a proper break. He still trained and was active in the WC, despite hardly appearing in matches. DW is known for being keen, hard working and easy to get on with. He is in all ,bar a lack of great ability, a perfect professional. FIFA have some rule , I believe, about having an enforced break too, but I don’t know how enforceable that is or is not. I doubt that Emery will let Welbeck leave, at least not until he has had proper time to asess his quality personally. So not at LEAST until Jan 2019, if even then. With the new pressing style, Welbecks willingness to work hard will be an important factor, certainly in Europa games, at least, I think. Latest rumours indicate that Perez will move on this week , so I doubt VERY MUCH that DW is going anywhere for a while yet. UNLESS, the club spring at least one new top STRIKER signing on us all this next 3 days, which I doubt.

  16. JJPawn says:

    Too bad about Welbeck… he worked hard, but was missing that final ball, though he did okay for England when used. I wonder if he would have make a decent wing-back given his work ethic and speed? Playing behind Auba on one side the two would have caused the defense head aches, and Danny’s best shot is from about the corner of the box running in, and he can bend it more with better technique.

    Pity that the Arsenal “fans” are dumping on him. Typical.

  17. RSH says:

    Welbeck is deadwood, and Arsenal need to move out some more quicker. Chambers is not deadwood though Holding should be the one going out on loan. Bad decision and we’ll be asking what Arsenal were thinking later on this season.

  18. Grandad says:

    If Perez goes Welbeck stays.Although he lacks finesse and composure to become a top striker nobody can doubt his workrate,speed and his dedication to the Jersey.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, I agree; can’t see Arsenal selling both Webeck and Perez this window.

  19. ger burke. says:

    seems to me that the new manager is sweeping clean, he appears to be getting rid of the deadwood . our previous manager was an absolute sucker for deadwood, and he loved shopping in the bargain basement. get rid of them all, i say, no hangers on should be allowed to stay. the dictatorship is over, long live the new regime, slackers and prima ballerinas days are over.bring on the new season .

    1. jon fox says:

      I applaud your sentiment and firmly agree with the deadwood problem that Wenger collected and kept longterm. However , it will clearly take time to cleanse the club completely of Wengers mildew and esp as this window is almost finished. I was actively calling for Wengers sacking since 2008 and was almost alone at that time, though many came on board as the years roilled on , til virtually all wanted him gone last season. My main point is that Emery is not a miracle worker and esp since our loathed owner gives no support whatever , the dynamic and clearly talented Emery WILL cleanse the club of Wengers malign influence but it will take time. Several windows in fact.

  20. royal says:

    Most of us thought we kno more than d manager.

  21. Ebuca says:

    Mav,petr cech,guendiuzi,Martinez,Ramsey,bellerin,all home grown

    1. Leeroysgooners says:

      Cech is not HG and neither are guendouzi or mavropanos you need to in the academy for 3 years before the age of 21 to be classed as HG like Hector

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