No wonder Wenger isn´t keen to swap Arsenal for Barcelona

With the debate and speculation surrounding Arsene Wenger and the question of whether this will be his last season as the manager of Arsenal Football Club, we are seeing a lot of suggestions about who may be in line to take over from the Frenchman. At the same time there is the question of which club Wenger could be managing himself next season after he declared that he was not quite ready to hang up the zippy coat.

As reported by Sky Sports today, it does not look like it will be the Catalan giants FC Barcelona. Wenger was asked about his interest in the job during his press conference this morning because the current Barca boss Luis Enrique has announced that he will step aside at the end of this campaign and the Arsenal boss was pretty emphatic with his negative response.

He replied, “No, my preference has always been the same and will remain the same.

“I am not looking for jobs in other clubs or jobs for other people. I am just focused on me getting to the next level and trying to improve.

“I think [to be a] competent manager is to always try to improve and to see what you can do better. To reinvent yourself. That’s what I always try to do. That’s it, basically.”

So why do you think that Wenger is not interested in the job at the Nou Camp? Could it be that the expectation to achieve trophy success is so strong there? Enrique is clearly feeling it even though his side are currently on top of La Liga, even if it is only by a point from Real Madrid who have a game in hand.

There is still a good chance that Enrique could guide Barca to retain their status of Spanish champions and make it three on a spin. They are also favourites for the Copa Del Rey and could make it a trio of doubles under Enrique. He won the Champions League in 2015 but maybe they have been a bit disappointing in the competition for the last two seasons.

Even so he has done great things but is still under pressure. Compare this to Wenger at Arsenal, where year after year the board has no hesitation keeping him on without getting anywhere near the title. Are you really surprised that our manager is not too keen to go to Barcelona?



  1. Jansen says:

    “I think [to be a] competent manager is to always try to improve and to see what you can do better. To reinvent yourself. That’s what I always try to do. That’s it, basically.”

    With all due respect Mr Wenger you stopped improving years ago and I don’t think you reinvented yourself.

    Can anyone see a serious sign how he tried to reinvent himself? Did he try 3 at the back like Chelsea and Spurs do with success? Did he try 4-4-2 just to see? Did you try buying a proven world class striker? Did he try to be more hands-on during games to motivate the team when they are not making an effort?

    I would like Wenger to succeed at another club. I just don’t think he can handle the pressure that would come with managing a big club like PSG or Barca or Bayern. Teams mirror their manager, Wenger can’t handle and doesn’t like pressure and neither does his team.

    He has the dream job and don’t expect him to give it up for the benefit of the club.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger always comes out with some classic lies, and delusions in press conferences, and today was another for the scrap book.

    To say about reinventing himself is an outright lie! Wenger is the most the predictable manager in the world, because he never changes a thing! And to also say that he looks to improve, and see what he can do better, is yet another porky pie! After each horror show, he says about assessing what happened, but then nothing changes in the lineup and tactics, and history just repeats itself. Clearly Wenger isn’t assessing games, or he is, but still cannot see the problems, or he can see the problems, but chooses to ignore them.

    I almost want to put money on Wenger mentioning after the Liverpool game about: struggling mentally and physically, consistency, assessing what happened, and responding. And also blaming the officials for one situation, which Wenger believes turned the entire game…even if it came in the first minute!

  3. Thelinguist says:

    He is comfortable at arsenal…simple!!!……a king in a street is better than a servant in a city

  4. hecmanx says:

    The man is so so deluded

  5. aluz says:

    Wenger has just bettered the ostrich at hiding his head in the sand.

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