“Nobody is going to listen to him, especially not our fanbase.” Campbell says Kroenke needs to leave Arsenal

Kevin Campbell reckons now is the time for Stan Kroenke to sell up and leave Arsenal.

Fans have always seen the unpopular American owner as someone who doesn’t care about the club and simply uses them to make more money.

His participation in the failed attempt to create the European Super League created even more enemies for him.

The Arsenal fans protested their team’s involvement and some of them now want him out after that show of greed.

Campbell also thinks he should leave now because the fans will never listen to him.

He was speaking regarding Liverpool’s owner John Henry making a video apology to the Reds’ fans.

Campbell says it might help if Kroenke had tendered a personal apology as Henry has done to Liverpool’s fans, but he thinks the time has come for the American to leave Arsenal for good.

He says no one would be interested in whatever he has to say at the moment.

When asked if the Gunners’ owner should apologise to fans himself, Campbell told Football Insider: “It would definitely help if Kroenke did an apology like Henry.

“However, I think the ship has sailed with Kroenke. I do not think he can get the fans back onside. Nobody is going to listen to him, especially not our fanbase.

“When he had a chance to speak he stayed silent. I cannot see an apology making any real difference to be honest.

“I wanted Kroenke out before this because for me, he does not care about Arsenal football club. I am a fan and he does not care about Arsenal in the same way that I do.

“But whether I like it or not he is the owner of our football club. If he could sell it tomorrow I would be happy but will it happen?”

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  1. Well he never used to say a word to us even at the AGMs, and now he doesn’t even have bother with those. So nothing has changed from Kroenke’s perspective.

  2. Don’t buy TV subscriptions. Don’t buy merchandise.

    This will harm the club in short term, but it will harm the owner long term.

    Kroenke will sell the club before having the club go bankrupt.

  3. Unless I’m mistaken he didn’t even bother to acknowledge the couple of offers that were made to buy the club which can only mean that he has no intention of selling and on a business point of view right now wouldn’t be the best time to sell anyway!

  4. Stan will do what he want’s to do, and we can say anything we want. But it’s like water off a ducks back,. If Stan want’s to stay he will, unless somebody buy’s him out and that is unlikely.

  5. Kronke will only sell if there’s a substantial profit to be made. I originally felt that if we boycotted the club, cancelled memberships and season tickets, the losses would force him to sell. The pandemic has shown the club can suffer major losses, not withstanding the lack of investment from KSE and still function. Unfortunately I think he’s here for keeps!

  6. For the past ten years Stan is the only constant we can rely on.
    CEO have come and gone as too board members technical directors managers coaches and more than a hundred players who have fleeced the club of more than two thousand million pounds in transfer fees and salaries since Stan bought the club.
    But even two thousand million pounds is not enough.
    Chelsea’s Russian Oil and Man Sheikys Abu Dhabi’s owners being trillionaires have secured 8 of the 11 titles since Stan bought Arsenal.
    Arsenal fans say we should never buy the title yet in the same breath say Stan should spend mega millions on players!!!
    Entitled Arsenal fans have been whinging since 2004.
    Has all that whining got us any closer to the title?
    In 11 years Stan has taken just 3 million out of the club.
    But being in 9th place is all Stans fault right?
    What was that about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

  7. The situation with Arsenal FC is the same as with Kroenke’s US franchises, he doesn’t care about anything other than money. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks or says, the man has a hide as thick as a rhinoceros.

  8. It seems Arsenal fans don’t get tired of saying Kroenke out or Kroenke to sell.
    If you know this man, Y’all will know he can’t sell the club because the fans want him to sell.
    And he can even decide not to sell even if the fan boycott the stadium and never pay for subscriptions cos he knows, how long can we last without watching Arsenal play. Can we go 2years without watching Arsenal’s play?
    Though joining the SL might make that happen but now that, we are no more in SL, can we last 2 years?
    But if you think, Kroenke won’t last 2years without Arsenal fans, then you must be joking.
    Kroenke has a very thick skin(maybe that is what made him successful today) no abuse can penetrate his skin.

    And about Micheal asking him to apologise like Henry did is just like finding excuse to criticise him cos since Kroenke bought Arsenal, can he remember the last time he address the Arsenal?
    More reason he’s called the Silence Kroenke.

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