Nobody should be allowed to abuse referees – not even Wenger! Where is the RESPECT?

The Arsenal boss was given a three-game touchline ban today for basically calling the referee a cheat (although the FA used the words ‘questioning the integrity of the referee’) when Mike Dean gave a penalty to West Brom in the dying minutes of the League clash at West Brom.

Wenger has absolutely no regrets for his actions and carried on complaining in the referees fressing room after the game and in his after match interviews.

The Frenchman even repeated the offence this week when he accused Eden Hazard of diving and accusing the ref of awarding a penalty against the Gunners against the evidence, and just about every article since has been about referees decisions, rather than discussing the actual football.

In my opinion this is unacceptable. When I was young we were taught that the referee’s decision is final, and no amount of arguing or screaming will make a blind bit of difference and should not be tolerated in the slightest. Let’s face it; Every decision is going to upset one side or the other so there will always be complaints. This should simply not be allowed and not tolerated either, so the FA are quite right to keep punishing Wenger until he shows some RESPECT to the man in the middle.

It is far from being an easy job and the problem was so bad on the pitch a few years ago that the FA introduced the RESPECT campaign and added rules to punish players that crowded the referees or abused them in public. There are good reasons for this, as millions of young impressionable football-playing kids around the world have their own respect for some of these players and their teams. If they see that it is okay to abuse referees from top footballers than this could cause them to copy their actions when they play their own minor games.

Nowadays it is amazing that anyone would even want to be a ref and be subject to the vitriol and hatred directed at them by players and supporters alike. If Wenger makes it clear that it is okay to abuse the referee then what chance do the refs have of controlling the players on the pitch.

Referees should be treated like judges (which is what they are) and if a ref makes a decision (any decision, even if you don’t like it) then you must accept it and simply get on with the game. This abuse is becoming much more common and should be stamped out before it permeates every level of the game and we will simply wake up one day and there will be nobody around that will even want the job….



  1. Damian says:

    There will always be enough of refs.
    We as fans pay good money to watch good football matches, if week in week out poor decisions influence the results of matches obviously fans managers and players will be left frustrated. These silly mistakes are not one off its a routine.
    What action are taken against refs to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes over and over again and still be the ref next week as well

    Agree with Wenger standards of referring in very poor

  2. Damian says:

    You cant demand respect, refs have to gain respect, who will want to respect a ref who keep ruining matches every week ?

  3. Ackshay says:

    Complete bullshit, seems to me like admin is the kind of person that if his family was wrongly convicted by a corrupt judge will tell them its life go die in jail. Judge are respected but if their integrity is suspect can be overruled. Ref have no punishment for a bad job, they cannot be questioned, cannot be punished or relegated, some look visibly unfit or plain bad and are still allowed to do their job. What stops them from taking bribes or showing favouritism without repercussions; Nothing.

    I want wenger out but like us his blood boils when we are so obviously biased by the referee. How many times have we wanted to insult the referee wanted to beat the crap of Mike SOB Dean. Oh and that bs about impressionable kids is a dead argument so we follow your logic and make our kids learn that they should allow corruption, vendetta and those with power do what they want.
    Now you will surely delete my comment or ban me just like the corrupt FA becsuse my opinion differs. Great example to kids, carry on. Now If wenger took out a gun and freaking headshot Dean as much as it would be fun and satisfying then you would be right.

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Respect bro, could not have said it any better.

  4. John Wick says:

    I agree to a point if the respect is mutual, in Mike deans case it doesn’t ring true that man treats footballers and possibly any being he crosses like children, he arrogantly flashes cards with barely any eye contact and refuses to explain his actions for example Petr Cech last week.. instead of a simple explanation he dished out a card, it was just a complete show of arrogance and of course many others have said the same about Dean. Anthony Taylor is another guy who loves brandishing cards especially in our direction although that’s probably more to do with his run in with Wenger last year.. but I agree in challenging a refs decision during a game it won’t change anything they made a decision and it’s final but all in all refs need to show a little respect to footballers, managers as well they aren’t children they’re grown men this is football not secondary school.

  5. MikeB says:

    As a child I was always taught that respect is not simply given, but is earned. If Mike Dean and others like him want respect then it is high time they started earning it. I would have a great more respect for the judiciary of football if the process of punishment was even-handed. Yes it is quite right for Wenger to be given the ban, but where is the even-handedness? If the F.A. punished referees who were blatantly guilty of show-boating and shameful decision making, there would be less need for managers to take them to task in the heat of the moment. Wenger now has a 3 match ban; quite right, but where is the justice, and who is going to punish the egomaniacal Mike Dean?

  6. Tat says:

    Abuse is a strong word.
    Those ref decisions directly influenced the games’ result. Players and coaches should be allowed to show some emotions, that’s what make the games fun to watch.

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger was too kind. He should have pushed him.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Pushed him , should have knocked him out with a single punch, probably get suspended indefinitely then resign and go out like a boss. This would have been remembered forever, fans would have given him a happy ending, temporarily forgetting our club gloom. plus bitch-slapping kroenke like a man taking no shit from anyone.

      Arsenal putting a boxing glove or brass knuckles on his statue and maybe a dead cockroach with dean face would have hilarious.

  8. Maurice odari says:

    Ref decision has cost arsenal a lot. To me Wenger is too soft.we lost the game between us and man city just coz of poor decision.

    1. Admin says:

      I thought we lost ot because we didn’t score enough goals…..

      1. Jon Fox says:

        Hard being a realist on this ite sometimes, isn’t it Mr Admin. CONGRATS FOR STICKING TO REALITY. FEW OTHERS DO WHERE ReFS ARE CONCERNED, NOT MERELY ARSENAL FANS EITHER. When passions rise honesty lessons and ofttimes disappears completely. Foolishly they take his incompetant work for cheating, instead of just being hopeless at his job. But as you rightly say, nothing excuses disgraceful behaviour like Wengers. I WILL ALWAYS STICK UP FOR WHAT I CONSIDER THE TRUTH, WITHOUT FEAR OR FAVOUR.

  9. David Rusa says:

    Is this article on a supposed Arsenal website or a referees newsletter? I think Admn has gone overboard in his hatred of Arsene Wenger. Does he realise that those two last games against West Brom and Chelsea could have been won by Arsenal if it were not for poor decisions? Actually the one of West Brom was a clear Arsenal win before Mike Dean credited them with a penalty. Even the Chelsea game had turned in Arsenal’s favour if it was not for the referee. If you were Wenger would you have been happy about such a situation? Anger is an emotion of feeling aggrieved and I believe Wenger was right to act the way he did. If Admn is an angel who doesn’t feel angry he should not be on this earth. Secondly, Admn should stop playing on our psyche and stop calling this website if all he does is to speak against Arsenal and it’s manager even when they have done no wrong.

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Admin hate Wenger, are you kidding me?

      If that is a joke you are funny bro.

      Article was probably just posted because I complained about admin being Akb that bans Aobs.

      1. Admin says:

        LOL If I banned AOBs I would hardly have any readers!
        I posted this article because I was brought up to believe that the referees decision is final, and whatever happens you just pick yourself up and get on with the game. Wenger continually complains about refs allowing time-wasting tactics and slowing the game down, but how often does the ref have to leave the field to deal with Wenger’s rants on the touchline about their decisions?

    2. Admin says:

      Really??? Yesterday I was told to change the name to!
      Looks like I can’t do anything right…

  10. The referees should explain some of their decisions to people paying hard earning money to watch the game. They go home after the game like nothing happenned.
    Where is the respect???

  11. JOT says:

    Complete and utter tosh! Firstly, what sort of argument is this? You are basically saying it does not matter if they get decisions wrong, or how many times they get them wrong, they should be ‘treated like judges’ and we should just accept it.
    Who checks their performance and ensures mistakes do not happen, and certainly do not continue happening?

    Refs get away with far to much and are seemingly impervious to criticism. One of the reasons is that there is no a countsbilit, certainly not publicly. The players and managers have to publicly apologise and account for performance, yet when a ref messes up there is no apology or recognition of their failure.

    The sooner assisted technology is brought in the better! Refs are ruining the game and due to the astronomical finances of the modern game their poor decisions cost teams millions of pounds. Their sub-level performances cannot continue.

  12. Clive says:

    Wenger is shiit I want him out but this part of referees been human they can make mistake is what I don’t like,why do players get punished if they mistakenly tackles a player with red cards are they not humans and prone to mistakes.there should be form of punishment for any ref that cost a club points by his mistakes.just like someone said they can eaaily take
    bribe and make mistakes knowing fully well they will not be punished.F A is crap.
    pls people should save me this idea of refs been human and can make mistakes and get away wit it.

  13. Sue says:

    That’s why Mike Dean walks round like a little Hitler then!

  14. martin says:

    Its obvious Dean is totally biased, stats prove it , Arsenal results with him officiating are far worse than average. The petition last year obviously had no effect. Wenger is a hero for saying what every fan thinks. Dean should be banned from officiating any further Arsenal matches.

  15. mark says:

    Mike Dean is a knob. Doesn’t deserve our respect and should be sacked. He grandstands and makes controversial decisions to make HIM the story in the news.

    Get rid.

    NB: Us needing to score more goals is definitely an issue. If we were scoring freely and defending rigorously this referee business would NOT be an issue.

    Conclusion? Wenger out.

  16. pires says:

    what’s make me sick is that it’s happening over and over again.Stok Watford man city west brom chelsea ….it cost us to much pionts

  17. Midkemma says:

    I do not agree with this article.
    Refs should be included in questioning.

    A judge can be questioned and should never be seen as the final say, they are human and fallible, appeals happen all the time.

    If a judge makes a stupid mistake then they are less likely to be given the power that refs are given when they make mistakes.

    A red card can be appealed but the game is already decided for the future, no compensation given for it either.
    A bad penalty call is still a penalty and the points are not redone, a falsely accused individual can get their life back and seek reimbursement of losses, football teams can not.

    For an individual to not be questioned by the fans, managers and players then they need to be quality checked by a 3rd party, training given and for tech to be pushed into service asap. More transparency.

    I wish teams would replay bad ref calls during the game itself as a way to try and embarrass them into upping the quality, the FA is taking their time with VAR but that should already be in.

    With no pressure on the FA to improve the quality of referring then it will not progress, it will stay archaic and a problem, I hope that clubs can unite and push for higher quality officials.

    If we leave it as it is, it will stay as it is. It needs to be updated while considering the technological progression we have made in society.

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