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You can feel the disappointment from most Arsenal fans that we didn’t win this years Premier League title, but there is no doubt that there has been many highs and lows over the campaign. There has also been some extremely entertaining games, Olympiakos away anyone? Or Man United at home?, and some desperately depressing for everyone concerned, for me the home defeat to Swansea reserves stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

So as we face our final game it is time to get your votes in for this years Player-of-the-Season. Mesut Ozil looked like he would win it by a country mile a few months ago, but he has failed to continue and is highly unlikely now to break Thierry Henry’s assist record. Alexis Sanchez was last year’s winner, but he had a break from injury and didn’t seem to come back to his old form on his return. Giroud is our top scorer, but after his three-month drought I doubt very much he will be many fans choice, and Walcott….

Arsene Wenger thinks that maybe we should consider some of the less obvious players that are not in the attacking line-up. He said: “First of all, you want to say the players who played most of the games deserve big credit,” said the manager. “Our defenders have played many games – Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Monreal have all played many games.

“It is always the [defensive players] that are underrated because you don’t talk too much about Francis Coquelin, Mohamed Elneny or Aaron Ramsey. The players who are more in the light of media are the more offensive players.

“But what is on my mind,” added Wenger, “is that the team has behaved remarkably well because we had some difficult periods and we always recovered. We always responded when people expected us to collapse.

“When you look around you, you say that some teams drop in the Premier League because they could not do that. What I keep in mind, is that the group of players have been remarkably strong and remarkably united and that for me is the most important.”

So Wenger will probably pick “team spirit” or “cohesion”, but seriously, who would you choose?


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    1. He has also cost us 6-8 points.

      Hector Bellerin my player of the year. He’s been quite consistent and made it to the PFA Team of the Year.

  1. Like you said:
    “ÖZIL was a country mile ahead, afew months ago”
    And in the last few months, no one has really made a massive improvement to overtake him.
    So, i will stick with Özil as my Arsenal player of the year,
    no matter what wenger says.

    And obviously a big shout out to Iwobi one Kenobi,
    He gets my best new comer award and commiseration to Campbell, Unlucky son, you showed fighting spirit, improved performances, scored and assisted goals but for some reason or another, you got dropped, whilst an unimpressive Ramsey got the nod ?, Wenger’s blue eyed boy.

    1. Totally agree with you, Ozil perhaps followed be Cech some way down, although I have to say from a very poor team this year – not because they didn’t win anything but because they lacked passion and commitment throughout and did nothing to light up the fans or offset the misery and frustration piled on the fans week after week. Over to you, Manager.

    1. Nacho is an interesting suggestion. He has been very solid and dependable.

      But that is probably not enough to earn him Player of the Year.

      In the end it must be Ozil.

  2. There’s only one winner and he’s Mesut Ozil, he was nominated for PFA player of the year for a reason.

  3. Has to be Walcott for me….anyone who cam scam over 100 grand a week for doing eff all deserves a medal…..

  4. My player of the year is Kelly Smith. Great career behind her and well done. FA cup record holders are Arsenal men and woman’s teams. I think they have one more than the lads so overall record holders goes to Kelly Smith and the rest of the gals. Congrats, for the wealth of success brought to Arsenal FC.

  5. Nacho monreal all the way….

    On the case of Petr Cech what worries me is that he got beat on 3 occasions near post but still made some incredible saves and those shots were manageable for his standards which is really suspicious but when he played for Chelsea mistakes were made but not repeatedly.

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