Noooo! Santi Cazorla CANNOT leave Arsenal!

There are worrying reports circulating this morning that Arsenal have already agreed to let our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla return to Spain this summer with Atletico Madrid.

Cazorla has been one of our star players this season and held the side together (along with Alexis Sanchez) when the side was decimated with injuries for the first half of the season. And yesterday’s game against Middlesbrough showed the world that Santi could play effectively alongside Mesut Ozil, a combination that was thought to be mutually exclusive until now.

In fact Arsene Wenger stated after the game that there was no Arsenal player that could match either of those two. He said: “The first thing that goes with confidence is the spontaneous activity in the game. Even if you are confident without the technical quality of Ozil and Cazorla, you can go together on the pitch. Even if you are confident I’m not sure you can repeat what they can do.”

I can understand that, at 30 years of age, Cazorla would have the desire to finish his career in his home country, where he has spent his whole career except for his three and a half seasons at Arsenal. So I guess it would not be such a surprise to find this is true in the big scheme of things, but Cazorla would be a great loss to the Gunners.

The fact is, though, that every player has a sell-by date, and Arsenal have a great quantity of highly talented midfielders and could probably survive without him. If Wenger was to let him go, I seriously hope that he has his eye on a much younger and just-as-talented replacement in mind to bring in in the summer….

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  1. His contract runs till 2017. I am sure I will not be sold till 2016. The from he is in he could easily go till 33/34. We should seek an extension start of next season.

  2. Absolutely cannot let him go unless we getting a replacement at a similar level (and trust me, there aren’t many out there in the market). Fantastic little player with unreal close control and passing ability. And I just loved how he strikes a free kick with his ‘weaker’ left foot yesterday. Most ambidextrous player I have ever since in my life

    1. There’s a guy playing for Chelsea, he should be willing to go back. Fabregas could go on and refuse to play/train with Chelsea untill he’s sold to Arsenal.

      Other than that, lets assume that we sell Podolski, Cazorla and Campbell for about £40M. This would also mean that we have alot of spare money for the salary-budget. This amount of money gives us a financial possibility to buy Pogba – and I’m pretty sure there are only 5 clubs who have any chance at signing him: Real Madrid (club size), PSG (French/club size), Arsenal (Wenger/French relation), Chelsea (Mourinho) and Bayern (Club size). Barcelona being on a ban, they will have to wait for summer 2016, which may be too late.

      If not Pogba, there’s always players like Gündogan, Barkley, Quintero and De Bruyne.

      1. I hope you are joking about Fabregas cos there’s no way he will do that. I wouldn’t want such an unprofessional player on my team either.

        As for Pogba, well if we do sell the above trio plus our existing budget for next season, we may have just about enough to buy a Pogba (I’m expecting him to cost at least upwards of 60m). Problem is whether Wenger is willing to blow that kind of cash on a single player. My heart screams for him to do it, just for once, but my brain tells me he might rather dig his own grave first then splash that kind of money for one player.

        But hey, I can dream right?

        1. Yes, I am joking. People just dont see the reference to Song. Fabregas might be dying to come back to Arsenal, but Mourinho will never ever sell one of his players to Wenger – especially considering how we’re rivals and such – and how Fabregas is his best midfielder.

          If we win FA cup and get a spot in CL next year, i dont see why we can’t afford Pogba, but I too dont really see Wenger spending this money. Miralem Pjanic or Naingolan(?) is also someone to consider.

  3. I would be surprised if he was sold and he is settled in London, he has a young son who has just started school, he won’t want to engineer a move.

    1. But just to add to it, being a spanish citizen and fluent speaking in spanish, it cant be that hard for him to settle down in Madrid.

  4. We were unlucky not to score an absolute bagload. I am confident against Pool but weary of “play crap yet grind a result” United. Would love Bradford at the Emirates!

  5. Aint we after an Athletico Madrid player?I seem to recall in the echos of mind we had an interest in one or was it prelude to their manager eventually replacing you know who?

  6. Has anybody else seen the Puma football interview with Verratti and Fabregas? Verratti asks Fabregas what he thinks of when asked about london. He says “my family, Arsenal and then Chelsea”.

  7. I don’t want Cazorla to leave. He has been brilliant

    I still consider both Cazorla and Ozil to be 2.of the Top 10 best creative midfielders in the world.

    I consider Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla and Koscielny to be our 4 WC players.

    If we had a WC striker you would really notice How great they are. You would see lot more goals.

    I know Cazorla is 29 but he is still top quality.

  8. Another negative article feeding into the negativity on the site.

    Just a random rumour with no real source to it.

    Probably started by Athletico’s desire for a quality Spanish international. They probably asked his agent his rates. But even if that was ALL true, there is no sign carzola wants or has pushed for a move or that arsenal are interested.

    So what have we surmised? That Athletico think carzola is quality.

  9. Nah, Cazorla is going nowhere unless we buy a top drawer midfielder in the Summer to threaten his place.

    The only person to gain from Cazorla leaving is his agent. Expect this guy to be active soon.

  10. Greedy gunner @sevenitti,now he wants to sacrifice Cazorla for Pogba.Pogba would never do what Santi is doing right now for so try to be a little appreciative.

  11. He should be sold, that’s what 90% of the fans on here were praying for since last season, it got worse in the summer where everyone was saying we should sell him to AT.Madrid if we can get £15 million bla blah. People were saying “He is an average inconsistent player turning 30 soon, we now have Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Zelalem blah blah and we can cope”.


  12. Well if there was any shred of truth to this it would be a swap sending cazorla to atletico in exchange for griezman. Either that or to fund the purchase of Schneiderlin. There’s no other reason to let a player that has maybe 2 more good year in him go.

  13. My first thought “leave if you must but put a champions league trophy in our cabinet and you will leave an Arsenal legend.

  14. I don’t think he will go…
    Obviously, winning the league or a major trophy would have been a deterrent for him to even think about leaving.
    They are only rumours and nothing has been confirmed.
    But again, for the right price (talking about £30millions), Wenger will be tempted as he will double his original investment.

    If one midfielder needs to go, Wilshere is the perfect candidate.

  15. highly doubt it, santi should stay if and only if he wants to go back to Spain then we should ask for

    arda would be the undisputed left midfielder taking over from (poldi/santi/ozil)

    or Koke who has santi like qualities in being Able to play any were in midfield.

  16. He won’t go. He’s our vital backbone, and there is no way that Wenger would agree to sell him for 10m, which is what Athletico are offering, and Athletico are a bit like the Southampton of La Ligue – they’re doing well ATM, but will it last?

    I would say he is one of the most important members in the team, play maker, penalty, free kick and corner taker, equally devastating on both feet and sounds like he cheers up the dressing room.

    Athletico are obviously trying to play on Arsene Wenger not being keen on 30+ players, and trying to get a bargain, but Wenger doesn’t do bargains and he seems to’ve relaxed on the 30+ area recently.

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