Noooo! Usmanov agrees to sell his Arsenal shares to Kroenke who will then own Arsenal FC outright…..

After the reports last week that Alisher Usmanov was looking to offload his 30% stake in Arsenal shares, it now appears that he has agreed to sell those shares to Stan Kroenke, which will make the American the outright owner of the club.

The facts were reported by the Mirror just this morning……

A statement from Kroenke’s holding company KSE read: “KSE UK is pleased to announce the terms of its all-cash offer to acquire the entire issued and to be issued ordinary share capital of Arsenal Holdings PLC other than the Arsenal Shares already held by KSE.

“KSE, a Delaware corporation wholly-owned by Mr E. Stanley Korenke, currently holds 41,743 Arsenal Shares, representing approximately 67.09 per cent of the existing issued share capital of Arsenal.”

A declaration from Kroenke states: “We at KSE are moving forward with this offer leading to 100 per cent ownership of the club,”

“We appreciate Mr Usmanov’s dedication to the Arsenal Football Club and the storied ethos and history the Club represents.”

Kroenke will pay £29,419.64 in cash per Arsenal share to take complete charge.

So it looks like a done deal, and we have badly let down by Usmanov. This is the worst possible scenario, as once he is the outright owner there will be no more shareholder meetings, no accountability, no public accounts, and no visibilty on what goes on behind the scenes.

This is VERY bad news for Arsenal fans. Do any other Kroenke franchises win any trophies?



    1. Done. Buried. Over. 45yrs old man here in States seen this vampiric man suck the life out of every franchise he owns.
      Maybe his son Josh is different.

      Next step buy out eveyone else.
      Next register club here in States.
      Last step shovel dirt over beloved club.

      Laughing at Europa League aye? Ain’t seen nothing yet. You will cry for the “glory days” of Europa League.

  1. Them changes.
    This was on the cards.
    There is no surprise.
    Wenger gone, Usmanov going. Gazidiz ?
    All the Wenger favourite players cleared out.
    Stan buying up because it will be easier
    to sell as a complete package.
    A shame these changes did not take place ten years ago.
    Better late than never I suppose.

    1. Yes, hopefully what Kroenke is planning is to sell the whole package, otherwise the dark days are coming

      1. That’s not what this is about, he’s not gonna sell otherwise the sale would be happening the other way round. Usmanov it seems was just telling us what we wanted to hear because he too wanted full control but nobody much minded that compared to this. AFC and PL clubs are steadily increasing in value it doesn’t look like its gonna stop. I don’t know how the finance stuff works when Kroenke gets loans from the bank to buy shares, do we end up with that debt or is it on Kroenke alone. Also this using AFC to gain finance/loans for other projects, it seems once you make your first billion it is simple to make billions more, it really is stacked against us. I foresee a real protest further down the line one were everyone joins in.

        1. Good to hear that you are so easily made happy in this catastrophically awful day for our club. Yours too I assume! To add perspective to my comment, I do not , obviously blame you or anyone else for finding a laugh from wherever you can BUT IT IS NOT A DAY FOR JOCULAR AND INANE PUBLIC COMMENTS WHEN OUR CLUB IS UNDER GRAVE THREAT from Kroenke , our deadly enemy!

          1. @Jon Fox …. I had to chuckle at Muffdiver’s comments which provide some light relief to an otherwise very grave situation. Anyone who feels positive about this takeover should check Kroenke’s form/history to see the pattern more clearly. I think some of our fans from abroad (Africa in paticular) think that Kroenke will spend money and can’t fully understand the phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

            If Kroenke has complete control of a oncce proudly owned British institution, Arsenal will never be “The Arsenal” again. I’m saddened the club will become a corporate cash cow for another foreign billionaire who has little or no interest in the common man’s game aside from how much profit his investment can generate.

            Wenger was one of the most intellectual managers in the game, he already spoke about a club being run the right way, financially and ethically. This takeover is a far cry from that!

            1. Yes, perhaps i was rather hard on someone only enjoying a light hearted laugh at a witty comment. But frankly, who feels like laughing today! I feel like MURDERING KROENKE, and hasten to add that I will obviously, NEVER attempt it, nor condone violence in any form. But in my fantasies, well……..!

              1. Haha Jon you old Fox you 🙂 Who can we blame for this? The fans were told about “Silent Stan” from the beginning. He doesn’t add value to a franchise, he strips their assets. At first everyone blamed Wenger for not spending any money but I think he was protecting the board. I heard a rumour/story about how members of the board sold their shares to Kroenke in retaliation against Usmanov. If Arsenal is controlled by just one person, as well as having no say/idea of how the club is run, WE the FANS will PAY the DEBT through ticket sales/merchandise etc.

                Anyone who thinks Kroenke taking over is a good idea should be taken outside and beaten with a wet sponge laced with Arsenic and set upon fire!!!**

                ** Okay that’s a bit harsh, so let’s imagine that Kroenke spends millions in an attempt to get the League title back, can anyone show me where Kroenke’s franchises are in their respective leagues????

                Not too great are they?? Listen to what the fans of those franchises have to say about their billionaire owner…. Not very positive is it?

                WE ARE TOTALLY SCREWED!!!!!!!

    2. Arsenal FC will be floated in the NewYork stock exchange soon, Kroenke will hold on to 51% of shares, having majority shares for total control and taking out 1 Billion Pounds from the sale of 49% shares, and he will hope the club will have same success in the market like Man-United to generate funds and Kroenke will pick up his share dividend every year unlike now where his not taking Dividend’s and we are Fu**d unless @barryglik is right and sell arsenal to a billionaire playboy

      1. but be reassured what ever happens they will want Arsenal in the CL otherwise its just not worth the price, CL for arsenal in the last 16 means 40 Million just from the competition, i’m sure there is a few million more in other areas of merchandising and gate money

      2. This won’t happen as it makes no financial sense from Kroenkes point of view. I only wish it would happen but it won’t. It would be a step in the right direction in keeping total control from Kroenke personally. By taking the club private he can borrow as he wishes almost as and when he likes, using the club as collateral(an asset) against which to borrow, should he wish. And he WILL wish , when it suits him. HE WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY DO SO AS SOON AS HIS PRIVATE TAKEOVER IS COMPLETE. He has long wished for total private control and would not need total private control were he just wishing to borrow against his existing 67%, though it would be complicated by corporate restrictions and other matters too. The catastrophe comes from him borrowing around 90% of the money needed, against Arsenal’s value to pay for Usmanovs shares, thus loading us with additional debt, exactly as the Glazers did, when taking over Man United. You do not need to dispose of shares to borrow; you merely need as much control as possible, and hopefully(from his viewpoint, NOT ours) total ownership. Above all he craves keeping his future intentions entirely private and away from public scrutiny and he can ONLY achieve this through total private control. Though in some ways it is easier to borrow against public share majority control ,it is also beneficial at times and in some circumstances to do so, once private control is complete. There is clearly so very little real understanding among ordinary fans of how corporate finance works. I worked in that world and know. It is a bleak day in our history! Moreover, it now seems that Usmanov will join his friend in bankrolling Everton and they will now, or very soon , be another real rival of ours. Usmanovs doing so will once again prove the truth that multi billionaires ALWAYS love money more than anything else. Even Abramovitch has now stalled on the Chelseas new stadium project because of his forced stay abroad, IF he REALLY loved Chelseaa as much as some think, he could still action this ,even though it would be problematical Were he in love with the club , he STILL would. He has not and you may draw your own conclusion as to why he has not. Billionaires are almost always , mind, I say ALMOST always , low life class humans.

  2. If this happens this once great club is completely finished forget about even getting close to champions league football and would have more chance of winning the lottery then winning the prem league ever again. This yank is only interested in making money for himself he couldn’t care less what the team do!! Well if it happens he won’t be getting any of my money and will never watch another arsenal game!!

    1. D?I am gutted. RIP The Arsenal – we are truly screwed and on the way to mid table mediocrity based on the performances of Kroenke’s US franchises.
      Usmanov after previously stating emphatically that he would not sell his shares to Kroenke, has shafted the Arsenal supporters. The double wammy is that he may now turn his attention and considerable finances towards Everton making them greater, while Arsenal will be diminished.

    2. @Dan… Mate, I’m with you on this one. The once mighty establishment called Arsenal will be controlled by an American (his ethnicity isn’t the issue here), who knows little about the club he purchased. His heart isn’t in the right place. At least Usmanov (who is richer than Abramovich) wanted to invest heavily in the club (correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t David Dein bring him to the table)?

      I’m sad my once beloved Arsenal is set to go the way of Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea total and become a corporate cash cow under complete foreign ownership. Just think what Kroenke can do with total control over the club we grew up supporting.

      1. We’re worse off than them, utd splashed billions, liv owners are the best thing to happen for that lot in over twenty years minus a CL triumph. Che were nobody before Abra, City too even worse off than Che. Kroenke has given us no indication that he wants trophies and to rule the roost for decades. We’re screwed. We would’ve seen it this summer, after Auba and Laca signing we would have made another few statements in defence and midfield, he could have demanded them to make deals happen even if we don’t have the cash right now. European teams pay over many seasons, PL is richer than most European teams and we are one of the best off in it. Nobody can tell me money’s not there, it doesn’t have to be, like with the loans he loves abusing, we could’ve made bigger steps this season if that was his main agenda.

    3. I agree totally Dan although I probably will still love the club.It wasn’t long ago that Usmanov was barking out how he was a lifelong Arsenal fan,What a total load of crap that turned out to be, These people are just money mad, we have had a s##t board ever since Kroenke took over and not won a lot either, don’t lose faith bud,like me i am sure you will still watch them like me because we still have the club at heart although Kroenke can shove all the merchandise where the sun dont shine I am not walking around advertising for him to put towards his dividends.

  3. very bad news indeed for us Arsenal fans, this makes me want to go and see any other team bar Arsenal as long as that shit American is in control of our club.

    1. Try Everton. Usmanov will go there and make them great lol.

      I’m stuck with arsenal . Like a third nipple .
      And a 6th toe on each foot .
      That’s right arsenal has made me an inbred

      Curse u Stan. Curse u

      1. @Muffy,

        Am afraid you could be right you know,

        Usmanov buys Everton,
        He fires Marco Silva after a terrible season,
        He persuades Wenger to sign for Everton (as he has always come out to support wenger)
        Wenger receives the offer, and says….”I just cant live without football”
        And boom! Everton joins the elite

        1. Wonder how long it’d be before Arsene says “I’ll always love Arsenal, but I’ve never been happier than I am now with Everton and their brilliant fans, I felt so welcomed and I’m delighted we reached our target of top four and an FA cup final to still play.

    2. Big G Did you join Arsenal because there was no Kroenke or because you love the team? Anyone with an analytical mind should have expected this. I don’t see much difference. Usmanov had no say in the running of the Club. It seems the Russian oligarchs have lost interest in football clubs. There is speculation that Roman Abramovich might also sell Chelsea.

  4. Why do we always see things in a negative way..wimaybe the fans feel we hnot been splashing the cash the way we want..but kroenke is spending money.. aubameyang 50m,lacazette 48m,xhaka 35m,mustafi 35m,ozil 43m,leno 25m,etc….unless you guys silently wish to be the next psg or man city….. let’s be positive for God’s sake..there might now be secrecy but it is normal when you out rightly own something.. .you never can tell maybe kroenke could change and spend even money now that he could have higher responsibility…he is not a fool.. he saw how the fans took wenger out.. he knows we can also do that to him…. just be positive…i plead with you arsenal fans you guys are too negative.

    1. No mate were not optimistic or pessimistic . We are realistic. We see how stan has been as an owner .
      Perhaps you should let common sense dictate your views rather than your gut

      1. Yeah but look at this from a business perspective.If Kronke (who I detest by the way) allows the Club to drift then his investment will drop dramatically in value.If he invests in better players and Arsenal are more successful then the value will rise.He is a Businessman.Why would he want to lose money?With Josh Kronke playing a more prominent role the Club will expect the owner to protect his investment surely?
        Ivan see US Hedge Funds all over this in a few years time.

        1. Phil, I hope you are right; but the performances of Kroenke’s US franchises don’t lead one to be optimistic. Hedge funds haven’t fought over these investments.

          1. No exactly-he’s a businessman and they just do not lose money.I believe Josh Kronke is the key here.If he steps up and runs the Club then he will surely demand the level of investment needed to compete at the level we need to be.
            I’m not panicking too much over this (yet).But it’s a case of waiting to see

            1. Phil, jon fox is correct from a corporate perspective, Arsenal FC is only an asset which Kroenke can use as collateral to borrow funds to fund any of his business or private entetprises. The relative on field success or failure of Arsenal FC is irrelevant to Kroenke.
              Apparently Kroenke has borrowed £550 million from Deutscher Bank to pay out Usmanov, thus burdening Arsenal with that amount of debt.

              1. I did some research and it seems Stan used his own money to take out the loan and cannot use Arsenal to pay back the loan deposits so in a twisted way we own Stan. He cannot make Arsenal fail because then a huge portion of his Net Worth will drop. Yes, I am as concerned as anybody that we will suffer but I am also curious to see what happens because unlike Wenger, Stan is hated by the whole fanbase and any false move he makes will be like a whole minefield exploding. I wouldn’t put it past a passionate Arsenal fan to make an attempt on Stan’s life if he mismanages Arsenal any more than it already is.

          2. Sorry to disagree, you should look at his franchises in the States. He let St. Louis Rams tank and sink so he could move to Los Angeles. He’s a billionaire; lost millions in St. Louis to make millions in Los Angeles.

            Rams STADIUM cost 3 TIMES what entire club of Arsenal is worth. Think on that my friend.

            Denver nuggets horrible and he couldn’t care. He milks the clubs for money, shiny toys to play with and buy ranches.

            My advice is support another club or you will go insane. He’ll register in States and sweet f all to everyone across the pond.

        2. This is the most sensible and calm reaction to this news. To be honest, I’m real surprise with how many brilliant minds here are reacting to Stan taking over the club. The man is dropping 1.8 billion pounds to make the club his and some fans are saying he will run the club to the ground where is the sense in that. He can as well put that money in one container and set it ablaze if that is his intention. Kronke is a smart and shrewd businessman. The only god & religion he knows is money and he will do everything to make every penny and more than he is investing. The only to achieve that is to make the club more attractive.

            1. It’s not Kroenke’s money; he has encumbered Arsenal with the £550 million (or whatever the amount required is) borrowed from Deutscher Bank to fund the buyout of Usmanov.

              1. So we’ll be another 500m in debt, another stadium to pay off just when we thought we paid it. That’s great Stan, get Ivan to give the big I am speech on how we can now buy anyone bar Messi, before sticking us with another one. Sure how can anyone not admire the balls on that f**ker.

          1. Let’s see how this situation plays out. We have every right to be sceptical about the news: Kroenke to take a LOAN to BUY all of ARSENAL!! Didn’t the Glazers do the same and siphon off the profits to line their own pockets? According to most American observers, Kroenke spends enough to keep his franchises afloat but they never really challenge for major titles.

          2. Mobella, He is NOT “DROPPING 1.8 MILLION POUNDS TO MAKE THE CLUB HIS.” That is the total value of the club and includes the near 67% he has already bought, at far lower share values. Plainly wrong comments from fans who clearly have little or no knowledge of shares are harmful and fool many of the naive and less life experienced folk on here, which includes you. Please don’ t post such silly and wrong comments again. We need accurate analysis on here at this time, NOT silly nonsense. I don’t doubt your passion and that you mean wrell and you are entitled to your opinion , when opinion is relevant, But your FACTS are wrong and those are NOT opinion.

    2. Wenger reached his peak in 2004.
      14 years later when nearly 70
      he leaves one year early on (full pay).
      Hardly the fans taking him out.
      Stan won’t sell with Arsenal in the Europa League.
      He will wait and sell when Arsenal make top 4 again.

    3. Chiza, You are right that “HE is not a fool”. But someone else is for sure! Ever occurred to you that it is YOU!

  5. Positive??? Chiza ?? Really
    A man who’s willing to pay 1.8 billion of his own money to buy the club yet won’t spend a penny of his own to buy players
    You do realise now the club will be a private company?
    So fans will have no idea how the financial working are
    It’s the end of a once great club

    1. Whatever happens, i CARE NO MORE!

      Those days are LONG gone for me, days where football is a do or die.
      Without mincing words or deceiving ourselves, it is indeed a sad time for Arsenal.
      Although, i always prefer to stay positive as much as i can, even sometimes choosing to ignore the frailties and irregularities of the club, but instead willing to play the “FOOL” and just support the club i love so much, i struggle to find any positive whatsoever about this potentially sad (i wish it is not so) development.

      Am so gutted!

      1. The full statement from KSE confirms only £45 million is coming out of his pocket, the other £557 million is from a loan but aparantly not against the club. Never the less, it’s the end of Arsenal Football Club as we have known it. It remains to be seen if this is detrimental to our club but that depends on Stan’s reasons. With no fan shareholders allowed, no FST input and no accountability to anyone, he can do what the hell he likes!

        1. Yes! Kroenke will be the dictator answerable to no one. I`m just wondering how Emery has reacted to the news or was he in on the plot? Arsenal will become a club without supporters in the UK.
          One thing I`ll say for Wenger, he knew this was coming and jumped ship fully paid up. This is far from being the end of the Arsenal story, the legal fun is about to begin.

          1. Aussie Jack, Depends on what you mean by “legal fun.” I asssume that you mean this in bitter irony and that would be totally correct. But the legal process is RELATIVELY straightforward , PROVIDED Usmanov complies, as it seems he wants to do. i also see no way that Wenger had prior knowledge, though it was already public knowledge that Kroenke wanted full control and made an abortive bid to USMANAOV, a year or so ago , WHICH WAS THEN DECLINED. Usmanovs acceptance now changes things completely. To imagine Wenger knew about this change of heart os fantasy and NOT at all the reason he left.

    2. @John0711.
      He is not spending £1.8 million of his own money. These Anerican owners take out Bank loans and put up the Club as collateral. If the venture fails then they will sell off the club to pay off the remaining debt. Look at the Glazers at Man United, they have been paying off this Bank loan for more than a decade to this day. That’s why we keep making fun of United about them having an ever ending debt. Lol

        1. Declan, the accounting trail of the funding of this buy out is probably convoluted. Regardless of the public statement a loan of £550 million from Deutscher Bank requires a debt to be placed on some asset. The old story “follow the money”.

      1. If he is getting the loan in with name of arsenal or using arsenal as collateral i will be worry otherwise there is no need for panicking. Besides, the club is basically his prior to this development. Personally, i will allow future to dictate my reaction.

        1. A naive reaction , born of ignorance about how corportate finance sometimes threatens the assets against which they borrow. You really should learn at least a little about life before writing as you have.

  6. Well if us Arsenal fans have any sense then boycotting matches will eventually force him to sell. This is assuming he buys the club and things start going south. It’s not a business worth pursuing if the fans don’t turn up and make the club money. Any business person would have to take note of this kind of thing as it would affect his pocket.

    1. We don’t have any sense . Wenger left a decade too late . And only last season did they stop coming to matches in there thousands.

      Ivan leaving makes so much sense now

      1. If i may ask, why do we have a picture of showing a laughing Wenger?

        If i do not know better, i would think that is Kroenke or Usmanov seeing as they are the main topic of discussion eh?
        What has this go to do with Wenger?
        Am asking cos i really dunno…

    2. That’s the best weapon to force him to sell like we did with Wenger not to attend games empty seats no money coming in bad images he will find a buyer since he will have total control will be easy to sell

      1. Wenger is an employee and he is the owner. To think boycotted the match was what got Wenger out of the club you are then reading too much meaning into it. Fans did boycott but the club is still making money. It is pure case of Wenger giving up own his own when he realised his own failure rather than being forced out by fans. If the fans keep renewing their tickets and with the TV money i don’t see how fans can force Kroenke to sell the club.

        1. Unless you have your own way of interpreting things, Wenger was shown the door and main reason was fans attendance – if fans are not happy the way things are going, solution stop going on games and Kroenke will think twice

    3. Muffdiver , who answered your post , has perfectly summed up why your proposal – which would work, were it 100% CARRIED OUT AND FOR AS LONG AS NEEDED – will sadly , never be adopted. I HAVE ALREADY boycotted Arsenal in protest over WENGER STAYING, for the last 21 months and only NOW am going once again, after 60 years as a fan. I would gladly stay away for ever , IF I thought ALL FANS would do likewise, TO FORCE kROENKE OUT. BUT THEY WON’T.

  7. He’s not spending £1.8M of his own or anybody else”s money. Read the reports properly before posting.

  8. This is very worrying indeed.

    What a two-faced w***** Usmanov is for selling to Kroenke after those public noises of devotion and solidarity he made a few years ago.

    I don’t understand the people who think Kroenke is buying all shares to sell the club outright – but I hope it’s true.

    Kroenke is a great guy fellas. It’s actually Wenger and Gazidis who let him down. Trust me on this one fellas, Arsenal is going great

      1. I think he has spelled “Sheet” incorrectly, using five letters and a wrong vowel. instead of four. I know you will take my drift! Or, as you say, is being sarcastic. We SHOULD HOPE SO, FOR HIS SANITY!

  10. Kroenke had complete control of the way Arsenal was ran. Usmanov had virtually no say at all. Why do we think this deal will change anything? What benefit did we have from Usmanov? Did he manage to convince Kroenke to invest more in the club? No? Did he have board influence? No?

    Usmanov to his credit tried to buy the club from Kroenke but Kroenke didn’t want to sell. Why would Usmanov want to leave his money in a club he has no influence over and in a country he is not welcome?

    1. We had AGMs & details of what goes on behind the scenes. Now it’s private the fans don’t get their voices heard at all now, we never really did but having an owner who doesn’t care about the club is a bad thing esp for Football & it’s fans. Money is all the man cares about & we will always be financially able to run as a club so he doesn’t have to do a thing now. Usmanov owning that 30% kept him from taking the club private.

      1. Isn’t that the way the club like Chelsea, Manchester united and city, Liverpool and even spurs that we fans are envious of are run. All the clubs have one owner and 3 of them are serial EPL winners in the last 12 years. We are afraid because of the Kroenke way but like i said the guy worship money and making them and if he doesn’t investment in the team he won’t make any.

        1. mobella, I for one, am basing my assessment of the other sporting teams Kroenke controls. He is know for only putting in enough money to keep the teams afloat. In the USA competitions there is no relegation or promotion. I’m not saying Kroenke would allow Arsenal to fall so low that it would be relegated, but none of his teams ever win anything; midtable mediocrity awaits, particularly if Usmanov funds Everton. Also given the money coming to the EPL, there is a good chance that other clubs will be purchased similar to AC Milan by hedge funds or rich investers looking for reliable cash flow. Competition for Champions League places will therefore increase.

      2. How much was our attendance worth in terms of influence over the disastrous second half of the Wenger era? Did our attendance at shareholder meetings really lead to any change at the club? I don’t believe so.

        We as fans would be much more effective if we act as one voice at games or by not showing up at games then making polite and politically correct statements of disapproval once a year at a board meeting where our votes don’t matter or don’t influence.

        Usmanov owned a third of the club and never managed to influence. The AST was a toothless monster at the shareholder meetings.

        Our greatest influence is to act as one and to act at game days not at once a year shareholder meeting where the narrative is largely controlled by an owner-friendly chairman.

      3. SPOT ON ! DEPRESSING THE LEVEL OF IGNORANCE SO MANY FANS HAVE, but at least you put him right.

      4. Sorry but I don’t share your fear. For me, Kroenke has been a nightmare and in complete control of this business for years. Usmanov has tried to exert influence on the business in terms of asking for funds to be invested in the squad but was always ignored by Kroenke. Nothing is going to change there in terms of Kroenke’s control over the budget. Even without Usmanov’s 30%, no one could force the purchase of a player or the increase of funds available for the transfer business.

        Kroenke cares about money and the most valuable clubs play CL football. If he wants to increase the value of Arsenal he has to move them up the table. He always wrongfully thought Wenger would be the man to do that but as soon as Wenger failed to get them back to CL for the second time in a row he fired Wenger.

        He has also agreed or approved some decent investment as soon as we dropped out of the top 4. Laca, Aubamayang and this window have been decent compared to previous years.

        The fact that he cares about money is not bad because in football you get more money the higher you finish up the table. He will want us to get back to the CL places if you ask me and that requires investment and if you add Aubamayang who we bought in January than you have to admit we have had a decent year in the transfer market for a team that doesn’t even play CL football.

  11. Let’s hope that he sees the benefits of making us a great club is equal to him getting more money through increased prize money and sponsporship not to mention increase in club share value. We can’t be worse than 6th place we currently are so the only way is up for us. He did sanction the transfer of aubameyang which will have little resale value in the future.

    Maybe he just didn’t trust wenger with the money, i certainly won’t especially in the last decade. For our club future let’s hope it’s true.

  12. What a way to dampen to start of a new era for the fans with Emery etc… to now be completely owned by SilentStan & lied to by the man we thought could save our club in Usmanov. No more AGM, no more statements about the running of the club & best of all no money being released as Stan will use this club for every penny he can make out of it.

    This is a dark day at Arsenal FC.

    Unless he sells the club outright as some owner, which he won’t as Arsenal is his golden ticket throughout all his sport franchises, Arsenal will continue with all the secrecy throughout the going on’s of the club.

    Just a last thought if somehow Stan starts his new ownership off to please the fans by having a big few days in the transfer market from now to Friday then we will maybe come around but do any of us believe that he will do anything of the sort? I don’t think so…. hopefully he proves us all wrong because there isn’t a damn thing we all can do now but watch on as our club gets taking over by a Selfish Yank.

  13. There’s no guarantee kroenke offer will be accepted there are other suiters interested in arsenal im sure dangote and sean “jay z” carter will be happy to have a stake here. And if not these two men then surely others will surface and register an interest – Uzmanov need not sell directly to Kroenke.

      1. According to reports, Usmanov has agreed to sell his 30% stake to Kroenke and the £550 million purchase rice is not Kroenke’s money, but loaned by Deutscher Bank.

    1. Sounds like a done deal bye the looks of it. Something has happened behind the scenes & an agreement is in place. Usmanov to Everton with his billions.

      1. @Sean – lets see how this unfolds – there’s parts to this that make no sense. i see an offer being made here but No public announcement that same offer has been taken up or agreed; so let’s see how this scenario eventually pans out.

    2. @waal2waal.,
      “Jay Z” as a possible Arsenal owner? Please, he could not even afford to sustain us in a single Transfer Window with these over the top Transfer Fees of today.. lol

      1. not owner no – but he’s among those interested being a shareholder. its a crazy world we live in now @Goonster. My main point is to avoid kroenke owning the club outright;

    3. According to KSE reports, there’s an irrevocable undertaking by Usmanov to complete the deal by 3pm today…
      So it looks like its a sure and done deal

    1. This isn’t the USA its London UK – somehow Arsenal and the word “Doom” doesn’t quite resonate or make any sense. We need to know more and see more before allowing despair. Either we trust in Unai or we don’t? its grass root and pitch level that im concerned with.

      What do we know for sure regarding kroenke’s plan after he takes outright ownership? Nothing. So rather than to guess and speculate i prefer to keep focus on emerys planning for sunday right now.

      1. I SEE YOUR POINT IN NOT PANICKING , in one way. But it does seem that it is going to happen from various reports , which I guess we are all keen to seek out. If , as it appears, it DOES happen and he gains private total control, it is a catastrophic day for us. Without doubt. All we can do at this precise moment is hope it doesn’t happen. The ideal for all clubs id that all shares are owned completely by fans who either attend matches or who have a proven mania for our club, as David Dein had. I would be happy if he owned the club but WOULD STILL PREFER MULTIPLE OWNERSHIP

        1. @Jon Fox – thank you for shining some more light on matters – i was of the opinion (wrongly) the Uzmanov (holdings) would not necessarily be sold directly to Kroenke; Anyway its completely weighed in now Uzmanov has given kroenke the advantage he wanted all along. Among the things that concern me is i have not known a kroenke, family member, to announce anything favorable or emotional towards this club. And the only demonstrable gesture of note from any kroenke that i seen was son josh pictured wearing an arsenal kit in the grounds of some garden.

          Other than that I can’t help but think how all this adverse commentary both from the press and fans will filter to the manager, then players as they try to maintain focus on Man City and beyond.

  14. Thank God I’m off to Australia next year, because Arsenal are officially dead! I won’t miss watching them anymore.

    Cannot believe how one of the top clubs of English football has ended up in this sickening position. I have never liked the idea of sole ownership of a club, even if it’s with someone you does genuinely love the club, and willing put their own money in. It’s just too dangerous letting someone have free will to do as they please, and it would be catastrophic if that owner left, as they’re the ones subsidising most of the wages, and transfers, like with what we see at PSG, ManC, Chelsea, Chinese clubs, Russian clubs, etc.

    But for us, it’s far worse. We’re going to end up with an owner who has ZERO INTEREST in Arsenal! An owner who will not put a cent of his own money into the club. We, the fans, will just get squeezed even more. Even higher ticket prices, and it’s bad enough with the kits at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they diversify even further, and have a new kit every season, for each separate tournament Arsenal are competing in!

    The future is looking very grim for Arsenal fans under Kroenke.

    1. ThirdManJW, where are you moving to in Australia? I might be able to meet up to cry in our beer together. ?

      1. Haha, yeah sounds good. Short-term possibly Dubbo, long-term Sydney. Love it over there! I was over there when we last won the cup, and even getting up at 2:30am to watch Arsenal win the cup against Chelsea, then meet the in-laws at 9am, was awesome (minus the in-laws).

        1. I’m in Newcastle/Lake Macquarie and visit my 95 yo Mum in Sydney, so we should be able to meet up.
          I lived in Parkes in the early1980’s and Dubbo was in my area – good city but drought is terrible at the moment.
          Please contact Admin for my email address for when you come over.

  15. The only answer is empty stadiums until Kroenke goes. I’m willing to sacrifice my season ticket for that, as many suffering fans did for the Wenger crisis.

  16. I WOnder why some of you are blaming usmanov.. why should he be in club where he has no say irrespective of the fact he owns 30% stake in the club.. I even remember some fans saying they don’t want a drug Barron
    to be in control of arsenal when it was reported some time ago usmanov made a bid to buy out Stan kroenke.. this news today is really bad cause it has dampened my mood for this season..

    1. The point is that Usmanov said he was a true fan and if he did sell, it would never be to Kroenke. Fair enough, who can trust a Russian oligarch, but he’s lied to the fans, and there are plenty of other people who would buy the shares, so if he was really hard up for the money, which is risible, he could have just sold to anyone else in the world, apart from Kroenke, which as anyone who has any affection at all for Arsenal, would have done, just to keep the club safer.

  17. This is Arsenal’s nightmare. Greedy Stan owns five major clubs in UK and America. Would be illegal for other businesses like Murdoch. Since 2007 Arsenal have floated around nowhere and never made a challenge. Greedy Stan corporate man, no fire in your belly you just need power and a dollar, please leave this club that I so loyally follow. Dark day for Arsenal, dark day for football.

  18. all the clubs he owns struggle and don’t win trophies
    he has plenty of money to buy all the shares but limits us to 70 millon pounds for transfers

    this news is WORSE than rehiring Wenger

  19. not the final nail in the coffin but another huge one. Hard to see us ever being as good as we used to be under this ownership. Kroenke was the worst thing to happen to this club.

      1. Sorry, Declan you have that wrong. David Dein was forced off the Arsenal board when the board didn’t accept his recommendation that the major shareholders sell to Usmanov. Dein supported Usmanov, not Kroenke.

        1. Dein initially bought kroenke to the board then he realise the snake that stan was and changed his support to usmanov. Unfortunately the old farts board sided with stan.

  20. This actually plays perfectly into supporters hands, Cause the bug will stop with Stan. If he should screw this up he is taking a big risk, because he will be hit right where it matters most. IN THE POCKET!!!! WE WILL BOYCOTT HIM!!!!

    1. @dboy,If only 100% of us would do as you propose. But in a cosmopolitan city like London, with thousands of regular tourists and prawn sandwich corporate brigade, it is NEVER going to happen. Defiance , as you write is fine, but UNLESS REAL ACTION FOLLOWS IT, IT IS JUST LETTING OFF STEAM. YOU MUST SURELY REALISE AS I DO, THIS NECESSARY 100% BOYCOTT OF ALL SEASON TICKETS and all seats AND MERCHANDISE WILL, NOT HAPPEN, SADLY.

  21. Since Gazidis is leaving, josh will have greater influence and I won’t be surprised if Henry becomes our next Manager at some point if things are not working with Emery

    1. Enagic, and that helps the Arsenal how, please – Josh will more influence and a relatively unproven manager/coach?

  22. We can renamed Arsenal FC to Rams FC or Kroenke FC.

    Curse those who made this happened…. Lady Nina, do you realised you had destroyed the club?

    Fans need to consider boycott to respond. We have to save our club…

    1. The criminal thing is that AST and other small independent shareholders, such as high profile Piers Morgan, will be forced to sell their shares.
      The shareholders who originally sold their shares to Kroenke should hang their heads in shame.

      1. Absolutely. There have to be legislation to govern shares in football club.

        It’s more than a listed company.

  23. Can someone please answer.. usamov has 30% share in the club.. not allowed at board meetings.. Has no real input in how the club runs.. WHY? why is he not allowed on the board? He has said many times he will invest his own money in the player transfers, wages etc.. he got so annoyed with it he tried to buy the club outright himself but was denied and is now being slated for selling up? I dont blame him for selling his shares he has been treated like a Mickey mouse investor for years and has obviously fell out of love with arsenal coz he knows nothing will change with kronke in charge..

    Whether this bid is true or not at the end of the day usamov does not have to sell to kronke so if he has got an ounce of love for the fans he knows we all hate kronke so why sell to him? Kronke wouldn’t sell to him so why sell to kronke?

    But I still want to know the reason why usamov is not allowed on the board!! Does anyone on here know??


    1. Quite simply because Kroenke , the majority shareholder has a majority and can stop Usmanov being on the board. Since he could stop it , he has done. PLAIN AND OBVIOUS ACTUALLY!

  24. You guys sound like a bunch of Chicken Littles, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.”
    ManU supporters were exactly the same when the Glazers took over.

    Will you all huff and puff until form FC Arsenal to rival FC United???

    Doom and Bloom merchants, the lot of you.

    Up the Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. You guys sound like a bunch of Chicken Littles, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling.”
    ManU supporters were exactly the same when the Glazers took over.

    Will you all huff and puff until form FC Arsenal to rival FC United???

    Doom and Gloom merchants, the lot of you.

    Up the Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Why does this have a picture of Wenger on it when it has NOTHING to do with Wenger?
    Admin, this is poor stuff, at least get a picture of Silent Stan or Usmanov for this, why put a picture up of our ex manager who has nothing to do with this story?

    Can’t we put Wenger behind us, be grateful for what he did without digging up the corpse every 5 mins to poke fun at?

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