Normal service resumes as Arsenal suffer double injury blow

Arsenal managed to earn all three points from their trip to Burnley today, but that win didn’t come without cost.

Both Kieran Tierney and Thomas Partey had to be substituted with injury issues within the last 15 minutes of the 90, and we will now have an anxious wait to learn the extent of their injuries, with just eight days until our big clash with rivals Tottenham.

Nuno Tavares has impressed when called upon, but he definitely doesn’t possess the defensive capabilities of his Scottish counterpart, while losing Partey would likely be the bigger loss.

The most frustrating thing about the Ghanaian is the fact that he arrived from Atletico Madrid with an impeccable record on the injury front, but has almost been unavailable for more time than he has been in the playing squad.

Tierney’s injury record has likely remained the same since his time with Celtic, but he remains a frustrating absentee as he brings so much to the team including both leadership, mentality and ability.

Granit Xhaka will return in time for our clash with Spurs next Sunday, which could help cover for the loss of Partey, but I guarantee that at least 99% of our fanbase would prefer to have the former Atletico man in the team over our former captain.


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  1. Extremely poor management starting Partey with his recent injury record. Especially when you have the very capable Sambi on the bench.

    Give him 15-30 mins in the first EPL game back FFS! This is on MA 100%

    On a side note, Arsenal carry on for over a decade being able to create an injury prone player where one never existed….very frustrating.

    1. ???????? Do you ever stop with your agenda? Every single article. Partey was fit during the international break. He was eased in off the bench LAST WEEK vs Norwich. That was his 1st game. As usual you are making things up as you do on almost every article “Give him 15-30 mins in the first EPL game back FFS!” he was given 15-30 vs Norwich last week (his 1st game back.)

      1. Haha, absolutely loving the anti complainer, anti whinger, anti negativity, anti snowflake movement at the moment in football.

  2. Arsenal’s very lucky not 2 have sold Xhaka cuz he’s our rescue team leader. How he manages 2 stay injury free, upon the numerous tackles & duels he’s always involved in is a blessing 2 this team. Some of us fans doesn’t know what we have got until it’s gone. God bless Janet Jackson.

  3. According to arteta it’s nothing serious. Just a cramp, hopefully nxt week they will be available to play for the big derby game

  4. Very few comments again on JA after another win.
    What’s that all about?
    If we had lost the comments section would be bulging at the seams.
    If Xhaka comes back in for Spurs and we win it will be like “I always trusted Xhaka and Arteta” give them both an extension.
    If we lose however it will be like “Xhaka is useless, the manager is clueless sack em both now”.
    The fans where would we be without them 🙂

    1. They are are not real fans, but social media muppets only writing negative stuff. We do probably have the most pathetic fan base in the Premier League 😂😂

  5. Balderdash, Partey has been out for a while with injury and got a normal reaction after playing a tough game on a not so good pitch. You guys are too negative and jumping to conclusions too fast.🤣 I’m sure they both are playing next weekend if necessary. I love winning ugly, and another clean sheet sounds perfect to me 🔴⚪️

  6. I think it was another game where our new guys were getting to know each other, but we have now won 2 games in a row with 2 clean sheets. It annoys hell out of me when these so-called “fans” still moan and call for Arteta to be sacked. They can bugger off from my website as far as I’m concerned…

      1. Why would a “fan” be moaning if we win our second game in a row? As i say I have had enough of trolls that do nothing but moan even if we win. If they have valid opinions on what could be done better then we can discuss it. but “Arteta is clueless and is destroying Arsenal” is not a valid discussion in my book…

        1. Tbh I did watch the game I havnt watched one since the demise became the norm, I appreciate what you say but there opinion matter as much as yours
          Just Arsenal wouldn’t be anything if the fans didn’t click onto the website

          So wether it’s a moan or applause it’s an opinion and like bum holes everyone has one

          Cheer up a bit hey!

          1. An opinion is an opinion, a “Arteta is clueless and incompetent” is NOT an opinion, it is a schoolboy insult….

            I’m sorry if you don’t like it, but I created JA for intelligent discussion about Arsenal, and if you have nothing intelligent to say then you will not be missed…

          2. MA is stabilizing the team at the back but he needs help in the attacking department. Im worried because we are only regressing in the attack ever since MA took over. Maybe the board can pay Conte or AW to conduct a masterclass for MA on this.

        2. you must admit it’s quite telling that you don’t seem to police those who make similarly rude/crass comments about anyone who might not adopt such a rosy disposition/outlook with nearly the same ferocity…it’s those kind of “hero” moves that tend to further inflame the already festering divisiveness, as they unnecessarily create a hard line in the proverbial sand, which simply isn’t required and/or warranted considering the fluidity of this MA-centric narrative

          1. I know you love an argument, but can’t you understand that I created this site because I enjoy taking about Arsenal with fellow supprters . Where is the fun when you can’t even enjoy winning a game. I don’t care who the players are or who the manager is, I just want to enjoy Arsenal winning.

          2. Pat, why can’t you simply ignore the posts you find to be too negative? I don’t understand why people let these things affect them

            1. Negative is not a problem when the reasons for it are explained clearly. As I said last night it is the moronic schoolboy insults and abuse thrown at our manager, players and other readers that get my goat.

              Specifically, we were winning the game and one comment simply said “Arteta is clueless and incompetent” for no reason at all. I don’t want the site dragged down to that level on a regular basis, which it seems to be going…

          3. then this should be called Just Pat’s and you should have an invitation only policy…just imagine for a second what that would look like during it’s brief existence…I’ve been on this site for the better part of a decade, minus a 2 year forced sabbatical due to some glitches in your matrix, and the real beauty of such an undertaking is it’s ability to bring divergent opinions into the same occupied space, but it appears abundantly clear that you just want create some sort of nonsensical hub of like-mindedness…it’s almost like you have convinced yourself that those who don’t share your specific philosophy aren’t true supporters and therefore deserve to be treated with an unhealthy amount of contempt…now, of course, if you’re merely doing this as a side gig with no monetary gain in the cards whatsoever, I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused you over the years

        3. This is a forum, where you invite everyone to comment freely but then suggest to leave forum if disagree or not support Arteta ruining this club for 3 seasons.

          We want Arsenal on top as any true fan would, not finish 8 after spending all season where we at today.

          You have no clue of football, nor care for Arsenal if you do not accept us to be pissed.

          Even sitting bottom we should support Arteta for you to be happy, right.

          With all due respect, you have none but nerve to actually ask people who support this website by commenting which pays your bills!

          Go on, ban me, block me and all of us from posting comments.

          Maybe we should stop doing so, leave and let you write for yourself.

          Are you paid by Arsenal clowns! Looks like; do bias mate.

          Hope you realise, can’t invite us to comment and force us to do it as you wish.

          To have different inputs and views allow to learn and move forward.

          You seem passionate but must let people express themselves unless cursing & rude.

          Im in shock; ” Leave this website if not supporting Arteta’s failure 3 seasons

          Once he gets fired, a Conté steps in and cleans all Arteta mess, take us where we belong in CL fight; would that be okay?

          I and we all support, that’s why we want Arteta & Edu out; nothing personal, we do
          value them as ex players but they have no experience nor competence for such a club.

          That’s why we will be were we been since 2 Arteta’s in; midtable official team for 2 season, and in 7 teams fighting for relegation si far.

          Reason Partey suffered is simple: Arteta played to CAM, instead to play AMN or Sambi next to him, leaving him with si much defending and fight!!! He has to play Martin and Smith together, they are Indeed good players but 2CAM!

          Losing balance & putting all load & effort on Partey! No wonder hé gets cramps; anyone would; just common sense!

          Arteta pour management.

          Sorry Pat, we are not satisfied or thrilled with 6 points out of 15, nor celebrating for wi

          1. Not celebrating for winning by a goal against Norwich or Burnley because WE under pressure both games, close to draw.

            We do not dominate, bowling to watch, no plan or tac tic.

            Maybe you must watch other games and sée how great some teams are to watch.

            Newcastle, Westham, Villa, Leeds and even Palace losing by 3 against Reds; could have been a draw or 3-2 at least, great game of football!

            Their coach are just better than an assistant we ended up with.

            All players can’t all become poor; coach causes this mess!

            If you do not like my comment, i can leave website and go to partners advertised here, as i do more and more; we are free to share opinions.

            Hope you can have humility to realize that you can’t ask readers supporting your for not supporting Arteta’s destruction 3 seasons!

          2. Well, I was actually watching the game and enjoying watching us win, until some idiot annoyed me. If you are cheering us to lose because you want the manager sacked then you cannot call yourself a fan.

            You write: “I and we all support, that’s why we want Arteta & Edu out; nothing personal, we do
            value them as ex players but they have no experience nor competence for such a club.”

            That’s fine, i don’t care who the manager is as long as Arsenal are winning games. Where is the fun when you can’t even enjoy winning a game. I don’t care who the players are or who the manager is, I just want to enjoy Arsenal winning.

            Okay so you are determined to get Edu and Arteta sacked. Please explain how that will help the club? Will any new manager have a magic wand, or are you going to dip into your savings to give him a billion pounds to spend. How long with that take?

            If Arsenal win their next five games, will you still be moaning and wanting them sacked? Can YOU do a better job? If you can persuade me that you have a better alternative to improve the team after just 5 games of the season, then I will listen, but don’t shout your slogans without offering a better solution.

          3. Speak for yourself. The true fans are trying to get behind the team and manager we have. Not find every reason to continually bash them. I am a season ticket holder and the mood and support in the stands atm has been awesome. Everyone trying to change the mood and mindset, all but the keyboard warriors that is. lol.

    1. Thanks, our job is to support our club and to help them getting better. I’m tired of all the negativity surrounding our so-called fan base. Our away supporters deserves cred, makes me optimistic about the future 🔴⚪️

  7. If we keep winning and showing progress then Mikel will be in charge si give it a rest and enjoy the win, no matter how we won.

    We need to get that winning mentality and guess how Mikel installs that into the team…. u guessed it by winning games. 1-0 to the Arsenal used to be a big thing dont forget!!

    Partey was cramping so will be available for next weekend and thatll be a massive game for Arteta and the young guns!!

    A we look at Patino in the 1st team this week is something to be excited about. Signing a new long term deal when he turns 18 soon also I read.

    1. I’m very glad we won. We didn’t create much but we were in control. A clean sheet away at burnley is a good result.

      We are not a top 4 club but we should be fighting to be the best of the rest. MA has had time and spent plenty of money. In his 1.5 years we have had some promising periods, but we have fell well short of where we should be. Strong criticism is warranted.

      Easiest way to remedy criticism is to keep on winning, and getting results. It’s time that we take a serious step in that direction It’s also time to consider that if that doesn’t transpire, no matter how much you like they guy, a new manager is the logical step forward.

      2 in a row, VAR not screwing for once, let’s keep it going!

      1. George Graham did also building his team based on a rock solid defence and hardworking midfielders. We didn’t play the most enjoyable football in 1989 but we won the league. 1991 was a different story but the manager was still George Graham, in 91 we only lost one game. In this phase I’m happy with three points, winning ugly isn’t anything new for Arsenal.

  8. As the saying goes, you can only beat what is put in front of you!

    But, our two wins have been against the bottom two clubs, and we could only manage to score a single goal in each match.

    It has been all quiet on the Ramsdale front, lets hope it stays that way!

    I am withholding my euphoria until after the game against Spurs. If we win that (and they have plenty of selection issues too), then I might have a small glass of red wine!

  9. We should have a squad built up now to be able to handle a few injuries… As for players getting injured on a regular basis, points to bad medical staff and the training routine…

  10. I pray let it be just cramp. his absence means xhaka plays. if only xhaka can get out of season injury, then we can be sure of coming up on the table. two matches, two wins, score two, concede none. all without xhaka. this is no coincidence.

    1. How can someone wish any player to get injured and badly enough for a year ! That’s a sick mentality.
      You can wish anything…… may Sambi plays so well that Xhaka stays on bench or Partey never gets injured or may God strike Xhaka with lightning and next day on Xhaka turns a player with Messi and Ronald rolled into one !!!
      Wishing something like that …… mate that’s being pure negative .

  11. Arsenal has had too many injuries because they do too much weight lifting which developes shorter stiffer muscles. Wilshire had so much natural strength he was regularly injured. I would recommend for him only Pilates, and light fast (ballistics)high repetitions.

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