Norwich are incentivised to help Arsenal’s top-four bid

Arsenal need Norwich to beat Tottenham this Sunday for us to have any chance of finishing inside the top-four this season, and it turns out that they have their own incentive to chase victory come the weekend.

The Gunners trail Spurs by two points going into the final gameweek of the campaign, with the white side of north London having the superior goal difference also, meaning that if they are to secure just one point from their final fixture they will secure fourth spot in the division.

While most would have believed that the Canaries have absolutely nothing to play for this weekend, having already secured their return to the Championship, it actually understood that the club will in fact receive a £2 Million boos to their finances if they can finish above Watford, who currently sit one point ahead of the Carrow Road side,Football.London confirmed.

At this point in time, I believe all Arsenal fans are resigned to Europa League football, with very few believing that there is any chance of a final twist in the story of the race for the top four, while some Spurs fans are fearing that their side could crumble, bottling yet another near-guaranteed situation.

If any fellow Gunners are screaming ‘it’s not over’, I’m not meeting them in my circles. As much as I want to believe there is hope, I’m too overcome with frustration that we have slipped to this precarious situation from the position we were in, and feel like luck has completely eluded us at this point.

Is there any red fans out there who believes there could well be one final twist in the tale?


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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. anything could happen, of course, but we don’t deserve to be in the CL next season considering the plethora of underwhelming performances on offer over the final third of the season…that said, I would be incredibly chuffed if something unexpected did occur, as I’m totally convinced that the only way things come good here are if we can recruit the kind of players who can excel in spite of the obvious tactical issues

  2. There’s no point wasting precious time, Spurs would never loose to Norwich, even with their U23 team.

    The EPL doesn’t allow soft players flourish, we need muscles,
    We can see Chelsea, Liverpool and man city, they have more muscle, we barely have any from the midfield to attack,

    Too bad.

    1. And even if they loose against Norwich but Are we going to win against Everton??
      That’s biggest question..

    1. @SueP
      You took the words out of my mouth SueP as soon as I saw this article.
      We are in Europa league. I would be gobsmacked if we end in CL.
      All we can do is to hope for next season.

  3. speaking of clutching at straws, imagine any manager thinking it was a savvy idea to bring on a former Arsenal player simply so he could participate in penalty kicks??? be careful Ranger fans you might have another Arteta on your hands

    1. Arteta is not a bad manager. He wld grow with the team and it will all come good at the end.
      STAY TUNED….Arteta is cooking something that will be ready soon for the world to see.

      1. Are you the be all and end all of all comments ? How is this ma’s fault? No striker no goals. He let the guy unfit to wear the 14 go in January because he was only there to stretch the shirt and collect his handsome pay cheque. That needed to be done. We tried to replace but there were no good strikers available. Should have we spent over the odds on more mediocrity?
        At the beginning of the season you would have taken 5th place all day all night. I’m gutted as well but it’s not the first time we have cracked. I have no choice but to wait and see.
        This is just my opinion, just like that is just your opinion. I’m certain your surname is Morgan. Keep kicking your team when they’re down mate, the very definition of SUPPORTER.

        1. I would not have taken 5 place. I would never. Or you are talking about after our first 3 games? But, wasnt that artetas fault too? If next season we start in the same path, 3 loses, you would be happy at the end if we are in EL spot?

  4. People are hopping for a miraculous happening in Tottenham game against Norwich that arsenal would get champions league if Norwich beat Tottenham. Did you forget that arsenal were beaten by Everton and it will repeat again for the fact that the way mid table teams play arsenal show that they are more angrier than us.

  5. Listen, the only reason arsenal reached 5 th place is because they had only PL matches each week, no european match. If they had europa league, arsenal would get 8th place. Arsenal full squad has bunch of losers and moaners. Plus, only good striker Auba left and Arsenal did not sign anyone. Laca has midget legs for a striker, and i do not recognize nketiah as a footballer, let alone be the main striker of Arsenal. And yes, those two matches where he scored, were flukes.

    1. Lola – auba wasn’t a good striker when he was here – we’d been waiting 18 months for him to return to form and it just wasn’t going to happen. We effectively had no very good strikers at the start of the season. Laca and Eddie did just enough in short bursts to help us get to fifth in a season where both spurs and united collapsed, although spurs largely recovered after the January window.
      I do blame the management for the striker situation, though, because it was clear at the start of the season – they seemed more focused on boosting the defence, which was far less of priority.

  6. I can only see a 0-3 win for Spurs, but you never know, maybe Conte will lose key players like Arteta has, and that could help us. If Kane and Son were to be injured, that would give me hope.

  7. So I wagered $3,000 against Norwich beating Tothenham…..with a friend, who believe Norwich might upset Tothenham.

    Tothenham will murder Norwich before closure of first half.

    Thursday night is our portion

  8. Be realistic guys, The only hope we have in reaching any reasonable height in Europe for now is Europa league. With the performance displayed against NewCastle, Arsenal is definitely not ready for UCL

  9. Be realistic can this team win Europa league? the answer is NO. we need quality players to challenge next season

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