Norwich City v Arsenal match preview and predicted score

Arsenal to get back to winning ways when they face off against Norwich City today.

This Arsenal squad may not be the best we have seen but it is certainly strong enough to be challenging for top-four. The fact they are not is the reason that Unai Emery is out of a job.

Norwich City may be the home side and did beat Man City but they are second bottom in the standings and there is a reason for that, they are not a very good team.

If both teams played to their true ability then Arsenal will win but that has been the problem for a while now, Arsenal has not been playing to their true ability.

We will know soon enough if the reason for that was Unai Emery or if we, the Arsenal fans, have been kidding ourselves how good this squad really is.

I have found it incomprehensible that a team with the likes of Pepe, Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette is not able to outscore almost every opponent they face.

I am very confident that Freddie Ljungberg will not make the same mistakes that Emery made. I am certain he will remove the shackles and not be as pragmatic as his predecessor.

I expect to see far more movement off the ball, far more quick passing, less playing out from the back and much more focus on attack.

Emery had it right at the start of last season, it went wrong because he started to focus far more on the opponent and ignored Arsenal’s strengths. I do not see Freddie doing that. He will, I am certain, get the team playing to their strengths and not worry too much about the opponent’s strengths.

Of course, Arsenal cannot be complacent, they have to respect Norwich City but if there is no new manager bounce and another bad result follows then it is time to really be worried.

All things considered, Arsenal should have far too much for Norwich City to handle and I expect a win today.

Predicted Score

Norwich City 1 v 3 Arsenal


  1. Keenly looking forward to the line up Freddie will put up, then we might have an idea of how he wants us to play

  2. Am really looking forward to this, first time I’ve felt like this in a while!!
    It is away though, at a ground where City lost… so, am a little apprehensive… as our defensive problems won’t have disappeared overnight, will they??
    I seriously doubt we’ll keep a clean sheet… but I just hope PAL outscore them!! Pepe to score from open play 🙏
    Good luck, Freddie (& Per) Come on!!!!

    1. Sue am supporting us with everything I have and am wishing Ljungberg the very best. I will not start with any complains and I think everyone should be hopeful and not throw the team down without seeing how it performs first.

  3. Unai’s downfall was manifested in the following
    > too much focus on the opposion at the expense of the team strength as already stated
    > change of style from high pressing to playing from the back
    > players being played out of position, Torreira, Xhaka & Ozil
    > disregard of important players like Laca, Torreira, Ozil & nILES
    > favouring players like Shaka, Mattheo & Kolasinac
    > trying to bring a wedge betweeb Laca and Abu. Speaking openly to the world that he
    wanted Abu to be the best striker in the world was irresponsible when you have 2

  4. Maybe now people will start to agree, as some of us have said repeatedly, this is not a great squad. The midfield and defence remain dire and this is mainly due to the quality of players.
    Many are already quite experienced and it is unlikely that they can improve dramatically.
    Does anyone really expect Mustafi to now become a world class defender because the manager has changed?

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