Norwich take the lead again in added time – Freddie must be frustrated

This game is absolutely crazy, and although it is end to end stuff, Norwich has once again highlighted Arsenal’s defensive frailties and have taken the lead yet again at the worst possible time.

Freddie must be shaking his head on the touchline as he watched Norwich fly down the wing yet again and easily avoid the Arsenal defence, passing the ball around until it arrived at the Canaries youngster Cantwell’s feet, and he coolly slotted the ball past Leno in the Arsenal goal.

This is turning into a comedy for the neutrals, but Arsenal fans (and Freddie!) must be kicking themselves with frustration right now…


  1. Been killing us all half between Willock and Chambers. Both jogging back no urgency.

    Willock having shocker needs to sit for Pepe. For the billionth time we concede just before half.

    Our defense is $hit, perhaps playing actual DM like Torreria might help.

  2. On all counter attacks why do 4 plus Arsenal players run straight towards the our box with only 1 attacking players with the ball from the center field… I thought at least 1 or 2 of our players should be at least running straight to the player to either push him wide, distract him to make him stop to await support away from our box etc…their 1st goal 4 of our players run past the guy with the ball and only tried approaching him when he was already inthe box. At this point any contact is a penalty therefore they cant risk getting too aggressive or close?

    Has anyone else observed the same with alot of goals against us.No urgency in closing players, no communication (why would all of us 4 run past the guy with the box to await him in our box)

  3. We are all hoping for an improvement but I cannot see it coming any time soon. We seem to have a one laced team who all jog back once they lose possession. Where is the pace to defend?

  4. Arsenal is no longer one of the big teams in Premier league. Instead of mounting pressure on Norwich defenders at the end of the game, it was the other way round. Mustafi and chambers are a joke. Saka did nothing besides loosing too many possesion.

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