Norwich v Arsenal in danger of being postponed due to Covid

Arsenal’s match with Norwich can be called off

The last news that Arsenal fans would be wanting to hear is their match against Norwich City on Sunday can be cancelled.

The Canaries’ manager Dean Smith, speaking ahead of the tie against the Gunners, claimed that his team has got “some fresh cases.”

“We’ve had some fresh cases, but we’ve got others coming back from previous cases as well so I think it is pretty similar to a lot of other clubs at the moment,” said Smith, as quoted by NorfolkLive.

The former manager of Aston Villa continued, “I’m not sure yet because we have to have a PCR within 48 hours of the game and that is our last point really to find out who is going to be missing and who is going to be available.

“We’ll train today and train tomorrow morning and see what numbers we’ve got.”

It might not be till Saturday that Arsenal fans get their bad news. Nobody wants their team’s matches to be postponed.

We as fans wait a week to 10 days just to watch our favourite team play. Those 90 minutes is where we forget everything that is going on in our lives.

But if a number of players test positive, then it’s only fair to postpone the match. However hard that might be for fans.

I am just hoping for the early recovery of the Norwich players and that very few of our players contract the virus.

Yash Bisht

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      1. 99% had pre existing conditions and were extremely vunerable to and extremely likely to have been taken by seasonal flu.

        1. Yes, the statistics actually said that. But many people don’t understand how scientific conclusion is made and the media made it worse by quoting numbers without contexts (raw data).

  1. The top teams are the only clubs affected because of European committments international games, and because the top teams go furtherest in the domsetic cups. Teams 8-20 are not really affected. Simply reduce the PL to 18 teams and play 4 less games. Champions league should have groups of 5 and teams play two home and two away = 4 games not 6. Scrap international friendlies. Top 6 teams do not play in the carabao cup. Top 6 teams come in the round of 16 of the FA Cup. So that means between 14 – 18 less games a season for the elite players. Easy..

    1. Exactly! We are playing tomorrow, with Wolves having a rest. I would take a cancelled game so we can meet Wolves in a fresher state on Tuesday.

  2. Well either do we continue play or dont, don’t scenqrio will damage all clubs and our society slowly dies! sry but this is here to stay, we cant vaccine out it, it will mutate to fast, and mutations due to vaccined patients, carriers of covid cant be stoped this way.

    only way is to give whole planet a 100% vaccine that are taken simulatanelusy! and few weeks isolation on the whole planet to let the new strains to not find more carriers. especiall since we give booster shots that showes omikron are 40 times worse for ppl that has taken the vaccine(from 96-98% protection it means that 2*40 you at 18% more safe than none vaccinated the 96% version of it you go down 160+% wich means tat you are 64% more liklet to get it, if reports are accurate! evolution in virus we cant keep up with this.. some viruses cant mutate easy fortunatly not ebola etc personally i dont know why, but same with the most scary spreeder messels havent mutaed either, but this is diffrent, sry we have to try ride out the storm. or watch economy die in the whole western part. thats my belief atleast. im a stroke patient so i had real issues with covid not a single diesease i had before made me felt another stroke are on its way, scary shit but im convinced that we are £€₩¥ed and need to give covid the finger and try to be brave!

    tough call but what are the options?

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