Norwich v Arsenal review – Bad luck and injuries bite again

If Arsene Wenger was hoping that Arsenal had used up all our bad luck in the away defeat last week then he was sorely mistaken. The only positive for the Gunners from this week-s away day at a lower Premier League club is that we managed to come back to north London with a point and we had some poor finishing from the home side and a top class save from Petr Cech to thank for that.

It had all looked so good in the first half, despite Arsenal losing a key player in Laurent Koscielny at about the same time as Coquelin went off last weekend. The Gunners dominated anyway and took a well deserved lead through Mesut Ozil’s slick finish after Alexis Sanchez had pounced onm a poor goal kick and played him through.

But just like last week we were pegged back before the break and the goal came out of the blue and involved a mistake by the player that had come on as well, with Gabriel getting on the wrong side of Grabban. It could easily have been even more similar as Norwich spurned a great chance on the stroke of halftime.

THe second half was a real battle and our bad luck with injuries struck again and it was the one we all feared, with Alexis limping off holding his hamstring. Fair play to Norwich who gained confidence from their goal and played really well after the restart.

Another setback for the Gunners and from two games we should have won we have taken just one point. Title chances slipping away? Depending on the severity of the latest injury blows they could be gone already.

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  1. overconfidence kills mr wenger u dont care
    Sanchez now out for 3-4 game
    how many touches has giroud had? Can’t remember him touching the ball
    Welcome back to same last 10 years Arsenal FC

    1. Call it bad luck if you like but I don’t see it that way, we just f@*ked up and nothing else. 3 games 2points?? Something must be wrong. #AngryGunner

      1. Dissapointing result indeed. But thats how the EPL is…its very difficult to keep thrashing teams week in week out. On occasion credit to Norwich, they defended well, they made it difficult for our attackers to get going. In tough games like this we need to be able to protect our lead, and I blame Gabriel for that. Its his second game in a row where his poor marking cost us a goal, maybe its time to play Chambers instead.

        And Flamini was shocking – if you struggle to win tackles against opposition with no particular ball-retention skills like Norwich, then you are done. Wenger should think of playing Ramsey there until he buys a proper replacement for Coquelin in January. Flamini and Arteta are both finished.

        1. spot on..Flamini is past it..he can probably be a cover for a game or two but asking him to play week in week out is expecting too much! Rambo was/is a waste in the right wing but balance is the key. Very difficult times ahead for could see the mediocrity once sanchez was gone..the less said about giroud the better..he seems to be a guy who plays better when he has competition..with no one to push him for a spot..he looks pedestrian…Sanchez is a blow..I don’t want to be pessimistic but I think our season is over ! If we do not buck up, even Liverpool may be ahead of us by the turn of the year!

  2. groundhog day? grondhog year! another poor result, another big injury…well done overplaying alexis. europa league on thursdays should be fun

    1. Even wenger himself admitted that Sanchez is in RED ZONE and he kept playing him, so now what??? I don’t want mention names for todays failure, but if I have to then:
      Ramsey and then WENGER.

  3. Wenger’s delusional transfer activity is looking, well…even more delusional. AKB’s will be happy though.

  4. i hate giroud with a passion wil this guy ever take resonsibility in a game ? sick of his crapy flicks so scared of the bloody ball grrrrrrr

    1. People underrated walcott’s contribution but actually our game was ruined as soon as lamppost was restored to our XI.

        1. Giroud has scored in the last four games. It’s nobody but Wengers fault that players are over worked and we have no bench. Big teams that play in champions league regularly should have a deep squad.

  5. I’m so tired but I can’t sleep
    Standin’ on the edge of something much too deep
    It’s funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a
    We are screaming inside, but we can’t be heard

  6. Well….we re at that point again.
    Are we not good enough? I don’t think that is the problem.
    I don’t want to say it but the thing relies somewhere else….and even in Jan 1 might be too late

  7. Who the fudge is Grabban? Never even heard of him and yet he manages fool our defenders.

    Giroud just waits for the perfect cross, did nothing much. Monreal was piss poor, Cazorla as well. Özil is carrying the team lol.

    Kosc out, Sanchez out, league title out. 4th place fight here we come.

    1. I think that 4th place trophy is out of the question now!
      Spuds and Liverpool will be fighting for that.

      and at this rate even Chelsea will overtake us!

    2. Looks like it..i dont understand it..why does wenger not see it when everyone else can..Arsenal’s first choice team is top class..but what about the back-ups ..Ramsey, Wilshere, Welbeck, Rosicky all are injury prone. Who do we play now if Cazorla is also out? Why can we not start the process of clearing these ppl out? How realistic is it to expect willsehre to be fit for an entire season? sell him and get the money…look at us now…nothing in attack! nothing in defence..horrible situation to be in !

  8. Alexis and Ozil are not going to stick around for much more of this utter bull$hit!

    Can you blame them? Which world class player wants to have Olivier Giroud as their striking partner? The answer is…. Nobody.

    Can we all agree now after almost 4 years Olivier Giroud is just not good enough for an entire season for Arsenal

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Can’t believe Giroud have played so many games for a club like Arsenal. Big guy always falls down, if he wins a duel the ball goes to an opponent our he misses a chance, he s positioning without the ball is terrible, no threat behind defensive lines. So sad when we have a passer like Ozil. Been shaking my head after Girouds first 5 months in the Arsenal shirt. Cannot believe the club management can’t see this and do something about it.

        1. Any striker playing for an attacking team like Arsenal would score goals. Wouldn’t surprise me if Koscielny would have the same amount of goals if he played striker instead. Point is there are much better alternatives out there. Giroud should not be in a starting eleven for Arsenal FC

        2. Your forgetting the 300 other chances he has missed. Im fairly certain even if I played with the likes of Alexis, Cazorla and Ozil I would score goals.

          But hey, you continue to have faith in Giroud. Deluded fool

  9. Best moment of this match was the world class save from cech, off gabriel’s head in the 70th which would have been an own goal!

  10. Biggest management blunder ever to play alexis sanchez despite KNOWING he is not fully fit and has issues with his calf. Result is now he is out for probably 6-7 weeks. Koscielny our best CB who makes mertesacker look good is also out. Coquelin another long term injury. Looks like olympiakos will kick us to europa league where we actually belong. 1 single point against Norwich and WBA shows why arsenal won’t be champions for a few more years.

  11. Complacency at its best from players…. Bench Sanchez ?? LOL with whom?

    Campbell, Ramsey and Oxlade Chamberlain? who are just returning from injuries??

  12. Now I just want the 4th place junkies on this site to OD …can stand any more of their pathetic analysis silly numbers and lame excuses…they are an insult to the arsenal fan base …

  13. It wasn’t all bad luck. It was also another below average performance from the whole team giroud hardly touched the ball. I thought his main asset was hold up play. I don’t think so

    1. His main job is to get on the end of crosses but you are right holding the ball up is the part of a target man. I certainly saw his hand go up looking for a ball that never came.

      1. His main job is to score in tight matches like this and crucial ones like against Spurs (and countless other games I have been subjected to watch in pure disgust for the past three seasons with him up there) to turn draws into wins. His main job is to take his 4 or 5 very good chances created against a Monaco team that Wenger knew the “REAL” Arsenal should have won not just mainly scoring when the team is winning.

      2. Yeah but everything he gets the balls he falls over or does a fancy flick and gives it straight back to the opposing team. I’m not a giroud hater but he’s not good enough to start for arsenal and he plays sh#t when he has no competition for St position witch is 85% of the season while Walcotts injured

  14. Now now now…. Wenger what have you done? You have single handidly ruined our best chance of winnng the title in years. Injuries cannot be used as an excuse we had a window of oppurtunity in the summer so make sure like (i hate to say this) Mourinho who needed players, bought them and strolled the league. This year they are way off but just making a point. Now look what you have dome to Le Coq and Sanchez!! Santi is not played in the right position he is bullied by everyteam in the prem! Giroud needs walcott to keep him on his toes bt he injured too as well as welbeck whos been njured since last season! Per is a sub at best, koss is usually injured at sum point so is wilshere/ramsey so dont getwengers thinkn at all.

    Title contenders ??? please!!! On the edge of falling into the europa out of the champions league group stage… not taking out oppurtunities, 3 to go clear at top so far and ruined it again. I see this as stagnating not progress. There are other managersthat can take over wenger isnt the only one out there. His time is up at Arsenal


    1. yeah but unfortunately for us and surprisingly, one of those managers just went to Liverpool who will finish above us at this rate.

      1. I know wenger should of left with back-back FA Cup Triumphs and let Klopp come in and take us to the next leveI… Few players signef where we needed added FW/CB/DM. I said it in the summer with an article on here and ur 100% right liverpool look like a new team tbh and thats with no additions! Klopp will take liverpool to a league title before wenger will take Arsenal!!

  15. Any one is convinced that giroud is arsenal material plz go fu** your self
    Thank you arsene fo ruining our season once again

  16. Halloween is over, and thank god so is November!

    2 points dropped, 2 further players lost to injury, Arsenal are definitely on a low when it comes to there performance. They need to scrap for points until there belief and performance comes back.

    It doesn’t look like anytime soon with more and more injuries and the Fact November offered no wins! It’s in times like this, you wonder, is Giroud, Campbell and Flamini really who you want to turn to when players are out! If Arsenal are not to win the league, you have to look at November. Tottenham at home, West Brom, Norwich (2pts) which many would say should be 9pts but at least 7pts.

    You can’t really point to someone and say that person is letting us down, I feel collectively Arsenal are suffering from high demands on a limited bunch of players, mixed with players who have pasted there careers at Arsenal, unfortunately these players are holding back the players at Arsenal who deserve more.

    So on a weekend where Chelsea look to be building up towards a return to form, Liverpool pushing up that league and soon to challenge for the top 4, Man City look to be too strong yet for Auego picking up another injury could be the silver lining.

    Moving forward for Arsenal, they need regroup and work out how to overcome this bad form.

  17. Honestly, when will this stubborn man ever learn, when????
    Why Start Ramsey over Campbell, that just ruined the poor lad’s confidence and when he later came in, his mind was already off the game. Giroud is lost, he needs to be benched but who is gonna replace him because I can’t explain why a 6’2 big man supposedly falls down at the slightest touch, he keeps playing back to the goal, I mean how are you gonna score backing the goal? Several crosses came in but he was no where near any of them, others were misdirected.
    Ramsey was cheaply beaten for the first goal, our middle was horribly exposed and Bellerin was awfully poor today.
    As evident later in the game, without Sanchez, we are nothing upfront because you have a statue as a striker.
    Walcott, we await you.
    I am really disappointed because we never seem to take our opportunities.

      1. @john0711
        About what? Who to lay the blame on? One minute you guys a screaming for Ramsey to start over Joel. Then you want Alexis to play, because we need the win. And as soon as all goes pear shaped, you start whining and doing a complete 180…Save it ….


          sanchez shouldn’t have played against west ham

          this is ALL because our first 11/12 is good enough the rest are not

          spend some f ing money and sign some better players

          1. Not going to happen wenger won’t even replace that jacket with the dodgy zip as it would be a shame to waste afew quid ?

        2. I even posted an article on here saying it was short sided to play Sanchez. Most of us, with common sense didn’t want him to play. It was an obvious conclusion he would hurt himself. They guy has no off button and needs to be protected against himself.

          The Olympiacos game is the single most important game for our PL campaign IMO and risking Sanchez before that game and the holiday schedule was plain dumb.

      2. @john0711,
        Trust me, you can’t teach someone as stupendously ignorant as that a concept like reality. You would have better luck teaching a snake to walk.

        1. @k-ool
          Keep hope alive “superfan” …We didn’t lose, so I guess you got a semi chubby off of it…LOL

    1. You’re happy with a point and single chance created against relegation team? Do you also believe our injury strike is a “curse”?

    2. How can you seriously be happy or content with what’s happening with Arsenal fc?

      I’m starting to think that you are a lonely spud that has been trolling the Arsenal blogs for years! Just because the Spud sites don’t accept you! ???

  18. Not buying a single outfield player in the transfer window despite knowing our abysmal Injury record and despite knowing that we needed a qutility strike and backup to coquelin. Talks were that this could finally be our year as all other challengers are not doing well especially chelsea. Reality: we are at our beloved position of 4th and even below liecester city.

  19. Wenger finally broke alexis, even after the hamstring scared, he still went ahead and played him. Why did he start ramsey ahead of campbell.. no competition in this team, ramsey is untouchable, he comes back from injury and he displaces campbell who played well in the last game. Our right wing is rubbish, if he does not trust campbell and others, he should buy a proper right winger. Giroud’s lack of movement is one of arsenal’s long lasting weaknesses, he scores but if you analyse the game in general, it affects us..nothing exciting happens up there when he is starting. Lastly, lets all pray alexis is not out for long, our season depends on it. G

      1. Yes, NOTHING EXCITING happens with Giroud up there as a starter. You can repeat what I said for the sake of being redundant.

      2. yes, i mean off the ball movement, dribbling, sharp turns and shooting. If you watch the latter stage of our last match when alexis was striking, you would understand what i mean or when walcott was starting even. A striker doesn’t always have to score, but he must create havoc with his movement to open up space for others. Giroud has a very good goal scoring record and good hold up play but he just doesn’t excite me as a typical arsenal striker. He is a lamppost!! Let me give you a fact, top top teams don’t use strikers like giroud.

        1. Arsenal are a top team and use Giroud. Good scoring record and good hold up is what you said and you know what you are right.

          1. I know, I mean how many transfer requests has Wenger turned down for Giroud over the years? Big clubs love a slow, non – technical, inconsistent striker with average hold up play. Not.
            Giroud is worth every bit of 10 million pesos. Ramsey proving he is incredibly average and his good year was a fluke. Santi and ozil next to get injured.

            Wonder if Klopp could improve Arsenal like Liverpool? Oh well,

        2. Thank you very much @lupe. Maybe he’ll understand if someone else explained because the amount of times I have had to explain in more detail than you did to to this same Jim A is very tiring. Also his scoring rate is not very prolific for the main striker of a team the stature of Arsenal. Lukaku, Kane, Benteke for example have amassed their goal scoring rates at in the same time Giroud has been at Arsenal or less in teams with lesser creative talent.

          1. You are right k-ool. His scoring record should be better. Another game where i realized it would be difficult to win something big with giroud as our striker is the bayern away game. Giroud scored in that game but if you notice we did not have any outlet on the counter, or someone up top who could cause havoc with drilling or sharpness which will force bayern to step back. They were playing such a high line like they usually so against small teams. They dare not do that against a top side. They knew giroud didn’t offer that kind of threat so it was a weakness in our game plan. When i look at this arsenal team i just see a whole lot of weaknesses and regarding the injuries, i am just lost for words.

    1. Yeah with Spurs a win away from leapfrogging us. The worse part about it is that Spurs are actually a decent side this season and I have a sense of dejavue from last season drawing at home and then losing at the Lane.

      1. i don’t mind if we finish 5th or 6th as long as the specialist is still in charge because 4th place is useless its just a money for wenger and kroenke but not for the fans.

  20. The curse of the Cup Jersey..2 more injuries to add to the ones in the League Cup game..Have we won even a single game this season where we played the Cup jersey???

    1. what really happened to our usual Red and white kit?……. They were on Yellow….. Why wear a doomed kit that put walcott and the Ox out and now sanchez and kos???

  21. who’s fault is it we done have a quality replacement for le coq ???
    Whos fault is it for overplaying sanchez, due to not signing quality back up

    if there is any Arsenal fan who still think we will win the league thumb me down, but hey the good news they should all be fit again before the transfer window opens

  22. now that i think about it, I don’t think Arsenal would have been able to beat Man u 3 nil if Giroud had started and by the way, the injury wasn’t back luck, that’s just what happens when you play a player showing signs of injury,oh don’t tell me you didn’t see it coming, Bravo Wenger

  23. I don’t think it was bad luck, as pretty much all the things that happened were predictable possibly Kos injury asidealthough he is a little prone due to to tendinitis. Alexis had a hamstring injury pre game and it went. Ramsey doesn’t play that well on the wing, and is only returning to fitness and didn’t play all that well. Campbell’s confidence wasn’t that high because he was dropped for an unfit CAM so knows he is not a favoured son. We were lucky that Ozil and PC are world class because they scraped us a point. Also well done Flame.

  24. Congratulations man city, thanks to zombies like chamberlain and campbell parading themselves as arsenal players. And cazorla is finished

  25. blaming time has come, I kno d whole blame ll b on Giroud now instead of Gabrieal. All I kno is that the team is not good enough. Some injury players in d team e.g. Theo, wilshere has to go to give way to consistent players.

  26. A few things that make me wonder.
    1. Why Ramsey has to play on the wing
    2. Did our team doctors really study medicine?
    3. Do we have team doctors and fitness coaches anyway or it’s just a bunch of economists?
    4. Why we’ve never had a quality striker since Henry and Rvp?

  27. Now to wait another week for the next league game to try and bounce back after an abyssmal performance or missed opportunity. I need to go buy me an Özil jersey while he still plays for the Arsenal.

  28. Terrible game. Ramsey did nothing the entire game except side and back passes and losing the ball. Cazorla and bellerin were awful. giroud could have done more sitting on the sidelines. The players showed no heart and put no pressure on the norwich players when they had the ball . All of that makes the recipee for a disaster, we where lucky not to lose it in the second half.

  29. wenger after being asked about Sanchez inj

    We have not much choice


  30. I tell you what actually is arsenal’s problem. The board and the hierarchy is too afraid to look beyond arsene wenger. They are extremely afraid to even think what will happen if he leaves. Look at Liverpool and klopp. He has transformed the team without even buying a single player of his own. Wenger has never beaten mou in epl and even lost 6-0. Klopp comes in and smashed chelsea and mou at the bridge. The board must develop some guts to look beyond wenger now.

  31. i am fu##in done. this is my first time to say this and i never thought i would but fu## wenger out (fwo). from now on i am a wenger out guy. today,s result nothin but a bad management. like i said earlier, sanchez should not have played until the cl. and Campbell should have started. i cannot not defend wenger anymore. i just don’t see any reason to his gamble. sanchez and ozil deserve better. i genuinely no longer believe this team will win the league anymore . i guess i am back to reality #FWO’s.

      1. i am sorry i took so long. u guys needed more support and we didn’t give you. now let’s help others who are in need of a slap back to reality. by the way, where’s budd?

          1. SERIOUSLY…we might be part of the problem.we know wenger is the one holding us back yet no one makes the effort to go above commenting here and on other blogs,,WENGER OUT.
            surely isnt there more we can do…am taking ideas.mine is today ill create a website where fans can sign petition.i hope to get a million gunners saying WENGER out,and maybe just maybe the board and kroenke will understand the depth of our anger,dissapointment and dismay at the constant continous arrogant mismanagement of this team.I mean seriously everyone around us bought players even the champs,….who are you!!!!

  32. Chamberlain nearly made us lose this game, he was too lazy to chase down balls assuming it would go out of play, sometimes i wonder what these players do in training

  33. ?jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the wayyyyyy ?
    ?There’s no fun in Arsenal son, ?
    ?When stuck in Groundhog dayyyyyy ?

  34. £200m plus cash in on these players in June

    And we can build a formidable team.
    Oh add Wenger to that list…..
    If we should play in Europa league we should boycott those games to send a message to the board. Those games would just line up their pockets more.

  35. Every year is the same! STUBBORN Wenger does fk all, sooner he goes the better, we ‘re gonna be left behind when others teams takeover, Arsenal is run by idiots, injuries what a joke! Can’t beat West Brom and Norwich, our club is a joke amongst the opposition, so predictable and to think Wenger is paid £8million a year.


    1. I agree with everything you said except “IT IS TIME TO VOICE OUR RIGHT”

      It was time to do exactly that 4 years ago but these so called AKB’s cant quite understand the reality

  37. Sanchez getting injured was not bad luck. Most of us knew he would get injured. Losing him for even two games would not have been worth it. He should have been rested.

    Also a bit crazy IMO that Santi stayed on, he looked hurt.

    The whole team were off the pace and poor. We were out played after we took the lead.

    Giroud is useless but got no service. Even Bellerin was poor. Monreal was our best field player IMO, and often is these days.

    Next week will drop more points.

    Ox put in some decent crosses but could have been brought on a bit earlier as far as I am concerned.

    I hope Koscielny should be back soon. At least he didn’t do a hamstring or so.

    1. @jansen i have been reading your ‘spot on’ articles on much can we pay you or what will it take for you to start writing WENGER OUT articles?thats the tumour right there….lets cut it!!!!

  38. Bellerin also had a major off day and often lost the ball when we were prseeing forward on the right wing.

  39. If Wenger still thinks that Arsenal can win the Premiership he needs to see a head doctor.
    Last week Arsenal had a chance to go TOP this week they had the same chance today and they blew it.What does this tell you, the Players don’t believe they can do it otherwise they would have grabbed the Bull by the horns. Bad Luck my A and as for injuries this is no excuse.
    Arsenal have become the nearly Men and this is down to one man and one man only WENGER.

  40. Far away from bad luck. Just keep on dreaming till you will wake up and realise that we are actually f.ed already.

  41. What a huge laugh! “Bad luck”? For who? Norwich perhaps. More ridiculously blinkered articles from arsene butt-lickers. Anyway, towards the grander objective of riding the club off frauds and incompetence, today’s result is most celebrated as it further enhance that objective.
    It’s only but a matter of time before the muppet of a manager is so embarrassed as to perhaps facilitate his lonely exit for AFC! At which point AFC can begin the task of rebuilding and launching a period of sustained success.

    Wenger out!

  42. Once ARSENAL are always ARSENAL FORWARD never backward EVER Wenger will make the same mistake again & again & again & again, this season will be our season but again Wenger is about to f*** it up

    1. he already did son. he already did!! the impact of what happened today will be seen in the coming weeks, months and finally, at the end of the end of the season.

  43. I stand for what i say, not that it gives me joy to think of my self as right, but in the contrary these self created facts of mine makes me as a fan uneased and very angry.

    Mesut Ozil today is playing at Arsenal bec at that time he came, Arsene was never so close in having the whole fan nation against. Mesut was a panic buy who was bought to calm the fans down. He fulfilled his purpose.

    Then again. The fact that Sanchez today is at Arsenal is bec Wenger knew that Walcott was out for good, and he needed a substitute to his goals and assists. Without Walcott being injuried, there would probably be no Sanchez.

    Nothing can excuse Wenger and Arsenal. The leauge is so damn average, that it pains me to see the likes of Norwich standing next to Arsenal as equals. Total embarrassmend.

    Wenger logic: I have the money to spend 50mil on Griezman, but hey comon, what would happen to Ramsey then? Therefor i refuse to spend.

    Puts then some pseudo intellectual explaination of football and failuare which no ones believes in, beside maybe he himself and some die hard Arsene fans along.

    Wenger is a clown, and he is making a fool out of the fans and Arsenal with ease.

  44. Let me tell all of you one fact – arsene wenger will never(not even the word ‘not’) win any major trophy for arsenal again if he miss this opportunity to be title contender and he has miss it.
    but all of us has been brainwashed in the case that –
    1. if we win like 5 or more games wenger(specialist in failure) will turn to le prof
    2.all the mediocre players like welbeck will be praised like goal machine players (e.g suarez)
    3.waiting for average (giroud,ox,chambers,etc) or young(akpom,bielik,etc) players to improve his game or develop respectively in order to balance or fill up the squad (while we are missing on major trophies every season)
    4. wenger should have won champ league doing the invisible if he is consistence because he get more opporunity then.
    5. the same story every season.

  45. Luck has little to do with serious footballing outfits … We are no longer one under wenger and never will be again .. Ten years of failure is enough … But the guy is way to arrogant and willing to bring club down before moving on

  46. Jokes upon Jokes upon Jokes!

    Now wenger and Sanchez are in disagreement regarding his injury ?
    Wenger says hamstring and Sanchez says it was a kick!

    Also our prognosis expert (wenger) expects Cazorla and Koscielny to be fit to face Sunderland next week!

    Ramsey says that it’s great to be back and that we didn’t deserve to beat Norwich.

  47. Lets not forget this Norwich team took it to liverpool at anfield not long ago. On any given day any team can beat any other. What gets me is that wenger never really uses in game major changes or tries different formations. 4,2,3,1 and thats it. Id like us to mix it up once in a while, when have we last had two players up front? We rely on our quality to out play our opponents and sometimes this isn’t enough. Naive and arrogant!

  48. lololol the problem of you moaners and whiners is that you are toooooo emotional and not in a healthy way… NY_Gunner is right… i also love arsenal but i’m still able to be happy with my life when arsenal lose… and dont think that you are better fans when you are frustrated each time when arsenal lose.. its just pathetic. arsenal lost well thats sad but its just a game, learn to be happy more than positive with your lives.. its reeeeaaaaallllyyy annoying how childish and pathetic you guys are (not all the moaners.. just the ones who go overboard) after EACH loss

    1. For an indifferent 4th place junkie u seem to get really worked up when people criticize your beloved guru … Classic cultist syndrome … Best start up a happy chant and take another pill

  49. With nine players unlikely to take part before mid January at the earliest, and even then not match fit, it`s difficult to predict Arsenal`s future this season.
    At a guess I`d say Coquelin`s season is over. The injury to Sanchez maybe a blessing in disguise (a forced rest).
    Koscieny has got on going hip problems and unlikely to reach his full potential this season.
    Carzola, Arteta and Rosicky are pushing it a bit and we all know the older you get the harder it is to throw off physical problems.
    So, that leaves Wilshere and Walcott to return in January. Welbeck….who`s he?

  50. This season is over for me. I’m not turning on the telly for Arsenal until next August. And then, only if the transfer activity lives up to the name of the club, rather than the Kroenke’s profit expectations.

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