Not a good day for Arsenal and it hurts

Hello lovely Arsenal people. As disappointing as it is, the result is not unexpected. We were riding our luck in a lot of the games. We scored an incredibly lucky second goal today as Lacazette used his hand to guide the ball to Auba from the corner.

And even though we turned it around, we failed to take a grip on the pitch and created very little in attack. Our defense eventually failed us as usual and as I kept banging on you can’t always outscore the opponents. Sometimes you need to be able to hold onto the lead and we are yet to learn this lesson the hard way.

Substitutions were wrong on the day too. Iwobi should have been subbed instead of Auba and Lacazette was also extremely poor. I’m not sure why we introduced Lichtsteiner instead of Bellerin, but there is a massive rebuilding job in defense.

Mustafi is a liability, Xhaka isn’t a left back and we don’t have a regular set of CB. I was also unimpressed with Guendouzi who wouldn’t have started had we had a real LB. It’s difficult to point out a player who had a good game, as Xhaka was my only candidate until he put a silly challenge on Zaha who made the most out of little to no contact to earn a penalty.

It’s really sad that we failed to take advantage of the fact City play Spurs. Our real Target is the top 4 and with the ways other teams keep winning against the lesser sides, failing to beat a team like Palace really hurts, but it’s our own fault.

Now we’ll see the real character of this team. Can we bounce back? Can we turn up the heat against Liverpool and finally start a game well? A run of very difficult fixtures is coming up. But first it’s the carabao cup.



  1. Lupe says:

    Our winning run comes to an end, so we continue with a new run; games without loosing. I’m scared to death of liverpool due to our defence and i hope we get a result because if we loose, it will be three losses against top sides.

    As regards player performances, i have to say that torreira is a brilliant player, honestly, without him, we could have lost that game. He stopped a lot of their attacks and he is very good at the dirty side of the game. I am not xhaka’s biggest fan but we have to cut him some slack because he was playing out of position and emery probably had no choice but to play him there. Lacazette, ozil and iwobi were very poor today, guendouzi was ok. As regards our defence, It seems like our defenders aren’t capable of being organised, they get isolated and dragged out of position too often and the only one i trust in a one-on-one situation is sokratis, so we need to rectify that. We also have to find a way to improve our first half performances because it is one of the aspects of our game that hasn’t changed from last season.

    Overall, I am still happy because we are moving in the right direction and all our problems will need time and money to solve. Money that i hope will be made available for the manager. 11 wins and 1 draw in the last 12 is a fantastic run no matter the level of opposition. We’ve been lucky with some results, but it’s all positive for now, so lets make it 13 unbeaten against blackpool and then we go again against liverpool.

    1. Mohamed Aziz says:

      If unay keep playing xhaka on the left back its penalties or red cards all season

  2. Jah son says:

    Our manager failed us today
    Team selection was wrong
    Substitutions were wrong
    And I also wonder if it’s because Emery’s computer guy was removed from the bench at half time because our changes were horrible

    1. kev says:

      Please do not be too critical of Emery.Its some of the dreadful players he has which fail him.Today,was another day that again showed how bad Mustafi and Xhaka were.These two players would not take Arsenal anywhere.I hope Emery stops persisting with them.It is my hope that both players shall not be first teamers after this season.

    2. gotanidea says:

      He did the best he could with Wenger’s ex-players

      1. ken1945 says:

        gotanidea, does that include eleven wins on the trot with AWs ex-players?
        Why do you suddenly go back on all your talk about Emery being the new messia to blaming AW’s ex players just because we DREW one game?
        By the way, there were three of Emery’s players and two of Svens signings in the team today, according to who signed who last season!

        1. gotanidea says:

          You sound to be an ex AKB

          I respect Wenger but I have to criticize a bad performance

        2. Xxnofx says:

          Yea agree ken ,it’s getting annoying now with fans on here keep going on about wenger ,he’s gone get over it ,emery signed 5’players in the summer so by my math that’s half a team ,so. Its not wengers fault for anything now .
          Regarding the game I thought emery got the subs wrong by taking Ozil and auba off with only a goal advantage.but tbh palace deserved that point even if that penalty was shameful which bring me into my last point regarding this whole diving culture,I dispise it tbh and that applys to our players aswell ,that palace penalty was disgraceful ,Man Utd’s penalty also was disgraceful today ,players falling over and making a meal out of nothing really riles me up ,torriara for us is one who dives all over the place ,when you lose points because of diving it ruins the sport for me

          1. ken 1945 says:

            Xxnofx,, agree with game analysis and the diving element.
            Perhaps the referees took Zahas complaints to much to heart and decided to go along with him.
            I also am amazed that gotanidea brings up the old akb/wob ridiculous scenario.
            I noticed he didn’t reply to the question of… eleven wins with AW ex players OR one draw with AW ex players?
            Might just be one answer to both though, EMERY’S players!

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, this attempt to censor fans, like me and in this case, got an idea, who blame Wenger for much of our still below par squad (for a top level club), is also irritating to US who wanted WENGER OUT FOR AGES. IN MY CASE, AS YOU WELL KNOW , FOR A FULL DECADE PAST. I have no wish to re-visit our many past Wenger arguments. But you really have no right to try to censor what others write. If we wish to bring up WENGER , THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT IT. NO ONE FORCES YOU TO READ OUR POSTS, so I suggest you don’t and save yourself further angst. Wengers stamp is still all over our squad and unless and until, in cloud cuckoo land, the owner lets the new regime spend REAL money to adequately replace MOST of Wenger’s duds, esp the rotten defence who are still making basic errors, simply because they are not good enough, then anti Wenger comments will remain relevant to many posts. I DO NOT TELL YOU WHAT TO WRITE OR WHAT NOT TO SAY. PLEASE GIVE ME THE SAME COURTESY. For what it is worth , I thought it a daft idea to play a cumbersome and limited midfield man, Xhaka, as a left back, when Licht could and should have started on the left. But I have every faith in Emery, despite what I believe was his mistake in selection today. I also thought Zaha dived across Xhakas clumsy, but not illegal, challenge for his pen , which only levelled the earlier ref mistake for failing to give a handball by Laca , leading to Aubas goal. Some folk on here have been getting silly in their false hopes for this season and ignoring the fact that most of Wenger duds are still here. And Emery HAS to play some of them as there are no others of sufficient quality. Thanks to Scrooge Kroenke. Even Emerys buys, of financial necessity, are hardly superstars of the game.

          3. ken1945 says:

            Jon, and I have every right to reply to this ongoing, never-ending tirade of dribble from a now, small percentage of posters.
            If someone puts a comment on here, surely it’s for others to read, digest and comment on?
            Isn’t that what free speech is all about?
            I’ve never asked you not to read or comment on anything I have put forward, and you have certainly not been backwards in coming forward to disagree with me in the past.
            Others might just be intimidated by your use of the English language, capitals and personal abuse, but not me old friend.
            For what it’s worth, the duds that Emery inherited have helped us to a twelve game unbeaten run, along with the newsignings already made.
            Emery’s excellent coaching, a vast improvement on AW by the way, has shown that BOTH have an eye for the type of players that come within the Kronkie budget range.
            We still need better defensive cover, shame that Sven and Unai didn’t see it the same way though?
            With AW’s excellent young crop of players coming through, Emery has an excellent opportunity to take our club to the top again.
            I have no doubt he will and I am even hoping he will eclipse the record of his predecessor.
            Feel free to comment Jon, either negatively or otherwise, as I always value your input on all things Arsenal.
            Victoria Concordia Crescit eh Jon?

          4. jon fox says:

            By all means read my comments. All I objected to was the comment that we , who think like me, should refrain from writing them. Of course you have a perfect right to comment on whatever you wish, as do we all; just not the right to tell us what not to write. If you accept this last statement then we have no beef. I agree with almost all you say above,( apart from the Unai and Sven remark, who both had to work with financial peanuts, so could not go out and buy the worlds great defenders, much as they would surely long to do) but just NOT on anyones right to post whatever they wish(provided it is not filth or hateful). We are still friends though and I always look for your posts first and always am disappointed when a thread goes by on which you have not posted your thoughts. I only put up with the many immature posts on here in the hope that we also get some proper insight and debate from intelligent fans such as you, Ozziegunner, Kenny, Phil, Sue and others too. Much depends , in general IMO, on the age of those posting, as insight and wisdom is far easier when one has been around the block a few times. Not to say that many younger fans are not also bright and insightful too though, as clearly some of them are. But life perspective and experience is a factor in the favour of us “oldies”. I may be 68 but still feel young at heart, as you clearly are too.

          5. ken1945 says:

            Jon, very interested in your observations regarding Unai and Sven not being able to buy the world’s greatest defenders due to the peanut budget given to them.
            Can I ask, does your view also include AW in this observation?

            From my point of view, the budgets being offered to both managers meant that NEITHER could dine at the top table, as has been the case since Sol signed up on a free all those years ago.

            AW has bought some awful defenders I agree wholeheartedly, could the budget have influenced him just as it surely will Emery and Sven?

    3. sol says:

      With that lineup I was expecting a relaxed win

    4. Maks says:

      Jah son, I think I can agree with you. Emery was wrong in many things today and almost got away with it. I would like that he did but…
      I wrote more in my post below.

    5. famousfromdubai says:

      You guys are unbelievable. Chelsea whitewashed Burnley. Almighty Man city drew to burnley.
      all games are not pretty like Leicester game. with Wenger we would have lost this game, with same players. Here these guys earned a draw and you open your mouth to yap that nonsense.
      Its crystal palace at home and we fought for it, you know how many games we have had to play in a short time.
      what was your hope for the coach at the start of the season…didnt we say we would give him time, space and support. One draw and you are bad mouthing. shame on you. fickle fan

      1. David Rusa says:

        Completely agree with you and Gogo. We need to be more rational and less emotional.

    6. Gogo says:

      The team played well considering we played 3 games in 7 days… nothing coach did… we played well but just tired legs I guess

      1. ken 1945 says:

        Absolutely agree with the three comments above, including the one about losing the game last year.
        We all crave for the success that Emery’s early promise brings, let’s just keep the faith in him and the players.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Emery had to play Ozil due to his world class performance against Leicester, but I wish Emery would not start with a no 10 from any away game. An extra hardworking player would help with his high pressing strategy and the slow start could be punished by a top opponent next time:

    – Lacazette: Worked hard to help in retrieving the ball, but did not get enough supplies from the creative players

    – Ozil: Back to his usual self. His sulk and diva attitude will not help his fluctuative forms

    – Iwobi: Similar to Ozil. He put on brake today

    – Aubameyang: Not impressive as a left winger again, but his goal instinct is top notch

    – Guendouzi: Not as adventurous as previously, but still trying to make things happen with his movements and passes. One of the best players today

    – Torreira: Combative as usual and good defensively, but played too safe for my liking

    – Xhaka: His amazing free kick is his most prominent skill. Too cautious in attacking and his wonderful free kick became useless with his terrible mistake

    – Bellerin: Good in attacking and decent in defending. Maybe he was injured?

    – Mustafi: Human ticking bomb. A good CB, but very erratic like Koscielny

    – Holding: Played well

    – Leno: Could not even save a single penalty. Bad day today

    1. Phil says:

      Are you seriously blaming Leno for not saving a penalty?Mot a great view of both of them where I was but you are being ridiculous blaming Leno.Other than the two penalties he had nothing else to do other than deal with crosses which I thought he did well.

      1. gotanidea says:

        I expect a top keeper to at least save one of two penalties in a match

        1. Phil says:

          Cech didn’t save 17 penalties (I believe that is correct) until saving from Troy Deeney against Watford last season.So that must make him the WORST GK IN HISTORY

          1. gotanidea says:

            Cech used to be a very good GK but he has declined a lot. I wouldn’t call him a worst GK but he is not a top GK anymore

          2. Phil says:

            But according to you if a GK doesn’t save two penalties in a game he has had a “Bad Day”.Please explain how you have arrived at this.Im at a loss.

          3. Tat says:

            Complete nonsense. Ozil did well, he created a couple chances. The pass to berllerin is nice, he should have scored.

        2. Chabaloah says:

          Your opinion is flawed. How many keepers in the world cup saved every other penalty? None. It’s well known that you have some very exceptional stoppers but you can raise a case that the pressure in the cup from the stadium and country impacted the takers negatively and therefore not a true reflection of how good a keeper you are.

          Cech kept us in the game and helped us win those 11 before he was injured. He’s still a fantastic keeper. Your criteria is very short sighted and reductionist. Playing at home, with confidence – no one should miss a penalty.

        3. jon fox says:

          You are just a twerp to write that tosh!

    2. Maks says:

      gaotaidea… I see people are not commenting your posts anymore.
      Good move.
      Can you think about it and find an honest answer why is that?

      1. gotanidea says:

        It’s okay, I just like to post

    3. kev says:

      You call Mustafi a good CB?

      1. gotanidea says:


        According to statistics, he is either the best or the second best at Arsenal currently in passing, tackling and intercepting

  4. Th14 says:

    I don’t know if Mustaphi has ever heard of a professional foul. Meyer should never have been allowed to run such a long way with the ball. Jesus Christ! Mustaphi is useless. Mustaphi is useless. Mustaphi is useless. Mustaphi is useless. Mustaphi is useless. Mustaphi is useless.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think he performed many professional fouls out of the penalty box

      But apparently he made a bad decision again this time, after several good performances

      1. Sarmmie says:

        Gotanidea, you really suck, you could blame ozil but you’re providing excuses for mustafi? Really mustafi?

  5. Goonerboi says:

    Unfortunately I think Emery really fluffed this game. Guendozi was having a shocker, was being bullied in central midfield and we really missed xhaka presents in the centre, couldn’t put 3 passes together. Lichsteiner should’ve came on for guendozi with xhaka going back to the centre. He offered nothing going forward and was a massive defensive liability. I don’t see how a guy who struggles to defend as a centre mid, who is also slow, was expected to stop crystal palaces pace on the flank. Iwobi looked like Arsenes iwobi, lost the ball constantly and offered 0 penetration. Ozil was plain awful and chucked an unprofessional fit after being subbed. Welbeck should be came on st half-time. Laca was looking dead too. To be fair 3 games in 6 days was always gonna be exhausting for the players but was very disappointed in the way we played. No fluency at all and considering palace didn’t really make many chances the penalties we gave away were rubbish especially Mustafis. Terrified of Liverpool

    1. famousfromdubai says:


      1. Goonerboi says:

        Are u excited to see xhaka vs salah/mane duel? Forgive me if i m not

  6. Maks says:

    It is a sad day. Reality slamed us with the same problems as always.
    We can not cope with 15th place teams when we don’t play 100% or have our best 11 fully fit. Nobody can make miracles with some players we have.
    Emery have to push the Board or go to hell if they dnt buy him replacements for Xhaka, Mustafi, Wellbeck and some others. For ramsey we dnt need a replacement cos he has no position in this team or his out of it most of the time.
    I really like how Emery is giving time to Iwobi and Guendouzi, but today he made another mistake not to change at least one of them for the more experienced player. First mistake was taking Ozil out.
    Lichtsteiner is to slow for PL. Our bench is full of average players…. I would rather give the bench to youngsters and then I would be less sad when we lose a game like that.
    If Klopp was watching this game he is all smiles right now, and we can just be scared not to be trashed… but maybe we will be lucky?
    When we have disgusting Martin Atkinson as a refree we are already one goal down! Although today he is not to be blamed for our loss, pardon a draw.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Klopp must be thinking that Emery would play with 4-2-3-1 at home with Ozil as the no 10

      If Arsenal can be more unpredictable, they would have better chance

  7. Jah son says:

    @ Kev
    Iwobi on the right wrong
    Xhaka at left back wrong
    Guendouzi not ready
    Bellarin only can defend when chasing the ball 50/50
    Emery attack isn’t sorted and neither is his defense
    Also why didn’t Sokratis play
    It’s just too much questions

    1. kev says:

      Annoying isnt it?Waste of talents all over the pitch.

      1. famousfromdubai says:

        how many of our defense played at lisbon just about how many days ago, iwobi, xhaka all played that game and then this game. give them a break. Nothing was wrong, we drew a game, we didnt lose it. how we start crying out like its all over annoys.

        1. kev says:

          It’s normal for people to criticize after a bad performance.Its just that this has already been happening this season.Its just luck we rely on.I for one think we can beat Liverpool but if we lose and I see those two dreadful players I know they would be part of the reason.

  8. kev says:

    @Admin,you clearly state we have been riding our luck in many matches but ypu and many here are highly offended when we are criticized for how bad we play though we win.
    It’s best I focus on these two because I cant stress enough how dreadful they are.Mustafi is a dreadful CB and it was funny watchimg people blame Wenger for all his faults despite his comical defending last season.Even Wenger tried to replace him with the declining Johnny Evans.As for Xhaka,apart from his very good passing he’s nothing to write home about.Heis decision making is s and he cant dribble which makes him susceptible to poor performances in high tempo games.Any good Ozil performance is likely to be overrated by fans because he’s not played well this season and lots of people love him.Unai Emery must find a way to accommodate Auba and Laca in the same team.Playing Auba at LW when Iwobi is in form is not the best thing to do.He’s better at LW than RW where at times he looks confused.If Auba doesn’t score then this is just your normal performance.I don’t want such a dangerous “ball to feet” player to be wasting his time on the wing where he hardly covers the fullback,creates anything or beats his man.If played at LW against Liverpool again then I’m expecting him to be backpocketed.

    1. Hardave Singh says:

      I hope Emery starts AMN at left back for blakpool and liverpool.

    2. jon fox says:


      1. Goonerboi says:

        Our highest transfer fee for a defender too. 35m for rubbish

  9. Neil Fitt says:

    Just remember this squad has played three games this week!
    That means no time to recover to match energy.
    Two wins and a draw is really good at that standard!

    1. famousfromdubai says:


  10. Grandad says:

    With respect, how can any rational Arsenal supporter consider Mustafi to be a”good centre back”? With him in the side we will never have the calm assurance we need to build a solid defence.To blame Xhaka for giving away the second penalty is unfair as he is merely filling in at left back.Let’s be honest Crystal Palace deserved a point.Let’s hope Monreal is fit for the Liverpool match.

    1. Phil says:

      Grandad-you,myself and quite a few “Old Timers” on this site know what it’s like to have PROPER DEFENDERS at this Club.The last truly World Class defender we had was Sol Campbell.Nobody else has come even close.Can you imagine George Graham putting up with these players.I refuse to blame Xhaka today.He is not even a good Midfielder let alone Left Back.But he was asked to do a job and I can’t see how he can be blamed.The fact we have both Monreal AND Kolasinac injured is unfortunate.AMN can do a job there but he is only just coming back.
      Until such time we get Defenders who know how to DEFEND we will continue to have results like this one.Emery has both over-achieved with the players he inherited and also been fortunate with the results we have had due to these very same players.
      We will be fighting the Spuds AND Manure for that Forth position at the end of the season and many games will be decided by how well we defend.Both those Clubs have better defenders than we do.That hurts to say that but it is a fact.
      For the last decade our defence has been ignored.Untill we get this sorted we will NEVER be considered as a genuine Title Challenger

  11. sol says:

    The energy level of Palace was greater than ours.Arsenal should play their own style by holding the ball to the ground because the game was physical and Palace players were dominant on the air.A big lesson for Unai. If this game was with livpull the result would be okay. Am disappointed.

    1. Sue says:

      At times it looked like Palace were the team on a winning streak…. I’m disappointed too but oh well on to Wednesday.
      Liverpool haven’t got a game midweek so have more time to prepare. This is one fixture I hate.. I’m sick of being thrashed by them, we are due a good game & a result against them… I hope we get it… at least we’re at home

      1. sol says:

        Sue a draw with livpull will be good

        1. Sue says:

          I would take that, but I want all 3 points ?

  12. Durand says:

    Credit to Palace for doing a solid job today. They showed urgency, intensity, and pressed well today. We lacked urgency, intensity, and the character to dig out 3 points.

    Laca, Auba, and Ozil did not earn their wages today. Palace didn’t give them any space, and our world class attackers allowed it to happen.

    Zaha was more dangerous and creative than Laca, Auba, Ozil, Iwobi, and Guendouzi combined. We were sleepwalking through the first half and Palace were buzzing around like flies.

    12 games without a loss better than anything I’ve seen from Arsenal last several years. Give Palace credit for wanting it more than us.

    Sure I’m disappointed, but let’s stop behaving like we’re on City, Liverpool, or Chelsea’s level. Maybe we were tired, if so Emery should rotate more players.

    Xhaka at LB, 2 new players in midfield, Holding just recently getting starts, not exactly our best lineup.

    Let’s stay on Earth people; drawing is better than losing. City do their job and we’re still above spuds.

    Gotta fix defense, up to Sven, Raul, and Kronke to capitalize in January on our table position and great start.

    Sell Ramsey and use funds for a winger, and sell Mustafi and get a CB.

    Let’s stay grounded about the result; 5-0 and 4-1 is FIFA 19 nonsense. Palace was a wounded animal and dangerous, and we played not to lose. Credit Palace for doing what we didn’t; scrapping for a result.

    1. John Doe says:

      stop with the excuses , Chelsea was awful last year yet this year they are good with the same set of players and that is because of their manager , in our “winning” run we have been lucky and based on statistics we should have lost many of them , Unai is an average manger and will be found out at the end of season when Arsenal finish outside of top 4 , i hope Leonard Jardim doesn’t get a team this year so for the next year when we sack Emery so we can hire him.

      1. Aardvark says:

        I think you need to lay off the juice young man, you are talking complete ********.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          John Doe, you must be the only person who supposedly knows something about football to think Unai Emery is “an average manager.”
          Sometimes it is better to stay silent and be thought an idiot, than open your mouth and confirm the fact.

      2. kev says:

        Would you calm down!You’ve forgotten Chelsea’s players are far better and their defense when in form is rock solid.With Chelsea all the new manager has to do is get playing to their best but with Arsenal the new manager must try to make the players play beyond their abilities like Leicester(15/16) which is possible if the players are well motivated and mentally strong.

      3. Durand says:

        Wow, bash Emery and players for a DRAW not loss after winning 11 in a row. Then hype Monaco’s ex manager.

        Never seen an “average” manager win 3 Europa league trophies in a row.

        Also, 12 games without a loss not bad for an “average” manager as you put it.

        SMFH, keep yourself grounded with expectations, and give credit to a team that wanted it more than our boys. At least we didn’t lose, and you would replace “average” Emery with who exactly?

      4. sol says:

        We have to think of the workload and with one draw it is difficult to say Unai is an average manager. At the end of the season we will judge that.

      5. Chabaloah says:

        The same Chelsea squad that won it the year before that – it’s no secret they openly disliked Conte and got rid of him by not playing anymore. You need to do your reading before talking.

    2. sol says:


  13. Shinoda says:

    Today was a bad day at work, but somehow I’m happy it exposed our weaknesses before the Liverpool game. I hope our fullbacks will be fit to play against Liverpool. Lacazette, Ozil & Iwobi were very awful today & our midfield was shocking apart from Torreira.
    Let’s build some confidence with a win against Blackpool before facing Liverpool.
    Onwards & Upwards.

  14. Innit says:

    I know it’s a draw and it was an away match and not the end of the world but it feels weird. Almost like a loss in a sense.

    I just feel down. Maybe I thought we would keep on winning till Liverpool. Also the squad was pretty strong other than Xhaka at LB. We had Lacazette, Aubameyang, Ozil, Torreira, Guendouzi

    Anyway, our defensive line needs to be strengthened as soon as January. It’s not good enough. Not even in the top 5 or 6

    Anyway, we still have a non losing streak and we can return to winning against Blackpool at home


  15. Declan says:

    Fu*k me, with some of these comments I’m surprised not to see “Emery out” calls! As for you Konstantin, you need to pay attention to the game more because it was confirmed that Lichtsteiner came on because Bellerin was injured. You know what, before the game there were loads of unrealistic comments about thrashing Palace 3,4 and 5 nil which was really stupid. Now we’ve drawn a game all the moaners are out that we never see when we win, slagging off the team and the Manager.
    Jeez, some of you need to get a life! Or go support another team.

  16. Declan says:

    Flip me, with some of these comments I’m surprised not to see “Emery out” calls! As for you Konstantin, you need to pay attention to the game more because it was confirmed that Lichtsteiner came on because Bellerin was injured. You know what, before the game there were loads of unrealistic comments about thrashing Palace 3,4 and 5 nil which was really stupid. Now we’ve drawn a game all the moaners are out that we never see when we win, slagging off the team and the Manager.
    Jeez, some of you need to get a life! Or go support another team.

  17. Angus says:

    It’s been coming. We have a chance at top 4 and that is it before we were on title challenge form which was insane and clearly lucky if you paid any attention to our games. I have high hopes for Emery I think long-term he can work within the low budgets we have and he took away the sheep fan hate that was generated by the dumb media in regard to Wenger. It’s kind of funny that Emery rates the exact same players as Wenger did but hardly surprising to anyone that remotely understands the game. Honestly most fans don’t deserve any success with the way they act but such is life. Hopefully we retain top 4 in future but that is doubtful given the way Liverpool are willing to back their staff.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Angus, Declan, Durand… thanks for the positivity, I thought I was the only one.
      We had two leftl backs, two central defenders and one right back injured before and during the game.
      That’s from a defence that does need strengthening, but has just gone TWELVE games undefeated.
      Angus I so agree with your sentence starting”it’s kind of funny” but just watch it happening again after a 2-2 draw is incredible!
      I really believe that some on here live in a parallel universe where reality doesn’t exist.
      I don’t know what will happen if we lose either of our next two games, could be the end of the world as we know it!
      If they would just LISTEN to Emery, he explained in great detail the whys and whens of this defeat….also they should LISTEN to the palace manager.
      He compares Emery to AW when that man was producing the Invincibles, but that doesn’t mean a thing. Let’s just keep slagging off the club… you know it makes sense.

  18. David Rusa says:

    I now sincerely believe we have some of the most fickle fans in EPL. One drawn game against Crystal Palace at their home and some people are up in arms! It’s a shame! Who doesn’t appreciate that we have played three games in less than a week and remember we travelled to Portugal on Thursday? I think the people on this website need to style up. Remember we have human beings not machines for players. It is disappointing but some of the errors were due to fatigue. At any rate both of Palace’s goals were penalty kicks. If some people can behave like that after a draw how would they react after a loss? Let us stop living in dreamland and look at realities of the game.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  19. Roy says:

    No one has mentioned how good Palace played to day.Must have slipped everybody’s mind

    1. Durand says:

      I did Roy, twice even

    2. sol says:

      Roy I clearly mentioned it.Palace deserve credit.

    3. Angello says:

      Your comment is definitely the most sensible I read here on this post. Everyone is busy ranting about this and that, and they all forgot that Palace have never score at home this season let alone winning. Because we draw today, some plastic fans here have already concluded that Guendouzi is not yet ready, meanwhile we all were singing praises just few days ago. It’s simply a bad day in office, we simply have to pick ourselves up and move forward. As long as you play football, you got to expect days like this.

  20. ArsenalGR says:

    Clearly Emery made some tactical mistakes not only with his lineup, but also with his substitutes. His biggest mistake today was not finding a solution against Palace’s greatest threat, Zaha. I think that’s the reason why he subbed Lichtsteiner in, although we couldn’t do anything when Zaha operated on the right flank.. Emery should have kept some key players for the last period of the match, cause Welbeck and Ramsey offered completely nothing since they came on. We need to sort out our system problems by the Liverpool game. Such a result was merely expected sooner or later. The good thing is that every top team has such results once a while. Let’s regroup and get ready for the Liverpool game and show some character!

  21. Nonny says:

    what do u mean by coping with 15th placed team city barely excapped wolves with 1 point even with all they got…. football is not simply an arithmetic where you say because we beat leicester city 3:1 you will automatically beat huddlesfield 8:0 people can be irritating we beat Watford,Everton,Leicester and all are above palace in the table even a formidable side like city ..the fans wouldn’t react this negative to a draw at Club lower in table they excapped a loss to palace last season pleace show some respect this is football

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ? there are no easy games in the EPL; no team can just turn up and expect to win.

  22. nonny says:

    some tactical mistake the only mistake I saw was iwobi at right wing (7) we have no left back only xhaka looked like he can deputilise there for now

  23. John Wick says:

    Some fans on here tearing into Emery, calm people we didn’t lose, we can’t win every game and with 3 games in 6 days equalling 2 wins and a draw it’s not all doom and gloom yes we were very poor but it’s a good thing playing so badly and not losing.. last season we lost games like that.. it’s done with now onto Blackpool and then a big game against Liverpool and unlike most people I’m not afraid, I believe we can beat them.. they aren’t invincible they played Huddersfield recently and had two shots on target and Huddersfield are an awful team.. keep the faith the team may actually surprise you ? Atkinson out ?

  24. ThirdManJW says:

    Fans being too critical of Emery today is the key talking point in my opinion. We didn’t lose the game, and we’ve just won a whopping 11 games straight before today! Of course he made mistakes with the starting XI, and the subs, and deserves a little criticism for that, but I think some fans have gone over the top.

    Remember that the majority of the squad are not Emery signings, and that he’s new to the job. I actually take some positives out of it. It’s a massive sign of improvement when you can avoid defeat away from home, and score two goals, playing badly, with Xhaka at left-back, the wrong starting XI, and the wrong subs. That was the kind of game we would have got battered in under Wenger, not score, barely even have a shot, and concede at least three goals!

    So calm down folks! We’re clearly heading in the right direction.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I actually thought our poor performance could have been to do with tiredness, more than anything else. That’s the first time I’ve felt we’ve looked really laboured, and the pitch didn’t help.

    2. Soccerboy says:

      Why are you guys saying that the gaffer made a mistake with the line up? @ThirdManJW. Didn’t you guys know some of the players weren’t fit? The coach had to improvise. Mikki? Moral? Socrates?

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Xhaka at LB is all I need to say!

  25. Tom says:

    I can’t believe the amount of negativity because we draw a game we were barely influencing.

    Consider it like this, Crystal palace have been playing well but not won in last 3 or 4 – so it gave them a default to sit back and kill the space and use the pace of Zaha, Townsend, Ayew.. and work on the break. They needed something, even to pick up a point.
    If they had played well and picked up points in previous games, their fans would of encouraged a more expansive approach at home (whilst maybe giving us a better chance).

    Teams sit back like teams have done against us (even before unai) and we today found it hard. It wasn’t then a surprise that set pieces was the root to our goals (Or all goals in the game in fact!!) Something we have been poor at generally in yester years.

    We already know we need this squad to evolve – forget about the league and Klopp, Pep saying we are in it. It’s to get your expectations on your team overhyped to help them succeed.

    We are progressing, and today was a sign of that – on yester years we would of lost that 2-0 with us chasing the game in the second half and conceding

    Enjoy what that actually means!

  26. Dan says:

    Don’t understand why arsenal fans turned against merson for his opinion on Liverpool game as he is 100% right we will get destroyed can see Liverpool scoring 3-4 goals against our defence their forwards will have a field day we already failed against city and Chelsea and this will be no different we are a million miles away from challenging for prem league and top 4 whoever thinks we can achieve that is totally deluded!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Dan, in all honesty Arsenal could have won the Chelsea match 5-3 given the clear cut missrs by Mhikataryan and Aubameyang.
      Arsenal have just played 3 games in 7 days for 2 wins and 1 draw. The team is a work in progress and the defense has been hampered by injuries to key players. The negativity by some so called supporters at the moment is ridiculous.

  27. Abu says:

    It’s absurd just how fickle some Arsenal fans are. If we had taken all three points there will not be mentions of bad selection or substitution. Our last game in Lisbon many who played in the EPL got a deserved rest and same Welback saved our blushes, simply because we had a draw is not all doom and gloom. This is football the season is a marathon not a sprint. Man city topping the table today managed a draw against Burnley and same Burnley where white washed by Chelsea.
    We had eleven wins in a row this is our first draw of the season, it’s not another loss guys.
    Give this team a pat in the back because in past seasons a game like this would probably been a loss.

    The team is evolving and all the positive signs are clearly visible. Our injuries are not as bad if not ask Morinho.

    Judge Unei by the end of the season using the players he met and the few he brought in. With some additions in few areas he’ll have formed his team.

    Pep in his first season with city despite a good start to his first season in charge it was not a fairy good end of a season.

    So was Klop at Liverpool. All these two managers identified the players they wanted and others sold and brought in players in areas that had lapses.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  28. CHRSTOPHER says:

    Funny how people out here are criticizing our coach, you guys don’t understand what it means to play 3 difficult games in 7 days. Someone even went as far as comparing chelsea’s achievements to ours, forgetting that thesame chelsea almost lost to man u and drew with west ham and this chelsea team is far better than ours. Apart from our strike force in what other department can you compare the chelsea squad to ours. People need to be articulate before coming out to make crazy comments.

  29. Arslan says:

    What people fail to notice that the main reason we were quite bad in this game was becoz of the unavailability of all 3 of our leftbacks through injuries (Monreal, Kolasinac & maitland-Niles) at the same time!
    Any team in the world who had injuries to 3 players in the same position would had the same problem! It doesn’t help that Zaha had a great game exposing our defense especially our makeshift leftback, Xhaka.

Comments are closed

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