Not Arsenal Quality? – Four players that simply have to go….

These four players must be sold they are not Arsenal quality

If we win the Europa League and finish top four then we would have had a very good season but that does not mean that a major overhaul is not required. Too many of our players are simply not good enough to play in an Arsenal shirt and need to be offloaded in the summer.

We will never challenge for the title or be competitive in the Champions League if we continue to field low-quality players. You can get away with playing one or two but above that, you start to undermine the quality players in the team and create an imbalance that cannot be straightened out.

I suggest that these four players are simply not good enough for us and never will be.

Mohamed Elneny

Do I really need to write up an essay style analysis of why he is not good enough? We all saw his performances against Everton and now Crystal Palace, he is not fit for purpose.

Alex Iwobi

I know he has his supporters and some say he has a great future but he is 22-years-old, he is not a teenager and whenever he comes on I do not feel confident he will make a difference, you need a player to come on that can make a difference and Iwobi is not that player.

Carl Jenkinson

When you do not play for long periods and are then given an opportunity you have to take it and show what you have to offer, Jenkinson failed that massively against Palace and it is not the first time.

Shkodran Mustafi

A walking talking disaster that has never been good enough and every time he plays he proves that he is utterly useless.

Those are the four players at a minimum that we need to jettison, we need quality in depth and those four do not fill that criteria and never will.


  1. Iwobi shouldn’t be in that list because he is still young and he is an Arsenal graduate that clicks well with the other academy youngsters. He is a good squad player and only earns 30 K per week, the lowest among the other squad players

    My top two attacking players that are not of Arsenal quality currently are Ozil and Mkhitaryan. They are aging badly, too inconsistent for their mega salaries, their performances are much worse than their primes and simply cannot carry the team

    Both stars’ extravagant wages and long term contracts have been preventing Arsenal from getting new pricey attacking midfielders. I predict Arsenal would never win EPL again as long both of them are still around

    1. So Iwobi is worth keeping because he earns less?And “Clicks well with the other Academy players”?What has that got to do with anything?
      He has had enough opportunities to show he can make a difference and continues to fail week after week.
      Do you seriously believe he offers more than Mesut Ozil?
      He is a headless chicken on the pitch.He had a good opportunity against Palace and embarrassed himself AGAIN with that effort as you continue to do in believing he will ever come good

      1. If you have unlimited resources the amount of money a player earns is irrelevant. Arsenal is not in that situation, therefore, the amount a player earns compared to his contribution matters. Iwobi’s contribution this year is close if not greater than Ozil’s at 1/7th of the price. I would take seven players contributing a similar amount over 1 Ozil all day.

        1. Really?Having one headless chicken on the pitch is bad enough and YOU WANT SEVEN OF THEM?
          The only thing Iwobi has proved this season is just how utterly useless and irrelevant he is.

          1. How do you not understand that contribution is only one part of the equation in building a winning team? The amount you pay for the contribution is the other part of the equation. Iwobi provides much more contribution per pound of wage than Ozil does. I would argue 5-7 times more.

            Particularly, when everything has to be perfect for Ozil to contribute (world class players around him, no defensive duties, etc)

            1. absolute nonsense ,
              Contribution per pound of wage .what does iwobi contribute to our team .
              Edge of the seat moments ?
              Since ozil as been in our team he’s had me out of my seat time and time again ,iwobi on the other hand ?.

              1. @marc-you have made yourself look absolutely foolish PAL.If you don’t rate Ozil just day so.Dont try to compare him to Iwobi with mathematics/fractions/Pounds per this/value for that.
                Iwobi is utter garbage.Do not ever try to justify Iwobi over Ozil.You only make yourself come across as desperate.

                1. @Phil you failure to take into account finances fails to take into account Arsenal’s current financial predicament (the reason we were only in the loan market in the January transfer window).

                  I want Arsenal to be the best then can and compete. The reality is Ozil is a huge wage and does not provide the value for that wage. In is rarely the best player for Arsenal despite making almost twice as much as the next player.

                  If Ozil was on Iwobi’s wages or even twice Iwobi’s wages it would be another story but the sad reality is he is on 7x times Iwobi’s wages.


                2. @Phil Iwobi and Ozil at the same wage I prefer Ozil. Ozil at 7 times the wage of Iwobi I prefer Iwobi. Simple enough?

                  1. No.Not simple enough.what you are implying does
                    not work.I don’t know what Mustafi earns but would imagine let’s say £60k per week.I do not know what Kosielny earns but last say £90k per week.
                    So using your train of thought you would rather have 1&1/2 Mustafi on the pitch than Koscielny
                    At this rate your team will be made up of 7 Mustafi’’s and 34 Iwobi’s.
                    God help us

                    1. You are a bit dense and now shifting to Mustafi and Koscielny which is a completely different argument.

                      Given Arsenal do not have unlimited funds, there are two sides when evaluating players. 1 is quality and contribution to the team. 2 is the money they earn.

                      Mustafi and Koscielny both make 90k per week. Given they both have the same wage, I would prefer Koscielny. Mustafi provides a negative contribution while Koscielny’s make a very positive contribution so Koscielny would always be preferred regardless of wages.

                    2. Marc, forget the money side, whatever he’s on, Iwobi is just not good enough to for Arsenal Football Club. End of story

                1. Harry Kane can score a goal; Iwobi is waiting for someone to draw him a picture. It is unfortunate that Iwobi appears to be not watching and learning from Ozil’s composure, effectiveness and efficiency in front of goal.

            2. What about the ability to sell shirts and as such be a bargaining chip when dealing with sponsors?
              Not just shirt sales but tours in pre season along with PR for the club.

              Adidas will be sponsoring us next season and you do know they sponsor Ozil as well right? Not saying Ozil is the reason, he is a bargaining chip though.

              Did you add that into your equation?

              1. Sponsorship money is more reliant on the performance of the team matters than the anyone individual on the team. Having a footballing celebrity like Ozil obviously helps but performance is more important.

                If Arsenal can build a better team without Ozil that is able to compete in Champions League and for the Premier League. It is much more valuable than having Ozil and remaining in the Europa League.

                1. As opposed to having Iwobi as our main man and competing in the Check-A -Trade Trophy I suppose.
                  The trouble with trying to dig yourself out of a hole is that you often end up digging an even deeper hole for yourself.Do yourself a favour PAL and don’t keep trying to defend such a hopeless cause.

                  1. @marc-so I’m a bit dense am I PAL?You have made an absolute fool of yourself with your pathetic attempt to bring a statistical and mathematical side to what is really a quite simple issue.Mesut Ozil is a very very talented footballer.Alex Iwobi is not.
                    The more talent you have on the pitch the more likely you are to win games.We had workhorses at Goodison Park.Pathetic performance.We had workhorses on the pitch against Palace.Another
                    pathetic performance.
                    Sort of explains it all really

                    1. Don’t drive yourself mad Phil, Marc seems to know plenty about money but nothing about football. Bet he’s never kicked a ball in his life.

                2. Performance more important?


                  Not marketing. Who sells more? Who is going to earn me more money for my investment not as important as a team winning a cup and earning that sport company nothing…

                  UTD got £750 mil deal with Adidas for 10 years while they was in the UEL, we got… £30? Mil from Puma for being in the UCL.

                  If it is performance then how did we get less for performing better than UTD at the time?

                  From what I see, teams get sponsored because they are famous and they (sponsors) want that fame associated with their brand, top player wears top boots and we have your idols name on the top. They are not investing in our youth team or buying shares, they are using us to sell their product and they pay us for that privilege. The more we can sell to our fans then the more we can ask for.

                  1. Arsenal do not have the marketing reach of ManU so making the comparison between the two is a bit naive. You also have to take into account inflation in sponsorships.

                    It seems any nuance and complexity is lost on some.

    2. Iwobi has been one of our better players this season , watch ozil goal on Sat , mire direct this season , still improving

    3. The 30k is his old wage, he signed a new deal which was reported on Arsenal website on Aug the 3rd. 1 day after the totalsportek article which was later reported on here.

      Iwobi reportedly signed a £70k a week deal which puts him on the same reported wage that Welbeck is on, Welbeck has scored 1 less than Iwobi and he is currently Welbroke. 14 games and 5 goals for Emery(wiki), £70k a week.

      46 games and 5 goals… That isn’t even worth £30K a week.

      AMN is on a reported £35k a week and he has scored 3 fewer than Iwobi in 22 fewer games while playing in a position less likely to be in goal scoring positions.

        1. Give the calculations to @marc to work out.He will likely say that if you had 168 Alex Iwobi’s on the pitch then Barcelona would not need Messi

        2. lol.
          I do rate his workrate but that alone doesn’t mean he is good enough. I don’t see gotanidea arguing for Jenks to stay because he works hard and is on a low wage… Funny that huh 😛

          I would look to sell Iwobi and use his HG status as a padding to his valuation, along with being young and EPL experience… Good marketing bits right?

          We got £35 million for the Ox (Well done Gazidis on this one), why not hope for £25-£30 million for Iwobi? He has signed a new deal at the start of this season so that is another thing in our favour.

        1. Cheers Marc.
          I seen that one and assumed it was done prior to Iwobi new deal, they do seem to have a slightly higher fee for many of the players wages than other reports, one which was ran on this site a while ago as well.

          It could be current, updated in 2019 so after his new deal, I’ll update what I said to £50-70k.

          Still £50-70 k too much 😉

      1. According to, a website that tracks EPL contracts. Iwobi is on 50k, Welbeck is on 125k, Ozil on 350k, AMN on 35k.

    4. I think Mkhitaryan has got to be on the to be sold player along with Özil.
      Both underperform and has huge dalarys.
      Iwobi i want to keep.
      He has improved under Emery and I think he will get even better.
      Wenger did not do much for hos improvement the last seasons.

    5. GOT AN IDEA, Predictably Phil jumps on any rightful comments about Ozil. I am with YOU though and agree on Ozil, Mkhi and all the articles listed players and several others too. In fact of the established players currently fit or almost fit, I would keep only LENO(A NO BRAINER THAT ONE) no outright outfield defenders at all, not one, but keep Holding and AM-N who is not really a defender anyway. With Ramsey and the two idlers Ozil and Mkhi also hopefully going, we need three creative cental midfielders(I discount Suarez who will surely leave this summer). That leaves Auba, Laca, Torreira, I would keep Guendouzi too and rate him though he is still raw right now. Would keep all the fringe players on loan or still on the edge of the squad and would keep Mavro too, as he will develop. And for me, that is it. That is how threadbare our squad is, thanks to Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke. Emery is a titan and I AM POSSIBLY HIS GREATEST FAN , AND THINK HE HAS WORKED WONDERS WITH THE AWFUL SQUAD HE INHERITED AND WITH ONLY PEANUTS FOR HIM TO IMPROVE IT, SO FAR.

      1. Jon -Ozil is going nowhere.You know it (£100 out of pocket) I know it.We all know it.
        While praising Emery with the absolute god like mentality you hold for him could you ask him what sort of BRAIN FART DECISION WAS IT THAT HE PICKED ELNENY AND GUANDOUZI FOR PALACE AT HOME (with FIVE OTHER DEFENSIVE PLAYERS IN A MUST WIN HOME GAME) after his previous BRAIN FART DECISION TO PLAY THESE SAME TWO PLAYERS AT EVERTON AWAY).
        Two of our worst performances this season that were reminiscent of Wengers last two seasons.Yet it is the players you continue to deride?Seems you have become just a bit too one dimensional in who you are prepared to blame.

        1. Once again, everyone on here knows what our players are earning, because they read it on this or that site.

          Just stop and ask yourself this… who and where did they get their information from?
          Only four sources know the actual make up of a players salary…the player, his agent, the club and the taxman.

          Does anyone believe that ANY of the above would reveal these facts?
          Of course not, but when I raise this, the answer comes back that it’s a “educated guess”!!! But the “educated guess” is always skewed to support their particular argument…strange that don’t you think?

          But that “educated guess” has no idea about clauses in the contract does it?
          They could include: first team inclusion, goals scored, substitutions made, team position at end of season, win bonuses, merchandising capabilities etc etc.

          Why does the club keep a record of the number of shirts sold bearing each players name (readily available from the club if interested – and Ozil is far ahead of any other player last time I checked)?

          It IS reported that iwobi is on £70k a week, but so what? That’s the club’s decision and they, presumably, know what they can afford and wouldn’t let any player “bleed the club dry”.
          We either pay what the player wants, or we don’t…if the club (kronkie) thinks he can afford it, he agrees (Ozil), if he doesn’t, we don’t (Ramsey).

          Some of you on here seem to want top players on conference wages, while still expecting UE to deliver the holy graille of CL football.

          Someone has said that we need to get rid of Ozil because of his salary, otherwise other top players will want the equivalent themselves.
          If we want these top players, we have to pay the going rate, is that’s simple.
          How many players have we missed out on. or had to sell, because the ot money rich clubs simply dangled the moneyin fron of them?
          Ronaldo, Griezmann, Matta, Judas to name just a few.

          Sell Ozil because we can’t afford his wages, then go out and try to persuade, say, Courtinho to sign, what do you think the outcome would be?
          I despair at the players names that are mentioned on here by those that bulk at the salaries our present players earn and yet, blithely assume we will remain a top club by paying peanuts.

          1. Ken, even if you develop your own players, money combined with on field success and playing time are the most important incentives for professional footballers.
            Tottenham Hotspurs implosion as their players seek higher wages with the stadium debt will be a future example of that.

      2. Once again Jon, “That awful squad he inherited” that qualified for the CL semi final springs eternal in your thoughts and as a cover for UE’s awful team selection on Sunday.
        “That awful squad he inherited also won the fa cup just two years ago and saw us celebrating the twenty years of the most unrivalled success for The Arsenal in it’s history.

        I ask you again Jon, how did they do it with such a awful squad that, from your previous statements, you obviously agree had to have punched above their weight for all those “barren years”. Luck? The referee? No tactics? Substitutions in the xx minute? Dross signings? Great manager?

        I really would like to know how you explain this phenomenon, as you have NEVER CLEARLY GIVEN YOUR REASONS, but just continue to attack the club, it’s players and the managment with an endless tirade of accusations.

  2. You can add lichstiener to that list.He was bought in as cover for Bellerin and has never shown he was capable.Too old and far too over-valued.

    1. This will tell you that the writer of this article is biased, leaving lichstiener out of the list instead of making him number one player to leave the club, shiooor

  3. We had one of these a couple of weeks ago ,think it was five players who should be sold ,ozil was on that list but not this one ,so looks like it’s a different author this time and proves that we all have different opinions which then in turn will solve absolutely nothing talking about this kind of thing .
    Usually it just causes arguments which no doubt this one will also

  4. We need to get rid of a lot more than that!

    I disagree on Iwobi though. We cannot just get rid of everyone that isn’t starting XI quality, because we need squad players for rotation, and to cover injuries. Squad players who are at the back end of their career, and those on big wages, should be the first to go. Iwobi is neither. Obviously we need better than Iwobi to reach the next level, but he’s become a quality squad player for us. He has clearly progressed under Emery’s coaching, and is having his best season at Arsenal. He’s still young enough to improve even further, and in the context of our other attacking players, he’s on a low wage. What I also like about him, is that he’s really improved off the ball. He works so hard, seems to be genuinely fighting for the badge.

    Looking at departures that I’d like to see:

    JENKINSON – I think his contract is up anyway in the summer, so he’s off.

    WELBECK – His contract is also up, and he doesn’t deserve a new one, mainly based on his awful injury record over the last few years.

    RAMSEY – Yet another leaving on free (cheers Wenger and Gazidis). I’ve always wanted him gone, but I think he’ll be a big loss now that he’s performing so much better with a manager who knows how to utilise him. I would have kept him over Ozil, easily!

    MUSTAFI – When you consider his price tag, one of the biggest CB flops of all time?

    OZIL – He has been one of our most consistent performers over the last 7/8 weeks, so there’s an argument for keeping him. Has he turned a corner finally? That being said, a season lasts for around 10 months! He just doesn’t do anywhere near enough to justify his wage. His wage is a huge issue (despite what some say), because if we try and sign a WC player, they’ll want the same. We’ll also have the same problem with contract renewals of our star players. He also has back issues as well. Realistically, his performances will continue to decline given his age, lack of motivation, and the injuries. I’ve had to give the most detail about Ozil, over the other players, not because I have an agenda, but because he greatly divides opinion. So I wanted to make sure I clearly explained myself. I would say there’s a consensus amongst Arsenal fans about the rest of the players I have named.

    ELNENY – Very average player. Never makes any glaring mistakes, but equally, never offers anything spectacular.

    MKHITARYAN – He’s flopped at Arsenal, and yet another on a big wage.

    CECH – He’s retiring

    LICHTSTEINER – His contract is also up.

    Unless I have it wrong, I think Koscielny’s and Monreal’s contracts are also up in the summer. We need a WC CB, and LB in the summer for sure, but I’d keep Koscielny for one more season. As I said earlier, we can’t just get rid of everyone, and Kos would be a quality option for rotation. Similar with Monreal as well. But I understand that releasing them does free up more wages.

    Fingers crossed it’s a busy summer ahead!

    1. Unai Emery needs a squad like Pep so he can tinker as much as he wants. Arsenal has a club will provide a squad but at the end of the day only about 14 to 15 players have the ability to compete.

  5. I disagree partially in regards to Iwobi although he frustrates the hell out of me and right now he flatters to decieve. But I think any 22 year old (since when did that become old?) can improve in the final third with hard work and good coaching. At this point I think you keep the faith and hope he can sort his decision making.

    Although depending on who comes in next year it might make sense to loan him out to a middling PL team as I certainly don’t want to see him taking minutes from AMN if he gets pushed forward or Nelson if he is recalled.

  6. The issue with the argument about Ozil and Iwobi is that one is a low earner and suppose to be a squad player while the other is our highest earner who doesn’t give half the value expected of him to the team. Let no one get it twisted for the sake is sentiment. Iwobi frustrates me a lot with his end product. Ozil’s contribution is worse. Expecting Ozil to remain with the team beyond the coming summer on his wages is a crime to players like Lacazette, Auba, Torreira, Niles and Guendouzi

    1. Low earner…
      I know this site ran a report which shown totalsportek claiming Iwobi was on £30k however the day after totalsportek published that article, Iwobi signed a new deal and Arsenal website published their article.

      How much is he earning?

      The figure I find is £70k, for me, if this is true then Iwobi is not a low earner considering what he offers us.

      1. Lmao, he does not earn 70k. You just went through news articles and posted the highest you found. Credible sites have him between 35-50k max.

        1. No, I was honest, that was the figure I found in multiple sites. I didn’t chase the sources back.

          Show me those sites and the date they was published please, make sure it is the contract he signed at the start of this season.

          I looked at many sites and I did see £35-50k… all published prior to his new deal.

          Will be interesting to see other reports, please do share.

          1. Forgot to say, I am open about saying brackets for earnings, I’ve chatted to people on here before about how misleading it can be to cherry pick data.

            If I found a range I would have said it. He did sign a new deal and as far as I am aware, he had a pay rise on the £30k a week he was on.

  7. Iwobi is 22 years old ,you lot above me are acting like he’s just come out the academy ,is stats over the last 3 years are not good reading ,they are actually awful and that’s being kind.
    At 22 he should now be shining but he looks like a lost child and you lot are treating him like one .
    He should be the 1st out of the door ,along with mustafi and elneny ,them 3 bring absolutely nothing to this club

    1. I must be getting old. 22 years old seems awfully young to conclude that a player won’t improve. Not comparing his talent to de Bruyne and Salah but both were cut loose by Chelsea at 22ish years of age. I’m sure there are countless other examples of attacking players improving after 22. I get that lots of folks don’t think Iwobi is good enough but using his age against him seems crazy – unless your twelve, then 22 must seem ancient.

      1. “is stats over the last 3 years are not good reading”

        ignoring part of the concept is something a 12 year old would do…

  8. Despite the conflicting views on Iwobi, he will not be sold as our Manager rates him.End of story.

    1. He doesn’t rate him that highly to start him lately Grandad.Even Emery has realised he is not as good as he hoped he would be.Garbage player who is nowhere near the quality Arsenal Football Club need.
      Let’s hope Reiss Nelson is taking note.Therecis a huge opportunity for this young lad next season

  9. Loan iwobi with and sell him for a high amount if he performs.
    Let reiss nelson take his place.
    Get rid of miki, Mustafi, elneny,
    Loan mavropanos, guendouzi,
    Get a tall centre forward cos we lack height

    1. Loan Guendouzi where? We have a lot of competitions to compete in. We’ll need him at least as a squad player until he gets better.

  10. Sell Ozil (if we can find a buyer willing to match his wages) and mustafi (if we can find a buyer;) and the team will be better of.

    One is a talented but inconsistent player who does not show Up in bigger games and with more frequency against smaller teams has minimal Impact, the other a slow poor decision making liability.

    Get Kroenke to put his hand in his deep pockets (not gonna happen) and wed be good to go. With Ozil off our books that would free up some of the wage bill to be used on a younger creative attacking midfielder.

    1. Yes Sue, good spot, the incompetent Moss just stared at the Palace keeper throughout the game letting him waste time without saying a word to him.

      1. He was awful Kenny & I think we knew he was just going to be! The amount of time that was wasted was a joke! My blood was boiling thanks to that man!

  11. Iwobi is one of the few players who we may get a decent fee for while not weakening our squad and people want to keep him?


    I think we could get around £25 mil for him. He is HG, we got him signing a new deal at the start of the season, he has EPL experience and is an international… This would be Ziyech or Neres largely paid for. Latest rumor is Thorgan Hazard I think and the figure for him is rumored to be £35 million so again, it is most of the fee for a replacement. Let Nelson compete for that left inside forward spot and we’re sorted for that role.

    If cash is tight, replace Mustafi with Chambers, he has done well on loan and deserves his chance under Emery. Emery has done good by Holding, he was picking up and looking much better, like when he first came but fitter and more confident.

    Selling Mustafi and ElNeny should get most the fee for Tierney.

    If we can grab the UCL place then we could have the funds to go for Win-Bassaka and make the RB spot one of high competition, this would free up AMN to potentially cover the right inside forward role with Nketiah being his backup/competition.

    I agree with the three sales from article.
    I do wish to point out Jenks contract runs out soon, he will be out of contract like Welbroke will be and Cech is retiring… Isn’t Monreal out of contract along with Licht?

    8 players departing… 9 with Ramsey.

    A lot of work and I feel we must trust some of our kids this time so we can get quality in the areas we do spend in.

    1. Midkemma, “Iwobi is one of the few players who we may get a decent fee for”. You don’t want him at Arsenal because you think he’s not good yet you think you can get a decent fee for him. What an irony.

  12. But Nelson hasn’t been setting Bundesliga on fire, has he? So in what universe really is he a better player than Iwobi? He can’t get into Hoffenheim first team but is already better than Iwobi? This is how some people were calling for Mavropanos to be given a start as a solution to our defensive woes.

    Selling Iwobi doesn’t make sense. Liverpool have the likes of Lallana, Shaquiri, Chamberlain for squad depth, premier league experienced players. If Arsenal want to compete, we should be able to afford having players of Iwobi caliber on bench for squad depth and rotation. It doesn’t stop us from buying Neres, Ziyech, Thorgan, Thauvin, Pepe or Zaha type of players as first choice.
    Iwobi is young doesn’t cost a limb in terms of salary, wouldn’t cause problems sitting on the bench, still plenty room for improvement since he is only but 22years.

    We should be making finding buyers for Mustafi, Ozil, and Mikhitharyan. The last two are fast aging and their output don’t match their on field contributions.

    1. Ox is CM for Liverpool, just go look at the games he played and the role he was in, CM.

      Nelson: 25 games, 7 goals.
      Iwobi: 46 games, 5 goals.

      Players output do not match their on field contributions? What a player does (output) is his contribution. His actions add to the team, either positively or negatively.

      So when talking about things that don’t make sense….

  13. Burnley gave us a life line holding Chelsea to a draw if we don’t take advantage then its completely down to us it’s in our hands for 4th place do we have the bottle!!

  14. Oh FFS I’m so tired of hearing all this about how Iwobi is only 22 and there’s room for improvement…. how hard was it just to whack that ball past the GK yesterday?! He didn’t… how many times did he give the ball away?? I lost count…
    Yes he tries… but come on, am I supposed to believe in 3 years time, he’ll be playing for Barcelona & will have scored more than Messi??? Oh don’t make me laugh….

    1. Miki needs to go before Iwobi! Iwobi is squad player quality and has squad player wages, so why everybody is picking on him when we already know Arsenal is looking for a better winger in the summer is annoying.

      1. Do you know what RSH there are a handful that need to go & I wouldn’t lose any sleep with them departing… I suppose the only good thing about the season nearly over is at least the window will open & we can get rid!

        1. Agree. But Arsenal need to focus on dumping the high earners that dont contribute, and simple deadweight that only contribute to <10 matches a season (Elneny). If we want to have a good transfer window then the likes of Miki/Mustafi are priorities to get rid of. Iwobi is not on the priority list.

          1. I believe we’ll have a mass exodus… with sales & players contracts ending.. I don’t expect we’ll recoup much for the likes of Elneny & Mustafi… I mean who will buy them? We may have to give them away at a car boot sale ??

  15. For the first time Unai Emery totally ****** up. The team he chose was ridiculous. It gave Palace the start they needed. Really poor team choices.

  16. ….. Burnley did the lord’s work for us tonight. We have to take advantage of that on Wednesday.

    …. Concerning the talk on Iwobi, Ozil and all that. Honestly, all I can write right now is that we have a lot of funny posters here whose posts are obviously biased and completely based on sentiments.

    …How anyone can’t see what Iwobi brings to the team is baffling to me and for anyone to compare him with Reiss Nelson shows the sort of so called analysts we have here. Lol….. it’s so amusing.

    …. Mavrotanos was said to be better than Mustafi but twice now, he has shown he is not even close to chambers. I come here to just laugh most times. Thankfully, Emery seems to know what he is doing and should get us top four and a trophy even with “the useless players” we have. What a site.

    1. So you belittle some of us because we don’t rate iwobi but your post comes across that you think nelson is no good so we have the right to belittle you now ?

    1. Yeah I thought that.As he powder puffed a good chance that I could have hit harder with my Knob than what he did.FFS how can anyone keep defending this absolute useless imitation of a Premiership quality footballer?

  17. Keep Iwobi,he’s decent as a squad player.Sell ” the zero contributor” Ozil,Mikhi- a flop,Welbeck-not needed,Mustafi-a joke,Jenkinson-OMG,how is this player in Arsenal suad?,Monreal-already old and slow,Chambers-a mediocre player,Elneny-how this guy made it here?,Kolasinac-a headless chicken bumping into everybody on the pitch,Xhaka-overrated,slow as a snail and lazy as a turtle.Keep Suarez-he’s an excellent player who didn’t have the chance to play.

  18. Sell Mhki has he shown anything that proves he can impact a game in PL?
    Sell Mustafi; he single handedly keeps us fighting for 4th and 5th rather than sitting in 3rd today.
    Sell Elneny; he’s not even rotation material as he’s repeatedly shown.
    Loan Iwobi where he can get minutes with midtable or newly promoted club without the pressure and spotlight.

    Chambers can replace Elneny as backup DM or CB if needed. He certainly can offer more than Elneny and maybe Mustafi too.

    Hopefully Emery stop underestimating PL teams now after getting bitten several times. Someone please let him know this isn’t Spanish league where you occasionally get several games off in league play.

    1. Oh, too late to refund our money with Elneny and Mustafi? Tell Basil and Valencia we still have the receipts if it helps.

  19. People keep on ranting about how Iwobi must leave arsenal but fail to see what he brings to the team. Our game improved dramatically immediately he came on. The young man has his bad days but they all do. And to show how biased the writer is, there’s no Mhiki here. I hope Iwobi leaves, so we can all appreciate his improving quality. It’s just a pity.

  20. Iwobi has got bad games sometimes but in my opinion he is the arsenal player who creates more threat upfront.
    He should not be on that list. He is a good squad player maybe a future star.

  21. With respect Phil,Iwobi is not a “garbage” footballer, and if you sincerely think he is your knowledge of what makes a professional player is obviously limited. Mustafi is a very poor player yet I would never call him garbage because to do so would be disrespectful.Mr Wenger,Emery and the manager of the Nigerian national side all rate Iwobi so what professional wisdom do you bring to the table to suggest otherwise? Perhaps you could enlighten this seventy two year old who in his younger days played at semi professional level!

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