Not Cech-Mate? Possibly another Higuain? Buy Aubameyang as a winger!

A world class keeper looks close, but it’s not yet Cech-Mate for Arsenal!‏ by KM

Well, well, well! How’ve you been Gooners? I am excited by the Cech news the Mail landed yesterday, which appeared to be not such a done deal after all, with Cech’s representatives coming out to say he’s not yet agreed anything. After the Higuain story I stopped believing things until the are on, but this really looks close.

Cech is something Arsenal have missed since the days of Jens Lehman. A solid keeper! One that actually wins you points. Over the last 10 years, we mostly knew one way of winning points – by outscoring other teams. Recently we started to adopt some defensive tactics when going away, and that ultimately resulted in better performances.

We also started adding some world class quality in big money moves. The signs are that Arsenal is starting to be run like a world class football club. We’re not there yet, but it’s a fact we added some new backroom staff, with Shad Forsyde leaving us with a fit squad at the end of the season.

Now Cech is not what he was before his horrific head injury, but if he comes he’ll be miles ahead of what we have now. Almunia, Fabianski, Ospina and Szczezny have lost us more points than they have won us. With Cech it starts to look more likely that it’ll be the other way round. Now he’s not immune to error, but as long as we sign him, I cannot complain. It’s a sign of intent, recognition that we desperately need a player at a key position and actually getting it.

He’s coming with a ton of experience, all the club level titles you want and still with a few good years ahead of him. Van Der Saar signed at 34 for United. Skysports recently said they expect the move to go through and if it does it’s already the best piece of business we’ve made.

It doesn’t mean we’re Cech-ed and ready for next season but it’s a massive lift. Reports rumour round an Aubameyang bid. He’s a speed demon. I think that we’re in a bigger need of a complete striker, but we also lack a dedicated winger, so I’d take him, I just don’t think Wenger will pay 40 million euros for him, when we can get Higuain/Martinez for such money.

Anyway, lets get Cech in. I’m so desperate for a solid keeper. Add a DM and a striker and we’ll be in the title mixer!

Have a supreme week!


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  1. We don’t need any of these bums.
    They’ll just cost a ton of money, and deplete my war chest.

    1. Some said yesterday that you know nothing about football but financially you are very good…
      I think yo are pretty bad on all fonts including commenting

    2. There are number of reasons why we won’t sign a striker:
      1. It will hurt the progress of welbeck
      2. It will lower down the confidence of giroud
      3. Theo has popped with four goals in the 2 matches he played up front and Wenger would consider his case

    3. Thumbs up if you think cech deal is done, thumbs down if you think it will collapse, I’m just so nervous at the moment.can’t wait for this transfer to get done..

      1. Why would you want Aubameyang ? Can he produce +20goals and +10 assists as season ? Personally, Reus and Draxler would be better options

    1. Play Theo instead of Giroud as a CF, Aubameyang on the right and Alexis on the left.
      Giroud becomes a SQUAD player, bring him on in last 10-15 mins kinda thing to hold up ball or against teams that like to play rugby (cough stoke cough).

      It could lead to us having the fastest attack in the world and sitting in the middle of that attack is the assist king Ozil.

      Welbeck can play all across the front 3 so he will be competition/cover for the wide players (out wide to help develop and moved in centrally when better but still an option as CF), Ox can play out wide so he would also be comp. 2 ‘backup’ players for Alexis and Aubameyang.

      That isn’t including Gnabry and Wellington Silva who I think should be loaned out with a recall clause and get them into teams where they’ll be starters. That way if our injury curse reappears we could recall 1 of them and they should be match fit… just like Coquelin was ^.^

      Aubameyang can add something to Arsenal.

  2. Cech will happen, only reason it’s taking a while is because Mourinho is being difficult with negotiations because he’s against the deal.
    I’d like Aubameyang but not for the price being thrown about. I reckon about 24M tops. To be fair, with the turbulence in Dortmund we may be able to pick him up for a good price especially as we can offer champions league football.
    Bellerin Mert Kos Monreal
    Coq Cazorla/Ramsey
    Aubameyang Ozil Alexis
    This would give us a clinical, pacey, powerful and tricky team. Exciting.

      1. We already have a target man, and if I may say, I don’t see anyone in world football who could do that job better for us than Giroud.
        What we need is a different option to him. Welbeck isn’t ready to be that and the less said about Sanogo the better. Podolski and Campbell aren’t going to make it at Arsenal so will be sold. Walcott has wanted to play as a striker for years so why not give him the chance. Since he’s come back he’s been playing well and scoring big goals. If Walcott is central we need a winger as I don’t want to see Ramsey wide for a whole season. There’s a lot of quality wingers out there but not many seem available. Aubameyang is good, young and would work well with our team and he presses like Alexis. I think at about 24M he’d be a great buy.

        1. Theo plays just like aubameyang, why would we need another Theo???aubameyang is a good tricky player and would help our team out but I don’t see the need to sign him. We can go for better options. Why not get Martinez and use Theo on the right wing??? We need a striker

          1. Taller, so I can head it in and less injury prone are maybe a good reason to get Aubamayang.

  3. Cech deal looks close,by end of the week it will be done, aubameyang is not the striker we need, he’s a good player but not the answer to our striking problems. I think we already have a player called Theo who can do exactly what aubameyang does. No need to waste money on him, Martinez is the answer ffs.

    1. Martinez Deal unlikley to happen, Athletico have already met the buyout clause. For some reason Wenger is still trying to negotiate a better deal. As i mentioned before Portuguese sides are renowned for their stubbornness to negotiate. Its 28.5 Million or Nothing now sadly….

      1. We have the cash why not spend it on Martinez and Morgan . hope we get Cech. I have played in Koreas second division for 5 years as a gk and know the importance of a solid gk in a team. Hope we pull this out, we need someone like Cech. He could even become our captain in a couple of years. My dream is for us to sign:
        1. Czech
        2. Vidal/Kondogbia/wanayama/morgan(one will do)

        1. Well Kondogbia is an Inter player now so that wont happen anytime soon, Public prosecutors are on Vidals Arse in Chilean courts following his fender bender, which means it may prove harder for him to obtain a Visa for the UK if he has any criminal convictions. Morgan i really like but with PSG offloading Cabaye and Verrati looking to leave he is been seen as the ideal replacement ahead of Yaya Toure, it may prove hard to obtain him there is literally nothing we can offer him that PSG couldn’t plus its his home nation so that plays a little better in his favor. Though the one out of you’re suggestions that i think can actually materialize is Benzema (Here me out on this on one). Benitez has identifies 2 people he believes can turn Real Madrid into Galactico’s again Pogba and Aguero. Obviously as i have mentioned before personally i feel Aguero is on the same level as Ronaldo and Messi but he will never receive the recognition because his team are not capable of performing to the levels required to help him achieve such accolades and as long as he stays at City, the highest accolade he will ever achieve is the PFA player of the year (I’m not saying thats a bad thing, but winning the Ballon d’Or surely trumps that) Personally i feel that Real would be happy if we were to bid for Benzema as it would allow them to Finance a move for either of them same way the sale of Di Maria and Higuan helped finance Bales.

          1. I think Wenger is waiting for real to make a move for aguero so he can bid 40,000,001 for benzema. I think we should bid right now for him. And if kondogbia and Morgan are not available we can go for wanayama. Wanayama would be a great backup for lecoq…first let’s get the Cech deal done. Very tense days for us, everyone is waiting for confirmation. It would be awesome and it will fukkkkk mourinho hard. Hahaha…still can’t believe we are able to sign cech

          2. Benzema Id like to see in an arsenal shirt I think he could really bring another element to our squad, However I think we’re NOT going to see another DM and I really don’t see a real world class striker like benzema being bid for. I think Le Prof thinks he has all he needs and I think the Cech deal will be the only big name we get this summer. sorry but Im not optimistic I know what Arsene’s double talk really means when he says it.

            1. Plz don’t be so negative, don’t be like me. I’m thinking the same that cech will be our only signing. But what is Wenger going to do with the cash in hand???why can’t we spend it??our rivals are spending loads of cash and we won’t even spend the 50 mil we have…fuk this life I’m living

  4. auba can finish and play centrally and write, has decent workrate (if you play for klopp, you have to press like mad). if we get him great, we have been gertting goals left, upfront but not from the right hand side. so yes, we need someone potentially to play there.

    look, aubameyang scored 25 goals in a sh’te dortmund this season. he can play anywhere across the front 3 and he is as fast as theo pretty much. imagine theo/walcott, auba, alexis. teams will have to put their back four at the goalline haha.

    1. Now that sounds fair, auba can be our right wing. But my question is why not use Theo on the right????we have the ox too who can play there. The only positive side of buying auba would be that he can play as a striker and change places with Theo. Let’s say Theo isn’t getting goals, no problem auba go on and play as our striker. He would be a good addition but I think we should use Theo on the right therefore we need to buy an all round striker. Ramsey should not play on the right wing, Theo and the ox should occupy bthat position.

    2. Sorry Vince I really don’t think Walcott is up to the job and Id rather see a top class world beating striker come in though I know I wont see it.

  5. Before you guys dismiss other strikers as ‘not good enough ‘ simply because they haven’t been around long enough to make a name for themselves, may I remind you that not long ago,Falcao was the most feared striker across Europe, and now he is the most ridiculed. So let’s stop this higuain, benzema, cavani obsession, they are not the only strikers in the world who can bang in the goals, there are many others only that they haven’t been presented with the right opportunity.

    1. Great comment. As I said a number of times we need a striker. Even dzeko or negredo can do a job for us.

  6. If he’s available and for the amount dortmund want for him he could be a great signing. Just saying isn’t aubameyang just an improved version of welbeck?! He’s now clinical finisher we’re all craving for. All he’s got is his incredible pace and good goal poacher’s instinct something danny for his age can still improve on.

      1. He’s actually a good finisher…he has welbecks speed,ozils skills and Alexis finishing.

        1. ‘he has welbecks speed,ozils skills and Alexis finishing’ sound more like marco reus than aubameyang

  7. There is always a chance this deal could collapse but hopefully it’s something small like a minor details in contract. Maybe Wenger doesn’t want to supply him with a helmet and Cech wants Arsenal to supply the helmet.

    Seriously, I hope this deal works out because it could become the best value for money signing of the summer.

    Think about it. A WC keeper that we have needed for years, since Lehman really, for £11 million. A WC keeper is really needed to win the PL. And 33 years old is not a big deal. Van Der Sar was a year older when he joined United. Could be the signing of the Summer if we win the PL.

    As for top striker. Its okay. We have our secret weapon……Sanogo

  8. I’m still confident we’ll get Cech. When has Arsenal ever completed a deal quickly besides for deadline day? We knew about Debuchy and Alexis deals weeks before the official announcement, Arsenal are just notoriously long negotiators. At this point I think the deal is going to go through. As for Aubameyang, I’m calling BS on that. Bild is essentially the German Metro and they report whatever they feel like. Aubameyang signing wouldn’t even make any sense and he’s a lot of money too. I don’t think we’ll be signing anyone for a while after the Cech deal unfortunately.

  9. That’s what scares me that cech would be our first and last signing of the season. I hope Wenger spends the cash available at least on one world class player. I would be happy to spend the entire cash on Vidal. I think cech and Vidal would be a great transfer window for us. We have giroud/welbeck and Theo who can fight it out for the striker role. I would happily take Vidal and cech. That would be enough for me.

      1. Vidal and cech would turn us into a world class team. We have three strikers, welbeck/giroud/Theo. I would rather have Vidal and cech and no striker

        1. Against top class defense we have zero strikers, all of what you mentioned cannot break the like of chelsea defense

        2. Both ST and DM are must have’s. If Coquelin gets injured we will become bad again so something needs to be done thre. And Giroud is just not good enough. Solid player but not world class.

  10. if cech is another higuain saga…..i don’t want to c the look on faces of chelsea fans…
    bt this bbc has reported the deal is in place so it can happen…..fingers crossed #Cechthewall

    1. Of course it can happen, but who knows. We might end up cechless…. Too much talks making me worried. Can’t wait till we announce the deal on but even sky sports said we are close to a deal and by end of the week we should have Czech in our ranks.

  11. We defiantly WONT be in for Higuain as the asking price is way too high even I think that and I’m no tight ar$e as far as the war chest is concerned.
    We wont get Vidal for the same reason and although I want to hope beyond hope I don’t think we’ll get Benzema either.
    I read that the rumours suggest that Kondogbia is a millimetre away from signing with Inter Milan and the shneidelin is now of no interest to us. Which makes me wonder who the hell we are really looking at? are we looking at any one? even the Cech deal is not concrete and If it does happen will it be the Marquee signing of our summer because if that’s the case its not really what we want or expect is it??

    1. Cech is not a marquee signing, 11 mil is not lots of cash. It can be a huge transfer for us if it goes through. But not a marquee signing. Vidal would be a marquee signing big time

      1. for a GK that is a lot of cash. He’s only 11mill and that still easily breaks into top 10 most expensive keepers.

  12. Sign Auba!! he’ll make a prolific goalscoring winger for us. apart from speed he’s the improved version of Welbeck.
    We need players like Welbeck who can score goals,lots..Sanchez alone wont favour us. we need workaholics

  13. None of those strikes are good enough if we really want to compete for epl or ucl, i’d rather buy Reus instead

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