Not confirmed yet, but Torreira looks like he’s an Arsenal player

Arsenal’s summer transfer window is just getting better and better, as the father of Lucas Torreira has yet again confirmed that the Uruguayan midfielder will be coming to London for a medical after the World Cup, but he stressed that there was no actual deal in place at the moment although the talks had gone well.

Ricardo Torreira told Radio Crc.“I want the best for my son and I also know that Arsenal showed a lot of interest in him,”

“It’s not done, neither is it official, because he hasn’t signed anything, but there’s a great chance that Lucas’ future will be in England.

“There was no problem in the negotiations, and the latest is that as soon as the World Cup ends, he’ll go to London for a medical.”

Well, we were promised big changes if we didn’t get to the Champions League, and it looks like Unai Emery is being given every chance to stamp his own players into the new Arsenal team, and we will have a completely different team by the time the new season starts.

Now, where is that new left-winger?

Sam P


  1. John Ibrahim says:

    100m for a 33yo Ronaldo….

    we got our players at a bargain

    every penny counts

    if we want quality we have to pay

  2. Marty says:

    This Torreira deal looks like one of our famous Higuain/Lemar sagas…..

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I hope not, he’s after cementing his spot in the Uru team and he’s only got a 25m buy out ..less I think. That is a steal in today’s market, plus with his age, we won’t be the only ones thinking it. I hope the big teams aren’t looking for defensive mids and I hope Juventus don’t come anywhere near it because they are said to buy players they don’t need just so they can make a profit in transfer market. What I do hope for is that the boy gave us his word and he is eager to make it to England, also I suspect with this deal Arsenal would have to grease some palms and make some family members happy. The Dad sounds like he is trying to welcome some competition, see how he waited til the lad had a platform and is doing well enough. He wants the best for his boy so I wouldn’t blame him, but Arsenal should have done better in trying to tie that loose end up.

  3. Giddi says:

    The player is just away on international duty, I’m not sure anyo of us would want to miss our own unveiling, nerh, well so would he, can we just let him focus on Russia , sampdoria have already confirmed him, so he’s already our player, but let’s follow due process and allow the man be at his own occasion, shall we ??

  4. Sue says:

    I’m as excited about this as I was about Auba! But it’s tense, will he sign won’t he sign?? Oh please get it done!!!!

    1. okiror says:


      1. Nikhilesh says:

        The diamond eye is keeping an eye on Nice & Tunisian winger Bassem Srarfi
        Source: Pain in the arsenal

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I agree Sue, was thinking the other day that the best bit of transfer business was done in that last window and also that it was genius going for Lacazette first because if Auba had arrived first like Wenger wanted well then Lacazette would not have signed. We’d be looking at guys resigned to being a squad player. One of the biggest advantages over us, for eons, was this CF position and how many options the enemy had. Nothing new of course as we’ve all spoken of it, but again, the bit of best business was done last season. Torriera and that other area we cry out about, it will or it should be a huge deal if we can get it sorted.

  5. wenger says:

    Its been proven time to time again that having quality player is not important, you just need to gather a group of player and find chemistry.

    1. okiror says:


      1. tas says:

        i think the real A.Wangers tack ticks were a bit different then our own wanger here, wanger is not wrong in what his saying but to win the big trophies you need to do both chemistry and world class players, all do AW did manage both in his first few years but failed both miserably in his later years and bought with panic buying rather then what was needed relevant of the cost, i would love to ask him why did it take him five years to replace strikers and once he did he got two and why he never managed to get a descent DM

        1. tas says:

          also to our arsen on here just want to say that if you were using the WC as an example you cannot, its totally different then playing one or two games where its like your life depended on it then long hard season in the EPL with 38 games with three almost games a week and no rest in between

      2. Sheet Head says:

        Admin, seems all posts somehow attract Wenger comments, why not write 4-6 articles on various achievements and failures of Wenger ???, twill give us enough opportunity to praise him and bash him, (I will be in the bashing camp) ????
        It’s good for our healing and reconciliation

        1. tas says:

          Sheet Head nothing wrong with mentioning AW after all he is our history and he gave us so much that we should celebrate him by mentioning his achievements and also failures, why bash someone who thought he gave his life to the club his gone now, i say let people say what they want when ever, i for one in the last three years wanted him out but i still live the dream in his earlier years, i wonder if we will have such buzz and joy as we did in his earlier days

        2. Admin says:

          Anyone with ideas for articles are quite welcome to send them to me for review….
          Who wants to write a supporting post for Wenger? And then we can have an opposite basher in the interests of balance…

          1. Break-on-through says:

            No need for the basher, the article will light the fuse. But I also feel that everything that needed to be said was said, unless someone can get creative and bring something new to light am not really seeing a good enough reason for them right now, other than working out on some anger issues. Maybe when Emery gets going it’ll be a better time, comparatives, I reckon there’ll be ample opportunity once the season gets going.

            If someone wants an idea for an article, I have one!!!.

            Ivan Gazidas, we had a head of transfer scouting, and a lead negotiator before the new guys arrived. The one we didn’t have, was Raul. Before Gazidas we all know who held that job, he and Arsene worked greatly together. Gazidas doesn’t know football, he doesn’t know how to speak it, how to entice, basically clueless at it. So he brought finally brought someone in who can do his job for him. Gazidas like Dein, had power, which was evident finally. But the brightest thing he’s done (other than sacking Wenger many would agree) was to get someone in who knows the s**t that Gazidas failed miserably with. “Raul Sanllehi is the one big difference to the older guard”.

  6. Mandiba says:

    I pray he sign soon. I am so excited about his signing. I had been watching him with Uruguay and he had greatly impressed me.

    On left winger why not sign Shaqiri
    He is cheaper and has Premeir League experience

    1. Willy007 says:

      Ben Alpha is for free

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:


  7. Goonstar says:

    That excitement of signing new players that we actually need is so fulfilling. In all honesty I had never heard of Torreira before we were linked with him recently. But watching his YouTube clips (?) got be excited like we were signing a Sanchez.

    1. tas says:

      we was linked with Juan Cuadrado last year i wish we got him what a player he is Chelsea was made to let him go, i think if Colombia played the game rather then stupid and embarrassing fouls i think they could of got a result against (us) England

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        Oops !!!
        You don’t write like English.

        1. tas says:

          that’s because i’m from the East end of London init mate

          1. tas says:

            why the Oops !!!?

  8. Goonstar says:

    Unai is making the right moves and signing. Addressing our problem areas. What is making me a bit skeptical is the overall quality. They might just click and form that chemistry or they my just flop and we will be saying things like “To be honest what did we really expect from 34 year old free agents like Lichtsteiner. £17 million 30 year old Sokratis. An unknown quality like Torreira that had just a £26 million release clause. A manager that was never the majority’s first choice etc.”
    I hope it all works out well for us. We deserve some joy.

    1. Nikhilesh says:

      Not every player turns out to be Angel Di Maria

      1. tas says:

        interesting that you chose DI Maria the Man-United flop 🙂

        1. sanmi.marvellous says:

          Environment matters.

          Mo Sallah, Cuardardo were Chelsea flops.

    2. DDK3 says:

      If our limited budget is true, then we were faced with two options. Get in one quality player and leave other areas exposed, or get creative in the window and bring in good/decent players to address more of our weaknesses.

      I like that we have added experience and steel to our lineup. Our side has goals in it we just need to plug the whole at the back. In the vast majority of the games we lost away from home this year we scored, it was a case of conceding too much.

      With a Coquelin style DM (one that knows what his freaken job is) combined with the experience that Monreal, Licht and Papa can offer even Leno at 26 has 7 years in the Bundesliga. We have tackled three key positions and only spent 40m.

      If we can get Torreira or Meyer in I will be very happy with this window. Liverpool, City and United splashing on Fabinho, Fred and Jorginho on one player, I suspect that we will see a much better return on our investment.

  9. Sean Williams says:

    Torreira will be a great signing if we get him. Tenacious, snappy little player. But is there some voodoo or hypnotic spell going on? We have lost Jack AND Santi. If we do not get a creative central midfield ball controller we cannot do much. If ‘Greedy Stan Kroenke’ won’t put the money up, then maybe take a punt on Tom Cairney of Fulham who is 27 years old and has 4-5 years ahead. Ideally we should try and get Ever Banega, who is a top notch midfield controller and has 2-3 years of prime years ahead. Or why not go for CESC, he will give us some magic from the middle. We need our very own Andrea Pirlo type or it will be huff and puff and no magic. Oh ‘Greedy Stan’ you are one **** of an owner. Billionaire cheapskate.

  10. Leno £20M, Sokratis £16M that’s £36M. Torreira costs £26M so total £62M. But budget is £50M so I guess we are selling someone? Welbeck? Lucas Perez? Lacazette? Somebody’s got to fact, a few somebodys.

    1. Sue says:

      No not Laca ?

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Gazidas has said the other week that things are exciting and that there will definitely be more arrivals. I think the budget thing was a paper inspired story. When he said it, I took it as Torriera done, Sokratis done, Leno done, Lichsteiner done, expect for signing guys things are happening. That’s the way it was perceived at the time, but Torriera’s Dad seems to think otherwise, but still, Torriera and more is still what I expect. We’re being linked with allot of CM players, as well as wingers, maybe even another CDM along with LT because we don’t have any right now. Promising at moment, it could reach ambitious, whoohoo!!!

    2. Sean Williams says:

      Quantic Dream

      Oh spaceman, sell Lacazette?????? You are out of it. Totally ridiculous.

      1. Aubameyang will be playing center forward next season so where will Lacazette fit? Winger? Nope. CAM? Nope, that’s Ozil. Laca if he stays will find himself more on the bench than when Giroud was still there.

        1. tas says:

          come on guys every team need a few c-forwards in the squad no one striker can play 60 games a season

        2. Mobella says:

          you think it is good to sell Lacazette, a round better player than PEA. Should anything prevent PEA from being selected who will you suggest to replace him. The only quality Emerick has over Lacazette is pace. Prior to their career their goal-game ratio is similar. I like both of them but IMO Lacazette will do more for team than Emerick.

    3. Durand says:

      Torreria is 3 separate payments of £10 million per year, not £26 million all at once.

  11. Innit says:

    I hope Lictenstein, Leno, Sokratis and Torreira are of high enough quality to help us compete with the best. If not I hope everyone can at least work well as a team

    What I will say is that Emery seems to be doing a better job than Wenger did at addressing our problem areas. Every summer Wenger would leave gaps ie defensive midfielder, striker, etc

    1. Ruelando says:

      In truth we do not know if our problems have been addressed until they have played couple matches together.

      All our players signed can be flops, our own choices could also be flops. One thing I think we can actually depend on is the new approach at arsenal will have the players on their toes and the hope of no favoritism being displayed by the manager, can only improve the chances of all the players

  12. Diana says:

    I think they should mentor AMN to play CDM. He actually has the acumen and capacity to become a really great CDM. He is very defensively aware and if i were Emery, he would play as Torreira’s deputy, and start in all Carabao and some Europa games playing exclusively as a CDM

  13. Diana says:

    *not box to box

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