Not content with being a liability David Luiz is now punching his teammates

The Athletic has just revealed that there was a training ground bust-up at Arsenal involving David Luiz and Dani Ceballos last week.

The Brazilian, who a lot of Arsenal fans regard as a liability, had reportedly taken an exception to a tackle by the Spaniard and he punched him on the nose.

The punch drew blood from the Spaniard who stood up and wanted to fight the defender, but they were both separated by the coaches and their teammates.

The reported incident happened last Friday as those who weren’t away with their national teams trained.

It adds that both players were sent home after the altercation and they were made to apologise to their teammates.

They have since been called into a meeting with Mikel Arteta where they had a clear the air talk and resumed training with their other teammates.

The fight came just a few days after Arsenal had been beaten 3-0 by Aston Villa in the Premier League.

Ceballos has been involved in some problems with a teammate before. 

Eddie Nketiah was on the receiving end of that one as both players seemed to square up ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League opener against Fulham.

Ahead of the return of club football, Arteta will hope that both players have put their differences behind them now to focus on helping the club collectively.

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  1. By next summer, we have parted,ways with

    Sokratis 90k
    Mustafi 90k
    Özil 350k
    Luiz 120k
    Lacazette 180k
    Kolasinac 100k

    Now thats a lot of wages freed up.. hopefully we can sell some of them in January.

    1. McLovin, who do you think we will sign as top quality players to replace them?

      Let’s just look at some of the rumoured players we are in for, their transfer value and reported salaries:

      Eriksen valued at £45,000,000, earning £100,000 a week b/tax .
      Ceballos valued at £29,000,000 earning £52,000 a week.
      Boateng is earning £198,000 a week, will want signing on fee.
      Edouard £45,000,000 (r/clause) earning £20,000, a week.
      Aouar valued at£45,000,000 earning £28,000 a year.

      So, we save half the money in wages, if the players do not want BETTER salaries, but it will also cost us £164,000,00 in transfers, let’s assume we get £64,000,000 back in the pot for their transfer values.

      Rounded up figures I know, but I believe this is what lies in store when the contracts run out.

      It might be that the club decide to rely on our crop of excellent younger players, but if they do, we certainly won’t be challenging for the PL title in the next couple of years at least.

      Interesting summer ahead for the club methinks!!!

  2. This sort of spat isn’t uncommon at a lot of clubs according to reports so I wouldn’t read too much into it. Mind you, if they both got sacked for gross misconduct we would save some money and neither would be missed very much.

    1. Love your analysis Declan regarding your last sentence.
      It does seem Ceballos is winding up players in training, a pity he doesn’t show such commitment during a game!!!!

      1. An interesting point Dan, but it will take more than the reinvestment of the wages, especially as there is precious little by way of transfer fees to count on.

        1. SueP, my point exactly.
          Plus the assumption that the club might get some transfer money back – – for players regarded as dross or past it.

          1. Ken “REGARDED as dross” OR dross, in your opinion as well as others . Which is it? You know how much I appreciate plain speaking while not liking half truths. Do tell us!

  3. For more earth-shattering team news from the training ground, The Athletic is offering interested fans a great subscription deal of only $1 per week. By their definition of news, we should be expecting reports of eating habits of players, their favorite meals, washroom breaks, and perhaps, if we are lucky, birthday news from the squad.

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