Not every former Arsenal star wants Unai Emery sacked

Sacking Emery won’t solve Arsenal’s problems – Patrick Vieira.

Patrick Vieira believes the call for the sacking of Unai Emery is not the right call at the moment as a new manager may not necessarily fix the ongoing problems at the Emirates Stadium.

Former Gunners like Ian Wright have already called for the sacking of Emery and the calls for him to go are growing all the time.

Winning just one of their last six league games leaves Arsenal eight points behind the top four.

This poor run of form has intensified calls for Emery to be fired with Viera himself one of the favourites to be named his replacement, however, the former Arsenal midfielder insists that the fans need to get behind their manager.

Vieira is of the view that fans have to be patient with Emery. He feels the Spaniard can turn their season around despite the poor start they have had to endure so far.

‘It’s true Arsenal are going through a tough spell,’ the former Arsenal captain said. ‘But I haven’t watched all their matches, so I can’t talk about their game. ‘They have a coach who is qualified and who works well. When a club is having a difficult time, it’s important to be united.

‘I think he has enough experience to get them through this difficult spell. We have to get behind him and give him time to change things. ‘I am not sure a change of manager will fix the problems.’

After spending the last ten years of Arsene Wenger’s reign underachieving, it is understandable that Arsenal fans want success again. However, patience is sometimes required for any long term rebuilding effort.


    1. You beat me to the punch there Sue! Viera will always be loved with us fans but on this he is as wrong as anyone can be! Anyone who HAS watched ALL our matches knows beyond doubt that this foreign speaking manager is a complete misfit here. I can’t decide which is worse, his futile attempts to speak understandable English, even after 18 months, OR his complete failure to get us playing with any urgency, passion, shape or confidence. He’s a failure and we all know he must go. NOW! Sorry Patrick,I love you but I deride your comment!

      1. I don’t think Emery’s non-fluency in English language is the issue here, his press conferences are understandable enough for any non-bias English speaking audience. Lets not call dog a bad name to hang it. You don’t think there will be a translator on sight to clarify any communication gap? Game tactics and strategies are usually demonstrated on the pitch not taught in class. If non-English speaking players can survive in the EPL, then a non-English speaking coach can do too.

        1. Yes they can survive. BUT CAN THEY THRIVE? All the evidence on Emery suggests he cannot. Not without communication skills, which involve much more than mere language ,my naive friend! tHE NUANCES OF LANGUAGE ARE IMPORTANT DETAILS , YOU NEED TONE, CONTEXT, ABILITY TO PERSUADE. All these are impossibly difficult with mere pidgeon English.

  1. Vieira knows how it feels to get heavy pressure from the media and fans in England

    However, Emery clearly has communication issue with his players, hence a better communicator is required

    We would most likely win at the upcoming home game though, so Emery would stay longer

    1. Ralph Hassenhuttl is under a lot of pressure too, especially after that 9-0… so I wouldn’t be too sure, GAI… plus, they’re one of our many bogey teams!!

  2. As a fellow manager, Vieira HAS to say that. Even if he doesn’t believe it, he has to say it to be diplomatic. In fact, any manager asked about Emery would do the same, otherwise they would just create a media storm for themselves, over something that had nothing to do with them anyway.

    I know there are some on here that believe anything anyone says as the 100% truth, but that’s not what happens in reality. I am not saying Vieira is lying, but if you asked all 20 Premiership managers whether they felt Emery should go, all 20 would say no, but I find it hard to believe they were all telling the truth. The other day, Pep apparently said Xhaka was a great player. Do we honestly believe him?

    A little diplomacy goes a long way.

    1. In better words, when they disagree with your view they are being diplomatic. I suspect that if they said what you truly believe you would use their comments as evidence you are right. Not every comment is true but neither is it false.

      1. Yes you may have a point in general Martin but how exactly would YOU describe Vieras comment then, IF IT IS NEITHER TRUE NOT FALSE/ I agree with Third Man when he writes that managers do not badspeak other managers in public. I did Viera the courtesy of taking his comment seriously and replying, in my post, in that vein. But I know he does not MEAN what he actually says. If I thought he did mean it, I would lose any respect I have for his judgement. No Martin, he was being diplomatic, which is something I rarely am on here, since we fans should always give our own HONEST opinion. Or else what is the point of a fan site? Well, that is my take anyway!

        1. That is your prerogative, Jon. But I stand by my point that it is easy to dismiss those that disagree with a viewpoint and even easier to use those that do agree with a viewpoint as evidence of one’s viewpoint. No one really knows the true thinking behind some of these comments and so we are all left with, what we choose to believe and what we don’t.

          1. Great answer but I note how skilfully and how politician like you deftly avoided answering my direct question. That is, as you say,YOUR prerogative. I rather think most thinkers among us believe it is your intention to encourage debate and you areclearly doing so. But a litle more upfront answers would be appreciated.

            1. What direct question Jon? You are the first to accuse me of that I must say. Please repeat the question.

    1. Please God we have such a bad spell as City then, is all I can say! if what THEY are having is a “bad spell” in your strange book, what on earth would you call what we are having then?

        1. Wow! Such ambition MARTIN! To lie 6th! Perish the thought we fans should be so awful as to have real ambition then? Eh? NO, LET US ALL BE HIGHLY SATISFIED WITH MEDIOCRITY AND WHEN WE ARE, IN THAT PARALLEL UNIVERSE, THIS SITE WILL BE A CORPSE.Unwanted, unloved and unused! Think on Martin!

          1. Jon, you asked a question, I answered. Don’t attack me or this site for simply answering a question you posed. At no point did I say or even intimate it was acceptable. For the record, I think it is awful but that is irrelevant to this debate. Please do not ask questions when you do not like the answer. I would suggest it is you that should think on Jon before you have a pop at someone for simply answering a question truthfully.

        2. You see Martin, one key differnce between an old guy like me who has been many times around the block and fought my corner in life and a far younger man like you is that ,unlike you, I seee that my honest answer to you rpost is just hat; an honest answer. You appear to regard it as a personal attack. No wonder so many older folk like me call you younger folk snowflakes. A forceful and robust answer is NOT a personal attack and frankly you could not be more wrong. I have the utmost respectfor you as aman but believe in being entirely honest and up front in my opinions and my answers. I firmly believe than any honest peoples owe this fine site complete honesty. Or else what is the point of a fan opinon site. WEll MARTIN SERIOUS QUESTION , WHAT ELSE IS THE POINT OF THIS SITE?

          1. The problem for you Jon is you make assumptions with no basis in fact. Trust me, I am a lot older than you may think and certainly not from the snowflake generation. This is not a fan opinion site, it is an Arsenal news site that delivers Arsenal news, it is just coincidental that it has also built up a vibrant comment section. Also being honest does not always make you right. You ask what is the point of this site, well it is to deliver Arsenal news and opinion.

        3. MARTIN THE QUESTION WAS “HOW EXACTLY WOULD YOU DESCRIBE VIERAS COMMENT THEN, IF IT IS NEITHER TRUE NOR FALSE?” i AM THE FIRST TO UNDRSTAND THAT SOME ANSWERS ARE NOT BLACK NOR WHITE BUT I WOULD SERIOUSLY LIKE TO THINK WHAT YOU BELIEVE WAS THE POINT OF HIS QUOTE ,IF IT IS NEITHER TRUE NOR FALSE, AS YOU ARGUE THAT IT IS NEITHER. I am a lover of language, as you well know and I bring my languauge skills to this site as I wish to get accurate comments from others, based on the specific English they use. That is surely helpful, assuming that we are all after the actual truth, rather than trying to play devils advocate, as some regularly do.

          1. I answered it, I stated, “No one really knows the true thinking behind some of these comments and so we are all left with, what we choose to believe and what we don’t.” I never said it is neither true or false, I simply said it is up to the individual to believe each comment as they see fit. I also highlighted that some choose to believe only what suits their own narrative. Not sure that could be any clearer. s for Viera I believe him, otherwise I would have to call him a liar and I simply have zero evidence to support that belief. Do you have evidence that he is lying? No, you do not but it seems to me you have chosen to take the view that he is lying. I will not do that without evidence.

        4. Martin I havejust read with some astonishment your statement that Just Arsenal is NOT a fan opinion site but an Arsenal news site which has “coincidentally built up a vibrant fan comment section”. That being the case, then why do you encourage fan opinion at all,since it is merely a by product to the raison d’etre of this site even when you post it. In fact much of what you call “news” is rumour, often posted by you, which you often diss as unlikely TO BE TRUE YOURSELF. That is not a true news site and indeed true new news is comparatively rare by the nature of nothing much tangibly happening from hour to hour, And this site has several articles daily, even when there is no news. So forgive my honesty, but I DO NOT SEE THIS SITE AS PRIMARILY A NEWS SITE. NOR DO I BELIEVE OTHERS THINK DIFFERENTLY FROM ME. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THERE IS NEVER ANY ARSENAL NEWS;JUST THAT REAL NEWS IS RARE, WHEREAS ARTICLES APPEAR ON HERE CONSTANTLY. I SAY IT IS IN FACT PRIMARILY A FAN OPINION SITE, IN ACTUALITY, WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE TO CALL IT. If is looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, then a duck is what it actually is. I HOPE YOU WILL NOT BAN ME FOR BEING HONEST IN GIVING MY OPINION. I KNOW THAT SOMETIMES YOU BELIEVE I AM “MAKING A PERSONAL ATTACK ON YOU”, WHICH IS LUDICROUS. Your own precise words MARTIN!!

          1. I don’t ban for opinions, I ban for breaking the site rules Jon. All I can tell you is what the site is, up to you to interpret that as you wish. Of course, I will encourage debate and get as many comments on here as possible, why would I not? But without news there would be no opinions expressed. Think about it.

  3. Ex-professional soccer players and coaches don’t know what they are saying? Viera spoke the truth as someone who played the game and understands the situation.

  4. The Managers”union” invariably stick together so Veira’s comments do not come as a surprise, although his views lose credence if he has hardly seen Arsenal play.No the real crux of the matter is that as far as I am concerned we have been unconvincing in every match this season apart from the home game against Standard Liege when neither Luis and Socratic featured.Our form has been abysmal and as every week passes, we sink further into the mire.If the Board are prepared to give Emery more time, on their heads be it.All I hope is that behind the scenes they are making contingency plans to line up a replacement.They would be failing in their duties if they are not doing so.


  5. Ad MARTIN ANSWERING MY POST TO HIM SAYS “Without news there would be no opinions expressed. Think about it”. Ireject this clearly fals argument. There has been no tangible news today of any type; nothing has happened unless you count ex-players having opinions about the state of the club under Emery as “news”. I do not, as opinions are just that; opinions andactual news is something quite different. If Arsenal sackd Emery or a key plkaywer got an injury THAT would be news. But all we haveon here once again are opinions and rumours some posted by Martin who himself often says thathis own posted rumour is groundless. So is that not a fake attempt to manufacture news? I sugget it is precisely that and only that. Real news does not happen very often in football clubs but this site carries articles and constant fan comments all the time. Yet Admin Martin tells me DIRECTLY and I quote “This site is an ArsenaL news site and fan opinion is a coincidental by product” . As a truth lover, I replied to MARTIN SAYING, THIS IS ACTUALLY PRIMARILY A FAN OPINION SITE, WHATEVER HE CHOOSES TO CALL IT. I SAID “IF IT LOOKS LIKE A DUCK, QUACKS LIKE A DUCK AND SWIMS LIKE DUCK THEN A DUCK IS EXACTLY WHAT IS IS”. I would love to know what my fellow Gooners consider is the prime reason and true actuality of this site. Is it actually a Gooner opinion site with occasional news to discuss OR is is an Arsenal news site, albeit actual news is rare, with a coincidental by product which is fan opinion? TBH, I always look elsewhere for new actual Arsenal news before coming on here to mostly read unfounded rumours AND OF COURSE INTERESTING VARIOUS FAN OPINIONS.

    1. Not my problem you have zero understanding of a news site Jon. If you type in definition of news in Google you get “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events.” There you go “noteworthy information” I would argue that a viewpoint from a former player about recent events is noteworthy information. Of course, you will disagree because you have dug a ridiculous hole for yourself and no doubt you will come back with your silly capital letters as if that adds any weight to your opinion. Allow me to let you into a little secret Jon, it does not. Finally, this is an Arsenal news site and we discuss Arsenal news on here, we do not discuss the site itself, we discuss the content of articles on this site only. Therefore I am no longer going to discuss the workings of this site with you. If you want to discuss what is written fine but anything irrelevant to the article in question will be removed. You have had your say, I have rebutted your misrepresentation of this site. Leave it at that.

      1. Martin, But there is hardly any “noteworthy information ” at all. This site is full of rumours, almost all spurious, as even you admit when you post many of them, and opinions and as such is fine. I do object to it being called a “news site”though, since it is hardly ever a news site. There is just not enough news to warrant a constant change of threads. That is why it is chiefly a rumours and fan opinion site, whatever you choose to personally call it. REALITY MARTIN! YOUR DEFINITION OF “NEWS” IS OBVIOUSLY VERY DIFFERENT FROM MINE! FYI, since you appear not to know despiute me having told numerous other fans on here many times, I use capitals entirely for emphasis, as one can in actual speech but otherwise cannot in written words. I have also now exhausted this subject but will willingly continue to follow and use this fan discussion site.

  6. I did not read all that back and forth with Jon, Martin. We are indeed all very concerned with passion, as true fans, affected by what Arsenal goes through, but important to keep respect peace and unity. We all converge that way here; a great thing and mates, passionned!

    It is tuff times, let’s stick together, we in same boat, focus on how we get out of this, indeed main concern, topic and emergency first.

    Peace guys and sweat dreams !

  7. Viera can relate as he is himself in trouble in Nice but mainly supportive to Arsenal doing so; not create more division but unite everyone as a club, team & fan!

    Thanks uncle Viera, wish best in Nice, he reminds young Arsene but ahead for his age and spending lots of time as Wenger captain!

    Not sure many black players in major team were captain before that in UK or elsewhere. Mr Wenger is so special and fare as a human being, loved as a dad, Prof by every players.

    Best to Patrick and Arsene football will be delighted to see at Bayern, bring excitement and values to this game, makes it so pleasant and positive!


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