Not just the fans but journalists now turning on the Arsenal board

Arsenal fans are exhausted calling for Unai Emery to be sacked, now they turning on the board.

It had to happen, didn’t it? The fans are turning on the Arsenal board for their failure to sack Unai Emery.

The fans have been joined by high profile journalists all saying enough is enough.

It is totally bewildering why Emery is still in his job, he should have gone last Saturday but for some reason, the board are digging in. It makes no sense.

It will start to get very uncomfortable for the board if they do not act and quick. The fans will start turning their anger on the board from this point onwards. It is already happening on AFTV and social media is in meltdown.

Here is just a small taste of what is being said right now and not just from the Arsenal fans.

There are hundreds more and the board needs to start listening and listening very quickly.


  1. (Rahl)we lost again,low crowds,angry fans,other clubs laugh at us….
    (Stan kroanke) tell them we care,now lets get serious,how much money did we make tonight !

  2. Remember statements calling the fans “noise.” Wonder how the board feel about the empty seats at the Emirates.

    The embarrassment that is Emery is quickly becoming a stain on Raul, Edu, and the board.

    Where is the pride and standard that WAS Arsenal? Edu is more aware than anyone about the Arsenal culture, and surprised he’s not more vocal on our downward spiral.

    Keown spot on with his comments, and the board and management seem comfortably numb to the rot. After the debacle that was Southampton match, shocked Emery came out with that lineup, and never brought on Laca or Pepe.

    Raul should have had a car waiting and Edu busy packing up Emery’s office. Raul and Edu will lose the fans next unless they do their job, meaning

    Do what’s best for the club, not make excuses for a failed manager.

    1. results are not pleasant thus pretty sure Emery time is running up soon

      however, the club needs time to negotiate a deal with the new manager and potential release if hes from another club

      paper work and etc needs time

    2. Unfortunately this is all on Kroenke’s. Raul as head of football can make his recommendation to sack UA, but Kroenky’s are the one to make the final call. Edu as Technical director working under Raul has no real authority over sacking UA I dont believe.

      It’s not a surprise that UA has lasted this long. Josh Kroenke is a huge UA fan, and honestly Arsenal board in general is always very indecisive and slow to make any type of decision.

      Raul has made couple of statements since the start of the season but nobody else from Arenal ever comes out and says anything. Leaderless!

      It has not been easy being Arsenal fan last few years, and just because of bad results.

  3. If RAUL no demand from Kroenke to sack Emery now, it will confirm my prediction from previous post that he will become the new and worse version of Gazidis.

  4. Bring back Wenger for the remaindfer of the season, but give him the budget to buy 2 x CD and 2 x DMF in January.

    We need two players at CD to organize the defense and two MF to boss the game in the middle. It could be that Kolasanic is a better defender in place of Xhaka. Kolasanic Has the size and speed, and attitude. It could be that Luiz is a partner for Kolasanic in the middle.

    Or, get new players… but who?

  5. More problems than Emery; it’s really about Raul, the board, and ownership.

    If we had a proper owner he’d be giving Raul and Edu the hairdryer treatment for this embarrassment.

    Kronke has to go, extremely tough but not impossible. Josh and Stan could sort this anytime they want, but their focus is cash. Forget the pride, the culture, identity, philosophy, even the character of the club.

    They are milking the club and the fans, sucking the lifeblood out for the sake of a quick buck.

    10 years under Kronke’s shadow and his poison has driven fans against Wenger, players, and even other fans. Kronke is the albatross; changers players and managers is only rearranging chairs on the titanic.

    Kronke out; banners, songs, protests, former legends, anyone with love for Arsenal need to join together and run that snake out, period.

    1. kroneke spend millions in buying the club

      unless someone offer him the value of the club and more

      he is still the legal owner of the club

  6. I have supported this club since 1963 and I have to say, this club now appears to be at its lowest ebb in the 53 years since I saw my first game. The choice of Emery as the manager was not a good one in hindsight but he needs to go right now before we get closer to the relegation end of the table. However, the leaders of this club, the Arsenal board, seem to have no leadership capabilities whatsoever otherwise they would have done something to correct this terrible slide the team is on way before now. There was no need to give Emery more time to “turn things around” because after 18 months in charge of the team, he has done nothing to correct the defensive problems and even our ‘feared’ attacking lineup now cannot score goals. It doesn’t take a genius to decide he’s not capable but maybe it does take someone with football experience to see what’s needed. Silent Stan has no idea and his son Josh, really doesn’t get the football scene either but he is the one controlling the rest of the board members who do have some football sense. Completely rudderless club and unless these two owners leave, I fear we fans are in for a very miserable football future at the Arsenal!.

  7. I read a quote from Sir Chips Keswick (Chairman of the Board), saying he was thinking of resigning his post because of the abuse from fans and the press. He said he was upset because he and Lord Harris of Peckham (is that Del Boy?)had no say in the running of the Football operation. That was Raul & Edu.
    I believe Keswick and Harris had brought in David O’Leary to help advise them and help them understand what was happening on the pitch.

    Unfortunately it looks like Raul has hitched his wagon to Emery, which is why he gave him 4 relatively easy matches to get some results.

    He should have fired Emery at the International break, so any new manager would have 2 weeks to review the situation before the Southampton game.

    I think Raul has become as much of a problem as Emery, and I think they both need to go!!! This might make getting a new manager more difficult.
    Unfortunately, he left Emery in charge, and Arsenal might have NO European football next season.

    1. Where is that alleged quote you read from Sir Chips??? Can you produce it? Post it here. I’ve searched for it on every website I know including the original site, The Athletic, where the story came from. No such quote exists, it is simply the fabrications of unethical journalists looking for a story to sell.

  8. There’s no quick or easy fix for what ails this club, but we must start the process by getting the toxicity surrounding Emery out of the building immediately…every second he remains as manager will negatively impact our future prospects…what manager is going to want to come to the Emirates if the present climate becomes even more toxic, especially considering what happened here in the final year/months of Wenger’s reign…this could greatly affect our ability to resign our impact players let alone attracting new players…I believe one of the key stumbling blocks relates directly to the power struggle that occurred between Raul and Sven, with Emery clearly positioning himself within Raul’s camp…there is no other excuse for why this inept manager still has a job, unless we’re so ridiculously frugal that we would rather sacrifice our future success than eat the remainder of his contract…when did we stop being a real professional footballing organization…after the dismal end of our season, which saw us crap our way out of a top 4 position, then fail miserably with our only chance to redeem ourselves in the Europa final, some serious discussions should have been held among the team’s executive branch regarding a potential plan should we continue to struggle come the new season…this guy only had a two year deal, with an option for a third, and since they didn’t attempt to modify his contractual arrangement during the summer months it means they simply weren’t convinced …no matter what the case we must inject some fresh blood into this organization at the managerial level, but we must not overreact by allowing the pendulum to swing so far the other way that we hire a “park the bus” manager…we don’t have the personnel to realistically win games using defensive tactics, instead we need an innovative offensive minded manager who can harness our offensive capabilities, , before shoring up their defensive frailties over the next two transfer windows, much like Pep and Klopp did early on in their EPL tenures…not to mention that Saliba looks like the real deal at CB and will be plying his trade at the Emirates next year…focus on the positives and building up the offensive prowess of this club, which is frankly their only real asset at this juncture…finally, Xhaka should never wear the shirt again and the fact that he even playing is a black mark in the history of this once proud organization…if you don’t understand just find the video clips of his interactions with the Frankfurt players following that embarrassing defeat…he’s a joke and a disgrace to the Gunner badge

  9. I keep saying it, Kroenke is not the problem at this club. If you look at the Arsenal financial statements, you will realize the club has not been paying out any dividends. Neither does Kroenke draw a salary nor loans from the club. So, we can put to bed the myth he is “draining/sucking money/life/funds out of this club.

    Now, we all know he stays in the USA, so he is not largely involved in the running of the club. Additionally, as far as we know, Kroenke has no technical knowledge regarding football, so he couldn’t even get the best coach in even if he wanted. We can conclude he sits on the board to represent the interests of the shareholders, rightfully so. This is where we now need to ask, what is the job of the rest of the board members, precisely Frair, Harris and Josh and most importantly the managers RAUL and EDU??? Raul is the Head of Football. That title right there means he is the one directly responsible for all matters regarding football. He is the football guy who should know what’s going right or wrong.

  10. Raul and Emery both must go. I am also surprised with Edu. He knows Arsenal in and out but why is he remaining a silent spectator? Either Emery out or both Raul and Edu out.

    1. What the hell are you on about. We have deleted absolutely ZERO of your posts. You are obviously not posting them correctly.
      Sorry but that is the fact….

      1. Okay, there was a post from the other day that was deleted, because it cant just vanish into thin air. Anyway, this will be my last comment here. Cheers.

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