I knew Petr Cech would choose Chelsea over Arsenal

I have to be honest and openly admit that I was never a great fan of Petr Cech, I never wanted him to join us and even though he did do a good job between the sticks, I never felt that he was a true Gunner and I suspect that my feelings will be justified if reports in the media today turns out to be true.

Basically, the tabloids are claiming that both Arsenal and Chelsea want the 36-year-old to take on a goalkeeping role and that he is likely to plump for a return to Stamford Bridge.

I can understand why he would choose Chelsea, he was with them for 11 years and won multiple trophies and for me, I would be happy to see him go, however, some Gooners I have spoken with do not feel the same way.

They feel that is a betrayal, not because he finished his career with us but because we took him on when Chelsea threw him on the scrapheap.

They feel that he owes us his experience and knowledge because we were there for him when no other top club was and they do have a point, even if I disagree with it.

Football is a tribal thing, it is about loyalty and that is why I was not a fan of the Cech from day one, I could see this day coming but that is just me and I do sympathise with my fellow Arsenal supporters that do feel a little pissed off right now, even if it turns out they are in a minority.


  1. Cech was not thrown on the scrapheap as you put it. He was still wanted by Chelsea but with Courtois as their main keeper and wanting to stay in London joined Arsenal. Mourinho was furious He proved to be a great signing and personally believe he is technically a better keeper than Leno even if he has slowed down. He still commands his area with more confidence and is better at dealing with crosses. Am intelligent guy who would be a great asset as a coach. It will be a pity if he does leave and go back to Chelsea. I haven’t the same problems with him as you do

    1. In the main I’m with you, Chelsea did exactly what arsenal have done. Cech was their number 1 then he didn’t like being back up, so he moved on. Arsenal have done exactly that, Cech started this season as our no. 1, he is now back up again, so has decided to move into coaching. All good things come to end and hopefully he can go out on a high by lifting the Europa league title and ironically it could be against Chelsea.

    2. Sounds logical

      I agree Cech is better with in handling crosses, compared to Leno, Ospina and Szczesny

      1. Fully agree on crosses but arguably the best keeper in the league is awful too….De Gea.
        The key is for a keeper to know what they are bad at and adjust…degea essentially let’s the defence deal with crosses I think Leno needs to take the same approach.

        I don’t see cech going back to Chelsea as betrayal. He done a good job for us but 11 years and lots of trophies means he was always a chav at heart. Not to different to Pay Jennings (without the trophies)

  2. Cech was never thrown away by Chelsea first of all, then Chelsea did wat no other club can or wud do for him wen he wanted to leave, they let him pick is next club even though club like PSG, Juventus wanted him at an higher price nt to talk of him being a true club legend at Chelsea nd nt just premiership legend he is at Arsenal. It is time for Arsenal to do d rite thing too nd let him pick wat is best for him now.

  3. Its not a betrayal he is a professional and knows whats best for himself I wish him all the best

  4. Can I point out the necessary and decent truth to some of the arrogant posters on here who think they have the right to an opinion on what Cech should now do. They do not. It is a free country and he is fully entitled to run his own life as he sees fit. You have no moral right, though I accept you do have a legal one only, TO TELL HIM OR ANYONE ELSE WHAT THEY SHOULD DO OR HOW THEY RUN THEIR LIFE. This is NOT North Korea, though SOME of you must think it is. KEEP OUT OF HIS LIFE AND MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS!!! Cech does not tell you how to run YOUR lives, so why do you think you deserve the “right” denied to everyone else in free countries? YOU DON’T!

    1. You need to chill Jon, they read an article and gave an opinion, it is theirs, they have every right to it. If you disagree, well then dismantle their opinion. They’re talking football, not politics.

      Personally I think Leno is better at dealing with crosses than Cech, he is braver at coming off his line. Cech doesn’t like to stray too far from his goal-line, more often, he’ll leave it for his defenders and try to save any shot that comes from it, unless it is close to his person he will adjust himself accordingly for a shot. As for Cech choosing a return to Che, did any of us ever imagine a different outcome.

  5. It is up to Cech what he does.
    Just cause he was a great GK doesn’t mean he will make a great GK coach.
    If so… Then why not get in touch with Seaman?

    What a name for a GK… When I was growing up, learning… “Seaman kept another clean sheet… Mum, why you laughing???”

    I wish Cech all the best after his time with us.
    I would like to see Arsenal get a GK coach who is Arsenal first and not Emery first, what happens if Emery leaves… We need a top GK coach that puts the club first.

  6. 1st thing 1st, to correct some few post here, De Gea is not the best GK in the league its Allison, the other thing is that cech did not betray Arsenal, arsenal betrayed them self because emery and co at the helm of Arsenal are too slow to act and dont appreciate what they have until they loose it, thats how they lost their technical director because they wanted to replace him with some who didnt want them and i think chelsea made the best offer of cheque to peter cech, thats why hes living us for them. Arsenal is use to loosing people for free so dont take it on cech, take it on the board of arsenal and get use to it.

  7. Cech wasn’t a great keeper for Arsenal, not when you compare him with Kelsey, Wilson, Seaman or Jens, he was never the same after his head injury at Chelsea. He made numerous mistakes in the short time he was with us and when Unai became our manager and brought with him his “playing out from the back game” his days were numbered

  8. He always said it when leaving chelsea that he wanted to stay in london because of his wife and kids!

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