“Not with that starting team and the attitude of some of those players.” Pundit says Arsenal can get relegated

Alan Shearer says that Arsenal can get relegated if they don’t fix their current poor form.

The Gunners have been on a terrible run of form that has kept them 15th on the league table.

With eight losses already from just 14 league games, this campaign is far from what their fans had envisaged when they won the FA Cup and the Community Shield in August.

They remain a big team in England, but seven losses from your last ten league games is exactly how you get relegated no matter how big you are as a club.

Shearer says that Arsenal players lack the attitude of a team that can stay up in the division and he also says that he doesn’t think Mikel Arteta can bank on the current crop of players to save his job.

Asked if the club will stay up on Match of the Day, Shearer replied: “I wouldn’t be so sure. Not with that starting team and the attitude of some of those players.

“Awful, no creativity, players going through the motions, not working hard enough and not closing down.

“Mikel Arteta should be a worried man relying on that group of players trying to save his job. Twelve goals all season, they have no options.

“Against Everton, [Nicolas] Pepe was not prepared to get into the box, he was jogging, sometimes walking. He has got to do more.

“There are a few players in that team who are not giving everything for the manager. Arsenal are never going to score goals playing like that.”

Arsenal’s next league game will be against Chelsea and that would be a major test of their seriousness about turning their form around.

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  1. Dead team!! Poor recruitment!! Who decides the players to buy?? How can a team like arsenal struggling for relevance then engaging a rookie coach with no experience at all?? The owners don’t see arsenal as the fans, . As things stands, they will struggle to stay in the premier league. Spending big money on players will not help but getting the right players, it could be championship players, their are plenty of proof that justifies this strategy, who sanctioned pepe acquisitions instead of zaha?? Big big novice mistake, anyone can see that, just like, William, Saliba, quendozi, etc

  2. Dunno know if u guys up are mocking him..
    What he said is plain truth!! We have talentless n weak-minded players all around.. Pepe,Laca, Auba, Xhaka,Willock,etc
    Watched Man utd’s hammering of Leeds n saw Bruno Fernandez running the show..opposite is our Ceballos. Shame of a midfielder..
    We also have over-hyped Saka who is praised as if he’s young Messi n Ronaldo de Lima..
    But all blame is still on Mikel Arteta who practices favouritism n bias in selections..
    Refusal to play Nelson, Rowe Smith, Balogun, Miles in Midfield, etc..Insistence in playing Willian, Bellerin, Xhaka..
    He’s fasting proving to be a novice n weak-arse coach!!

  3. we are really in the doldrums now,can’t even get allerdyce to steady the titantic. im sorry to say that arteta is just out of his depth, time for change give new guy transfer window as arteta is lost. I don’t have a clue who that might be but i hope edu knows and acts quickly

  4. The owner and the people running the club socks, allowing a club like arsenal to degeneration to this point of relegation without sacking the manager that’s is clearly struggling shows how low the club ambition has plummeted in recent yrs , big teams like manu, Chelsea, tots etc even Leicester acted swiftly to stop d rot, why ar we stuck wit people that don’t care where a big club like arsenal ends up?? In a big team modern, managers ain’t allowed to cake up like arsen Wenger , things get stale, so arsenal shouldn’t be worried about having a roving door situation wit managers thats not performing and meeting up to fan’s expectations which brings success on and off the pitch , simple as dat!! We must develop the rear Madrid, Chelsea, manu approach, out if u ain’t doing well!!!

  5. Arsenal had a choice of ancelloti, allegry, morinho, pocechino but went for an absolutely rookie coach!!! Hard to understand why? The table can’t hide how wrong that decision is, I heard some say the club wanted a long time cake up engagement? If that’s is the reason, it means arsenal management lacks modern teams approach to success,

  6. As far as am concerned, the series of poor decisions at arsenal started by selling a top top goalkeeper in Emilio, pls count how many clean sheets he has so far at villa , hope u guys can remember how he quickly accumulated clean sheets why at arsenal, really poor decision to sell him, the club should have encouraged a competition between the keepers at least for a yr, of which will only benefit the team performance

    1. “series of poor decisions started by selling a top goalkeeper” where have you been sleeping all this time Jd?

  7. Hopefully Shearer gets relegated to MOTD 2
    The blokes a knob when it comes to Arsenal because when it comes to polls who was the best player in premier league history ,Henry always beats him .
    Just watch the BBC episode the did to find the best ever player and he voted for Sergio (great player but we all know probably not in the top 5 players we have all seen in this league )

  8. I believe the one word that, above everything else Shearer has said, stands out for me… CREATIVITY and the lack of it.

    1. He’s still a knob though Ken
      When you see how much him and Gary get from our TV licences fees for talking a load of bollocks it does put things in to perspective on the Working man .
      Lineker 1.7million
      Shearer 450k
      Spend your life working ,paying off a Mortgage and only get comfortable when you retire .
      Then have to listen to these 2 idiots .
      Ive probably accross jealous 😂had a few to drink and having to watch what’s going on in this country ATM it’s quite worrisome for a lot of people .
      Anyway Herefordshire is 1 of the 3 county’s in the whole of the country in Tier one so i suppose I’m lucky this Xmas .
      Gone off subject but keep safe 👍 Shearers still a KnOb

  9. “There are a few players in that team who are not giving everything for the manager”.

    And yet another voice to the ever growing list stating the blindingly obvious (many of them ex’ pro’s and players).

    I begin to wonder if any of the “detractors” are now beginning to see what is painfully obvious.

    Are the majority of players good enough – no.

    Is Arteta the man for us – no comment right now.

    Are there many deep rooted (think latter Wenger years onwards) problems off the park – yes.

    Again, any player who thinks he’s is bigger than this club, there’s the door – no matter who he is.

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