Nothing to be gained by being negative once Mikel Arteta is installed

Arteta has been acting as Pep Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester City since hanging up his boots.

Arsenal needs unity if they are to turn their season around under Mikel Arteta.

Yesterday I wrote a post saying that hiring Mikel Arteta will end in tears. I stand by that article and believe that appointing Arteta is foolish and will end in disaster.

However, once he is installed the time for being negative must end and full support afforded to the Spaniard.

This is not a game or trying to be proven right etc. This is about Arteta being a huge success and hopefully the likes of me being proven 100% wrong.

Arteta has a huge job on his hands, there is so much wrong right now that it will not be a quick fix. He is going to need significant time to overhaul the squad, offload the deadwood, implement his vision and get Arsenal back to where they belong.

It will get worse before it gets better, not even a new manager bounce can help this lot, only new signings and players discarded will do that.

I will back Arteta for as long as it takes, I have already written off most of the upcoming games where Arteta is concerned.

What I mean by that is that if he wins most of the next four games then great but if he was to lose all four then so be it, I certainly will not be saying told you so because I know he is going to need a lot longer.

If Max Allegri came in and lost his first four games I would be the same and so it is only fair that Arteta is given the same sort of room to manoeuvre.

I am probably being a little pessimistic, hopefully, Arteta does get a new manager bounce and get off to a winning start. But if he does not then patience is required, there should be no knee jerk reactions.

The fans, myself included, have to accept the state the club is in, the quality of players in the squad, the unhelpful toxic elements in the dressing room and settle down for the long road ahead. There simply are no shortcuts.

The minute he is appointed, Mikel Arteta will get my full and unwavering support and only in the event that it is obvious it is not working out will I voice my disapproval.


  1. We have to support him. There is no point in being negative because if he doesn’t get our support too then we might be staring at relegation. It’s a real possibility.
    Just that our senior players need to pull up their socks and start playing like they should be if they are wearing the Arsenal shirt.

  2. Arteta is welcome. I just hope he has been honesty with the board on the need to recruit some new players and move on the dead wood. Without which he will be flogging a dead horse and he will still be fired if he expects the current group to keep him in this job.

  3. Read this on sky sports “Arsenal have fuelled speculation that Mike Arteta’s appointment/could be imminent by postponing Freddie Ljungberg’s press conference.”… Well guess Arteta will be announced today.

  4. Things are definitely changing at Arsenal.
    Unai Emery managed 700 games before coming to Arsenal.
    At Arsenal Emery recorded the highest winning ratio of any Arsenal Head Coach ever.
    Mikel Arteta managed just one game – which he lost – before becoming Arsenal Head Coach.
    Clearly managing/coaching experience is no longer required to become Arsenal head coach.
    Keeping your head down and saying “yes sir three bags full sir” is key.
    Arteta’s role is to answer questions at press conferences.
    Josh is saying “buy the right players and you won’t need a manager or Coach”
    He might just be right
    We know Wenger never did any coaching he just let them play.

  5. Arteta is a calculated gamble, but then so is any managerial appointment. There are many examples of top managers who have failed at a particular club, eg Roy Hodgson at Liverpool. Arteta has huge advantages in that he knows exactly what he is walking into, he helped to coach many of the young players when he was playing. He knows the premier league, both as a player and a coach. He speaks English really well. I think he has as much, if not a better chance of succeeding than anyone else.
    As for the players, they are not performing at the moment, but they are almost all international players who have played really well at some point in their careers so there is no reason why they could not be fashioned into a functional team. Our front line alone cost £174.5 million (if we believe the reports) which is not a sign of a club underspending, nor is it a sign that the players are all rubbish. Sure, we need a few key signings, but I think Pepe is an example of how just throwing money at the problem doesn’t work. He is a great talent, but he is not linking well with the rest of the team (with a few exeptions). This type of understanding takes time to gel and is an argument for not making wholesale changes all at once.
    Maybe, just maybe Arteta is the next managerial star, and we will have got him first!

  6. To be fair mate you can’t write an article saying it will end in tears then tell everyone off for being negative?

      1. Sorry Martin but I agree with Dan and others who will think as he and I do. Realism is not thee same as negativity but it was ypou personbally who used th term “negative” in your original article. It is possible, though some will not see how, to be both realistic and cautiously optimistic, after a re-adjustment period. I have great hopes for ARTETA, BUT TEMPERED WITH THE DIRE FACT OF KROENKES OWNERSHIP.

        1. No problem Jon, nothing I can do if you cannot understand what I have written so clearly. I mean, the fact the second article explains absolutely clearly that I stand by my opposition to Arteta but also make it clear that once he is installed that I will support was obviously typed in invisible fonts.

          1. Great sarcarm Maartin , even worthy of my pen! But the regular and ongoing hole in your theory is the need for YOU to constantly provide articles and there are only so many contrary positions you can simultaneously hold without being called to account.

            We older and worldly types know precisely WHY you write so many articles and MONEY is the prime, though not only, reason. We also choose to overlook this most of the time because being worldly wise, we sympathise with your needing to “face both ways at once” position. Nothing wrong with that either but at least be honest about it. That is all we ask.

            You have, in fact, an almost impossible job to juggle so many balls in the air at once . It rivals even the job Arteta now faces. There are a majority of naive and very naive fans on here, as on all clubs sites but some of us are clued up far more than others can begin to know about life, about business and about human nature. All I personally ask is for honesty, as far as it is possible in your unenviable job. But despite this, overall you do well. I am a regular theatre reviewer and well used to nuances in comments, in case you are wondering.

      2. I do agree though as soon as he’s in charge will back him 100 percent as I did Emery
        Don’t agree he should have the ball but hope he runs with it

  7. Make up your mind Admin. You highlighted the negatives, gave the links and now you’re asking us to forget the negatives as soon as he is appointed. One is almost becoming crossed-eyed trying to focus on both of your positions.

    Why bother? Or am I missing something?

  8. Is it confirmed? Let skysport speculates, need facts.

    To assist a top coach is best thing for an upcoming one. Zidane assisted Ancelotti…

    To assist Guardiola, one of best in the game, do it for many years means he is important to the coach, Guardiola made picked him as his ideal replacement, putting how key he has been in many ways to cop with EPL…

    All these points makes him the best young available candidate; a first draft!

    Now clearly, to sack Arsenal from entire AFC as a stranger is a clear blow, makes the job of any coach difficult.

    Like not having Sir Alex in MU stadium and looking from above like. He has been very much approving coaches after him…Indeed took a Mourhino to settle things down, keep the boat floating and brand’s image as top one…

    Now, indeed Arteta must get support as Freddie or Emery who tried how their best…

  9. Yes of course we have to get behind Arteta if he is appointed but it is not the fans who win matches it is the players and our senior players have to get fully behind him and earn their fantastic salary.

  10. Agree, he will get all the support we can give him until the end of the year. After that it all boils down to how he starts 2020, then he had better be banging the results in or the banners will start flying.

    1. Wow Reggie! All that long way to the end of the year, a whole 12 days from now. Now that is really wholeheatred support and that is really wholehearted and necessary sarcasm too. Perhaps we should do as your post suggests and have a new head coach every two weeks, or rather every 12 days!. That might keep you happy!

        1. Tongue in cheek eh? I reckon that would take longer (to remove from your cheek) than all the time you will “staunchly” support MA. All 12 days! BUT SERIOUSLY, KEEP THE TONGUE IN CHEEK COMMENTS COMING. MIGHT BE AN IDEA TO LET US KNOW DURING THE COMMENT ITSELF THAT ITS TONGUE IN CHEEK THOUGH. And don’t worry; I am a pedantic old git where comments are concerned. I am chairman of the pedants association! And, sadly, likely to remain so!

          1. No worries Jon but realistically, Arteta just purely and simply with whats been going on over the last few years and the fact we have not got a man with any managerial history ,he will get less patience from the fan base that someone who has actually done a job like this one before and succeeded. Thats just life, the world dont wait anymore.

  11. It would’ve been interesting to know what would have happened if Ancelotti was appointed. But we will never know now.

    Arteta should be given our maximum support and patience as fans. The project he is take ng over is really difficult and he should be afforded the time to get his acts together.

    Knowing the readiness of some Arsenal fans to begin to demand for change after a match or two, I fear for the man.

  12. Arteta must get our full and total support. He should have his way and weed out the unwilling and disinterested players and play young fresh and committed players like Martinelli and ESR. He should be allowed to bring a totally new vision and gameplan to Arsenal.

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