Nothing today but have Arsenal agreed transfer of Reus and Schneiderlin?

So that is that for a very underwhelming Transfer Deadline Day for Arsenal fans. It is not really a big surprise and most of us will have spent today more in hope than expectation, even though it was reported at the start of the day that Arsene Wenger was in his office early in case something came up.

It might not have been as exciting as some of the recent transfer windows but I would certainly prefer it this way than having a nerve wracking wait in the last few days. And this year is much better than last year, when we became the laughing stock of English football by bringing in an injured midfielder in Kim Kallstrom when we needed a striker and a defender.

The manager seems to have learned from that painful lesson and is identifying and completing his transfer business in good time. We all knew a few months ago that Arsenal needed a centre back and a defensive midfielder and look what we signed… I know that young Bielik is one for the future but the emergence of Coquelin meant that our need for that central midfielder was largely seen to.

So apart from Gabriel, it seems like Wenger has spent this transfer window arranging his deals for the next one. Because Metro reports that we have already reached an agreement with the Southampton star Morgan Schneiderlin for his move to the Emirates in the summer.

And the Wenger factor has apparently won Arsenal the race to sign Marco Reus as well, according to another report in The Mirror. The brilliant German is wanted by may massive clubs around Europe but wants to work with the Prof and his £20 million release clause becomes active at the end of this season.

If the Gunners get those two deals done early in the summer, who cares about deadline day?

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    1. Out Podolski and possibly Campbell, still room for another striker a la Lacazette!

      Reus, Morgan, Lacazette and maybe that Mings lad for the English core would be outta this world.

      But its still the Mirror.. One can dream..

      1. I would prefer Luiz Suarez to significantly increase our fear factor to any opponents, at all level including CL. Alexis Sanchez and Luis Suarez, who will happy to deal with?
        Wenger have 2 seasons left to write his name on Arsenal history. He must be planning to sign big names in summer.
        Lets be positive about and supportive to Arsenal, we are surely going to the right direction, as everybody here expect it.

    2. Diaby already a non playing player….

      Schneiderline replace Flamini thats possible

      but Reus replace Ozil, or Carzola ???????

  1. I’m probably the only one who is glad Chelsea spent their money on Cuadrado. He’s been nothing but average this season and his whopping tally of 4 goals from +20 games agrees with me.

    He was nothing 2 seasons ago, last was his best and 14/15 he returned to being himself (average). His dribbling skills are the only impressing attribute he possess. But we’ve seen ie. from OX what dribbling skills mean in PL without the ability to score or assist. And OX is still young to improve on it.

    1. @juhislihis
      Chelsea seem to be buying up players linked to other clubs in order to prevent them from being a threat. Cuadrado will more than likely be shpped out in the summer or by the next Jan, transfer window, just like De Bruyne and Salah…

      1. And what a player De Bruyne is now!

        Salah, Schurrle, Kevin, Cech, Shevchenko, Torres, Sturridge… probably a lot more.

        Chelsea – ruining players since 2004

        1. The coming and goings at Chelsea has always had a bit of the 3-ring circus about it. They like Arsenal products don’t they; Cole, Anelka and Fab immediately spring to mind. Letting Robben go doesn’t look so clever now. Everyone lauds Mourinho/Chelsea for swift and effective dealings but more often than not it is just covering up or making good an earlier cock-up in the market; whether it is buying Matic back for 10x the amount they had him before, giving up on Sturridge and Lukaku, finding a mug to buy Luiz or now ditching £30M Schurrle and trying their luck by trading him in for someone who looked flash at the 2014 WC. I might be wrong but as much as I complain about our Ox flattering to deceive and needing to buck up his ideas with an end product etc this Cuadrado always struck me as a low-rent Ox; flashier and even less end product. Still CFC can trade him in come the summer window, only a few months to go now.

    2. They certainly lost something in the last third by selling schurrle. Great finisher.

      Pundits will be pundits. Praise Chelsea no matter what.

  2. Getting them both in the summer for me is equivalent to my gf saying her two sisters an her mum want a piece of me an shes willing to share.

    Both scenarios are highly unlikely…but if they were to happen…mardi gras in my boxers.

    An with that disturbing image I bid u all good night

    1. Why do you think they are unlikely? Perhaps you are right for the following reasons: There might be no need for Schneiderlin if Coquelin continues doing as well as he is now. Also with Bielik it might prove unnecessary to get another holding midfielder in the summer. As for Reus it is no brain teaser that the team has sufficient cover in that position. As it is many of our fans have a belief that unless a player comes to the team with a lot of hype he is not good! However on reflection Arsenal’s experience has shown that those who come with hype have not been our best signings. A few examples will suffice: Adebayor, Arshavin, Reyes, Denilson, Vermaelen etc. Now contrast with those who came amid no fanfare such as Vieira, Henry, Kosciely, Kolo Toure and you see my point.
      I have always argued that it is not a player’s name or his price that matter but his performance on the pitch. I am yet to be convinced that Schneiderlin is miles ahead of Coquelin other than the fact that he has been playing more regularly and has attracted the hype of the British press. More often than not players are overpriced because of this hype. My only quarrel is with our gullible fans who will yell murder against the manager because he has not signed an over-hyped player who may even be rubbish! The fans should always take adverts with a pinch of salt. Just as you don’t always buy goods that are being advertised on billboards the same thing should apply to players who are being hyped. The old saying goes that “A lie told overtime becomes the truth” but in reality does it stop being a lie? Let us learn to beware of advertised players and leave the manager to do the job he is employed and paid for.

      1. Adebayor came with no hype and left to city after scoring 25 goals in the league for us. Vermaelen was awesome but injury took him, much better than toure in my opinion. Arshavin was played out of position. Every time he played CAM he was awesome. Reyes was pretty good, just spat that the dummy out when he didnt get picked for the final of the Champions league. Denilson didnt have any hype at all so I’m unsure what you base this whole hype v no hype argument. Henry the year before had just helped France win the Wrold cup so I’m pretty sure there was hype. Cazorla hype, Sanchez hype, Nasri hype, If we’re going as far back as Veria we can say Overmars hype, Freddy hype, Wiltord hype. SO when you say,

        “A few examples will suffice: Adebayor, Arshavin, Reyes, Denilson, Vermaelen etc. Now contrast with those who came amid no fanfare such as Vieira, Henry, Kosciely, Kolo Toure and you see my point.”

        I don’t see you point at all.

        1. Don’t think that if you don’t know something it doesn’t exist! Adebayor came with hype because he had scored goals to help Togo qualify for the world cup in 2006 to the surprise of nearly every soccer lover in Africa. You may not have followed this but it was not only in the African media but in the Western media as well which makes me doubt your broad knowledge on this subject! That’s how Wenger came to know him. Denilson was the captain of the Brazil under 19 team which had given him a lot of hype considering Brazil had won the world cup in 2002. In case you did not know Thierry Henry had endured an uneventful career as a winger at Juventus. True he was in the French team that won the world cup in 1998 but he was not among those who had been recognised as outstanding performers. He was just part of the squad even though he scored 3 goals at that world cup.It took Wenger to turn him into a world beater. The way you define hype has taken me aback but nonetheless it does not in any way negate my point.

      1. Poldi is not even a regular or sub….

        Sanchez, Carzola and Oxie have been rotating the left wing….

        1. Sanchez is currently injured (we knew it was going to happen), so is Oxie and if recall Santi was injured in the beginning of th season.

          Lets not pretend that we have a single player in the squad who doesn’t get injured at least once q season.

  3. Gabriel is what we needed at the back and he will be here for years to come (if he doesn’t flop like Andre Santos, which i doubt he will ), Biellik is one for the future but could also feature in the first team sooner than later and finally, I am 100% confident to say that Coquelin has got a very good future with us (providing he signs a new contract).
    everyone his back to full training except Arteta(march), Debuchy(April) and Diaby.
    We should have a strong second half of season.

  4. Ask your self. Is any of this true?
    Please, you are not teenagers dreaming of Jessica Alba.

    This is transfer fantasy.

  5. I do think we may get Schneiderlin , but PLEASE don’t let us start on the Summer transfer speculation, when this window has just closed…not sure I could stand it 🙂 🙂

    Lets put all our thoughts on beating Spurs this weekend…and then chasing those in front to get as high as we can in the league THIS year…..try to win the FA cup again..( loved that trip to Wembley last year) and get to the finals in the CL ??


    1. i feel like whenever we’re linked with a player for a long time (Higuain, Hummels, the famous M’villa) we never end up getting them. Its just never happened. Its always a surprise who we get so I’m skeptical of Schneiderlin transfer.

  6. OT
    Arsenal rejected an approach for le coq from napoli, so we must be certain he’s gonna sign a new deal.

    1. why would he sign if hes not guarantee first team??

      Wilshere is returning, so someone will not be happy with time on the bench…

      he can easily join another team, play well and get call up for France….

      1. Our best form have coincided nicely with Coquelin’s return to the team. We don’t really seem to get good results with Wilshere, even when he plays well.

        1. then Wishere will have to get used to the bench or leave….

          we won against City without, Rosicky, Ozil, Walcott and Welbeck in the first team…..

          we won against Villa without Sanchez, Rosicky and Oxie in the first team….

      2. Hafiz it is so obvious that you are a Chelsea supporter who comes here to wind us up.

        Coquelin and wilshere play different positions. Coquelin plays the same position as flamini.

        All that wilshere and coquelin stuff was the media adding 1 and 1 and getting 5.

  7. Strikers

    Giroud, Welbeck


    Carzola, Ozil and Rosicky


    Wilshere, Ramsay


    Walcott, Oxie, Sanchez




    Monreal, Gibbs


    Debuchy, Bellerin


    Kos, Per, Gabbie, Chambers


    Ospie, Sheezie and Martinie

    Out of contract

    Flamni, Coquelin, Diaby and Akomp,


    Poldi, Sango, Campbell, Gnabry, Zalemlem, Crowley

    Jenskinson will return to cover for injury prone Debuchy

    There are still heaps of room for another Striker, 2 DM, Winger, and CM

    Issco for winger

    Wanayama and Scherlindin for DMs… a good cover for injury prone Arteta and his ageing legs

    Reus for CM

    Cavani for Striker

    4 more signings and we are good to challenge Chelsea and City

        1. Reus for CM ??? Like Ramsey or wilshere???

          Do you even know this player or you just look at the price tag?

          he plays LW or as a false 9 or false 10.

  8. Am I the only person who is really hope we bit only sign Coquelin up to a new contract but also CHUBA AKPOM!!? This kid has the potential to be our next Thierry, from what I’ve seen of him he deserves to be ahead of Sanogo on our squad as a striker and dare I say challenging Welbeck. If we allow him to leave we will regret it. CHUBA CHUBA CHUBA CHUBA.. SIGN DA TING! SIGN DA TING!

    Coquelin is a must sign also. As for Schneiderlin and Reus.. I would love them both but do we have the squad space? Do we even have anyone to sell?

    1. Arteta and Flamini are in their last year and are showing the effects of a hard, fast league. They must be replaced- Schneiderlin and Coquelin.
      Podolski, Sanogo will be sold in summer- Reus
      Per is getting on -Chambers plus need another versatile defender who can play RB
      Otherwise we will be good to go. Don’t know how long those quick Rosicky legs will keep going but maybe he must stay and retire at Emirates-love the guy.

  9. From now on, please no more rumours … let’s enjoy our fixtures with our current crew and hope for the best … I’m looking forward to end this season anywhere above 4th (it becomes very boring) and reclaim our FA trophy … I don’t care much about Tottenham (they are not a future threat at all even if they finish above us this season) but I really hope that ManUtd will drop somewhere below 4th which will make it difficult for them to get top class players (unless paying enormous cash) …

  10. I’m tired of “If”. I will believe it when I see them on the Arsenal website.

    Anyway, I wasn’t expecting more than Paulista so, I am not disappointed

    This summer Wenger needs to make WC signings because I guarantee you Chelski, City and United will. We can Not expect to challenge with what we have. Chelsea is much better, have gotten stronger with Cuadrado and will become stronger in the summer.

    1. Is “cowardly” your surname or a description? The world comes across as being a really scary place for you with many of your comments. Stop fretting about the likes of Cuadrado! United/City/Chelsea armageddon approaching, the enemy will only get stronger whilst we wilt in the corner, don’t panic, don’t panic, oh my god….no, no, no……what are we going to do? Schurrle obviously wanted guaranteed playing time because Mourinho would not swap Schurrle for Cuadrado unless forced to. Cuadrado will be a bench-polisher because Mou won’t swap his busy, busy sweetheart Willian for this flash git. Chelsea squad just got weaker and he’ll be off within a year.

  11. All these sources are random journalists and papers like BILD, Metro, Daily Mail, who usually get stuff wrong. Let’s just wait until the summer. No point in talking about transfers now anyways. Window is shut, we had a successful one. And we have a good squad right now at this moment.

  12. Our team for next season
    GK: Ospina, Sczesny, Martinez
    LB: Gibbs, Monreal
    CB: Mert, Boss, Gabriel, Chambers
    RB: Debuchy, Bellerin
    DM: Coq, Schneiderlin??
    CM: Wilshere, Ramsey
    CAM: Ozil, Cazorla
    LW: Sanchez, Ox
    ST: Giroud, Welbeck
    RW: Walcott, Campbel

    Players who got to leave in the summer: Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky ( not sure about this one tbh ), Podolski, Diaby( sadly )
    Young players with a few apps next season: Zelalem, Bielik, Gnabry, Akpom, Crowley, Maitland-Niles.
    If we manage to sell those whom i listed we’ll have 3 places left for players, which i recon should go to Reus, Schneiderlin and probably a young lad from the lower leagues ( U21 ). Our squad looks more than good enough to challenge for the PL even with our injury record. The Future is bright !

    1. Pretty much agree with you. I see Gnabry more the RW backup and not Campbell. If we can sell him for good money we should.

      Buys: Schneiderlin, Reus/Lacazette, Mings as the U21

      If Rosicky goes we should get a midfield replacement.

    2. Can’t agree with selling Rosicky. Have to admit I’ve got a soft spot for the guy, but he’s been brilliant when involved these last few games. Even at 34, he’ll play 10-15 games a season and always deliver.
      Also think we should keep hold of Arteta. Been given a hard time when forced to completely change his game, and always gives 100%. If we get another DM, then could use him as a squad player when the time comes and all our midfielders are injured in Nov 15 – Jan 16

  13. Honestly I don’t think he could’ve done much more in the transfer window!!Bringing Gabriel was a good piece of business and do believe he has all the qualities to challenge BFG and Kos. Bielik is one for the future and will most likely feature in a couple until season’s end!!Also the fact that Le Coq is performing so well and still seems like he can improve maybe stopped Wenger like Henry pointed to go all out for Scheinderlin/Llaramendi more so when you still have Flamini, Arteta in couple of months and Wilshere in a couple of weeks back (let’s not spoil Le Coq)!! That being said what that would be if pre-agreement with players of those qualities like Scheinderlin & Reus would be (also would continue to show AFC and Le Prof new approach)!!We would not have to hold our breath until the last day. With Flamini, Diaby, Podolski gone and maybe Sanogo/Akpom loaned out in the summer possibly they would add quality & quantity as well!!Not to mention Rosicky might also decide for playing time but Campbell will be in and Arteta might not play as much next year…We’re not even there but if there’s a truth to that the summer already looks exciting and promising!!

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