Now all the Adidas Arsenal Shirts are released, what’s your verdict?

Adidas Arsenal shirt revolution is best since Nike days! by Shenel Osman

I have really loved transferring our kit providers over to Adidas from Puma. Being a big fan of Adidas I have always wanted them to be our kit sponsor, as from what I have seen over the years they have actually produced some decent kits and clothes, and we finally got them to design our kits.

I loved last season’s home and away kits and this season’s home kit design is something very fitting to the club. However, when it comes to the away jersey, well that is a completely different story this season.

Although the idea behind it is nice with the throwback to the marble halls of Highbury that were Commissioned by Herbert Chapman in 1936, when you take that first initial look at the away shirt it just looks like a load of blood has been spilled on it..

Of course you can guess people will talk and have probably spoken and said that the new shirt is because of all of the ‘spilled blood’ coming from the players during the previous season to show that they were trying to fight their way through a season and not achieving what they should be.

Although for me it is not very appealing on the eye, I do like the colour theme and idea, just maybe not together. The white and red (or burgundy if you take a different angled look) is of course a symbol of our club and is always nice to see that history remain.

The third kit is unusually blue, and I think I would have preferred our traditional yellow, but not too bad I guess!

But let’s hope that for the new season, the new Adidas Arsenal jerseys bring us even more luck, as they have done so already, where we have won the FA Cup and the Community Shield so far.

Gooners what do you make of the new Adidas Arsenal kits, now we have got all three?



  1. Love the red and blue ,not so keen on the away kit though ,don’t think I’ll ever be rocking one again with the amount of alcohol I consume on the weekend .

  2. I like all 3 of them… the white one is so different that I like it alot! Always loved the white with the purple and gold that Cesc and the boys wore, Still is one of my favourites.

    Home is as normal but really neat and the blue one hasnt won me over yet but will be getting it anyway.

    Adidas is a hell of alot better than Puma. Last seasons was the 1st time I bought a Jersey since the very 1st puma home kit as didnt like any of the kits made by them.

  3. I like them all and I also like seeing Everton really bossing spurs at present. Carlo has worked his magic and Everton are dark horses for top 4.

    1. I’m ever the pessimist so any team that might threaten us against another team that can do the same … I’ll go with a draw However much I dislike Spurs

  4. Love the home shirt – which I will be buying. The walking dead shirt has grown on me – which I really like…
    But I don’t like the third.. the pink is gross!!

    OT. Richarlison, you donkey!

  5. All three are dope. The home red kit is the popular one but that 3rd kit is nice. I think I will have to get the blue kit and give the home kit a rest this time..

    The away kit isn’t bad either…

  6. I love all of them, I love the red and also the blue one. Really like the nod to the marble halls of Highbury for the away kit… I can’t pick a favourite!
    but for the first time in I don’t know how long I will be buying all 3 kits

  7. I freely admit to being supremely uninterestedin fashion at all, except on stage and I have long seen the kit con for the money making excercise it is. That would be fine if fans shared from the profits but we don’t. No, it goes, essentially, towards paying hugely overpaid players even more -plus their leeching agents – and non deep thinking fans fall into the marketing trap and spend money they sometimes cannot really afford, esp in this pandemic.
    I am firmly against the whole concept of multiple club kits. There was zero reason , apart from making more money, why we played at Fulham in blue instead of our normal red and white.

    I cannot be the only fan who sees this giant con for the oscenity it is, surely? I do note though, that no one else seems to care and I find that sad! They must have more money than sense !

    1. Clubs who generate more revenue have more money to spend. It’s not a con, it’s a fairly transparent stream of revenue.

      As for suggesting that revenue is spent on player and agent salaries, welcome to football. Where are you joining us from? The 1970s?

      Buy it or don’t buy it, but let’s not pretend you’ve stumbled across some kind of global conspiracy 😁

    2. Tell you what Jon, how about me buying you a new home kit with Elneny’s name. on the back?
      As he’s now worn our shirt in the premiership, I’m sure you’ll want to recognise the player and what MA has said about him?
      Must admit, it does look as if MO may have to wait a while to get into the team the way the squad is performing, so if you want to wait and get the shirt with his name on, just let me know!!!

      Seriously though, I have to agree that it is a money making exercise, with too many different shirts.
      But it is, nevertheless, a way to show support for the club and players.
      How else can someone who cannot get tickets donate to the club’s finances, apart from buying their merchandise?
      What do YOU do, if not that?

      1. Ken, you miss my point. I am not against any fan wearing our proper shirt. That looks good and the stadium is then filled with red /white(our colours). What I remain firmly against is expoitation of ordinary people, by having numerous and unnecessary kits, to raise more money (which despite Sean Ms untrue comment above this) IS used largely to pay players wages and fees; both being extortionate and directly coming from often hard pressed fans in various ways, including TV sports subscriptions. That is dishonourable in my book! As are the huge ticket prices we Gooners havepaid for years and years; far higher than all other Prem clubs too, possibly save Chelsea alone!

        OT: on another thread, (the Ferdinand thread) you will see my apology and important caveat re Elneny playing yesterday.

        1. Jon, well done my friend re Elneny (haven’t read it yet).

          I have never understood why just a home and away kit is not sufficient and I take your point regarding a zwa of red and white at the Emirates.
          Who can forget the Dennis Bergkamp game, when a ground seemingly full of orange was such a moving tribute to this great player?
          Likewise, the “merci Arsene” T shirts at his final home game or the last game at Highbury with our okym shirts everywhere?
          Great memories and the different shirts these days, make that spectacle impossible.
          Shirts really do play a part in the support of our club though and define us as Gooners.

          1. Ke what you are essentially saying is that times have changed so very much from the days when we started watching. Back then it was an honourable but tough game . Very few, if any cheats, diving, exploitation of fans, fans being treated like dirt and messed around for TV schedules, so those in far flung countries can watch in comfort and masses more changes too, in all sorts of ways.
            The actual game is far better now, technically more accomplished and fitness far better. But the all important fan enjoyment is harder to get. All the business side of having vastly more money has spoiled much of our enjoyment, IMO. The soul has largely gone from what was once a game and sport , not a corporate business and I find it impossible to look on modern ways as fondly as way back then.

            They are weak willed rather than bad and there is a huge difference between the two.
            But for me it is no longer justified to call myself a football fan. I AM a fan of course, but I do not feel comfortable with being one in this corrupt business and corporate age, as I am constantly doing things that are at war with my conscience!

            I am immensely repulsed by the acceptance of gross greed by player and fan alike. I will never condone nor accept it!

            1. Jon
              There are several of us who I’d describe as old teds. Putting it simply, we are from the past. Our Arsenal was local and nothing like the global behemoth that it is now, so as much as owning 3 shirts is an anathema to me, it is normal for others.
              It doesn’t make me – I don’t own a shirt although my kids do – any less of a fan. Less disposable income possibly or a preference to buy golf balls instead, but still a supporter through and through.

              1. I’m sorry to say this Sue, but I’m beginning to think that real “fans” are dying off slowly (or not so slowly nowadays).

  8. All are fine. Still think Nike produced the best kits for us in terms of recent history. Yet to see an Adidas one I really love, but several steps above Puma’s for sure.

  9. Thank you, Everton… great win and their new signings played well..
    Spuds living up to their documentary name – no not all, but nothing 😝👍

    1. Yes Sue. Spurs fans would have booed the team and Mourinho if they were to be in the stadium. Still early days but Mourinho might just get the sack. Lol. Some of their fans don’t even like him. They feel the play is now negative and the likes. Oh well, he will give them a trophy or two some pundits believe especially Tim Sherwood. Cant stand when he runs his mouth about Spurs….

    2. Sue, didn’t Kane look awful today?
      What with Delli being substituted and the spuds losing, a great day all round.
      Wonder if we will see any of their trolls appearing on JA today? 😂

        As for Spuds, Mourinho to be out by Christmas must be a good long odds value bet. I’d say better than even money by next summer and the odds are favourable right now. They may not be so, even next month!

      2. He did, Ken and watching him get all arsey near the end and manhandle a couple of Everton players made me laugh!!
        Can’t stand Alli… so yes nice seeing him subbed!!
        I’d say up until that game most debutants had done well, Everton’s certainly did!! I bet Doherty wished he’d stayed at Wolves haha!!
        They’ll all be hiding somewhere, Ken, cringing at how bad they were and how we’ve picked up where we left off 😉

  10. Jon, certainly agree about both Everton and Leeds, along with Wolves and SU once again.
    Funnily enough, if it’s not The Arsenal, I would really like to see Everton win the league, as they have always seemed to be a well run family club, with fervent fans who, despite the dominance of pool, have always supported their club…good on them!!

    Sue, I thought it would take at least a full season for maureen to start his usual tricks, but I’m so pleased to see it happening already.
    To think there were some fans advocating he took over our club!!!
    Long travels now in europe, as we relegated them to having to qualify for the europa league…and maureen is already starting to bleat about that!!
    What a good weekend (apart from pool and vardys two penalties) was had by all Gooners.

    1. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing plenty of that smacked arse look on Maureen’s face as the season goes on, Ken!!
      Just think, the qualifying ties are single-leg matches, anything can happen! 😉
      Yes it has been a great weekend!! So glad it’s back 🙂

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