Now Arsenal definitely WILL NOT buy a striker

Arsenal’s pre-season games has seen our side score 13 goals in just three games. Our much criticized hitman Olivier Giroudgot the first goal yesterday. Our young striker-in-waiting Chuba Akpom scored a hat-trick against theSingapore XI and even Alex Iwobi, another youth player, scored his first goal for the senior side.

Wenger has already announced that Akpom will be staying in the squad this season, and yesterday he also said: “At the moment Alex Iwobi will be staying with us but for the others we have to decide do they need the experience to play somewhere on a regular basis, to finish their education.”

So now Wenger will have Giroud, Welbeck, Akpom, Iwobi, Walcott and even Alexis Sanchez all available to play as centre-forward if required this season. Wenger also made it clear after yesterday’s game that his squad was more than full already. He said: “On one side the questions in the press is, ‘How do you keep everybody happy?’, and on the other hand, one minute later they ask me, ‘Why don’t you buy any more players?’. So, if I cannot keep the ones I already have happy why should I buy more? I think our squad is well balanced quality wise and numbers wise because of the number of games we have we need everybody. Because it is a competition it is part of our job.”

Yesterday’s six-goal bonanza with six names on the scoresheet also showed that goals can come from many other areas that just the strikers, so Le Prof said about thecall for him to buy another striker: “Football is subtle. It’s not mathematics. There’s a logic in the game that means that you create chances when all of your quality players play for each other. Every game is different. I still say that after the game tonight we are open-minded but we are not in a desperate need, because we were missing Welbeck and Alexis who are big players. We did not have Wilshere who is a creative player as well. That means we have a good squad.”

So let’s be honest. If Akpom, or even Iwobi, can demonstrate they can score when given the chance, do we really still need to buy another hitman like Benzema? I don’t think so!

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  1. Iwobi clearly has potential, very similar type of player to Chambo and Gnabry. He needs to learn to shoot when he suppose to, reminds me of Walcott in the early days. Taking about Walcott, he seems to be too predictable in shooting, he could have gotten in the scoresheet if he powered that shot, or did a fake. Akpom is trying to hard, he was clearly rushing his play, wanted to impress the fans, but hell, common mistake for youngsters, Chambo did the same thing in his early years.

    Debuchy impressed me, he is fast, effective and a good crosser. Strong competition alongside Bellerin for sure. Giroud needs to work on his finishing, but most of all positioning. His movements are just poor at times, he doesnt move to spaces, which ends up Ozil forcing a shot or being tackled.

    POTM: Damian Martinez. Consecutive saves, confident and clean sheet. 10/10. (Ozil close runner up)

    Is Lacazette good fit for us? Probably not now, but definetly yes in the future. I almost forgot he played mid way in yestedays match!

    1. What? Iwobi is nothing like Gnabry or Chambo? What are you on about? Do you watch one game and just decide this is what the player will be? Haha

      Iwobi is actually a pretty slow but tricky winger who is developing a talent for positioning. To be honest, you’re all freaking out, his ceiling isn’t too high. Even the boss isn’t too giddy over him. He can be an absolutely fine contributor for years to come but I doubt he will be any kind of star. I’ve been watching the youth games for years. Akpom is mainly coming on at the end of blowouts and just trying to get on score sheets, don’t worry, he isn’t normally like this. Oddly enough, that’s the knock on Iwobi, he is too selfish. Adelaide however, looks to be something special. The boss giggled like a little schoolgirl when they mentioned him yesterday.

      1. Akpom is disappointing in every game. He is trying too much n when he saw iwobi scoring, he obviously freaked out.

  2. A Singapore XI and a lethargic Lyon aren’t changing Wenger’s plans, nor should they. He came out after the game with these quotes to effectively counter the naive comments from Lord Harris who managed to weaken our negotiation potential as a buyer. Saying we don’t need a ST, or asking how you keep what we have happy is pure deflection.

    Benzema will join if possible, nothing will change that.

  3. This transfer window is vital for us to fill in the gap between us and chelsea and “complete the jigsaw”. Cech is a huge part of that jigsaw, even terry said it. But lets not forget 3 of those points against chelsea is always from direct fixtures against each other. They beat us at the bridge and settle for a dull 0-0 away from home. We must beat chelsea at home or dig in deep at the bridge. We need a striker who will nick a goal for us when the side isn’t playing well. We need a striker who only need a a chance. And we still need cover for le coq. We ‘re two players away from challenging in all four competitions. Lewandowski please…… COYG! Our time is now <3

    1. I actually agree with you. But its actually been a sloppy defence that has led to our LOSSES with Chelsea. The attack was fine. We have Coq, Chambo integrated and Gabriel this year, so I’m a bit more optimistic. Where we need help is when Mo just plays for the draw and parks the bus. A pacey striker would at least make that a 3 headed assault going forward.

      1. Fact is chelski defence is better compared to us. Cech has more protection. He will be tested to his limits at arsenal. Let’s c..

  4. Can we all just be real and admit it.


    costa did it for chelsea,aguero city,van persie man utd.

    giroud 3 seasons we are still waiting.there is a reason the last time we won the bpl we had henry banging in goals.


    good= no bpl.

    we are arsenal we need great not good.

      1. Costa first season in epl 20 goals.

        Giroud his first season was 10 goals.

        last season I think giroud hit 16
        his 3rd season…costa on his third season….just wait and see.

        and dnt pull that excuse giroud was injured..costa was also out.

        my point is just simple mate.


        just look at the difference alexis brought yet some of us claimed we dont need another winger.

        watch what cech will do.


        1. You didn’t mention first or third seasons in your first comment.
          Convenient to change or add facts as discussions go on.

    1. @Nayr,
      Well said. A Super forward is needed.
      There is a very good piece on titled “What traits do Premier League clubs need to possess to win the title?” by Miguel Delaney. I find that very informative. People want to support some of the players we have who are average and who we will not win major titles with. Its all well and nice but at the end of the day they get paid very highly and WIN regardless of whether they win titles or not. The only way we fans win is by the club making us proud and giving us some bragging rights by winning the EPL and/or the CL. I wouldn’t have imagined Chelsea would win the EPL before us and certainly didn’t want them to equal our 3 EPL titles but they have. Arsenal needs to create recent history. Something like winning the treble and defying the odds.
      As club legend, Thierry Henry said (someone who has worn the shirt and been the greatest Arsenal hero and an Arsenal and Wenger fan true and true) and focus on the LAST 12 words and how he stresses it by using the word afraid before he says what he says to signify urgency:

      “They need a goalkeeper, they still need a centre-back, they still need a holding midfielder and, I’m afraid, they need a top, top quality striker to win this league again.”

      Interpret that how you will but its pretty clear and we all know what he was talking about and its not personal…its just an observatory truth. He watches the games, so he knows it. We have only secured 1 target that was the least priority. In my opinion we just need 2 more seeing that we brought in Gabriel in January and he hasn’t been given 3 seasons like some have here who have still not been up to the task yet.

      1. You mention Titi. But you never mention the fact that in our two most important games ever he missed to score…a la giroud

    2. Are you willing to bet actual money in the fact that we will win the bpl with ONE MORE signing being the 3774744 + striker?

    3. LOL. In the 11 seasons since the Invincible season the PL winning team has only had a player with 25+ goals on 3 occasions. Take out penalties and there have only been two occasions (Ronaldo 2008 and Drogba 2010). And Ronaldo was not even a centre forward.

  5. We need a striker, but an upgrade. Except for Cavani, Benzema (which Real will not sell as they are not in the market for a striker due to drought) and Hulk, Who for now? Giroud was highest scorer in France and so is the Lyon man. If not a proven one, let’s not congest squad spots. We should go beyond trials and get the real thing just like the GK situation.

    1. How is Cavani even an upgrade?! Do you watch him? Or go off of a fifa rating? He misses more chances than Giroud haha. I love these people, so clueless

                1. Escape rout..? Man some of u giroud haters…really
                  I bet u think Torres the flop would be an upgrade

  6. I don’t think we will know
    what we need till after
    the Chelsea EPL game
    but the window will be shut by then.
    WH, CP, Liverpool (H) and Newcastle
    are marsh mellow soft so
    12 points are assured.
    I believe Wenger will sign an attacker but
    would not be surprised if it was an AM not a CF.
    I do also believe another quality DM is essential.

  7. Ok I am annoyed with this.

    This is the same outfield team that played last year and ended up 15 points behind the champions. Why should it be any different this year than last year?

      1. Basically the same except for Petr Cech which is a good upgrade. Ospina was very good, rarely had a bad game. I remember the Spurs game where we lost 2-1, we could have conceded a lot more were it not for him.
        There are other positions in the team with the greatest urgency for an upgrade so if Ospina who was actually very good and performed superbly was upgraded it means the ruthlessness in upgrading the other two positions needed should be very quick and forceful.

  8. Am actually with Wenger on this one, if he doesn’t sign a striker I won’t mind, whoever knew coquelin was gonna be a revelation??? And what if akpom or iwobi does the same thing??? These lads just need more game experiences and they could be lethal, but I would definitely need Wenger to sign damper tho, he fits the criteria of CDM we need, a level headed demand for first team football, young and budding, he can only get better…

    1. These idiots will downvoted you into oblivion. You’re right though. They know nothing about football, don’t take it personal. It’s mostly glory hunting plastics who jumped on the bandwagon about 10 years ago but are afraid to start supporting Chelsea because their mates will call them out on it. Even the writers on here have about no clue. I just come on for the laughs, it saddens me we have such awful fans though

  9. This team still have a long way to go till considered ginuine title contender and the pretty obvious reason is we are short of world class giroud can score diffdifferntd of goal the striker who can be a difference when we need result we cantcantord to depend on girogiroudgive us title I think this guy have done what he could we cant expect more from him

    1. Truth is two big transfers aren’t also going to make us contenders. What will is having a run of games to take us clear of the pack that alone will make us contenders.

      1. Two big transfers, a ST and a DM will make us title contenders and a give us a good shot at winning the EPL. I am certain for sure. Guys like Lewandowski, Benzema in our team will score 21 easily in the league.
        I also think winning 6 of Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City or winning 5 and drawing 3 or 16 plus points out of 24 against these 4 will help our case for the title a good amount. I think Chelsea had 15 points from all those games. I know they did not lose any of the big games. That is also a big psychological booster. But how can we expect to do this without bolstering the squad especially when you consider that those teams have not been sitting around all summer and making more sensible signings than last summer?

    1. On my now that you are confident my confidence has all gone. Just before reading your comment I was 100% confident we were getting a striker.

    2. I hope so Leo. I hope so. But if the season starts, window closes and we haven’t signed anyone, I will know the conclusion for the season and barely care or expect the team to win the EPL or the CL like I have done for the past 3 seasons since the sales of RVP n Fabregas and just watch for entertainment without attachments W,L or D.
      It should be an exciting season though with the way that Man Utd and Liverpool have invested to close the gap again. Their signings have made more sense this season so the battle for the EPL should definitely be tough and interesting.

  10. Steve McManaman: “Arsenal have been closing down, making runs for each other & playing with such pace. This is a pre-season game!”

  11. Lets face it yesterday was a fantastic performance and confidence builder but as soon as Grenier went off and we scored the 3rd straight after the 2nd Lyon were done!
    Much tougher tests are to come during the upcoming season and I personally would like to see this:
    Campbell – sold.
    Welbeck – Sanchez Cover for left wing.
    Akpom – Cup games and time from the bench when we are ahead in games.
    Walcott, Giroud and ??, (ideally Lewandoski) to be our 3 designated strikers and rotated as per the opponent/their fitness levels etc.

    In short I don’t see Welbeck becoming a reliable striker for us anytime soon and I think we should integrate Akpom into the side more but slowly.

    If we sign a marquee striker I’d like to see Akpom loaned out to a mid table and upwards PL side, he needs game time but not with us this season as we are best placed this year to go for the jugular and win the PL.
    For DM I was glad to see Hayden get on the pitch yesterday.

  12. Nice theory except Wenger has already shown he is ruthless in that department by shipping out youngsters and in general he has started to get rid of senior players too.

    He has Giroud. He has tried to sign a striker for a while. We definitely know of two – Suarez and Higuain. So if he doesn’t get a striker it is because he can’t sign one and not because he has belief in his academy. If that were true Sanogo and Costa would already have played 50+ games.

      1. Ypu praise costa. U praise Mou. U say cech is a “good” signing.
        I think u r supporting the wrong team dude.
        Seriously…you d be happy supporting the blues…feel free…be happy

  13. Those matches don’t guarantee that AW will not buy a striker or AM…you are just giving your opinion so try not to make it sound like you have any idea what’s in wenger’s mind…AFC wants to win the epl title this season & I’d believe they know what to do to achieve that…

  14. There is no disputing the fact that Le coq has a major role to play in arsenal’s title charge in the coming season – its glaring to see the huge impact the frenchman had on our game – we should play to win but if we can’t win, we shouldn’t lose & that’s Coquelin’s role in the team…coyg!!!

  15. Yes we definitely need a Top forward. I’m hoping one of these: Cavani, Lacazette, Benzema, Ibrahimovic, Lewandowski, Reus, Aubmeyang, Draxler, Greizmann

    But I’m still worried about the DM position. It’s not impossible for Coquelin to get a long term injury (ie 3 + months). I can’t see Arteta/Flamini holding the fort as well as Coquelin. Bielik/Chambers need more experience. Wilshere is b2b

    I would suggest Wenger think about Carvalho, Krychowiak, Bender or some other good DM. We can send Bielik on loan to get match time. Chambers can focus on improving. We can use Arteta for the odd match and cup matches. Release Flamini

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