Now Arsenal fans must get Kroenke out of our club

First of all, any other article I write will say ‘everyone is entitled to their opinions’. However I will not be responding to anyone who says I have an agenda or am picking on Stan Kroenke.

This is bigger then transfer net spends or slashing wage bills. If at this point you can’t see his true motive, then I can’t help you.

I want to thank the entire football Family for forcing the ‘Big Six’ to withdrawal from the Super League.

Yet I will never forgive, never forget what these 6 millionaires tried to take away from us.

All ‘Founding Members’ will try to claim they felt forced to follow the others. It’s zero coincidence that Arsenal, Man United, Liverpool and Spurs all released statements within seconds of each other. What do they all have in common?

They are controlled by Americans who have grown up on the US model of zero relegation or promotion.

At least 3 of them (along with Real Madrid’s President) are believed to have been behind this new competition.

Make no mistake if Chelsea and Man City hadn’t jumped, Arsenal wouldn’t be releasing an apology on their website. Stan Kroenke would have waited till the last possible moment, until it was blatantly obvious that this wasn’t viable.

Unlike City, unlike Chelsea, our whole business model was relying on this Super League. Based on sporting merit we are not good enough, so our owner wanted to simply be rewarded for being a Brand. He wanted 350 million every year no matter where we finished in the Super League and the Premiership.

It would have killed us as a competitive force. We would have been exclusive to Tuesday or Wednesday nights, a franchise paid just to be at the bottom of a division.

The irony is for a man who treats us purely as a business, his greed has cost us money. The ‘Big 6’ will have to pay top lawyers to get out of fines for breaching their contracts.

City can afford the hit; they are run by a country, but we are self-financed. Don’t think any punishment is coming out of Mr Kroenke’s pocket.

Of the six statements, the Gunners are the only ones to say ‘sorry’. Sorry because now that they plan to stay, they need us, they need good PR. 48 hours ago they didn’t care what we thought. If only half of the Emirates was filled in the future, they had the compensation of 350 million.

They didn’t care about bad PR because Saudi Arabia networks would take over from Sky.

They didn’t care about me or you because the target audience was now the Asian and Middle East Markets.

You really think they needed to be told that players might miss the idea of playing in a World Cup?

Of course City and Chelsea staying put suddenly meant they couldn’t price everyone out of a market.

On Sunday, the situation was that the best footballing talent would be exclusive to a Super League, because the 14 left in England couldn’t compete for wages because the Super League monopolised the wealth. It’s sick.

Especially when you consider out of the ‘big six’ 3 are not even in the top 4, yet just wanted to be handed reward money.

If he’s really sorry, rehire the 55 staff made redundant. Pay back the percentage of players’ salaries you slashed. Give back the government loan designed for businesses who were struggling due to Covid.

Because while you were saving 2 million pounds to sack 55 staff, hurting families, you knew you about to sign a contract of 350 million just for showing up.

You told gooners that the reason the sport had to be played during a Pandemic was for our mental health, to give the country an escape. Knowing that by the time we were all back in a stadium we wouldn’t be in the Prem. The league that made Arsenal such a brand in the first place, because it’s not based on anything you did.

You are sorry? What? You accidentally used the Pandemic as an experiment?

In all six statements it was mentioned how the incentive was to help to improve the structure of all levels of the game. All failed to explain how that meant they would get 350 million every year even if they failed, leaving the rest with nothing. How did that help anyone but yourself?

Now – back to their usual income and revenue streams – they need us.

Don’t fall for any PR trick.

Don’t fall for a big signing, it’s them sucking up.

He was going to take us away.

The TV money has given him no reason to compete anymore. How do you think he would have been with 350 million in the bank every season? He would have sold every asset we had because there be no reason to be competitive. Long term fixtures would be outside of Europe, eventually we would likely be based in New York.

If your partner cheated, sorry wouldn’t be enough.

He tried to take our Arsenal away.

Herbert Chapman, out of his own money, paid for the halls to be marble because he wanted every visitor to know Arsenal did things the proper way. He raped us of that.

Our biggest rivals would admit Arsenal did things with class. He shackled that.

Arsene Wenger warned we were in danger of losing our proud values. He abused that trust.

We can never trust him again.

He didn’t write that statement.

He won’t give an interview.

He’s not sorry.

Garry Neville, Sky Sports, Ian Wright, BT, Fan Channels, The Government, Pep Guardiola, James Milner, Jordan Henderson, Justarsenal, Chelsea Fans outside the Bridge … too many to mention, with a tear in my eye ….

Thank You

Now let’s get these greedy owners out of our football!

I live in Wales so won’t be able to be in London on Friday, but anyone living locally should show up at the Emirates at 6.00pm, where the protest will now be dedicated to getting Koronke out of our club.

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  1. Fare enough we all want kroenke out which has become a bit old fashioned after hearing it for years…
    And how quickly things can switch Chelsea and city who bought their way up the pyramid and made mockery of the others have now become a club used as examples to others when for years we tried to work within the rules and in the right ways only to be made to look like fools…
    What happened to the financial play rule?
    Why is prices and wages left to fly out of control?
    To me everyone deserves what they are getting

    1. Don’t see the relevance
      Fact is when Chelsea finished outside the top 4 there was a consequence, they were not handed a place in the following years CL

      1. If you think you think the way Chelsea and city got to where they are today have had no impact on the whole perception of football today then I don’t know what is your problem with kroenke

        1. Because it’s a separate debate
          That’s what politicians do mate
          Chelsea and City spending money has zero relevance on being just given a place in a Leauge where you there is zero consequences if you fail

          1. It’s all about money
            Football has been let to be dictated purely by money that is what lead to this in the first place

    2. Arsenals 9th position in the league has nothing to do with Stan Kroenke. It has more to do with the library fan base being complacent bordering on arrogance living off the invincibles and condemning the clubs who win trophies. We are class!!! Really? Football fans are classy? That’s why they mostly live in squalid terrace houses or in high rise estates on low incomes or benefits. Your having a laugh.
      Stan Kroenke is the only consistently reliable thing about this club.
      Everyone else CEO, Board, Managers players fans come and go but Stan remains quiet calm never a harsh word.
      Be careful what you wish for.

      1. What’s wrong with people on benefits ?
        And be careful what we ask for ?
        We are 9th ! Lol
        Don’t think we are ever going to say ‘ God remember when we were 9th , we took those days for granted ‘

        1. So football fans can’t be classy because they can not afford a big house or maybe can not work for some reason
          What a jumped up little pr1ck,that post might go down as the worst I’ve seen on this site ,lost for words after that SMFH

          1. Sometimes you see those kind of posts even from people you don’t expect them from. Just yesterday I read a post that if the SL were to go on some fans called Wengerine jump wagons have to look elsewhere.

            Well I apologize for starting to follow Arsenal in Wenger’s time because it just happened to be the time I started following football in general. I also apologize for not starting before Wenger’s time and his predecessors because I was not born yet.

      2. Wyoming, Kroenke has everything to do with us being in 9th place. Like Arteta or not, if we had an owner who gave a tinkers toss about football, proper football and not the hand ball played in America, he would be concerned about where we are now. He would put some money in and make everyone else in the club accountable.

        1. What makes you believe he is not concerned? And how do you think the FFP rules allow him to put money in?

      3. Quite possibly the worst comment i have ever read on JustArsenal in the last 6years being on this site….

        Horrible assumption on who fans are and where/how they live!!

        You should be ashamed by this comment.

          1. You gonna need some good PR Wyoming! I’ve got Kroenkes team if your interested.

            Said it for years- Kroenke is a leach who cares not for AFC or its history. It’s all just middle of the row, money ball business franchise to him.

      4. Class has nothing to do with one’s financial situation hence the expression”money can’t buy class”by the way you should be ashamed of yourself for posting such a comment .

      5. Wyoming for one a lots of fans were here before invincibles and most will be when kroenkes gone or when he decides to sell arsenal off. Kroenke needs to do his American football thing and leave European and world football alone. he keeps calm because he knows the business of money,not football. we arsenal and football fans,yes we are classy,we are dedicated,we are determined,we are strong,we are proud,we are strength in numbers…I could go on. we are the arsenal. Kroenke can go,arsenal will survive,football will survive. Chapman passed, we rebuild, graham was a winner but we moved on we survived, Wenger left we are rebuilding. Kroenke or no Kroenke arsenal will still have huge support world wide. we have it before him we will have it if he leaves.

      6. Wyoming, I assume you are a USA citizen. IF that is true , you should be ashamed of the “me me me and sod off the rest of you little people” scummy attitude of your countrymen who own three of these classless six. If you are not a USA citizen, as your profile suggests you are, then please ignore these comments.

        My attitude to the USA is that the world would be a far safer, more moral and far less greedy world, if that ghastly downmarket country had never been colonised.

        As for your disgraceful post – which makes me even more sure you are American – I would point out to you that Kroenke is not even , morally speaking IN our club in any real sense ; he is simply the unfit to own it owner and is the single most UNreliable thing about it. He is a snake, totally without morals or care for anything else other than his pocket and the mortal enemy of every REAL Arsenal fan.
        What this last three days has shown to all who had any doubts is that all clubs are nothing at all without fans and that fans ARE the club and the moral, though not legal , owners .

        Kroenke is simply an evil corrupt trespasser who has stolen our club, albeit in a technically “legal” fashion. But then, he had the misfortune to be born American! UGH!

        1. At least you don’t generalize about the entire population of a country. Don’t attribute his characteristics to all who live in the USA.

          Lest you forget us “colonists” saved your a$$ and Europe in 2 world wars.

          No country is perfect, and all have shameful deeds in their past, even England.

          Lets agree to leave history to the “Just History” site and concentrate on what we have in common; love foe The Arsenal, rather than nitpick our differences.

          1. Durand, we don’t forget as ANZAC Day 25th April approaches. We also remember World Way II started in September 1939 and the USA made a fortune doing it, while and after Britain and the Commonwealth fought alone for 2 years against fascism.


        You sound like both, so disgusting is your life view of people! I want no more to say to you ever. You are not worth wasting my vauable time on and this will be the last you hear from me. I only wish to debate with decent people, so that disqualifies you.

      8. But it actually has everything to do with satan kranky. He has brought in the culture of no accountability and doing the bare minimum. He is the one that said he didn’t buy Arsenal to win trophies. He is the only owner that didn’t invest a dime of his own money, yet had the audacity to charge the club 3 million for consulting fees.

        If there was any justice in this world, he’d be in jail and stripped of all his wealth.

    3. I agree with Classic and his comment is very right. It feels like there is a threshold of corruption if you stay below it it’s fine but if you reach it then you are in trouble. I think this is the right time now for all fans to come out against the same wrong which has been happening, billionaires foreigners buying clubs then pump so much money in that it kills the competition off unless you are another billionaire in there. Players wages, transfer amount and in general the money in football is absurd. Clubs will always find a way to cheat like City and Chelsea. EPL need to make a change as well and try to level the playing field as much as possible. Let’s call for player salary cap, player transfer cap and transfer kitty restriction. You can not have 3-4 clubs spending 300-400 millions in 3 years while rest can’t even manage quarter of that figure. How is this fair competition and how is this even a competition that fans n pundit are talking about. You can not label something greedy and wrong but then say it’s fine if you stay under a certain banner like FIFA or UEFA. If super League was wrong then so is what has happened with this billionaires buying club as well. Chelsea, City, Man United, PSG and even Arsenal to some extend…we are killing the competition.

  2. A highly charged article Dan and initially the right outcome insofar as not staying in that SL garbage

    More will need to be done to make me feel safe again. If Germany was able to give fans a real stake in their clubs then this should be backed by politicians and acted upon here.

    I admit that at the time I was excited that a billionaire wanted to invest in Arsenal. Make us competitive. My naivety is embarrassing

    Also the open apology was cringeworthy.

  3. I would be happy to see Kroenke go. Not sure the guy gives a shit about any pressure the fans think they can put on him.

    Clearly, for now, the club even survives without the fans at the stadium. In addition, is there any chance that once the stadiums open up the fans will boycott the games? Nope

    The best thing would be if a potential buyer comes along. That would be a good moment for fans to make their feelings known. In which case that might tip Kroenke towards taking his profit and bail.

  4. I don’t want to sound as if I’m defending Kroenke’s decision, but let’s imagine if you were Kroenke:

    – You have invested hundreds of millions into a club and become the sole owner of it

    – There’s no profit and you keep losing money

    – You want to sell the club at a break-even price, just to get your money back. But nobody is willing to buy it

        1. “Nobody’s willing to buy it”where did you get that idea from? he’s already turned down several offers there would be a queue of very willing buyers not only coud he sell it but he would make a tidy profit the only problem is that he doesn’t want to sell Arsenal!

          1. He had some lowball or below-market offers before the pandemic. But I bet he regretted that he didn’t take one of them, because he’s put too much money into Arsenal

    1. Your wrong on nearly every point

      Before the Pandemic , he was the only owner not to spend 1 penny out of his own pocket

      Lose money ? Both the value of Arsenal and his net worth have increased
      He literally used us as collateral damage in loans for his US investment

      And breaking even ? He wasn’t doing this to break even , he was doing this to double /triple his money and would have left us with nothing

      1. If Arsenal were so profitable, he wouldn’t have to borrow millions from the bank and join ESL

        1. That’s the point he doesn’t
          High profile players ?
          Who replaced Fabregas and Nasri ?
          Who replaced Van Persie ?
          He kept that money spent a fraction
          So at that point ….out of title race
          After Arsenal don’t finish in top.4
          He replaces Wenger with cheaper options on about half Wenger salary
          He replaces Sanchez with ?
          Ramsey with ?
          At this point we are struggling
          In the same Jan Man United buy Fernandes we can only afford loans
          Then , the whole world knows we need a center back …….We replace Koscielney with David Luiz?
          Last summer , we need creativity we buy ……..?
          We then after our worst start in decades slash the wage bill
          He sacks 55 people and the whole time is plotting this ?

          1. Yes but are you not forgetting players like lacazette,pepe,Auba,partey,xhaka,Mustafi,torriera,saliba,gabriel to name some did not come to arsenal for peanut money and those signings where made under him

          2. In addition to Pepe’s comments, Kroenke replaced Wenger with Emery, who comes with three EL and one Ligue 1 trophies. So he’s indeed cheaper than Wenger, but he was one of the best options available at that time

          3. Dan, we might fundamentally disagree on several club-related issues, but we’re clearly on the same page when it comes to the ousting of our absentee landlord and the ridiculous claims of GAI regarding Kroenke’s supposed investments…maybe he and others don’t fully comprehend the “self-sustaining” model and how it literally requires no investment whatsoever by our miserly owner, besides those monies that enabled him to secure full ownership of our club of which he will be richly rewarded whenever he decides to move on

            as for Wyoming, he’s clearly a troll who cares exceedingly more about “clicks” than providing an honest substantive commentary…his previous post was both classless and tone deaf, which was likely meant to be cheeky but thankfully failed miserably…hopefully his days as a JA provocateur are numbered now that he’s “accidentally” revealed his true colours

          4. Emery wasn’t wanted at PSG after failing in Europe
            Put it this way , would a Man City , Liverpool or Chelsea picked him ?

      2. While Arsenal value has increased since Kroenke took over, Kroenke will NOT see this come to fruitition until he actually sells his shares.

        Similar way there are many BitCoin millionaires, except they are not actual millionaires until the cash in their investment.

        From what I’ve seen, Arsenal FC isn’t a great investment for someone like Kroenke at all at the moment:

        – grossly overpaid, worthless players
        – incredibly stupid transfers (loss of millions) and seemingly incompetent board/staff
        – no CL money, soon no EL money
        – nowhere near to win PL
        – loss of revenue (COVID -pandemic)

        Kroenke would make his profit by selling his shares now. I think we are still valued around 2 billion.

        1. McLovin, Oh dear! You have a great deal to learn about how big finance works, as your opening sentence is laughable wrong. I could and would tell you in great detail how it works but you would not understand, as you have not learned even the ABC of how finance works, or you would not have made such a naive, laughable (were it not so sad) comment. You may wish to Google the word “asset,” as that would be a start!

          I shall be telling some of my financially savvy friends about you post, though I will not shame you by mentioning your name.

          1. Jon, I often agree with your comments even if they sometimes are worded harsher than seemingly needed to get your point across (but this is a matter of form but not content – on the content we often agree).

            In this particular case, being a big finance guy of European nationality myself, I wonder where you think McLovin is so wrong in his comments.

            With a little willingness it is easy to see his point;

            Arsenal is essentially a privately owned club, until Kroenke sells his shares, his “gains” will merely be accounted of as “unrealized gains”. Paper profits in other words. (his point)

            The value of Arsenal would likely have been higher had it not been for our poor transfers and costly contracts to players who do not move us up the table. (also seemingly his point)

            Finally, I recently saw a few articles valueing European clubs
            in which Arsenal’s enterprise value was valued between 2.0 billion and 2.8 US$. This not far from the value Mclovin mentions depending on which reference currency he had in mind. (also his point the way I read it).

      3. Dan His net worth has increased but that is certainly not from his investment in Arsenal. Arsenal Holdings is worth about 1.8 billion. The only people who could buy are business people of the same ilk as Kroenke. He will not sell. He, in my opinion, has other long term plans for the non footballing side of Arsenal Holdings.

  5. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having an agenda against Stan Cock. He’s literally asked for it.

    1. I understand mate but there are fans in 2021 who have asked me ‘ what’s he done wrong ‘
      Like taking us to our worst ever position in 25 years wasn’t enough

      1. Stan Kroenke has nothing to do with Arsenal being in 9th place. Just like he had nothin to do with Arsenal qualifying for the CL from 2010 to 2017 when he owned the club.
        There a range of reasons why Arsenal are in 9th. Liverpool +Tottenham made the old top 4 Utd Arsenal Chelsea +City a top 6. Leicester is a top 6 side now. This season Everton and Westham are top 6.
        Every club has a billionaire owner.
        Arsenal has an inexperienced manager. Empty stadiums and Covid has leveled the playing field.
        Stan Kroenke has allowed massive purchases Auba Pepe Laca. It’s not his fault these players have underperformed. Not his fault Ozil vost is gazillion nor Ramsey or Sanchez leaving on a free. Not his fault Torreira Saliba Guendouzi are not playing for the club. How did Stan cause Arsenals insipid performance against Fulham?
        To be fair Stan is the one with the most class at Arsenal Football Club.

        1. @Wyoming
          A very realistic and balanced view! Unfortunately Dan’s Kroenke bloodlust will never allow him to assess the situation objectively.

          1. Wait till.Friday and see if I’m in the minority mate
            As for Wyoming , after your earlier comment won’t be interacting with you

        2. Wyoming – I have to agree with you. Our biggest down fall has been spending big money on players that didn’t really deliver and this started way back with the likes of Chambers, Mustafi, Xhaka, Laca, Pepe all players who were expensive when bought who never became the success we hoped for and who never really became automatic starters in the eyes of fans. Not to speak of contract blunders like Ozil, Willian and Auba. This has been our down fall and no one reasonable can expect an owner to interfere in this level of detail when it comes to purchasing players or extending contracts.

          All managers, Wenger, Emery and Arteta where at the helm during poor purchases or contract blunders, whatever their role might have been.

          Making mistakes like the ones mentioned above are part of football. The clubs who make the fewest tend to be the most successful.

        3. Is that the same Stan who had to ask which team was his? He doesn’t give a flying hoot about the club, the players or the fans, he’s just interested in how much money he can make from Arsenal. Don’t be so blind. We’ve been goi g downhill since he came on board. He must go #kronkeout

        4. Wyoming, it is Kroenke’s fault because he owns Arsenal FC 100%, yet knows nothing about the industry that club is operating in. He then fails to select or maintain competent staff to support him in providing the expertise required in senior management and Board positions. Consequently the financial and player asset management of Arsenal FC during his tenure has been poor.

          1. He is ultimately responsible for hiring and firing
            I don’t recall us winning 3 FA Cups in a row.
            Different managers do spring to mind and different senior personnel at the club also spring to mind
            He is the boss

          2. Sorry, 2 FA cups in a row, 3 FA cups in 4 years. The point is all the credit went to Wenger for the success and now all the blame must go to Arteta for the failure. He has been given all the tool s necessary to at least make it into top 4 and he is not delivering results. Arteta is the problem.

          3. Don’t waste your energy SueP, let the children play.

            To the point of the article, Kroenke – not Arteta !

            As you of course quite rightly say, the American EMPLOYS Mikel – end of !

            And as for Arteta being “given the tools”.

            We all remember that Houssem Aouar was M A’s number 1 target even before Partey was landed, don’t we ?

            Was the above delivered – no.

            How do we know how many other requests from our manager have been knocked back ?

            This guy (Kroenke) is detested over the pond as well ;

            ” Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Is Worth $8.3 Billion, but He’s Still Hated by Sports Fans Around the World.

            When you think of incredibly wealthy and unpopular NFL owners, Jerry Jones is probably at the top of your list. Stan Kroenke, however, also has a case for the crown. While the Los Angeles Rams owner has a slightly smaller net worth than Jones, he’s arguably even more unpopular.

            NFL fans may be sick of seeing Jerry Jones every Sunday, but Stan Kroenke’s appeal—or lack thereof—has gone international. Sports in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world can’t stand the owner” .

            But of course suddenly “he has the most class at Arsenal”.

            And this after having revealed his true motives behind his “ownership”, in attempting to simply “pimp” our club.

            A small amount of people on here don’t truly support the club, and haven’t a clue what that REALLY means to so many.

            In fact are they Arsenal supporters at all ?

          4. QD
            There are those who do not subscribe to your views on AW and just as MA is having a mixed time of it, the bottom line is that Kroenke could sack him and hasn’t done so

      2. It’s crazy how some fans still think Kroenke shouldn’t leave… He lied to us. Even the Emirates stadium was a scam. We left our soul at Highbury, our ancestral home. We need to unite now more than ever and save our ARSENAL. Posterity watches

      3. OT Dan
        I just heard an interview on Radio 5 live and an eloquent girl said that football clubs should be protected for the community and the fans just like listed buildings.

        This would mean any owner, home or abroad would have to work within a framework of rules. One of these could be percentage dividends or salary caps.

        Over to you.

      4. DAN have you noticed as I have, that those few who are trying to defend Kroenke are from his country. That country has millions of people who are morally sick to their core and to whom rampant, gross level consumerism is their great personal God and to whom acting morally is seen as weakness.

        1. Plus the richest country on the planet, with great wealth disparity within its society, relatively poor education standards, low life expectancy, high infant mortality, failing infrastructure and no universal health coverage.
          Capitalism at its finest, survival of the fittest, dog eat dog mentality.
          But love the National Parks and the NP Service.

  6. Kroenke has made me suffer since I was 5years am not 25 still not seeing something good really, Ugandan passionate Gooners are tired and done with KROENKES

  7. Thank gratefully God everything is on the way slide down, what I want people to know is that if the super league plan had survived everything we know about Arsenal will die, think of it a owner that has no interest in investing his money in the playing capacity of the team is now given an option of playing in a league where he is guaranteed #350m every year just for participating Ina league of no relegation treat, that’s just Golden jackpot lottery baby.

  8. Sorry????Is that all the board members can come up with????? A very very well written post Dan. A credit to you. No amount of marching in protest will rid the Kronke family from this Beautiful football club called ARSENAL. This family has tried to destroy this club of it’s once held tradition and history. Same goes to the other 5 owners. It truly hit me for 6 when reading yesterday’s written statement from Sir Alex Ferguson. He was a broken man. Can we really celebrate today’s outcome. Will we be going down the same track in the future?? Can these 6 owners be ever trusted again?? The world will view all these clubs oh so much differently. The respect and admiration is gone. All because owners do not respect history nor traditional values. Above all,,, these owners have no what so ever respect for supporters. The football world has been put into disrepute. It should and must not go unpunished. I know for a fact you GUNNERS Supporters will totally disagree with me,, but all 12 senseless greedy owners need to be held accountable with very harsh penalties for their actions. Let it be a harsh warning for those who try to hijack this beautiful simple game we call FOOTBALL. A game that brings people and countries together. A game that brings us SALVATION. 12 very greedy owners tried to rip that away from us common people. Ok folks. No one will like this,, but here it comes. This should happen. But it won’t. Either all 12 clubs be banned for two(2)years from all competitions. Or,, be deducted eighteen(18) points of this season. 18 points puts those guilty parties in serious positions. Yes,, this would be unfair. Unfair to the innocent players, managers/coaches,,, and above all, totally unfair to us faithful supporters. Giving these 12 dirty owners the harshest of penalties will rid them of our clubs. A simple slap on the wrist is not going to deter these filthy mongrel Bred owners from doing this again. Give it a few years and we will be back here again. This is far from being over. As I said,, harsh penalties is the only way to rid these owners. FIFA, EURO, and the British Government have been given a clear warning with what can happen. Arsenal belongs to the English citizens. And Arsenal stays with the British folks. Please bare in mind that I am an Australian. But I love Arsenal to bits as you do. But to see the back of Kronke and Company from this beautiful football club, a harsh penalty needs to be dealt out so there is never to be a repeat of this ever happening again.

  9. I wrote it here, this project was nonway to impose It doesnt work for football nor respect our values.

    How can national team miss key players for international games or tournament for Superleague to go on?

    As we can see, they lost their bet and shamed, losers forced to resign.

    But unfortunatly, Kroenke wont, owns all shares and doesnt care for football, but cash…

    They finding ways to create more revenues, TV rights and all. This was a way to make up for stadium income losts but make money before all and covid. They have been on this for years.

    We have an opportunity to indeed make pressure by not watching games, kill ratings calculated on skysport, bein and official broadcasters..

    There’s many free live streaming options oyt there. Do not watch on TV,

    Then, missing Europe will indeed hurt him seriously.

    If case, his greed will have him keep Arreta anyhow.

    Looking at last year worst ever spot and breakin that infamous record all this season; it will be same curve next year, falling further down, no Europe football…

    Then, Kroenke will sell because he has put a lot past 2 seasons..

    Do we need to wish what we most likely witness 2 years; more failure in order to stand a chance to be that great Arsenal again?

    Obviously they are killing all our assets and shine & value of Arsenal brand!

  10. Spot on in everyway. I am one of generations of Arsenal fans in my family going back to before Highbury. I like the rest of us was horrified at the recent events. Every word you have said I agree with. Kroene has to go and that should now be the mission of every true Arsenal fan to achieve that. I am deeply hurt and am going to struggle for a while to feel as I did before any of this

  11. The previous shareholders who happily sold their holdings to Kroenke for a pot of gold created the opportunity for our club to be taken over .The cost of the takeover merely made the shareholders very rich with no funds being directed into the football club.The accounts show them charging the club millions for their marketing and management expertise!

  12. I blame the British Government to a degree. Over the years we have seen businesses sold to the highest bidders. Rolls Royce and Bentley were companies of heritage and sold to German companies. Massive British IT companies sold to Americans And Chinese. The list is endless. Our much loved football clubs allowed to be taken over by foreign buyers. None of the top teams in the UK are owned by British owners. We have sold ourselves out without a care in the world to what happens next. Our government should have protected our industries and clubs as if they were the very fabric of everything we do and are! The government need to be more pro-active in protecting our livelihood and the things that make Britain so special. Protect our football clubs from the greed and disrespectful money grabbing scavenges that only exist in sport to line their own pockets without a care for the clubs that have unified millions of people in local communities into one big fanbase worldwide. Every government should now seek ways to protect football clubs around the world. Also, nans should have a stake in every club. Without fans there would be no football.

    I agree, SueP. the open apology was cringeworthy. It sounded like an excuse to deflect blame. No honor, no moral value. Pathetic!


    1. GunneRay, A fairly rare post, in that it actually says something, other than merely you are not happy. Your spot on point about GOVERNMENTS(all main parties to blame) neglect of protecting our British indutries from foreign takeover is apt and correct.
      The good news is that this government is now pledged to seriously look into fitness of foreign owners and is likely in my estimation to make it more difficult for the USA and foreign sharks to feather their own nests at our expense.

      Two main changes are needed.Firstly, SALARY CAPS at top level (which I personally have been banging on about for years, sadly almost alone). Secondly, 51% fan control of all clubs.

      Only when fans are involved with club decisions will we fans be treated properly and as we deserve. What this episode has shown in stark reality is that FANS are the lifeblood without which all clubs will die. Essentially, we fans ARE the clubs.

      1. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I 100% agree with you on this Jon Fox.

        Though not that I don’t agree with some of your comment, but whenever I see the word, “filt” “thief” or other insulting words against our fellow fans, it put me off and won’t agree with what you say.

        But this comment is awesome without any insult.

  13. a perfectly planned proposal such as the super league was pushed to the bins in a matter of days because people got united against it and used the global platform that football offers.

    Why cant we actually act for the things that actually matter like racism,online abuse……One thing many learnt from this whole drama is that there are things that is actually worth fighting for

  14. @Dan I’m with you regarding Wyoming and will not be interacting with him again. Hopefully by ignoring him he will go away. Most trolls disappear when they don’t get a reaction.

    1. I just assume he must be a kid
      No adult in 2021 , during a Pandemic would mock.people over their wage and / or house situation

      1. @Wyomin. Guessed he was shielded from the pandemic’ s financial sting so he doenst really understand what 2020 was about and still about. Thumps up to Declan.

  15. We need an owner who cares about winning trophies and not only about lining their pockets with more money. These guys are the dirtiest, they have so much yet still want more. greed will never end. I am a fan of arsenal for over 25 odd years, and I dont watch arsenal for money l, I watch because I fell in love with this team,the players the history. Arsenal have given me joy, headache but I still watch. These guys want to sell us out and line their pockets. For me money is important but geez kroenkes and the lot have billions and still want to squeeze us football fans dry. KROENKE OUT.

  16. Agreed with the SL part of the article except making excuses for Chelsea and Man city.

    This two clubs signed together with the other four, so no need of exempting them, cos they all signed it and they all pull out.
    I was even more surprised that Chelsea and Man city can even sign.
    It means, if the opportunity arises for other 20 clubs in the EPL they will surely sign also.

    I’m not faced with the other club shouting and shaming the other 6 clubs for signing for the SL.
    To me, they were just bitter cos they weren’t in the situation, if they were, they will also sign the contract.

    And on Kroenke, why am I not surprise he signed the contract, all Arsenal fans said, he doesn’t love the game but only buy Arsenal for the money and how it surprise them he signed baffles me.
    You already know he was in for the money but still surprise he signed.
    Even Abramovich who love the game with passion signed the contract.

    Anyway Dan, believe it or not, the protest might work for the big 6 to withdraw from the SL but the protect can never work for Kroenke to leave the club.
    He doesn’t live in UK, he doesn’t care if you protest from morning till night, he will only sell when he feel like.

    And you said, he made profit from Arsenal, I don’t see him making money at all in Arsenal. I see him losing money every season.
    Yes Arsenal might has value but it won’t make him money till he sell the club which he hasn’t, so no money for now.

    And you said, he doesn’t spend money from his pocket, to me he owns everything called Arsenal, which means Arsenal’s pocket is his pocket. Or can Arsenal management use Arsenal’s pocket money with Kroenke’s consent?
    And do you know how much he lost with players leaving on free transfer?

    You only talk about the players we sold(Nasri, Fabregas, Persie, Ox, Iwobi etc) without replacement, but I never see you mention the players (Sanchez, Ramsey, Ozil, Mustafi, Socratis) that left on a free which he can also make profit too but yet he still sign Gabriel, Party, Saliba etc with big money too.

    Everybody wants Kroenke out but that doesn’t mean I won’t be fair in my analysis when judging him.
    But I will always criticise him for not putting the right management in place.

    And thank God we are free of this SL shit.(not relegating from that league makes it shit to me).
    wow!!! I’m f**** relieved right now.

        1. its a long way to go , unless I then spend weekend with brother
          I used to live near Heathrow so in that situation would have jumped on the Tube

    1. Bob’s, Kroenke doesn’t care about what is said about him in the USA. He is roundly hated in US sports (speak to people in St Louis). If he lived elsewhere his house would be picketed.
      The only thing he cares about is money. The action of sanctions which should be taken against these 12 clubs will not occur, because the owners are so wealthy the will buy off FIFA, the FA’s and relevant governments by “donations”.

  17. What is it with Wyoming? If he’s not a relative to Stan The Man Kronke, he must be an American. As for Quantic “WET” Dream, for going out in sympathy with Wyoming, must have a hidden agenda. Why would anyone not blame or hold the owner fully responsible for what’s been going down since he took ownership of this magnificent football club? Nothing has been positive. They tell me he still hasn’t parted with his first lot of pocket money he recieved as a 10 year old. Those of you faithful GUNNERS who are marching on Friday, please take care. Keep all emotions in tact. I only say that, because there is always an idiot that shows up to peaceful demonstrations to cause trouble. Kind regards to you marchers PJ from Australia

      1. Dear friends, I’m American but I’m no more a fan of Kroenke. Please don’t group me in with that.

    1. ” because there is always an idiot that shows up to peaceful demonstrations to cause trouble”
      They’re also known as undercover police officers aka Romeos

    1. Im sure in the end Kronk will come out and say sorry, or maybe he wont. How did this guy get hold of our club, he is a despicable man and cant have many friends.

      1. That ranch you’re talking about has been there since 1884 just as old has Arsenal.
        So I think he’s trying to protect his property, which is not a bad thing.
        And I don’t think having many friends is a billionaires biggest suit.
        They don’t need more friends.

        But I think getting him off Arsenal is what we need now, not because of anything but because he knows nothing about running a football club and not even employing the right management at that.

  18. Everyone here in the U.S. knows the Kroenke family is all about milking cash out of mediocre franchises.

    He needs to sell now.

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