Now Arsenal’s dream of the Champions League comes even closer

Arsenal have picked the right time to creep up into third position in the League table and we are now in the driving seat to attain this season’s target of reaching the Champions League next season. It looked very easy against a lacklustre Newcastle side but the job was done quietly and efficiently and now our rivals know that they have a fight on their hands.

Our youngster Ainsley Maitland-Niles played his part in our win, and he voiced how the players were feeling after the game. “It was a great performance.” he said. “We knew we had to get the three points today to go into third place. It was just about staying focused on the task and not conceding. We always knew we were going to score.”

It obviously helped that our great rivals Tottenham lost to Liverpool on Sunday to give us even greater incentive to grab the points yesterday, and Ainsley was asked if that made a difference. “Yeah of course.” he continued. “I’m pretty sure everyone was at home watching the game last night. Everyone studied Newcastle too. It’s just a good opportunity for us to go out there, show our quality and say, ‘Look, we are one of the best teams in the league and we can compete for the Champions League once again’.

“It’s every team’s dream to play Champions League football. It’s the best European competition in the world. To play against all the big teams would be fantastic and you get to test yourself fully. That’s all we wanted to do, to go out there and win today’s game today. We’ve made one step closer to succeeding.”

WE are all worried about our away form, but we traditionally finish every season well. If we carry on playing with this style and confidence then we could win every single one of our remaining games, and so our fate is in our own hands.

Wednesday night football, here we come!



  1. I have a feeling both Manchester clubs would loose all there remaining 6 games…so what happens if we win our remaining 6 games!!! 🙂

    1. its April 2 already not April fool day.
      like the banter thoughts though.

      common gunners!!!

  2. My only disagreement with this article is “our faith is in our own hands”
    I think our faith is in our managers hands. I believe it’s now clear which set of players make us tick. Now the away games return will ozil become weak and the defensive mentality return. I am praying we continue using the best of what we’ve got. Iwobi could do with some rest.

    1. The fate is in the players’ motivation. If they are willing to put in extra effort in each remaining away game, I believe Arsenal will be okay

      Ozil might not the best option for the away matches, but maybe he could perform better in 3-4-1-2 formation or as a mezzala in a 4-3-3 formation

  3. One game at a time; Arsenal needs to keep getting the required results to maintain pressure on Spurs, Manchester United and Chelsea.
    The big worry is the increasing incompetence of referees and assistants officiating in the EPL, for example Chelsea vs Cardiff and Arsenal vs Newcastle. Hopefully in the remaining fixtures Arsenal don’t get bad decisions which negatively impact on results, like against Spurs. Also the squad can stay injury free.
    Fantastic effort by Emery as a new manager to the EPL in equalling last season’s points total with 7 games to go.
    Onward to Everton next Sunday.

  4. Impressive words from Niles. I like that he speaks with confidence but also talks about focus. I’ve listened to other young players at times and they get ahead of themselves, sounding overconfident and talk like no team can stop us. Usually title talk is in their thoughts, but Niles doesn’t sound like he would go that way even if it was back in that 22 game run. He comes across very level headed – and respectful.

    1. If we lose to both of them, the top four trophy would be endangered

      We can only lose two of the remaining five away games and they are tough matches, despite the mid-table opponents might have lost their interest

      Defeat against Everton could bring Emery Out Brigade here again

  5. Almiron did not impress at all, probably because his team was lousy

    But I’m glad Arsenal skip the chance to get him, because he was nothing special last night and did not look as a specialist winger

  6. we are a very strong team

    with lacazette and aubemayang …thats deadly attack once they adapt and settled

    the return of Kos has also strengthen our defense

    fans just need to have patience and not slam the team when there are losses

  7. I have just read a player rating article which suggested Mustafi gave a poised error free performance.With the utmost respect just what planet is the author from? Mustafi and for that matter Sokratis were poor in the first half and showed a total lack of composure.They lack height and the ariel power which will be needed against Everton and more particularly Watford What has happened to Mavroponas who looked so promising last season?Does anyone known what’s going on with him behind the scenes?I am at a loss to understand why he has not been given an opportunity this season after recovering from injury.

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