Now is the time for Arsenal to start collecting points

Following their victory over Sunderland, can Arsenal now go on a run of victories? by SE

Arsenal went into the game against Sunderland on Saturday, having picked up a single point in their last two Premier League games. However, the Gunners had a relatively easy time of it at the Stadium of Light, as an Alexis Sanchez’s brace gave the North Londoners all three points and pushed them up to 5th place in the Premier League table.

The visitors enjoyed plenty of possession, which was not unexpected, and the hosts, for their part, didn’t threaten Wojciech Szczesny’s goal for much of the game. Sanchez, as has been the norm for much of this season, was Arsenal’s star player, and although the Gunners cannot look too much into their performance against Sunderland, they more crucially got back to winning ways. Having done so, can Arsenal now go on a run of victories?

The home game against Hull City kick started a run of four winnable games in the Premier League for the Wenger’s wizards who, owing to their insipid display, dropped two crucial points that surely would have hurt the North Londoners’ prospects at the time. However, they have followed it up with a couple of victories — against Anderlecht in the Champions League, and on Saturday against Sunderland in the Premier League — which should see them gather some momentum as the season reaches the quarter way mark. Burnley and Swansea City await the Gunners next in the league, before Manchester United come visiting to the Emirates after the international break.

Consistency is going to be the key to Arsenal finishing as high as possible in the table. And, it’s now, more than ever, that Arsenal got to go on a run of victories, and close the huge gulf in points between them and the likes of Chelsea and Southampton — who have made a rollicking start to the season.

Returns of Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott, despite the long injury list inclusive of Mesut Ozil, Olivier Giroud, Mathieu Debuchy and Laurent Koscielny, will surely reinforce Arsenal, as the aforementioned duo bring a lot more attacking ammunition to the North Londoners, giving Wenger a lot more options to pick and choose from. Sanchez, at times, has overworked, and Arsenal cannot afford to lose the Chilean who, as things stand, is going to be the focal point of how the Gunners finish their season. With Hector Bellerin proving a good addition to the mix, Wenger shouldn’t be hesitant to play the Spaniard at Right-Back, shifting Calum Chambers into playing at Center-Back where he belongs.

After the victory against Sunderland things look a lot better for Arsenal who now need to get consistent, and vie for 6 points in their next two Premier League fixtures against Burnley and Swansea City. Winnable fixtures and players returning from injury will also be a huge sigh of relief for Wenger and the sea of Arsenal supporters, who will now seek a turnaround of sorts, after the victory over the Black Cats.

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  1. Totally agree, we took 6 points from this week, that is the most important thing. Also our performances were poor as a team but its crucial to take the points even when the performances arent up there,”winning ugly”… hopefully the performances will start to rise as the team gains confidence and we can start to put teams away comfortably, overall not a bad week…

  2. More than anything else we need a CONVINCING win. None of the performances so far this season have convinced me that this AFC side can win trophies this year. Almost every match has been painful to watch. Nothing coming easy. Injuries, disjointed play, and lack of desire. The fans and players need a match where the REAL Arsenal turn up, dominate, and score a bunch of goals. 5-0, 6-0, 7-1. Those type of matches build confidence which we seriously lack at the moment. Can’t always be Alexis Sanchez FC vs. the opposition.

  3. This was a lovely weekend for me
    1. Arsenal won
    2. Spuds lost
    3. Liverfools, ManUre, Man Shitty and Chelski didn’t win and consequently didn’t get all 3 points.
    4. My favourite tennis player Federer won
    5. Won £5 on scratchcard

        1. I wonder if Dortmund win or draw us the next game (is not I want them to win us) than that make arsenal like a bit*h. Just see how our team perform not others cos we can’t depend to much on luck.

  4. Next 3 games before United
    Burnley at home
    Anderlecht at home
    Swansea away

    Swansea away will be tough but we MUST win at least the first two

  5. You know what grinds my gears ? Van Gaal even though one point less than us still talk about catching Chelsea and winning the trophy. Everyone knows its difficult but at least it shows the attitude, confidence and ambition of the club. They have infused this spirit in their DNA. But our manager and player’s attitude and talk revolves around getting a CL place first. And that is where the difference is apparent when we play the big games. The psychological weakness and subconsciouly an ambition for 4th place is ruining us year after year. And it all starts with the root of problem: Arsene Wenger.

    1. spot on buddy, we are becoming the new spuds relying on one player to wins us games. Can’t wait for the return of Walcott!!!

  6. Me thinks it’s time to lift our game. With such kind of display as of late we will be taken to the cleaners against tougher opponents. There is far too many weak points which need addressing pronto. Our midfield is far from convincing and lacks balance. Selfishness and lack of imagination is rife especially those chosen to make things happen with the no.10 jersey. Our Wilshere is a great prospect but is a serious threat to team-work or team gelling. He is one culprit who tend to play for himself alone and also doesn’t have anything extra in his locker to influence the direction of a game. With high expectations most players are drawn out of position (as they believe Jack knows what he is doing). Then in critical areas he loses possession. What’s wrong with getting other players involved in your raid? This overworks other players as they try to recover and sometimes gets carded or injured in the process. And if Diaby is fit I think playing Arteta and Flamini defies logic. Use Diaby’s height, power and creativity from the back, and let Arteta/Ramsey/or Flamini break down opposition play. At least we can restore some form of balance for consistence.

    1. I have seen Henry wearing Barcelona shirt embracing Pires wearing Villareal shirt. That was painful. Not the rapist RvP and liar Fabregas. I just had a “meh” moment seeing those two.

  7. I for one do think that Chelshît can move away from the summit of the table. Almost like what happened to us last season. We were top after a long period and somehow lost it through injuries. Their star players can also get injured or even suspended. I know that they have squad dept but anythings possible in this day an age. With that being said, I do believe that Sanchez’s winning mentality will decline in months if not weeks to come. He probably sees his fellow Arsenal players not putting 100% in games and will sooner than later rub of on him as well. I like the guy. His a player that I don’t see playing the way he does in future if the other players don’t turn up for the party. Lastly, our offence is good. Its only our defence that I’m worried about. I for one think that our midfield should work out of their socks in order to protect our vulnerable defence. Hopefully peoples views on this site don’t go in vain. I just hope that by January we are still within 10 points of the leader. Please Wenger, install a winning mentality and agression in our players. If Rvp and Man United believe that they can catch Chelshìt than who are we?

  8. buy
    lars bender
    van djik


      1. Not in the middle of the season. That’s suicide. But for that to happen it means that the board had an idea on what are they doing. But you have heard them : the have no fu cking plan. If Wenger has a plan then ok, if not, we are fu cked.
        This is frightening. You people yell on getting Klopp and Simeone but these are coaches, not managers. They have no fu cking clue about finance, long term commitments and development.
        The best clubs in the world have a competent board and leave their coach/manager to do the football work. They ask, boards provides. In our case the board have no fu cking clue and they rely on Wenger alone to make the profit for them.
        And yes, this is a HUGE problem because if Wenger is busy trying to make club profitable then he will have less and less time for the actual job : football. This is a football club and yes, these days you can call it an enterprise but it’s still revolving around the round ball. There’s no way around it.

    1. Buy aLl the world star and give wenger they will all flop. He will play them out of position and rubbish formation…Wenger luvs praise so once you are a world star b4 coming to arsenal he plays u off position but average player he want to make a star he plays them even when they are under performing….we all know him….Wenger Out still goes on

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