Now is time for Arsenal fans to be calm amid gossip frenzy

Excitement is growing over the possibility of Yannick Carrasco signing for Arsenal, last week it was Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen that got the pulses running and it will probably be yet another player next week that will get us all hot under the collar.

That is one of the biggest problems with the transfer window, you are led up a garden path only to find the roses have wilted at the end, but on that walk, you had visions of a vase full of beautiful glorious roses only to be greatly disappointed at the end.

The golden rule is that until a player is actually unveiled it pays to show patience and contain your emotions as best as possible.

We publish transfer gossip on here, we get excited just as much as anyone else, we also get despondent at some of the players being linked with us and we struggle just as much as anyone else to keep some perspective and so every now and then we will write an article like this to keep ourselves in check, it is therapeutic.

It is a period of competitive internationals right now and you can take it to the bank that our scouts have been all over the place monitoring players and so you can expect a fresh deluge of new names over the next week or so and so it will not be easy to stay grounded.

Now is the time to stay calm and not get too over excited because it is going to get worse before it gets better.


  1. I truly believe that Emery knows which players we need,which ones have to go but we all know I hope how difficult it is to move them on,if given proper funds and support this could be a good summer!also one more thing I am going to ask the same question,who in the club said that our budget is 40 millions all I want is a name since everyone posting on this site uses this figure,is it too much to ask?

  2. I don’t know how close he is to joining us but I will be glad if he joins cos he will be a assume upgrade to what we have in Auba and Iwobi on the wings. Though I also think our youngsters should be given a go.

  3. Well I believe our budget is still the £40-45M David Orstein reported. The past season it was rumoured our budget is between £50-70M and indeed it was true. So I expect most of these high value transfer rumours to not be true… on the upside, even if we had the money there’s no guarantee it would have been spent on the right persons and positions.

  4. I’ve not seen him play so can’t judge..but the fact he was happy to go to China to be a big fish in a small pond rings alarm bells for me..

    Obviously went for the Yen!

  5. Arsenal have called Celtic about the possibility of taking Kieran Tierney this summer but no formal offer or any negotiations between both clubs but we are showing concrete inrerest in the player.We are prepared to offer youngster Jordi Osei-tutu plus cash in a deal to sign him.We will give the 20-year old a new contract and send him on loan since they are interested

    Claude-Maurice prefers us over West Ham and we will soon make an offer for him

    Still in talks for Carrasco as of now

    Martinelli will arrive from Ituano FC next week when he turns 18

        1. In Kev we trust?Let’s hope so as far as Tierney is concerned.A really talented, young left back who knows how to attack and even more important to Arsenal, defend.

      1. Source? Daddies of course…….. sorry, couldn’t resist ?
        anyway, I’ve read that Carrasco is eager to come and agreed terms but we are still negotiating the transfer fee with his club.
        I don’t know anything about him apart from what I’ve seen on YouTube but seems odd he decided to go to China at 24, albeit for the money. Looks like can dribble and take on players though.

        1. Yes, he can dribble but how good is it?He was at Athletico Madrid and did well but imo we are targeting the wrong type of winger.What this team team needs is wingers with the style for example Gervinho,Bernado Silva,Sane,Robben etc.Note I said “style”.One thing you can see from this players is they always want to take on somebody and create chances.Carrasco can dribble but we will still cry out for a winger if we get him.He’s also decent but nothing special.Chukwueze,Marcus Thuram and Trossard fall into this category.Chukwueze is my choice because he is absolutely everything we need and I don’t care if he’s young because he’s good enough

  6. But at that age he can only save us for two yrs instead i would prefer all the money be used for plays like saar who can do it for more than five good yrs.

  7. BTW, Anyone wants to see all the transfer rumours and stuff, it’s all on “NewsNow Arsenal”.

  8. Still waiting to see flops departing, though. Ozil and Mustafi sold would be a better deal for me than getting Carrasco in, to be perfectly honest.

    1. I agree they shouldn’t be in the squad let alone first team. Ozil is too expensive for a player who does nothing most of the time and Mustafi is too poor of a CB

  9. If Kieran Tierney can become on a par with Andrew Robertson he could be a good buy. Scotland’s national team are not great, but Kierney is good at club level. I do hope we go for Sampdoria’s Joachim Andersen, he is a very good CB but is not the fastest so he will need someone speedy like Koscielny to partner him. He’s a strong well built guy though. With Holding, Socratis, Mavropanos and him around it could be solid in the centre. With Bellerin and Tierney we could actually have a good defence. Midfield is another issue. If we got Praet that would not be enough. If we could unload Xhaka, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Elneny we could go for James Maddison of Leicester who is a real Aaron Ramsey clone. Then promoting Ernie Rowe Smith and Joe Willock and Bielik could give us a pretty good midfield of Matteo Guendouzi, Lucas Torreira, Maddison, Bielik, Praet and Willock. Up front Auba, Laca, Nketiah, Iwobi (and Carrasco) would be strong and speak for themseves. So Tierney, Andersen, Carrasco, Praet and Maddison are my dream five based on selling Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, and Elneny. Purely a dream though.


  10. Maybe we should also get his formal teammate Thomas Partey as well. He is strong and has a lot of energy. Something we need in our midfield

    1. So as we are to read;

      We are putting Ozil, Mhiki, Mustafi, Xhaka & Eleney all up for sale while already selling Koss & Monreal abroad?

      Confirmed gone is Rambo, Cech, Welbz & Leichstenier. That’s alot of dead wood gone to be fair.

      If we are being real we could land a few good players to come in;

      Ryan Fraser is a class act, Left footed winger who loves to assist & get in on the attack. He would come to Arsenal for what £25m maybe?? Or even James Maddison?
      Whatever we get for Ozil & Mhiki would cover that as they couldn’t do that job out wide and we dont play with a no10..

      Teirnay LB from Celtic. Would be a shrew signing as he is young & is a good player already so upgrade on Monreal & shouldn’t cost too much I’m sure.

      The double deal with Samporia for Andersan And Praet is okay as Anderison Is highly rated as a CB, Koss Replacement & Ramsey respectively but the latter I wouldn’t take as we have SmithRowe, AMN & Guendouzi who could do a job in Rambos spot and can save money that way also instead of wasting it on a Midfielder who isn’t needed or good enough imo. If we need another midfielder if Xhaka is sold then there is others out there more solid to come in for him like Teilsman
      & Partey. We still need a RB also but potential team;

      Bellerin Holding Sokra Terinay
      Torreira Teilsman
      Auba Laca Fraser

      Martinez (GK)
      Alexis – another youngster from France we have almost signed apparently from Lorient.

      1. The two Seans are dreaming are we not? I hope we get our wishes fulfilled as we need a lot of players. Trouble is the last ten years of history suggest we might be a little disappointed. We have always ended up a couple of players short every year. Still lets live in hope.

  11. I love a poll so with Admin Martin`s opening line on this post being………….”Excitement is growing over the possibility of Yannick Carrasco signing for Arsenal, last week it was Dennis Praet and Joachim Andersen that got the pulses running and it will probably be yet another player next week that will get us all hot under the collar.”………….I`d like a poll as to whether anyone else other than Admin Martin got excited, had their pulses running quicker than an anti-Ozil blasphemer hearing the news that Mesut had retired and given the rest of his contract to Mustafi or got hotter under the collar than an Aussie inventing a new game involving a bondaged marsupoial called Tie me Kangeroo down Sport!

    1. If it’s that bloody exciting, Le Coq I surely hope Pat isn’t reading it.. as she’ll probably go into labour!!
      Just for the record – it didn’t do anything for me..?

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