Now it’s time for Arsenal to concentrate on Everton

Last night we beat Newcastle United comfortably which saw Arsenal move up to third position in the Premier League and it felt good, it was a relief and to be honest, it felt like vindication after being written off so often, but the job is not complete and it is now time to look towards our next game against Everton on Sunday.

We could actually be back in fifth place come Sunday if Tottenham beat Crystal Palace, Chelsea beat Brighton and Man Utd collect all three points against Wolves.

That would put the pressure straight back on us and it does not help that our away record is shaky. We cannot ignore the fact that we have conceded in every single away game in the Premier League this season.

We cannot ignore the fact that we have by far the worst away record of the top six, we have won just five times on the road from 14 games, a whole nine points worse off than Chelsea, who have the second worst away record of the top six.

We also have to accept that Everton will be tough to beat, they have a mixed home record for sure and are definitely beatable but then Chelsea would have thought that and they lost 2-0 and so did Liverpool who failed to score and ended up with just a single point after a 0-0 draw.

So, we know what we are up against, we have to overcome our poor away record, we have to overcome a team that lifts its game against the top teams at home, well recently anyway and we have to overcome the added pressure if our rivals win their midweek games as expected.

However, we have to also accept that we are full of confidence right now, that the players now believe, that we have shown immense character in recent weeks and that we handled the pressure with ease.

We have the players to beat Everton all day long, for me, it is about our mentality and the signs are there that we are getting better in that area.

Everton will be a tough game absolutely but we will win, I believe that to my core, we are the better team, we just have to show it on the day.

Sam P


  1. Someone please tell me what’s up with Lichtsteiner. He’s not on our injured list and yet I can’t remember when last I saw his name on the team sheet.

    1. Hey bro!!! No need to know the problem, all you need do is to rejoice and be glad he’s not making the squad.

  2. They are tricky because they have dangerous players:

    – Richarlison: A goal-scoring machine at the beginning of this season, then his performance is diminishing, probably because EPL defenders already analyzed his movements in the field. But he still has great pace and tricks that are scary in quick counter-attacks

    – Calvert-Lewin and Tosun: Dominant in the air due to their height and strength

    – Gomes: He was too slow and lacklustre when playing at Barcelona, but he seems to have re-invented himself at Everton. His composure and control on the ball make him an excellent tempo dictator at Goodison Park

    – Walcott: This boy would most likely want to prove that he is still a big threat to Arsenal fans. Especially in front of Everton’s supporters

  3. wins against Palace , Brighton, Watford and Burnley. 2 points from Everton, Leicester and wolves. Yernited would then have to win all 7 games, Chelsea would need to win 6 from 7 as long as our goal difference is better. That lot does not sound impossible

  4. Off Topic:
    I would really like to get something off my chest, I want to know why a group of people on this forum like to pick on Iwobi and Nigerians it’s really getting on my nerve. Folks like Phil, Sue, and Jon fox do this, Phil on April 2 made a comment “If you can’t stand out playing in that team with those mugs” I was like who the hell are you to belittle players who play for my national team , if you don’t have respect for your national team players I do with mine and will very much like you to stop. Whenever Ozil is criticised Sue and Phil will be all over the forum crying, they very much want Ozil appreciated but when people do that for other players( in this case Iwobi) they brand them fans who don’t think well for the club. Iwobi is any Arsenal player and deserves respect like every other player at the club.
    Canonspike I wonder what game you watched on Monday for you to say Iwobi disrupted the team’s fluidity, Iwobi was literally involved in every good move from Arsenal left side and funny enough most of our attacks came the left so I wonder why you made such comments. Canonspike also mentioned players he felt are better than Iwobi ATM ” I feel he should be better than the likes of Sancho, Gnabry, Hudson-Odoi, Rashford” presently how many of these players have better G/A than Iwobi? I will leave this question with you. All Jah son always has to say about Iwobi is ” He doesn’t have what it takes” ,man if Iwobi didn’t have what he takes he wouldn’t be playing for Arsenal at the moment.

      1. Everyone is entitiled to an opinion, and everyone is also entitled to shoot down that opinion – isnt that what makes us human? It is called critical analysis (provided it is constructive) should enable us improve.
        OK let me give my opinion then. Iwobi had an off game against Newcastle because he was pretty poor with his final ball, and generally had not stamp his authority as he had in previous games. He is still better than Saurez and any other cheap wingers being linked with Arsenal on the internet. Pepe i beleive will be better for us because he adds goals to his skills wheras iwobi does not score many – but Pepe may cost north of £70m.

        1. You wrote exactly what I had in mind Joe71, we all know Iwobi is not a good scorer and at times his final ball let him down it still doesn’t take the fact away that he is better than most players we are linked to.

            1. Yes at times Sue, you can’t see it when all you think of him is a player who ain’t worth playing for Arsenal. Love and appreciate him as you do Ozil maybe you will see he is a good player.

      2. lol “it’s called an opinion” has caused more harm than good Sue. I will still see your comments when Ozil is criticised.

          1. Believe me I won’t Sue, I have seen how you make sure Ozil isn’t criticised at all so like I said I wont wait long for that comment and I will surely remind you.

            1. I’m sorry Aeontisty but we’ll have to agree to disagree on Iwobi…. but if he does end up scoring before the end of the season, I’ll send a big thumbs up your way ?

        1. You need to get a life .ive been on this forum for quite awhile and have had no reason to talk about my private life but because the crap you came out with I felt the need to have to defend myself which I shouldn’t have to do on a football forum ,what you believe and what is true only I know and as someone who doesn’t go thorough life pretending and Making stuff up ,I think you’re and absolute disgrace to then call my private life a fanstasy
          You don’t know me and I don’t know you .so in future keep you’re childish remarks to you’re self and don’t comment on my posts ,
          This is a football forum not somewhere to discuss private affairs so I will keep it that way .

      3. everyone is entitled to an opinion but I also feel most of the English fans comment negatively towards Iwobi…the guy is decent give him a break

        1. Exactly, I do hope after this every player will be criticised only when the deserve it and not because they are not their favourite.

            1. admin i really don’t appreciate being censored, i take full responsibility for the comment the other week and even apologized for it on this page, but the two comments i made on this page have nothing wrong with them, one is extremely accurate and the other is an observation which i beleive to be dead on? so what’sup?

              plus as you can see i’m not the only one who had those thoughts about some things being said on this forum, i understand if you are trying to keep the peace, but that is uncalled for…and if you want me out of this forum that’s the way to go on about it, i personally i’m here to express my thoughts don’t need friends, don’t need to be hated or loved i’m good ty happy bunny… so if you are going to pick and choose to keep some people who don’t deserve it happy, you are not a moderator anymore, or am i wrong?

              ps: maybe the guy is your friend so you are trying to save him face in the first comment, but the comment to Aeontisty was removed why? the guy literally took everything i felt and dropped it on this page, he poured his heart out in a much better way than I, and i reasonated with him at every chord/sentence i even stopped the speed reading and went back to his first comment to fully digest what has been said, i’m just happy he got to read it before you deleted it…so still trying to understand the motive mate as you are one of the people that i do respect in this forum and that i do learn from, so again what’s up?

              double ps: unlike other people i wouldn’t come back with another avatar to express my thoughts, i’ll just find somewhere else and let bygones be bygones 🙂

              1. The reason your posts were deleted was because I had politely asked for this discussion to end as it was going nowhere.
                I have ended it- and will delete any continuation of discussion about nationality, creed, race or colour. This is a site about Arsenal. Let us talk about Arsenal please…

    1. @Aeontisty

      All players should be criticised, and Iwobi has certainly received his fair share, but I am in agreement with you, as to why this criticism has continued? In the past he was awful, but Iwobi has made huge progress this season, and has done a lot more than the likes of Ozil, for example, in the big games as well. Yet criticising Ozil for this seems to be sacrilege.

      I was up for selling him, but I now class Iwobi as very important squad player. We still need better than him long-term if we’re to reach the next level, but he’s doing very well for us at the moment. Who knows, if he continues his progress, maybe he can nail down a starting spot.

      1. Spot on ThirdManJW, that’s exactly my problem with Sue and Phil both want Ozil never to be criticised but will lift their fingers to come against anyone who as little as praise Iwobi or any other player.

        1. When have I done that?? I’ve never said anything about Iwobi being Nigerian. I have friends from Nigeria.
          I don’t rate Lichtsteiner… have commented about him on here, doesn’t mean I’m against the Swiss!!
          I’m an Arsenal fan, Ozil is one of my favourite players yes… I want what’s best for the team, I want the team to be successful! And if you think whatever I’ve said is bad, you want to check Twitter out, as Iwobi gets absolutely slaughtered on there!! Surely all these people can’t be wrong???

          1. Even if the whole fan base is calling for Iwobi’s head Sue what matters most is putting in a shift to let the coach know he gives his best. Emery himself have seen that and has consistently put him in the first team, what the fans should do is support him and constructively criticize him when he deserves it.

            1. Lets be honest, he didn’t have a very good game V Newcastle… Auba came on for him & look how that turned out! Yes he tries, but his decision making is generally lousy! I’ll always give credit where it’s due, not just to Ozil (before you say it ?) but to any player & if someone has had a poor game, I’ll sound them out too!
              At the end of the day, I just want us to win!!

              1. No problem Sue, I agree we all want the best for the team. BTW Iwobi didn’t have the best of games on Monday too.

    2. you know that Defending people just because they are the same race as you is a form of racism. most people don’t like him because he isn’t good enough in their opinion not because he is nigerian. Lichtsteiner gets slaughtered and he is swiss
      who the hell are you to tell people who they can or cannot talk about ?

      Iwobi is an Arsenal player and deserves respect and CRITICISM just like every other player at the club.

      oh and sancho,gnabry and rashford have better G/A than iwobi, check your facts

      1. Ackshay your problem is you didn’t read to understand rather you just jumped to defend Phil, go through what I wrote maybe you will understand better. Mind you I criticise players constructively when I think they deserve it not because I don’t like the said player. Lichtsteiner was criticised when he had a rough patch, Iwobi has literally been our best player since mid December so I don’t understsnd why he should always be called

        1. @Aeontisty.
          I think that you should all try to be objective in your opinions. I understand that many of us can be hypocrites. My only problem with the likes of you (Being a Nigerian) is that you lose your sense of rationality and objectivity when trying to analyse players of your own country. I keep reading comments everywhere of fans just defending a player because he happens to be if the same ethnic background as them. Some people just go over the top with “Iwobi is so good blah blah”.
          Same goes with the Ozil cultists. They will just label any other player average, blame everything including the kitchen sink for the sake of defending Ozil.

          There are some Albanian Arsenal fans that had started to become Xhaka fan boys, saying “He is the most important player in our midfield etc”. Blah blah.

          I just can’t stand this kind of fanboyism. People just seem to close themselves in a bubble when it comes to their personal favourite player and will be snapping at anyone like a dog trying to protect its favourite toy.

          Iwobi, Ozil or any other player should never be exempted from criticism just because their fanboys / girls demand unjustified praise.

          Players have to earn respect. Can’t just hand it out to them just because they are Nigerian, Martians or Ozil etc.

          1. exactly he is a fanboy criticising other fanboys while he is doing the same thing. Atleast ozil fans have the decency to accept that they defend him because they are his fans.

          2. Goonster I think this the first time am talking about Iwobi on this forum and this is solely because of what Phil said which got me annoyed. I’m Nigerian but my best Arsenal player is Xhaka was previously Jack so I don’t defend a player cause of am of the same nationality with him. my handle on twitter is Aeontisty I criticised every player even the manager when the deserve it and praise them when they deserve it.

        2. trust me i read your comment and i contradicted many of your points thus your only response is a petty ” you didn’t understand my comment “. where the hell did i defend phil ?

          why do some fans overreact in their praise for iwobi which then leads to response of people who do not rate iwobi ? e.g iwobi our best player since december is biased and false, lacazette has been our best player in that period. many players are criticised on this website but only nigerian go for the racism card.

          let’s face it if iwobi had chosen to play for england, you wouldn’t be defending him

          1. Ackshay your problem is you still don’t understand , I never said anything about racism you brought the word since you commented on my post. I lashed out at Phil because he called Nigerian players “mug” and that doesn’t go well with me. I use the same handle on my twitter account all I do most times is support those players fans always take their anger out on ( Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Iwobi, Hector…) so believe me when I say even if Iwobi played for England I would still be defending him. I still stand with what I said Iwobi was one of arsenal most consistent player from mid December to January, even in games we lost like that of Liverpool Iwobi was one of the player who could actually walk off the pitch with his head up.

    3. I’m an African but like many I give the same treatment to all players whether they are African or not.What I can’t stand is when performances of players are overrated and overhyped. Iwobi we all know is average but he starts due to the fact that Arsenal lacks wingers in the first team.If Unai Emery had his own way he wouldn’t start but as I keep saying there’s no point in dilly dallying when we all know he starts due to the fact that we lack wingers.Infact if I had my own way Ozil,Iwobi,Mkhitaryan,Mustafi and the leike would not even be part of this team.Lots of times I see cheap digs and insults thrown about unto some of our players and mind you n=we all know not all insults are direct so when I say insults you know what I mean.It’s a shame but that’s th world we live in.When you constantly play bad people will criticize and even insult you.There’s also a lot of bias among football fans too.Take for example, Henry said he will not leave Arsenal but left when we needed him the most?But how many Arsenal fans hate him?Compare the same to Van Persie who fans claim they hate due to the fact that he left us for Utd and he even gave proper reasons as to why he left.Didn”t Sol Campbell come from Spurs to Arsenal?Did fans not label Mourinho and Chelsea classless when they tried to stop the legend,Petr Cech form coming to Arsenal?If it was the other way round shall we take it?

    4. I’m sick of people claiming Arsenal fans pick on Nigerians, I read it too often on this wonderful site and I am sick of it, sick of people playing a victim card for Nigeria…

      Iwobi is a pathetic player, I lost count of the amount of times Iwobi got the ball and his first touch was to take the ball backwards! That isn’t his skin colour or nation of birth, that is his skill.

      Iwobi disrupted the game on Monday with his persistent back tracking, pass him the ball and Iwobi first touch was generally heavy and knocking the ball backwards. Iwobi has difficulty turning and facing forward before the ball got to him. Not his skin or nation that caused this,, Iwobi skill did.

      You have an opinion that people are racist, I have the opinion that you are racist, you are happy to have a go at white people for speaking their honest opinion and not even bring in the colour of a human beings skin.
      You moaned about Jon and I have moaned about him many times, he is a decent human being who doesn’t judge people on appearance, he judges people by their actions.

      1. midkemma. What a fine post putting this immature young man Aeontisty in his place. Please read my post just below. I would welcome your comments when you have a moment.

        1. Mr Jon you actually replied because you felt someone supported you after I called you out, that shows how little minded you are. People replied my post without having a dig at all but the self acclaimed “oldest and knowledgeable fan” on this forum called someone “immature” becuse he was called out for his reply to a post on April 2nd, well I don’t know why I expected better from an old silly man like you.
          Am still yet to see anyone talk about Phil calling Nigerian players “mug”.

    5. Aeontisty, Have you ever asked yourself exactly WHY so many folk on here, including some of his countrymen, criticise Iwobi. I wonder , I REALLY wonder if you have asked yourself exactly that question? Do you think they are all down on Nigerians perhaps? Or young 23 year old Nigerians? All Africans? You see where this is going, I TRUST! If you think they are racists, then why not be a man and say so? I don’t believe thatyou have actually thought deeply about the reason AT ALL. I believe you have a natural bias towards your own countryman and falsely insinuate or at least vaguely suggest – I put it no firmer than that – that those good folks may have a sinister reason for not rating him. Let us discuss the “likelihood” of any of your “vague suggestions” of prejudice actually holding water. IF any of the folk you list, (which includes me , who has spent a lifetime actively fiighting prejudice , including racism and much similar nonsense , both at Parliamentary lobbying level and at street level, actively and physically present and involved) are racist , don”t you think others would by now have also said so? Don’t you? Honestly now?

      I suggest the actual truth is that you are a young, not especially deep thinking and rather naive human being, even though a well meaning and basically decent one. And that your lack of life experience has caused you to resent the honestly, if forcefully expressed, opinions of othrs who have a fundamentally different opinion from yours. And in a democracy, which your own country sadly for most of its citizens, is NOT, DEMOCRACY IS ALIEN TO ITS RULERS. Were I in your place, I would be FAR more concerned ABOUT THAT TRAGIC FACT and I would hopefully be brave enough to stand up and be counted in fighting for true freedom. NIGERIA HAS NOT BEEN A COUNTRY WHERE TOTAL FREEDOM TO EXPRESS MANY DIFFERENT OPINIONS ON LIFE MATTERS HAS BEEN WELCOMED. Has it!!!

      1. I simply don’t understand why some of you can’t read to understand, Mr Jon I didn’t call anyone a racist neither did I mention it all.

      2. Honestly I don’t understand you, we are talking about football what has my country’s “democracy” have to do with the post I made? They way you lot deviate from the point being talked about is really bad especially you Mr Jon and you always do it to make your self superior which is all honesty ain’t working someone here pointed it out you still haven’t taken correction.
        I would still like to remind you I didn’t call anyone a “racist” neither did I use the word “racism”, I only lashed out at Mr Phil for something he said about the players in my national team and then mentioned you( Mr Jon) and Mrs Sue(we sorted ourselves out) over remarks you guys made. So I don’t understand why all the “racist” issue, only ThirdManJW and Joe71 have actually understood my post the rest are all trying to play “Iwobi country man fan boy” card which ain’t true at all.
        What am saying today goes for every player they should be constructively criticised when it’s due and not single them out whether the played well or not. Musti and Iwobi were neither poor nor that fantastic on Monday but people choose to bash them for no reason.

        1. ???
          You won’t achieve anything flogging a dead horse or trying to fill a cup that is already full.
          I see a lot of posts here from time to time that are blatantly outrageous and inconsistent, and I realize that the posters sometimes only do that to incite needless blind arguments and hot temper. What I do is just skip and passover, pretending I never saw them in the first place, and I suggest you do the same, though I’m not saying you shouldn’t speak up about something you think isn’t right(your name is new to me here).
          I am with you completely as well as others; let’s not overflog this issue. All the best for the best football club in England Arsenal.

    6. The irony is that Iwobi has been far better and more instrumental to our season than Ozil.
      Almost all our attack this season come from his combo with Kolasinac on the left.

  5. i wish i wud go and rally these players and tell them that lets play every game from now like a north London derby and we wont lose any points, and top 3 will be ours
    unfortunately i have no way

  6. Here comes my prediction: EVE 1 – 3 ARS.
    Iwobi has really improved to be honest. Gunners till death

  7. “We could actually be back in fifth place come Sunday if Tottenham beat Crystal Palace, Chelsea beat Brighton and Man Utd collect all three points against Wolves.”

    When was this written? Did Pat just post it late? 😛

    “Man Utd collect all three points against Wolves.”

    No worries about that, Wolves did us a favour and beat them 2-1 🙂

  8. Off topic:is really too late for ramsey at arsenal?has he already signed a contract with Juventus?what if there was a change of hearts firom both ramsey & arsenal,is there anything that could be done?I know I,m gonna slatted but hypothetically??serious question.

    1. Let me help you with this then Tissiam. Even if Ramsey only made a verbal agreement with Juventus which is not confirmed fully, and Emery now wants him, are we ready to pay him £400k a week? that is never going to happen, and no way is ramsey now going to accept half the money he was offered at Arsenal.
      To casts our minds back, Ramsey had already agreed 200k a week with the Arsenal board earlier in the season. But when this deal fell on Emery’s table he rejected it for 3 reasons. 1) on the pitch, Ramsey was struggling at the time as he was recovering from injury 2) Emery was upset with Ramsey for not fulfilling his role as a central midfielder because at the time he was not defending enough (a similar problem to the one he had with Ozil) 3) Emery thought if i then sell Ramsey in January, Arsenal will be able to buy the player they need, and get Ramsey’s wage demands off our wage bill.
      Of course all this was a miscalcualtion, and the mistake was Emery’s, not Ramsey or the board’s. Emery is a very good coach but he dropped the ball on that one.

      1. Thanks for answering my question!but stil it seems to me that emery has realised how important he has been to the team lately,ramsey has responded well to the manager,apart from his age,I don,t know how much rambo would agree as a wage but wouldn,t it be cheaper to keep him?the guys knows,loves the club,the preiet4er league he,d be up and running straight up,unless the manager wants a younger,more energetic(if that,,s possible)but I agree with you someone’s dropoed the ball on this one but who??

        1. Ramsey have been very good lately!

          But still believe Torreira and Xhaka is proffered first choice and Guendouzi only getting better…

          Considering Ramsey’s form over last couple of season and injuries – I believe it’s right not to pay foolish wages! Have in mind that maybe Smith Rowe emerging has something to do with this decision as well?

          We need to move on….and trust Emery to get the players in to improve our team.

          1. SuperClaes, so do you think that Ramsey’s form “over the last couple of seasons” had anything to do with Juve, among many clubs rumoured to be interested, wanting him?

            Why was he offered a new contract if he wasn’t in UE’s plans to begin with?

            Why has UE been so glowing in his views of the player he has given the captains armband to and yet the club have let go for nothing?

            When and if UE is given the money to buy someone of his class, what do you think he will cost and what do you think his salary demands will be?

            How do we know that Smith-Rowe will make the grade and if he doesn’t, what a spectacular own goal we have made?

            We need to move on with UE, but by ignoring the mistakes that the club is still making doesn’t help him/ us the fans/the club itself and the Aaron Ramsey debacle must rate as one of the biggest one in the clubs history.

            1. We are in transition thus changes of minds will happen along the way! UE may have assessed type of player and salary and concluded that we are better off going in a different direction…UE has my support after what he has done in last few months – never expected us to even challenge for top 4 come last few games of the season.

              We have made big mistakes but actually rate decision not to sell Sanchez for 60 million the bigger one…and taken due to naivety and being afraid of fans reaction once clear they couldn’t bring in a replacement! The weakness shown by Wenger/Gazidis was unforgettable!

              No we don’t know if Smith Rowe will make it but for one – I am proud supporting a club which really makes a go of promoting home grown players!

              We will always make mistakes and as long as we are not afraid of trying and learn from them we will grow stronger!

              Victoria concordia crescit

  9. Just like any other games in the premier league, our match against Everton this weekend will be a tough one .But Arsenal is on a roll, and now no team can stop us .Not Everton, not wolves nor Napoli .Also. April is always a month that we flourish so no shaking. If Everton chooses to attack us, all the better. And if they choose to defend, fine Arsenal will still beat them. Our players like Socrates, AMN, Ozil, Laka etc. are all on fire, the confidence is very high. My prediction is Everton 1-Arsenal 4. COYG.

  10. I sincerely hope Kocielney is fit for the Everton game and replaces Mustafi who is an accident waiting to happen.Neither Mustafi nor Socratis have the pace,aerial power or composure needed at the highest level hence as evidenced by our woeful away record and high number of goals conceded.We will come under a severe aerial bombardment from Everton and even more so from Watford and this is the particular area where we just do not measure up to the other sides in the top six. This is why I cannot understand why young Mavroponas has not been given an opportunity to play this season as he and Holding are both excellent in the air.

    1. Grandad, As well as being “an accident waiting to happen” Mustafi has very often also been “an accident that HAS happened”. That last phrase also descibes his ridiculous purchase by Wenger, a man who must surely hold the award for ” the most dreadful CB s brought to one club over a twenty two year period”. Starting with Senderos, Schillachi, Cygan, Djourou, Silvestre, Stepanovs, and so on and painfully so on ad infinitum, until Senderos’s brother “Ponderous,” aka Mustafi, arrived one fateful and chilling day. And we threw £35 million down the drain!

      1. Jon, yet with all these dreadful buys, we still managed twenty top four spots, twenty CL places, seven fa cup wins and missed the twenty one spot by just one point during the twenty two year period you so easily brush off with the casual stroke of your pen.

        I can only surmise that, following your dismissal of his cb buys, you have complete and utter respect for his ability to produce the above results whilst being hindered by these dreadful buys?

        You also forgot to mention in your “painful ad infinitum” Sol, Kos, Kolo, Holding, Gabriel, Chambers and Mertesacker.

        The lack of respect for Arsene Wenger continues unfortunately and, by being selective with names and not looking at the complete picture (success and failure), this false picture will continue to be regurgitated with pointless regularity.

  11. I really like Iwobi. He tries hard and is full of heart but is not the most gifted player, a little like one of my old favourites, the Romford Pele. They both make up for their lack of skill with very hard work for which Iwobi cannot be faulted. I’ve said it before that Iwobi has the first touch of a trampoline and others have mentioned his first touch in this thread. Once he gets better at that and gets his shooting and passing on target then he may be beyond criticism. Regarding Ozil, both him and Iwobi were subbed off on Monday, one player because he was knackered after covering most of the pitch and the other because he was ineffective. You know which is which!

  12. 16 points from our last 7 games should see us finish 3rd, or at least 4th.

    Very little margin for error. Win 5, draw 1. Exciting times with our destiny in our own hands 😀

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