Now it’s time for Arsenal to make a real statement – How about Erling Haaland?


by Vuyo Mataka

Time to remind the big clubs that Arsenal is back

Arsenal is on a good run after a terrible start. 9 games unbeaten, with good results against Leicester and Aston Villa. Arsenal do look like a force but deep down we know that they are not title contenders. With a tough November, results will most likely not go our way. The main reason that we will struggle this month is because we lack quality. Management has done well with rebuilding the team but now is the time they need to make a statement.

The club is on an upward trajectory, but I see the club plateauing in the near future. Arsenal’s new spine looks formidable, the players performing well but it is not enough for the club to win the league. In some positions we need to improve on the players we have. If we start from the back, centre back is a position we should be looking at. The Gabriel-White partnership is an iron-like force that cannot be beat, but the players challenging for the same position are not so striking. Arsenal need more quality that can be good replacements and challenge as well. William Saliba is having great success in France, hopefully, his performances translate to success in England. Daniel Ballard is doing well in Millwall he may return to the Emirates and become a success.

Midfield is another area that needs improvement. Lokonga and Partey are doing well together but in my opinion, Lokonga is a replacement for Partey. Xhaka has done well this season before going down, but he has a mistake in him and that has cost us more times than we can remember.

A player that we can look at is Bruno Guimarães, a promising midfielder in France that Arsenal have been admiring for a while that would be a perfect fit. For a backup, we could look at an experienced midfielder as a replacement, or look within the academy for an understudy or maybe look at Maitland-Niles who deserves a chance.

Left wing is the penultimate position we will look at. I feel as if Arteta is not sure of his wingers. Saka is doing great on the right but there is no solid starter on the left. Smith-Rowe is effective on the left, but the club need a pure winger that is a goal threat. Raheem Sterling is the best man for the part. He is a winner, great experience and 26 years old. He could contribute goals, which is something our wingers are not known for.

The last position, and most important, is a striker. This is the position where Arsenal make a statement. With our aging stars on top, Arsenal need to fine a spectacular striker that can be at the point at out new deadly offence.

The only name that I want to mention is Erling Haaland. If you are amused by the mentioning of his name shows that you do not see Arsenal as real title contenders. This signing is more of a symbol than anything else. He is a great talent that is being admired by every club in Europe. His signing would show the rest of the big clubs that The Arsenal are a serious threat that should not be taken lightly.

He might guarantee us silverware, but it shows the possibility of major trophies. Arsenal have done well to rebuild the squad but now it is time to bring in the jewels for the crown so that we may be crowned champions of England once again

Vuyo Mataka


        1. 9 we need a world class striker he fits the bill can’t see Arsenal spending the that sort of money on one player

          1. We spent 50 on Ben white just this summer, if he was willing to join us the club would surely find a way to sign him

        2. A release clause is just a “reserve price” Arg – if it is triggered then an auction starts and the big guns step in. And financially, regardless of what fans may wish for, we aren’t in that ballpark.
          Plus, of course we need to factor in humungous wages and the sad fact that Haaland may not actually want to join Arsenal!

      1. Arteta does not have that Wenger kind of pull for attracting top players ,maybe over time if he starts to resemble a top manager who starts to play attractive football and stops making excuses for his own failings then maybe just maybe one day he might get that kind of pull,until then Arsenal will have to settle for YOUNG up starts with abit of promise ,the day of getting these types are players have long gone for us .

        1. Sometimes back I had to hate arteta but for now I can trust the process.i think we need some players like madson in our ten role

          1. Tpu know I actually believe Holland would want to join us and play with his friend Ode, he will also want other things like champions league football, so let’s focus on getting into the top 4 before we get carried away.

        2. I believe wenger also signed upstarts with promise at the start of his arsenal career not many people had heard of wenger .Monaco and some club in Japan that was is cv he might have won the league in France that was it but David Dean took a chance just like taking a chance with Arteta now.

        1. Forget Maddison. Get TIELEMANS. He’s twice player Maddison is and in my opinion best CM in the Premier League at the moment.

          – never injured
          – at his prime
          – scores goals
          – creates chances
          – tough tackler
          – contract running down 2023

          He was fantastic against us despite them losing 0-2.

  1. If Kane can’t be bought with 100 M, Haaland would likely cost more than 150 M. It might only happen if Qatar royal family buy Arsenal

    Dreaming is okay, but let’s be realistic. There are surely other highly-talented CFs in the market and we haven’t even tried Mika Biereth/ Khayon Edwards in EPL yet

    1. nope, Haaland has a release clause that kicks in next summer for about £60-65 million, so will be an absolute bargain for whoever signs him

  2. not likely to ever happen imo but if we were serious and he wanted to play with MO8 then thats the only reason i can see him coming here

    He can go anywhere and win titles

  3. To some this may sound crazy but I forecasted last year that if we landed Odegaard we can then get Haarland. Two reasons, one, Haarland is Odegaards best friend and wants to play with him. Two, Haarlands fee estimated now at up to £180 mill plus will be reduce by next summer to £65 mill. All falling into place nicely?

  4. Ya’ll will just wake up one day and decide to set up yourselves for disappointment with your lame expectations when ya’ll know the owner we have and the fact that our club isn’t among the top elites club for the past 5 years

    1. I still don’t get this owners criticism, you mean the same owner that has spent over 250million on signings since Arteta became our coach?

      1. No doubt, but you’re not gonna tell me you see Kroenke sanctiong a deal worth over 100M for one player are you?
        Raul got sacked because he spent 72M on Pepe.
        Tell me Kroenke will allow more than that to be spent on another single player

  5. Yes! How about him. But I think you are dreaming a wish list and not looking at practical realities of where Arsenal are currently at now and how far they are willing to invest in becoming seriously competitive rather than talking the talk.

  6. will personally prefer either Vlahovic or Victor Osimhen as Haaland comes from Dortmund who is notorious for making players look better than they are .There is also his agents and they drama that comes with Haaland /

  7. Doesn’t matter who we buy because most football games are decided by three factors.
    1. The quality of the opposition
    2. Luck.
    3. Defender errors.
    Brentford loss down to injuries and Covid.
    Chelsea and City losses to much better teams.
    Norwich + Burnley wins v useless teams.
    Spurs being Spursy.
    Brighton + Palace 2nd best lucky draws.
    Villa 3 very lucky goals.
    Leicester. Defender passes the ball directly to ESR on a plate. Ramsdale had a worldly.
    Arteta claimed last season we had bad luck and bad decisions. I think he was right.
    This season we have had a lot more good luck and good decisions.
    Not playing in Europe is a big plus.
    Very soft Carabao cup opponents.
    May the lucky run continue.
    And no the harder we practice will not improve our luck.

    1. Must be very tough for you being an Arsenal fan mate, because definitely, the energy it requires to keep up with this constant bias against the boys and manager requires enough work.

    2. Fortunately all game wins irrespective of whatever team fall in one of those your categories. This is a human world guys

  8. My friend told me that arsenal fans are delusional, that we don’t know how much our club has fallen behind, I thought it was just banter but reading this article makes me realise he has a point. I mean one has to be high to even dream of Haaland coming to arsenal. Maybe we are really delusional.

    1. Hate to say it but we have been falling for over a decade, I have come to except it like the fans of midd table clubs if we can get in to EL it’s a big thing

      we should try a new psychological tactic by praising the Kroenke’s for spending big on players lately make them feel loved and they just might buy us a gift in the name of Haaland 😜

  9. Arsenal need buy next hazard I mean Manor Solomon from shakater donestik an you good strikers and hossem aoura.

  10. hahaha it’s funny how people like to toss big name players around ,we may fail to attract top name players but the good thing is we’re buying the right kind of players at the moment mind you the so called haalands the Maguires the Madison’s weren’t valued at that much the ESR & the Sakas will get there in time. I ges the point is that Liverpool currently is a formidable side but in all that period I dnt remember a big name signing only a couple Southampton players who are now recognised as top class players although they already where depending on who was looking & ges wat they didn’t need that much convincing to sign

  11. Agree with the article although I would like to add Madison to the list. I think Ode is not very effective and ESR will need a break sometimes. Madison would be a great choice. He could also play alongside ESR.

  12. If Arsenal can maintain their current form into mid ~ December, Arteta needs to bring in Dusan Vlahovic (st)and Christopher Nkunku(cam) in the January transfer window .That would surely be a statement of intent, and would be cheaper as well as more realistic chance than bringing in Haaland. Arsenal must also, sell Kolasinac, Elneny, Mavropanos, Lacazette and Nketiah to fund the deals. Arsenal must show ambition in the January transfer window and make a statement of intent.

  13. While Haaland is a dream signing for any top club, the questions are his affordability and willingness to join. It would surely be a statement of intent by the club that secures his signing. However, in reality, there are more viable alternatives that can be perused,as,Arsenal definitely needs to strengthen it’s goal scoring options . Arsenal can therefore make a statement of intent by signing Dusan Vlahovic (prolific striker) and Christopher Nkunku (creative attacking midfielder) that scores goals and provides assist.

  14. Vuyo cannot have been an Arsenal fan for long OR he would know that under Kroenke we have zero chance of getting Haaland .
    In fact, given our currentPrem standing, even if we had a great owner(which we do not) our chances would still be zero.

    Gooners all know this , which is why I question whether this articles writer is actually a GOONER at all. And even if he is, then for how long. Days? Weeks? Months? It cannot be years, thats for sure.

  15. Aaa , welldone members. I propose that Arteta should sell some arsenal players to bring either Harland or any other world class striker & a creative midifielder

  16. Just one question, if Haaland was given the choice would he choose us or Bayern or, for that matter, Man City?

    Just being realistic!!

  17. Haaland is a very good modern day striker but I don’t think we need him but his money could help us in many aspect, such as Solomon manor, Aouar and a young very hardworking striker in the mode of ( young Souares) I would have prefer borrusia moncheglabia striker( plea) but let’s leave all these to Arteta and Edu…. They know what the club need and lack …..

  18. Haaland in Arsenal, 🙄 the chances of that happening, quite slim, but I think Arsenal would try sign
    Luka Jovic( loan), Salmon Manor or Sterling(loan), Bruno Guimarães.

    Odegaard is slow and lacks stamina but has an eye for passes, for him to replace Smith-Rowe conveniently, he’ll require fast players around him, the more reason I suspect Arteta would try sign the above players,

  19. His next move will be decided entirely by him and his advisers. At the price of his release literally any club would sign him if they could knowing that with his current ability and record he’d be a guaranteed starter and that his resale value would be astronomical. So the question is what will he want from his next move? Does he feel ready to join one of the elite, or does her want to continue developing before that step? My personal feeling is that he’ll go to Real Madrid, but with no insider knowledge that’s just a guess. If he choses the latter we may just have the slightest of chances of signing him if we continue to push on this season, and having odegaard at the club certainly wouldn’t hurt. He did visit the club and the training ground before he signed for Dortmund, so he obviously considered us as a viable option at that time.

  20. I think once Gabriel Martinelli build a bit more body strength and more play time he could very well be a top striker, his fast and sharp and his hungry 😋

    1. Like it or not, GM is a flop under Arteta. Never seen him play well with Arteta in charge. Honestly, had Arteta replaced Wenger directly, we would probably not even notice GM.

      1. Martinelli remains a great prospect for Arsenal, at 20 he is too young to be deemed a “flop” in my opinion

        To be honest I’m not sure what you are saying here Gunners4life?, the implication is that he only played well for Emery?, his Arsenal career under Emery was EFL Cup and Europa League and he set those games alight for sure but his full League debut was under Freddie when he scored his first League goal as we beat West Ham, his second and third came under Arteta his third being that run from his own half against Chelsea away and he had a few good games during the remainder of that season from memory

        Unfortunately he sustained a bad injury and had to have an operation the following summer, I believe recovery from that is what has held him back from relaunching his Arsenal career so far but I think he will, hopefully under Arteta but he has time on his side for sure

        He may well get his chances during AFCON this season whilst Auba and Pepe are away but Arteta has other options in those positions

    2. Newly enrolled member here, so hello everyone. Firstly, the idea of us getting Haaland is laudable but ultimately laughable. Unfortunately we are competing against some of the world’s richest, who can offer elite payment and the chance to win the elite competitions which unfortunately we cannot match at the moment (although things can change).
      I agree with Tas tho, that if we can build up Martinelli into a stronger athlete his natural finishing ability will see him progress into a world class striker. I hate seeing him being wasted wide (although a plethora of managers seem to do this with a slightly second choice centre-forward,it makes no sense to me). The few minutes he manages to nick here and there up front are not enough to judge him on….give Auba the responsibility of teaching him all he can in training, give him a run of games and watch the boy flourish. Then we can save ourselves 60 odd million quid and the heartache of watching the big lad choose a richer club. Sorted!

  21. But he started as an unknown player b4 he become like who he is now so he can go anywhere.Let Ordegaad play his roll of convincing him well and we shall see the REAL HARLAAND here in Emirate stadium. come next season.

  22. The current policy is bearing fruit, so why try to assemble Galacticos? We seem to have developed an outstanding scouting network, let’s keep growing organically with relatively unknown, reasonably priced youngsters for now. Give it another season and see where we still have holes before we waste our whole budget on one player. It’s so much more satisfying developing them yourselves.

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