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Now let’s look at Arsenal’s third signing – Sokratis (plus video)


Just as we confirmed the signing of veteran defender Stephan Lichtsteiner on a free transfer, another addition to our defense was made public by the player’s father on Greek Radio Radio 24/7. On the 5th of June 2018, Sokratis’ father revealed news on his son’s transfer to Arsenal saying: “There was interest from United but he had to wait until July for them,”

“United have a very good relationship with Dortmund, the teams talked but Sokratis chose to go to Arsenal.

“Arsenal had talked two years ago but I don’t know why he didn’t sign.

“He is going to a higher level, the world’s most competitive league and I believe he will do very well.

“Sokratis is in his last year at Dortmund. This was a major reason [for completing the move].

“He is happy, he is in England at the moment, and tomorrow [Tuesday] he will be doing what he has to do, the typical things, everything will go well, he is happy, he is changing.”

Although no official confirmation has been received, we can be optimistic (if not enthusiastic) about his arrival. The fact that he rejected Manchester United for makes me like him already.
Although he may not be a 90m signing but what you can undoubtedly get from this guy is absolute and consistent commitment. Kind of what we were lacking, maybe?

At 30 years of age, this guy comes with experience and a proven ability at top level. Robust in challenges, doesn’t get toppled over easily, has the pace to get past players as well and chips in with goals every season. He will not eat up a huge part of our wage/transfer bill and also provide reinforcement to our rearguard.

Here is a short clip highlighting his performances during his time at Dortmund.

Official confirmation is expected within the next 24 hours. It seems like its going to be a busy transfer window for us.

Will his transfer raise competition for CB places and bring experience to our defense? Or will he be just another Mustafi?

33 thoughts on “Now let’s look at Arsenal’s third signing – Sokratis (plus video)

  1. Lino

    I hope we will be able to compete this season. The other teams will only get stronger and will look to recruit even more good players with their bigger budgets. I guess we will have to wait till the start of the season.


    The number one priority for the coach should be to remove the weak mentality we’ve showed against the bigger teams . No more losing 8-2, 5-1 etc.

  3. igwe

    For sure he is a quality centre back, but I will still repeat myself on this forum, if Arsenal don’t get a very good physically imposed defensive mid~fielder, the team will continue to ship in more goals. Get a proper defensive mid~fielder and get the best out of the team

    1. Ray

      Completely agree igwe!

      We need Viera and Petit back again. Both of them were willing to go forward and attack as well as defend together. The understand between them was immense! When one moving the other was aware and made decisions to attack or defend in a blink!

      Sorry, but Xhaka is not even at the same level! He could be though with the right partner? Time will tell.

      We need to stop leaking goals and the confidence will return. Of that i am sure!

      It all just got a little stale under Wenger but, maybe Emery can bring it all back!?


        What exactly is Xhaka good at ? He can’t hold on the the ball, he can’t run fast, just shoot into the crowd every other game. I really don’t see anything he can offer us.

        1. Ray

          I’m hoping Xhaka was simply miss-played under Wenger and will improve under a new manager? Again, partnered with the right person (NOT Fellani please god!) he could improve and turn it round but only time will tell. I would give him 1 more season to impress.

            1. Ozziegunner

              Arsenal have not had a proper strong physical DM since Gilberto Silva. This situation must be rectified by the trinity (Unai, Sven and Raul) by the end of this transfer window.

    2. Enagic

      You don’t have to be big and imposing DM football has something to do with brain- Marcos senna was not big and imposing but was very very good DM and Iam still searching for words to explain what kind of good player he was very balanced DM

      1. Ozziegunner

        Enagic, the reason a strong physical new DM is preferred, is that Arsenal across the team has a lack of height and physicality and in the past our players have been bullied off the ball.

    1. Sheet Head

      Soyuncu is young. It seems the management is working with a plan of bringing experienced and mentally strong players but for a short period with skilled younger ones for the long term. Three seasons from now, Nacho, Listchner, Sokratis, will all be done or just squad players. Their replacements, Holding, Mavropo..(sp), Soyuncu, Chambers, Bellerin etc need to be learning from them from now

    1. Declan

      No it’s not Sue and the headline says it’s our third signing. So who was our second signing? This site said Adli a couple of days ago but that hasn’t happened yet either!

      1. Ozziegunner

        Sue and Declan, unfortunately we have all been disappointed in the past; therefore Lichtsteiner is the only confirmed acquisition although by all accounts Adli and Socrates should be confirmed shortly.

      2. Harish

        Heard Adli is a done deal. Just that he has to turn 18 to make the announcement which he does in July.

  4. barryglik

    Socritis for 16 mill.
    Next is to sell Mustafi for 25 mill
    and buy the Turkish CB.
    Sell Wellbeck 20m(if he scores a goal in Russia)
    Jenkinson 7m Perez 7m.
    I think we will sell Ozil for 30 mill to man U.
    Leaves us with 118 mill for a
    GK 25 DM 25 and 3 play makers 23 mill each.
    Its quite easy really.

    1. tas

      Man-U wont buy Ozil he has some kind of a problem weather its mental or physical but its there Ozil will stay why ells would he invest heavenly in London

    2. muha Anko Anko

      I like how naive you sound..
      Arsenal will NOT sell Ozil. jenkinson contract is expiring..
      but it’s good to dream

    3. Alex

      Get a GK at 25 mil? Not possible given the market now. Real life market not in game dude.

  5. CorporateMan

    His father said he would sign on Tuesday, 5th. It’s Thursday! I hope it’s not another Higuain case!

  6. jon fox

    He is a real titch by CB standards. This is bound to be a real handicap at corners, crosses into our box.

  7. Diana

    I want us to officially announce. Not impressed by these “near complete” rumours. Had hoped they would announce today and give the away kit a run. Anyway, we can only be optimistic. If the two(Sokratis and Adli are done), it sends a message and i believe a few players we are targeting may see there is a shift at the club. Just hoping the Ramsey contract talks dont eat into the already small transfer kitty, so we can bring our DM.

    Anyone worried like me that NONE of our players have been “rumoured” to be on the move??

    1. Abel

      Our players played poorly and are not top of any club’s wish list. Be patient, they will come knocking when they’ve missed out on their top 3 targets in each position our players play.

  8. DDK3

    With Koscielny out long term, this transfer makes sense, as we need experience at the back. We need to decide whether we are going to stick or twist as far as Chambers is concerned. Maybe allocate him Europa like we do with Ospina, if he doesn’t pull through then goodbye. Same thing with Holding.

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