Now Real Madrid decide not to sell Arsenal’s top strike target

What is turning out to be the longest running saga of the summer so far, Arsenal fans are beginning to feel sick of hearing about our potential interest in Álvaro Morata. It’s got to the stage where we have to question if Arsenal are really interested at all, but given that Arsene Wenger’s options are limited, I think he will definitely be on the watch list.

Latest developments suggest however that Real Madrid have decided to go against their business plan on scooping in on a major profit by reselling Morata and have instead chosen to keep Morata as a secondary option to Benzema.

Madrid exercised their buy back clause in Morata’s Juventus contract, in order to resell the Spanish international on again this summer. After an impressive Euro 2016 campaign, where he led the line for Spain, Morata gained the attention of many potential suitors. Madrid were expected to ask for around £50 million plus for the Spaniard, which would be an expected £25 million profit.

But with Real Madrid being a bit weak (not quite as weak as Arsenal though) in strong secondary striker options after Benzema, it seems that Real Madrid officials have since gone against their decision to sell Morata this summer.

Chelsea had reportedly had a bid rejected earlier in the week and it now seems as if Arsenal have been dealt yet another blow in their attempts to find a new striker this summer. After previously failing to sign Jamie Vardy, Arsenal have since missed out on Lacazette, Janssen (who looks likely to join Spurs) and now Morata. The targets are falling away Wenger, you need to make your move soon!



  1. Can we stop giving Morata air time!! Please! I’m much more interested tonight in the strength and power of si solo and the fact kos just fell badly, that could be an injury for pre season and beyond even if he is playing on.

  2. great play portugal…Giroud better than gignac..Coman was just a bloody waste tonight, kid needs to mature. it was a well fought winning. This character is what Arsenal need to be champion, fight till the end. Ronaldooooo!! haha boy done get what Messi retired for…sorry Giroud,Kos,Ozil, Ramsey..come back home after your holidays..we love ya’ll no matter what.. now please can wenger sweep all these aside and focus on getting the players we need??

  3. What makes you think Giroud is better than Gignac.Did you watch the match.They are both in the same class but yes of course any day I will take Gignac over him.So stop blabbering like he’s gonna take us anywhere.

    1. Why am i not surprised? That’s what you deserve for having giroud as your main cf, my prediction for them to lose even before the tournament started came true.

    2. Am convinced more and more everyday that this forum is overun by trolls.. greizman got the best chance of the match and fluffed it and yet giroud is the one who have to bare the brunt of the criticism for France’s defeat.

      1. It’s not about Griezmann this is about Giroud proving us right once again that he’s not a top level striker,he put in an awful performance that’s why he was subbed and mind you he did have a chance that he fired straight at the keeper!

        1. He had a great tournament. Funny the commentator strongly disagrees with you. You know the guy that plays in a professional league.

  4. So the Leicester of Europe
    win Euro 2016 🙂
    Mind you Denmark and Greece
    won this trophy in recent years.
    Ronaldo less Portugal beat
    star studded France.
    Time for a round of French bashing
    and demands to sign the whole Portugese team 🙂
    Who needs Griezmann Pogba Payet etc etc.
    when ex Swansea man Eder fires in:)
    Quick raid Swansea now of all their talent.
    Arsene nearly signed Eder 🙂
    Remember I said back 2 seasons ago
    we should get Cavalho Pepe Eder…
    Well no I didn’t but …Lol.
    Kos sucks so must be fired now.
    replace him with Cavalho and Pepe and…..
    Giroud is useless on the big stage so we
    must use Asano+ Walcott. the dynamic duo 🙂
    Oh yes and of course I had a hundred on Portugal etc etc etc.
    Seriously tho well done Portugal.
    Well done Kos and Olivier they did Arsenal proud.
    Any way back to the main programme the EPL.

  5. Giroud’s limitations surface once again in a big game…Mr Wenger accept the reality and buy a bloody WC striker!!!!

  6. France was really poor tonight. Martial should have played from the start. Koscielny MOTM for France in my opinion.

    1. For France Sissoko was the best player the Arsenal bias needs to stop,the next thing some Arsenal fans will defend Giroud yet we all know he’s awful that’s why we need a new striker who’ll score more than 16 goals in the league

      1. Fonte and Sissoko would bolster Arsenal in defence and midfield. It would bring a lot of power.

        Sissoko was definitely the best player for France.

  7. Fonte really fixed that Portuguese defense in the knockout stage coming in for Carvalho. We should sign him and take advantage of Southamptons situation, they just sold their main striker to a Chinese club.

    I would take Fonte and Sissoko right now, surely they can’t be that expensive. I said the same thing last season about these players.

    Then get a decent striker, forget about WC striker, Wenger wont spend that much.

    1. You obviously didn’t watch Sissoko last season at Newcastle! The player on the pitch last night wasn’t the same bloke you turned out for Newcastle.

      Yes he had a great game against Portugal, but one great game in 50 isn’t enough. It always makes me laugh when people want to sign players on the back of one good game!

  8. If Wenger doesn’t buy a striker and doesn’t sell Walcott, it’s 4th place confirmed for me for next season.

  9. English! simple English! i said he’s better but didnt say he would take us to places..and you know what? yes he’ll take us to places if we get another striker to partner him, this euro has shown that with his partnership with tired of we all talking bout him like he’s the worst player we’ve had, we’ve had Chamakh,Bendtner,Gervinho and a few others. Giroud might not be on suarez’s level but he’s great at what he does. we’ll get the best out of him when we get a striker to partner him up front, he’s got slick one touch passes,interchanges, watch the euro from starting, Giroud playing with Griezmann up front was important. maybe we should just cut him some slack! i dont blame him, i blame our coach who refused to get someone reliable to support him and take his place when he burns out. lets try something new this season, Giroud will be a part of that this season like it or not

    1. I think Arsenal fans never ever learn.Giroud is a player that even if we played Messi,Ronaldo,Pele,Maradona,Henry,Vieri,Inzaghi and all the the other greatest strikers to play with and compliment bla bla bla he’d still be average.Can’t we just wake up.It’s so annoying that people continue to rate.He’s not Arsenal’s worst ever player but he’s one of Arsenal’s worst ever strikers in terms of finishing and note I only considered finishing.What’s all this why can’t people see him for the average player he is along with other several Arsenal players who are average.Why do we compromise on the truth but hope for the better.It’s like sticking your hand in ice then putting it in fire and expect not to get burned but feel ok.

  10. Giroud is a big waste. But you know who is a bigger waste that joke of a manager Deschamps . How the hell didn’t he play martial. How come pogba is playing so deep.

    anyways happy for Portugal and co

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