Now that Emery has been sacked – can the players please play with some heart again?

Now that Emery has been sacked, can the real players please turn up now! by Lagos Gooner

Unai Emery has been sacked by Arsenal, we are grateful for that; but now that we have gotten this done and dusted with, can the players now stand up and be counted please?

Many fans around the world never allowed the owners of Arsenal to enjoy any peace until Emery was sacked. The powers we fan possess, is so unbelievable. The stands were virtually empty during Thurday’s Europa league game. The fans staying away from the stands was a way of telling the club to act or forget about fans buying tickets and coming to watch Arsenal at the Emirates.

So much pressure was placed on Emery but little pressure was exerted on the playing staff at Arsenal. We need to realize that the footballers also should be blamed for not playing with their hearts whenever being called upon, which is basically why Emery has been sacked.

I will keep saying this; the players let Emery and the fans down on several occasions. Games that could have been won with just a little effort, but were lost just because the players could not dig deep enough to find the mental strength to finish off games.

Our next game is against Norwich and this is the first post-Emery game. Emery won’t be at the sidelines, Freddie Ljungberg will. This game can’t come too soon for Ljungberg and the Arsenal players. They need to approach this game with a different mindset than what they have been inculcated with by the last coach. I see no reason why they can’t come out all smoking hot and remain so till the end of the game against Norwich today. Playing Norwich at their home won’t be an easy game but it a very winnable game and I expect the players to win.

Meanwhile, the Arsenal board should do everything to get a good coach as soon as possible, as I am not of the opinion that Ljungberg should be allowed to remain as interim coach for more than three games, max.

Hurray gooners! Time to start celebrating a new dawn now that Emery has been sacked. Can somebody predict how our game against Norwich will end today? I predict Arsenal by 2-0 today, what about you?

Sylvester Kwentua (Lagos Gooner)

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  1. I hope with a change of manager the players will put some effort into winning this game! Not just for Freddie but for the fans who are watching both in the stadium but also for the supporters who are unable to attend games but still support the team by watching the games on TV.

  2. I predict 3-0 to Arsenal.
    I think the guys will show up today.
    4-1-4-1 line up will do the trick.
    Bellerin Sokratis Holding Tierney
    Pepe Ozil Gouendouzi Aubamayeng

    3-0 easy

  3. As much as I want to see a aggressive yet composed and beautiful football from Arsenal, I know that’s a tough ask right now and it will take some time.

    I will be looking for just one thing in the next few matches, and that’s composure. That would be a good starting point considering how turbulent our players have looked under Emery. Composure will be a sign that players have a clarity and belief in the tactics laid down by the coach as well as the know how to see those tactics through.

    That’s the first milestone Arsenal should first reach at. Then and only then we’ll see individual brilliance and sparks from players.

    I’m hoping for a spirited performance today. Not hoping miracles, but just signs here and there.

  4. Some players will play for their third manager/ caretaker at Arsenal

    If those senior players can’t perform well after three matches, there should be no more excuse

  5. With a new manager and Ceballos insured This is yet another opportunity for Ozil to prove that he’s worth having in the squad

    Ozil failed miserably for the past 3.5 years to prove he’s worth £175000 per week let alone £350000 per week

    He needs to start hitting assists

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