Now the Arsenal defence is fixed, our priority is new midfielders

New Midfielders Are a Priority

If you asked most Arsenal fans where the team needs reinforcements the most, the chances are that many of them would mention defence. And that was right. The defence has been awful for a while now. Even under Arsene Wenger, it was always an issue.

Yet Arsenal have a glut of centrebacks in their side now, plus four fullbacks if you exclude Ainsley Maitland-Niles and Bukayo Saka. The defence is clogged… And better.

Miraculously, the central partnership of David Luiz and Mustafi has been really solid under the new coach. There’s Sokratis, Holding, Chambers and Pablo Mari on the bench. Even if Mustafi and Sokratis were sold in the summer, Arsenal have William Saliba, one of the best defensive prospects in the world, and Konstantinos Mavropanos coming in. Whichever way you want to look at that, Bellerin-Luiz-Saliba-Tierney is not a very bad lineup, with both Holding and Chambers on the bench.

The attacking lineup is not so bad as well. The only spot we do not have a top’player in is at left wing. And all of Reiss Nelson, Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli can all fight it out there. That’s not mentioning Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

When you look at the midfield, especially the advanced positions, things are less bright. Mesut Ozil, Ceballos, Joe Willock and Emile Smith-Rowe are our best options there. Mesut Ozil is on his last legs and his contract is running out. Ceballos is not quite proven as a 10, has shown more promise from further deep, and is only on loan from Real Madrid. Both Joe Willock and Smith-Rowe cannot carry Arsenal’s attacking ambitions throughout a whole season. We have to do better.

Looking at our financial situation, it seems that Arsenal can get two very good attacking midfielders if that’s all they concentrate on in the summer. Well, that’s exactly what they should concentrate on in my opinion.

Advanced midfielders are vital if Arteta’s or any sort of attacking football is to be implemented. We have sorely missed someone like Aaron Ramsey this season. In fact, Mesut Ozil from three seasons ago would be godsent. Or even a lesser talented progressor like Alex Iwobi. All of these players have different play profiles but they are all undeniably good at one thing: moving the ball and themselves to important positions on the pitch. That’s how chances are created for forward players and that’s why Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City score a ton every season: they have some of the best midfielders in the game.

We don’t need the best midfielders in the world. We can’t afford them. We just need them to be good enough and talented enough. Able to pick the right pass at the right time. Keep the ball under pressure. Bring other players into the play. Move themselves into dangerous areas. Mesut Ozil is still the best we’ve got and he’s likely leaving after the season. Whether he leaves or not we have to do better.

Imagine an Arsenal with either or both of Jack Grealish and James Maddison. With Aubameyang up top. If the board gets their priorities right this summer, two midfielders of the same profile are absolutely possible. They would re-energize our attack, put a spring to our style of play and they can allow any of Willock or Smith-Rowe the time to develop into what they can be.

If need be, we can wait for the right centreback for one more season. If need be, one of Torreira, Xhaka or Guendouzi can always be transferred for funds. Attacking midfielders will improve this team more than any other personel. They are priority.



  1. The transfer rumours suggest that arsenal are looking at midfielders who can play both as a 10 and an 8 when required…. they are also looking at a DM who can provide a more physical presence than Torreira…a left footed CB might also come in..we only have one in the entire squad (Mari) ..though Luiz is good with both his feet
    In my opinion we should have a good balance of left footed and right footed players in the squad because we are playing out from the back and playing possession based football

  2. Nice article. My only concern is that we cannot afford players like Grealish and Maddison. Touch any performing English player and their clubs will be quoting 60 – 80 million pounds for you. Last time I checked, we are still paying for Pepe’s purchase and the installments will take a little while before we finish them. So yes we need mid fielders but we will have to look elsewhere. I mean, palace quoted 80mil for Wilfred Zaha and they have not budged an inch. That is English players for you. Harry Maguire cost Man U 80mil. No joke.

  3. Not just anyhow Midfielders
    we need Skillful, mobile midfield players

    players who are very comfortable on the ball in any given situation
    midfielders like Rosicky David Silva, Pogba are very much welcome……

    Arsenal is so ugly to watch this days because we have no ballers in the Team

    We can’t even control games anymore

  4. I would say the defence has been temporarily plugged not fixed.MA4 has got the whole team defending and the improvement is there for all to see.But Everton were allowed far too many clear opportunities,as were Olympiakos, to say the problem is solved.Only Salibas ( we hope) and at least one more CB will be needed with a new CDM in front of the back four.

  5. I wouldn’t say the defence is fixed. Has it improved? Absolutely but it is certainly not fixed. I agree we have many defenders, especially centre backs. I really think we should try offload one or two. As for midfielders, we should definitely be in the market for one or two. I really would want a goal scoring midfielder like Ramsey or Pogba that could score and assist. A team like Liverpool don’t need goal scoring midfielders that score or assists because their front three is world class and can score probably 40-50 goals between them. We obviously don’t have that so we need a midfielder that can chip in with some goals. Not too sure who but a quality goal scoring midfielder would probably cost at least 50 mil.

  6. Why I would prefer EMI Buendia

    Having Sancho if we want to make a statement as he can play through the middle and a threat via the left wing, if we want British acquisitions

    Gueye and Mathias Perriera(Pepe needs it to do better) on a low budget

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