NOW the PERFECT time for Arsenal to seal Sterling transfer!!

If Arsene Wenger does manage to complete the transfer of Raheem Sterling to Arsenal this summer, it will be against the wishes of his current club Liverpool who are still hoping to convince the young England international to sign a new contract and to continue his football development under Brendan Rodgers at Anfield.

But as it has been pointed out by various people, Sterling did leave his boyhood club QPR when a better offer from Liverpool came along so they cannot really expect him to show great loyalty. What goes around comes around and Wenger would have to ensure that we had a big release clause if he was to become a Gunner.

So why is the time right for Arsenal to go for him and why would we have any more joy than during the Luis Suarez saga? Well it looks increasingly like the player is determined to leave and may well force his way out according to former Liverpool executive Rick Parry, as revealed in a Daily Express report. So his club will have to accept this and try to get the best transfer fee possible for him this summer.

They certainly do not want to sell to a Premier League rival though, but if Sterling does not fancy a move abroad as is being reported, they may have little choice. So the news being reported by The Mirror that Man United have put in a transfer offer is great news for Arsenal because they would rather sell their star man to anyone but their hated rivals from Manchester.

Wenger might just find the Anfield club a lot more willing to listen to an offer right now. So will he make one?

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  1. We don’t need Sterling he’s just another over hyped english player who’s not world class,we must focus on critical positions with players like Kondogbia,Vidal,Cech etc all available

    1. ADMIN COMMENT – Your Just Arsenal comment must contain the name Kondogbia and/or the reason why you don’t think Giroud is good enough.

      1. Giroud is not good enough his poor numbers speak for themselves,he’s not a 20 league goals a season man and no team wins the league without a 20 goal striker!

        1. Erm… Costa Chelsea 21 goals won the league.

          That doesn’t mean I don’t want us to sign another forward someone to share the load an alternative option make sure we’ve always got options even when players are out injured / not in form.

          1. Costa scored 20 league goals for Chelsea in 26 games and Giroud only 14 league goals in 26 games as well,this was Giroud’s 3rd BPL season while this was Costa’s 1st season the numbers are there in black and white they show Giroud is not good enough!

            1. I see alot love for Giroud, Lets put it in perspective. We have a far better side than Aston Villa, but can someone explain to me with the side that we have, Olivier Giroud has the same amount of Goals as Benteke in the exact same amount of appearances? How can you call us ‘title challengers’ when the main man leading our attack has the identical scoring record as the man leading the attack for ‘Relegation Candidates’. If you manage to score, I’m sorry 14 goals in 26 games you’re a back up striker. Just take a look at Remy.

              1. OG was injured for three months. he wld have been pushing twenty, like last season. you utter mongs -.- sorry, but wtf. plastic fans

                1. Yawn….. i knew that was going to come up……. Benteke was injured for 5 MONTHS……. Any more excuses????????

                2. I just realised you called me a mong too hahaha, Thank you best insult of the day. But word of Advise do your research before you retaliate and end up looking stupid.

    2. Sterling is an odd mix of overhyped (standard with any English talent) yet underrated among arsenal fans because many can’t see past Oxlade-Chamberlain. Forget potential for two seconds and Sterling has proven himself better than Ox at this point in damn near all attacking departments yet we dare call him overhyped.

      At least be consistent too, Kondogbia… if he’s not only on your list from playing well vs us in the CL. Nothing world class about him apart from his potential, much like idk….Sterling. Just saying, keep it consistent in your reasoning.

      1. Comparing Kondogbia to Sterling is laughable,Kondogbia won the u20 world cup,played at Sevilla in La Liga then went onto Monaco,for one so young he’s done more than you know and it’s not just against Arsenal,the Juventus game he held his own that was a tight 2 legged affair he wasn’t overwhelmed by facing a midfield trio of Vidal,Pirlo and Pogba

        1. I’m sorry it’s laughable because kondogbia represents a better International side? Sevilla and Monaco are good but Liverpool are a much better side than both despite this years laughable state.

          Fact is both are simply potential stars rather than actually being them as of now – that’s the comparison. Sterling was an integral part of a trio in attack that almost landed the premier league trophy, that trumps any one off performance kondogbia has put in at two lesser sides.

          What I said stands, Sterling has been note productive in every aspect over Ox the past two years but fans refuse to acknowledge it. That’s the laughable part….

  2. If we spend £40 million plus on a winger I would prefer Reus. He is experienced and versatile. Can play RW, LW, Cam, CF

    1. Haha ‘fred cowardly’ – Someone’s been playing too much Fifa/Football manager.

      Reus is a very talented footballer. One of the hottest properties in the game today, he will not come to Arsenal. Not only has he just signed a new deal, but he’ll end up at either Madrid or Barcelona, he’s that good.
      He is also a wide player, of which Arsenal are spoilt for choice.

    2. Reus said yesterday, that he didn’t regret extending his contract at Dortmund and he said, he did the right thing.So don’t think he is coming.

    3. Reus is holding out for Barcelona. Its a common knowledge that he was going to be Barca’s marquee signing last year if Suarez had not sunk his teeth into flesh in the world cup. So it would save you pain if you just let go of this hope. As soon as Barca’s transfer ban is over, Reus to Barca is a done deal.

    4. Another good player is Greizmann
      Pedro signed contract extension today I think.

  3. They certainly do not want to sell to a Premier League rival like Norwich or Leicester so selling him to a top 4 club would be more suitable.

    1. If we move Walcott inside and play him as Centre Forward. I can see Wenger move for Sterling.
      His form fade away towards the end of the season but he is really great in the first half of the season – the best Liverpool player by far. Football fan seem to have short memory and just remember the last few performance. Last season he was part of the fearsome axis SAS. Alexis – Walcott – Sterling can be a technical and speedy front three that we all wanted and needed to win big titles

  4. Wouldn’t be against getting Sterling but I wouldn’t make him the priority. Does look like he’s on the move, especially since Liverpool have confirmed Milner who wants first team action. Sterling is good and very young. He fits our style of play and could learn a lot from players in our squad. Also, with Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta all getting on, it makes sense to get someone in to begin to replace them. With Theo looking more and more likely to start through the middle, we need a winger anyway, why not an English one?

    1. I will guarentee in the next few years – Arsenal will see Bellerin move further forward.
      Jenkinson who has improved massively will slot in at RB, and also you’ve Debuchy who’s experienced there.
      This is yet another reason why Arsenal will not sign Sterling.
      Also, Alexhare- Sterling doesn’t play through the middle, he plays wide. So bringing up the ‘Cazorla, Arteta, and Rosicky” line was pretty wasted.
      Yes, Sterling has played down the middle for Liverpool, but wasn’t very effective.

      1. Bellerin won’t move forward. He’s a great left back but wouldn’t have the attacking quality for an out and out winger.
        Jenkinson has improved but he will always be a back up to Bellerin now.
        Debuchy has always openly said that he wants to retire in France, with him already being 30 he hasn’t got long left with us anyway.
        The point about Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta isn’t wasted. Cazorla and Rosicky have both been pushed wide at varying points during the last few seasons. Also we currently have another CM playing wide with Ramsey. As Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta begin to move on, Ramsey can move back into the middle and have Sterling wide. It makes sense having players playing in their preferred positions.

        1. @Alex Hare Hellz Bellz is a right back dude, but I agree with the sentiment he’s been excellent this season. But I feel the eyes of Barca watching….

        2. As others have said, Bellerin is RIGHTback, he started out as a RW for Barca.
          He has pace, he has agility, he can get past a player and can use both feet, he can also get back and defend. Not a bad cross and decent at passing as well.

          As a Arsenal fan I do wonder what it would be like to have Bellerin at RW and Jenks at RB, they both would defend well and Bellerin would help in defending higher up the pitch like Alexis does while at the same time offering lightning quick pace to get to the byline for whipping in a low cross.

  5. We shud get sterling but without exchanging Walcott. Since Walcott is now a cf we need another winger. Every year we hav had a team of POTENTIAL stars but not d ready made stars. Walcott finally seems to be on his peak so lets not sell him for another potential star. I wud like it to b a cash only deal.

  6. Sterling is an incredibly talented player with youth on his side but IMHO Arsenal would have to part ways with the Ox or maybe Theo to make room and Le Prof would never splash that much cash on potential.

    Kondogbia and Cech for around the same money?

    1. How do you figure that out?

      Theo is clearly a ST now so Sterling is no threat to his position, and that leaves us with one legitimate option for RW in Ox who only managed 1 game since January and who lacks an end product. Just how one would need to be sold baffles me. Is there some quota among fans where we’re not allowed two English talents with similar characteristics?

      Arsenal could do with a RW, why that can’t be Sterling who’s English, insanely talented, and prem proven is beyond me. You’ll have to explain the logic behind that statement

    1. We don’t need him but we want him, though only after cech and a cdm is done

  7. no sterling we only deal in euros only policy
    disclaimer: £40 million cash back not guaranteed

  8. someone mentioned a need for a young left back it seems we are not developing good enough left backs in the academy.
    ormande-ottewill might not make the grade, and i cant see where this left back is coming from in the future, there are a few shout outs for Rodriguez the Swiss fella and he does look the business, but wont come cheap maybe we should be looking at Southampton again for this position, they seem to produce the goods in this area of the pitch. they seem to have another great prospect coming through at l/b called matt target, he seems to have all the tools needed to be a great l/b and he is homegrown could be another great steal from them.

    1. I mentioned in a previous thread that Criswell from WH was quite impressive this past season. Even the lad from Leicester had a fine campaign. Both would be inexpensive and add quality to the side, especially if Nacho heads back tp Spain

  9. breakout season players for next season
    bielik (he looks like he will be put straight in to the first team in the near future as all the coaches have been raving about him to wenger)
    the ox
    this will form the basis of the title winning team in years to come

  10. Honestly we should focus on what we need first and then get extras. Players like lacazette, Benzema, Martinez, Kondogbia, Schneiderlin, Vidal may go first. Clubs like United, Milan, Juventus, Liverpool etc are interested in them. My point is it would be nice to take them quickly like we did with Sanchez when the window opens

    Pedro has secured another contract today. So he is out. United will be after Schneiderlin soon.

    I HOPE that Wenger has agreed deals with club and player in principle before July 1 so that we can have quick deals but doubt it.

    1. I’m not saying we should not get players like Reus, Greizmann, Sterling, Cech, etc. If we get them I will be thrilled but they are not necessary to go up one level to compete with Chelsea

      A top striker and top DM would put us in that position (imo)

  11. Better off spending it on Vidal. I don’t think we have a chance, but he would be the player to put us in an instant title winning position.

    1. I agree. He is a top player. He plays well on attack and defense

      I actually think Wenger would prefer Vidal to a DM specialist. He is an attacking minded manager. With Vidal you would get the best of both worlds
      Also his Chilean teammate is here lol

      However, like you said it’s not impossible but unlikely

      Would LOVE Vidal and either Lacazette or Martinez

      1. What’s funny is this is the legitimate view of many on here….quite scary

      2. back@you
        Gnabry’s fit again, hat a very good season last year before he got injured.
        Together with Ox he’s the real answer for the right wing, not loudmouth Sterling.
        I wasn’t that impressed with Sterlings actual performance for liverpool either, sure he’s a real speed-machine, but to me he lacks sharpness in the final finishing/pass. Gnabry is more complete as footballer, why waste cash on sterling?

  12. Not this one again…… Sterling is a good player, but as i mention again he will not come on the cheap. Why try to strengthen a position at the moment isn’t necessarily lacking. We’d be better off increasing squad depth strengthening positions such as the back 4, defensive midfield or even spending money on an alternative striker to Giroud.

  13. Hmmmm…. So what do we need to win the title, is what I ask myself. Certainly not conceding silly goals against Swansea or at Spuds due to not preventing the service to strikers who are good in the air on counter attacks, and we certainly DO need the ability to score goals against teams who set up camp on the edge of their own penalty areas against us knowing we will pour forward and they can hit us on the break. We also need to get to the bottom of why our players get injured so often (not aggressive enough?).

    RE: a 20 goal a season striker. It’s a luxury but not a necessity, in my opinion. Chelsea were winning the league convincingly under Mourinho in his first spell with Drogba and Gudjohnsen scoring 10 or 12 goals each, and Lampard coming up with a similar amount in central midfield plus their wingers scoring a few. Chelsea just had a lot of goalscorers besides the centre forward, like WE do now. I mean the game hasn’t changed *that* much in the last 10 years – the teams who can score against the most stubborn defences and defend well themselves tend to do rather well 😀 Giroud gets through an awful lot of ugly work in a match, even when he doesn’t score and is also an asset when defending set pieces. His PL goalscoring ratio was better than 1 in 2 and I think it’s largely a fad amongst commentators to say “Arsenal can’t win the league with Giroud” that has gone viral without proper analysis.

    I still believe in more management and tactical nous, and less signings, plus keeping our players fit if that is at all possible. We have so many options that a player like Rosicky has to sit out of most of our games and often doesn’t make the bench. He’s a class act and is unable to get enough football for us.

    A energetic box-to-box midfielder who is snappy in the tackle and scores a few goals would be a new option for our midfield and a welcome one, but I don’t quite see where Sterling would fit in or whether we’d *need* another small pacey attacker who needs to be browbeaten into tracking back. Plus I’d be very happy if we signed Cech, as even though Ospina has been technically good, good starting position etc, Cech makes huge saves in huge matches when he hasn’t had much to do, whereas Ospina often looks a bit jittery.

    Besides that? Probably a proven bruiser of a centre half with plenty of height and who doesn’t overstretch himself like Mertesacker has done at times.

    1. @Rationalist I conquer but ive got to add the need an alternative to Giroud is a must, he does sometimes do the ‘dirty work’ as you said but there are some games he is massively ineffective, He is big but not that strong, I’ve seen games he has been put on his arse and he will roll around crying ref all game. Its those games where we would need an aguero type striker (I’m not saying aguero) someone with quick feet and the skill to take on and run against static, huge and aggressive defenders (The John Terry’s and Kompany’s). Wenger has got to realize the importance of it as Giroud’s main weakness is that he is easily starved out of the game and isolated because he is not incredibly mobile, he doesn’t track back that often and i wouldn’t expect him to. But having a plan B in attack isnt that bad!!

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