Now is the time for Arsenal to FIGHT!

Arsenal have tried all the fancy football, and the passing outside the box trying to walk it into the net, but now is the time for a change of direction and we have to FIGHT for every single point, according to our assists-meister Mesut Ozil.

Our last nine games last season yielded 8 wins, and if we are to have any chance of finishing in the top two we will need to have a similar run of results. Ozil says we have to forget our past successes. “Last year we won those last eight [remaining] games but we don’t care about that now,” the German international said on “It’s important what happens now.

“We have to concentrate now and give everything on the pitch. We have to fight.

“I know the teams playing us will fight to take the points against us, so the games will be tough. We have to fight on the pitch and we have to think from game to game, not that we can win eight games in a row and take the points.

“Now it’s not possible to win just our games [and that to be enough] so other teams need to lose points as well. The first step is to believe in us.

“We have to work harder than before. We have tough games coming but we have to take the points. If we win the title, we will be very happy because we believe in us.

“If you see the whole season, we’ve played very well. We’ve lost some points because we weren’t concentrated or we didn’t score. Now we have to fight for each game to take the points.”

That’s more like it Ozil! We don’t want players whining about getting our confidence back and hoping our rivals lose more games. we want the team to FIGHT, for the whole 90 minutes of every game, starting tomorrow lunch time!

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  1. If all the players follow his lead we can go on a winning run. We need to show the fight we had against Tottenham and repeat our form against Barcelona. Be confident but give nothing away.

      1. Watford C/palace WBA
        Norwich,Villa at home
        All winnable.
        Sunderland away winnable.
        Everton Westham Man City away
        will decide our EPL fortunes.
        Tough but winnable.

    1. @Davidnz………. Not that i’m being pessimistic, but wait until we bottle one /some of those supposedly easy fixtures then u’d comment on how unlucky we were

      1. These bottlers have won more games than every team in the Premiership except for two other teams. Yes it could have been better but it is hardly embarrassing.

  2. Ever since we lost 4-0 to Southampton on Boxing Day, we have not been the same.

    We will be EXTREMELY lucky to secure 4th spot this year as I predict we will lose to West Ham, who are only 3 points behind.

    1. I think it was even before Southampton that there was a rot setting in. Something changed in the Norwich game.Leaving Santi on the field to damage his season the way the management did is pretty unacceptable. Wrong decisions were made that day, Rambo not being fit, but playing, and having to ne subbed ahead of Sant. Alexis not being fit “in the red” being played and having to be subbed ahead of Santi. Every setback Santi has might mean the end of his top level playing career. He was an inspiration for so many of our guys, and a lack of thought like that for him by the management can hurt moral.

  3. Oh shut up Mesut, its all talk and no show for you current crop of Arsenal players.

    If there not on social media there on TV talking, how long have we heard these players and manager say “its now time to fight” though this time never comes does it.

    Time to train harder and actually deliver results on the pitch than proclaiming to do so each time only for half of the team to disappear after 10 minutes in a match!

  4. What’s up with Özil and Alexis walking down the tunnels and not thanking the fans after games when we lose? Are they not a part of the team? They’re performances aren’t that breathtaking of late either. People worry because of the fear of them 2 leaving if we win nothing but yet they are nothing more than employees getting paid pretty handsomely to perform on the job. If I was getting paid that much to play football I wouldn’t need outside motivation because that we be enough for me to break my leg trying for the club. I’m not defending Wenger for sitting majority of games but come on, these are grown professional athletes getting more in 1 week than what the average person gets in 1 year.

    1. i tell you what it hurts to be Ozil and Sanchez right now trust me. how do have gourud in front of Ozil. and just when are we going to see Campbell play with Welbeck, ozil and Sanchez. Wenger lied to all of us and same tactics every time many players are protected by Wenger and dont deserve to play Arsenal. Vidal, Aubemeyan, pedro all missed out because it would have effected many players

      1. I don’t think AWwill play Joel, seeming to prefer Iwobi over him now. He forgets Joel has scored for us, but more fundermental, Joel defends. Iwobi is very young and may have a great future, but defensively teams cut through him like butter. He also only jogs back to defence. Joel especially with Bellerin make our right a fortress.

    2. OziL is just not happy throwing all the assists into thin air……. Its ruining his reputation

      1. Yeah I guess you guys are right, only 1 solution then and that’s to find the people who can finish his chances on a regular basis then.

    3. Sanchez was the last one leaving the pitch. Ozil probably did some reasonable thing leaving early given his Real Madrid past.

  5. If Man City or Liverpool finish out of the top 4, Yet either manage to win the Champions leagues / Europa league then they will take the place of the team that actually finished 4th in the league… So what happens if both are crowned kings of Europe and both finish out of the top 4? ?
    Will the teams that finished 3rd and 4th lose their place in next years champions league? ? ?

    It happened to the spuds before, when Chelsea won the champions league.

    1. Well, good luck to them but we will finish at least 3rd. Home games are all winnable. There won’t be any mid week games so probably we can put a good shift.

  6. Yes, our battle for 4th begins and Wenger is already stating that we don’t need a striker! ? ?

    Enough is enough…. If we can’t have a new striker then I would settle for a new manager instead!
    Even Bilic would take this team to the next level.

    1. We will remain third if we win all our home games. Is simple math. But then again, math was never doing us a big favour.

  7. We have no chance of wining title,Arsenal fight don’t make me laugh.We have spent monies and still no better.We have probably the best squad the club has ever had yet we have manager who can’t get them to play.The club are just playing safe by not sacking Wenger,top 4 we do them,but how bad will they feel if Spurs win title.

  8. The. Fight will not be fierce if Ozil or Ransey starts.

    Belle – Mert\Gab – Kos – Monreal

    Coquelin – El Neny


    Campbell – Giroud – Welbeck

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