Now we can forget Man City – Arsenal are still in front and can relax and focus on the rest of our games

Thank god that is over! by Shenel

Well, we all pretty much predicted that would happen didn’t we?

There’s only so much praying and hoping and positivity you can inflict on yourself to tell yourself things will be fine, but I think after our last few matches, the majority of us Gooners didn’t really believe too much that we would get a result at the Etihad did we? Be honest now!

We always need to have hope and belief but deep down a lot of us Gooners may well be and in actual fact should be relieved this fixture is done for another season at least.

I know that I, for one, am glad that the game is done and dusted so we don’t need to hear anymore talk about it!

This game, if we didn’t know already just goes to show the gulf between the two clubs, but I do believe if we go out and get some experienced star players in the summer transfer window to ensure we have at least two lots of strong cover in all positions, added to the team we have now, there is no reason why we can’t push on and keep constantly fighting and pushing City and the other teams as we used to do years ago.

The boys now must get over this game, stick together and pull themselves out of this rut we are in. It has gotten worse with tonight’s result, but it does get worse before it gets better and hopefully the worst it is out of the way!

Now we have to focus on the remaining games of the season to try to restore some pride and respect back into a season where nobody could have predicted we would be where we are now!

Everyone will say we are out of this title race and maybe taking that pressure off of us mentally, will help us move forward and do what needs to be done.

All I will say is all is not over until the last game and kick of the season!

As hard as it may be try to keep the faith Gooners, a lot more can happen from now until the end and the team needs us more now than ever!

And for now we are still two points clear!

Onwards and upwards we go!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Despite the loss, this is a season we must celebrate. Hope we will win the rest of the games and finish the season on a high note.

  2. Deep down we we all knew this team could’nt beat city at the Etihad if they could not beat them at home. All I asked from our team was a respectful score line and a real effort but that was too much of an ask. City deserve to be champions. we just had a good long streak at the top and it seems the real champions are here for their spot. The league was not lost last night but in the previous games. Let’s just hope we can end the season on a high note.

  3. It was our 12th consecutive defeat at the Etihad and we’ve conceded 33 goals there, so it wasn’t a surprise to me

    Haaland was still a brutal monstrous CF and De Bruyne’s pace/ physicality at the age of 31 put the younger EPL attacking midfielders to shame

    What would surprise me is if Arteta/ Edu don’t sign a new CF and CB in the summer. Our spine is obviously lacking in physical aspect

    1. Gai,
      It was unbelievable the physicality man City showed yesterday a chunk of our players seem to lack physical attributes needed to win certain games. Especially our defence. I was really surprised Thieny wasn’t used throughout the match. No disrespect to Arsene Wenger I guess If Arteta had coached Arsenal team with Giroud, Kochieney and Alex Song it would have been a different game. We need towering CF forward like Ivan Tony, Over Watkins and Osimehim. It would have been a different game for MCity if Halland hadn’t play yesterday. Arteta should take a clue from PEP and strengthen in certain department in the summer Arsenal would be playing UCL next season.

      1. If we had someone like Giroud, he would’ve been able to receive Ramsdale’s long passes and could’ve helped us in set-pieces

        If we had someone like Watkins or David, he would’ve done a much better hold-up play and held the ball for his weaker teammates

  4. Yes, of course forget last night and move on, but to take consolation in a bottle job and second place is a cop out. This team is three players away from another title challenge, so it is up Edu, Arteta and the Kroenkes find the right players and bank roll their transfers. The rallying cry shout be out with the old, in with the new and no more Vieras.

  5. Worth commenting that our place in the top 4 was guaranteed last night with Brighton’s defeat. With 5 games to spare, we would have taken that in August. It has been a fantastic season for the club but just hope it doesn’t end with a complete whimper. Three or four more good players and we will be challenging again next year.

  6. I hope the boys overcome it mentally and quick enough to face Chelsea.

    For once I think Arteta must tinker with the team for our next game. Give some of these guys needed rest to overcome things mentally and possibly change the approach to the game.

    Remember the season is not yet over.

  7. We didn’t lost league yesterday but we lost the title in 3 previous games
    Yesterday’s loss was expected…

  8. The long season has shown us the true extent of our problem:

    Not enough squad depth. This is verified to me by managers actions: he does not trust most of the bench players either. That can only be the reason why we aren’t rotating (Gabriel and White have started every single match).

    So based on this, another summer clearout is needed:

    Holding (not trusted unless an injury)
    Turner (not trusted, dropped after first Sporting match)
    Jorginho (always a stopgap purchase)
    Tierney (overlooked so I assume he’s gone)
    Xhaka (he’s been great this season, but he turns 31 and I think he’s given the club everything he can)
    Nketiah (good squad player but can’t see him being the answer in a team who fights for title)

    In addition I believe Nelson will depart on a free.

    We have Partey, Xhaka, Jorginho and Elneny as our midfielders. They’ll be 30, 31, 32 and 31 this year. New midfield must be established in the summer.

    GK to push Ramsdale
    Right-footed CB to rotate Saliba
    Solid modern day LB
    2 midfielders

    1. The midfield problem is the biggest one. Just see how Liverpool dealt with it and where they are this season.

      Most of their fans are pointing out that they didn’t invest wisely on midfielders:

      Fabinho, 29
      Henderson, 32
      Milner, 37
      Thiago, 32 and injury prone
      Oxlade, 29 and injury prone
      Keita, injury prone
      Arthur, absolutely useless
      Bajcetic and Jones, young squad players

      1. That said, and in no small part due to the massive lift we gave them, they could still snatch a CL place. I hope not, as they don’t deserve it, but neither Spurs or Utd look up too much. Utd will probably hold on due to being Utd…

  9. This was in effect the same thing that was happening in the previous 3 games, and we just haven’t adjusted to cope. Having Holding in leaves a gap in our defensive midfield area, as he can’t cover that like Saliba / Tomy, so we should be playing Jorginho alongside Partey – yes it gives us less up front, but it stops us shipping all these goals which is the main problem of the past 4 games, plus it gives players more confidence.

  10. Feel like I am in a re-run of Back to the Future because I could swear it was this time last year that we were saying that we lost top 4 due to the loses against Palace, Brighton and Southampton in April?

    Listen, it isn’t about the loss last night it was the performance over the last 4 games that has me spitting feathers. We are a team that only plays well sporadically and I have said on previous posts that it was unsustainable.

    We have been now been sussed out and MA needs to earn his money and think of an alternative way of playing and with different players as team last night looked and played as if they are physically and mentally spent.

    Chelsea kicked started an uplift last season, hopefully the same can be said next Tuesday night or these next five games will be a painful watch

  11. Maybe Arteta isn’t ready to take the next step, we have a better squad than many people realize but due favoritism and naivety our coach can’t see past his sentiments. What has Trossard done to deserve being benched for Jesus. Xhaka have been terrible for a while now and Holding’s involvement means our defense is slower when you factor in Zinchenko’s lack of pace. We have a world-class left back on the bench but Arteta can’t see beyond his one dimensional approach. The fans have been patient with him.

    1. Favoritism is really a factor that has cost us. Sometimes I do doubt Arteta’s football vision. Same old Arsenal, buying players rejected by other teams. When is Arsenal going to buy hot players ? Our inability to have many hot players makes us having dead wood on the bench …….Anyway…….

      1. Thanks 🙏 Bro, that’s it, most of players bought are the ones that can’t make first team of their former clubs. Though they’re not doing well right now but I tell you Chelsea are almost through buying of players for next season. Will heaven fall if Arsenal bring in Victor Osimehn from Napoli for next, they should go for the likes of Laturo & co, get a quality monster CB that’s not above 25 and Arteta should bring out the best in Tierney.

  12. Yep, let’s see the season out knowing that second spot is virtually secured, and hope City makes a slip or two, but we’ll not forget that fisting in a while.

  13. Thanks 🙏 Bro, that’s it, most of players bought are the ones that can’t make first team of their former clubs. Though they’re not doing well right now but I tell you Chelsea are almost through buying of players for next season. Will heaven fall if Arsenal bring in Victor Osimehn from Napoli for next, they should go for the likes of Laturo & co, get a quality monster CB that’s not above 25 and Arteta should bring out the best in Tierney.

  14. I don’t agree with you Osman that the gulf between us and City is wide. We have enough quality to beat City anywhere. The difference is the coach tactical ability. Have you not seen the so called lesser teams frustrating Pep and his boys even at Etihad? These things are not rocket science. All you need to do as a coach is just study your opponent and come up with tactical approach that will give you result. Arteta is not just that kind of coach. He’s not flexible; doesn’t believe on his bench and not technical enough and doesn’t have the mental capacity to go through the entire season. What is happening now is a replica of what happened last season. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Premiership is a Cup competition. Granted the fact that we need strengthening in some areas, but if we don’t have a top quality coach to harness and believe in them, we will be back to square one. Arteta should learn and learn fast. This is the bitter truth. Arteta foot soldiers can go ahead and attack me, it makes no difference !

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